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EAP Annual Training
Section 3.0 Control Activities
Includes The Application, Instructions and Rights & Responsibilities, Processing Applications,
Service Provider Best Practices, Safe at Home, eHEAT, EAP Eligibility, Weatherization
Assistance Program (WAP), EAP Benefits Primary Heat, Crisis Benefits, Assurance16, ERR
Benefits, ROFW, Cold Weather Rule

August 12 & 13, 2009
St. Cloud Minnesota
Holiday Inn

               Control Activities

3. Control Activities
   Consists of policies and procedures to help ensure
    management directives are carried out
   Control activities occur throughout the organization at all
    levels in all functions
   Focus is on financial Transactions

             Control Activities

Application Introduction
 New mail house this year for the annual mailing
 This new mail house actually started in late winter
 DHS is doing the mailing

       Control Activities


Application 2010
 Assure equitable access to services
 Clearly informing applicants on rights & how data will be used
 Gathering information
 Only asking necessary questions
 Keep existing design, minimizing changes to maintain ease of
   use and understanding
 Avoiding & reducing errors
 Enhancing data entry                                           6
Reasons for changes
 Program changes
 Issues identified – usually SP motivated
 Issues log
 During monitoring

The Application 2009/2010
 Application enhancements
 Instructions –Entire new look
 Rights and Responsibilities

Locate Applications in Manual
 Chapter 6, Appendix
 Pre-Application
 Rollover
 Instructions
 Right and Responsibilities

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 EAP Application

2009-2010 Rollover App.

2009-2010 Rollover App

Rollover Application

2009-2010 Rollover App

App. Instructions

2009-2010 EAP App. Instructions

2009-2010 EAP App. Instructions

2009-2010 EAP App. Instructions

Application Processing

Recertification - Rollover Application
When is a full application required for Rollover Apps?
 EAP manual states that households with changes in income or
  household members must complete a full application. (Chapter
  6, p.52)
 Have you moved in the last 12 months? If yes, call the number
  above for a new application (Rollover App.)
 If the number of household members changed from what is
  listed below, please call the phone number on the first page
  and request a new application (Rollover App.)

EACA Rollover App - Question
 Q: On a rollover application with changes: If persons on a
  fixed income voluntarily inform us of changes on their rollover
  application, and said changes can be easily verified over the
  phone, can we process without making them fill out a full
  application? Some examples would be: 1.) A grandchild
  moves in, only need to add a name and personal data. 2.)
  One senior citizen in a household dies, the spouse notifies us
  and we can confirm the change of Social Security payments
  by phone. If something changes the actual rollover situation,
  such as a person with income moves in, we would expect to
  have them fill out a new full application. In some cases,
  though, it holds up the process for those most in need for a
  few simple, verifiable changes.
EACA Rollover App - Answer
   A: Having required documentation for determining
    eligibility and signed statements from HHs is
    essential to reduce risk from error or fraud.
   Rather than having HHs complete a new
    application, have HHs sign a statement regarding
    verified changes. The verification must be received
    prior to determining eligibility.

Promising Practice
Enter vendor information when logging new application
 This is for new applicants
 The application status changes from logged to
 Consumption information available when completing
 Modify this practice to work with your business
Birth Dates
 When the date of birth is not given, Service Providers
  should attempt to contact the household or ask for
  missing birth dates when contacting the household for
  other information
 Do not hold up the application if the application is
  complete. Get the birth date later, as time permits
   • DOC is planning to allow SPs to enter a temporary birth
       date substitution in eHEAT until the actual birth date can
       be obtained and entered
   •   01/01/1900 for the time being
 Matching Electric Usage on Apps with
 Consumption Usage
 If using actual consumption and Cost-based Matrix,
  electric usage must match last year’s fuel use
 If using the Back-up Matrix, the fuel type usage
  must match current year’s fuel use
 Do not include electric heating costs, if the result is
  a lower Primary Heat benefit. Ch. 7, p.56 and Ch. 8,
  p. 62 (matching exception)
 What the vendor enters per vendor policy vs. what
  is actually going on in the home may be different
Web Site - Applications
 DOC’s web site will encourage people to call DOC’s
  800 number for an EAP application rather than
  downloading an application
 EACA recommended removing EAP application
  from DOC’s website, which will not be done
  • Applications must be available for immediate download
    for social service agencies and other organization and
    people assisting household apply for EAP

Employee Apps
This is an essential control (ICF)
 This is a segregation of duties to reduce risk and conflict of
  interest for the program and employees
 Current employees and board member only

Employee Apps
 SP processes to determine eligibility & checks Employee App
   •   Don’t check it after payment
 DOC reviews income:
   •   Approve or deny (and send denial letters)
   •   Returns application with signed Eligibility Worksheet to the SP
   •   Will approves payment within 14 business days of receipt of all
   •   SPs should check on eHEAT for application approval
   •   SPs should call Mary LeFebvre with questions on employee apps
 Emergencies
   •   Before faxing emergency apps call Mary LeFebvre at 651.205.4444.
       Don’t fax unless you talk to a person beforehand. Don’t leave a
       message.                                                        34
Quality Control and Performance
Activities and processes to provide timely service to
 Regular searches for applications over 30 days old
   • Logged
   • Incomplete
   • Complete
 Use eHEAT to request information or to record receipt
  of information
   • Deny households if requested information is not returned
     within 30 days
Additional Information Received

   Manage Application
Quality Control and Performance
 Respond to household inquiries regarding
  applications, letters and policy. Do not refer
  households to DOC
   • We are all “The Program”
      – Do not say, “The State does that”
   • Train staff to respond locally

Reactivating Applications Denied Due To
Insufficient Information - Clarification
 If an applicant was previously denied EAP benefits due to an
  incomplete application, the household may complete the
  application form at any time during the program year and
  have eligibility and benefit amounts determined. Ch. 6 -
  Applications, p.49
 Allow households that have received a denial based on an
  incomplete application to complete their applications at any
  time prior to June 30, 2010. Reactivate the application when
  you receive the information. Ch. 8 - Application Processing
  and Benefit Determination, p.60
SP Best Practices
 Fenton Hyacinthe
  Community Action of Minneapolis

Second Notice of

Why we schedule appointments
Language barriers
Customers with literacy problems

How do we schedule appointments
   Appointment Scheduler/Resource Manager in Visions
   Appointment letters sent
   One appointment per half hour
   Open slots for emergencies

 Visions captures all walk-ins & appointments
 Referrals are made to other programs within our agency
 Reporting

Appointment Numbers
 3,728 appointments were made from October thru June of 2009.
 2,873 customers kept their appointments.

SP Best Practices
 Catherine Fair
  Community Action – Ramsey & Washington Counties

Application Processing
Application processing is divided into three different roles
 Processors
 Customer Resolution Team
 Emergency Benefit Team

Logging Application
 Logged by Admin. Assistants and Associates
 Applications are Logged into eHEAT daily
 Reviewed for type of emergency by color flagging each
 Sort out emergency files (not CWR) and give to EB
 Non-Emergency files are filed in the Logged drawer by
  date and alphabetical order
Screening Application
   Logged files are distributed in the morning to processors
   Each file is screened for complete/incomplete and notes are
    written on the outside of the folder on a checklist
   Complete applications entered first, incomplete apps entered,
    call made, then letter sent from eHeat
   Check list helps verify where applications are filed:
       •   Denied Over-Income: Filed in Denied drawer alphabetically
       •   Once Approved: Filed in Approved drawer alphabetically
       •   Incomplete: Filed in the incomplete drawer in date and
           alphabetical order in Customer Resolution area
Sample of Check List Label
                        Check List                                       Information still need / Denial Reason
Screened / Updated By: _______________
{ } Entered/changed address                            Initial Phone call status: _____________________________
{ } Authorized Rep
{ } Household members entered/changed                  Date letter sent: _________________________
{ } Income source
{ } Income entered/changed                             *** Income 3-months _______, _______, _______
{ } Income complete:
                _______, ________, ________            Missing: ______________________________________________
{ } Housing                                            _____________________________________________________________
{ } Subsidized entered/changed                         ___________________________________
{ } Heat/elect entered/changed
{ } Account # (entered/changed/direct pay)             Denied: Incomplete / Over Income
{ } Local Questions                                    ___________________________________
{ } CWR Questions verified                             Months re-applied _______, _______, _______
{ } Signature & Date

Approved $-- __________________          One / Scheduled
Crisis EB $ __________________          EBA Referral: Y / N        Guaranteed:    N / Y
Completed By: -----_______________        Certified By: ________________
Pending Status
 At least a week before the denying applications, a list
  is run (Advanced Search with date range and
  Incomplete status)
 Files are pulled from Incomplete drawer to review; a
  phone call is made and a pre-denial letter is sent to
  notify HHD about missing information.
 A chance to resubmit income before denying
 After 30 days application is denied “Deny Only”
    Sample of Advance Search



Sample of Pre-Denial Letter
Your application had been Denied - insufficient information for the months of January, February
& March 2009. We still encourage you to complete your application. Funding is available on a first
come first serve basis.

Your EAP application was denied for missing the following:
1. Mary’s check date 3/31/09 at Wells Fargo
2. Gary’s income for the months requested.
3. We were unable to reach you by phone.
4. Or you may resubmit income forFebruary, March and April 2009 with a new signed application in

We will relook at your income once the information has been received. Please make copies, originals
will not be returned do to the volume of applications. You may mail, fax or bring in missing
information as soon as possible the last day to submit information will be July 2, 2009.

Feel free to make notes on this letter, write on the back, call us with any questions or concerns. Be
sure to include a copy of this letter with your information it contains your household number (HH# in
the top right corner of this letter) to help us match your information to your application.

Thank you in advance for you timely response.                                                       52
Safe at Home (SAH)

Safe at Home (SAH)
 Legislators, the State, the Department and the Program all
  have a concern for the safety of our citizens and a desire to
  keep everyone safe
 This is a new twist on EAP as a health and safety program
 Comes to us through a legislative mandate
 SAH is a program offered by MN Secretary of State
  effective September 1, 2007
 A relatively small program, that is unfortunately, growing

Safe at Home (SAH)
 SAH helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual
  assault, or stalking establish a confidential address
 SAH allows participants to interact with public and
  private entities without leaving traces of where they
  live to help keep their abuser from locating them
 We ask that you, of course, take this seriously
  and practice particular care to protect their

Safe at Home (SAH)
We hope you don’t have households in this situation but
unfortunately the reality is:
 “In 2007, three percent of women surveyed and one percent of
  men reported experiencing domestic violence. Based on
  Minnesota’s adult population, this translates into 57,000
  women and 18,000 men experiencing domestic violence in
  2007” – Domestic Violence: Results From the 2008 MN Crime
  Victim Survey - MN DPS and United Way
 When you add the rates of stalking and sexual assaults to
  those numbers it you see how it is certainly possible you may
  come to deal with households in this situation.
How SAH Works
 SAH participant is assigned a Lot Number
 SAH I.D. card is issued
 Their mail is addressed using the SAH participant’s
  name and Lot Number
 Mail is received at a P.O Box handled by the Secretary
  of State’s office (Lot #, P.O. Box 17370, St. Paul MN

EAP SAH Effort Definition
 Maintain the confidentiality of SAH participants who apply for EAP
 Assure equal access to EAP regardless of SAH status
Focus: Maintain privacy & confidentiality while serving SAH HHDs with:
 Application
 Consumption gathering
 Payment
 eHEAT/record keeping
 Referral to SAH
 Safety
 Cooperation
SP Interaction with SAH
 Use SAH participant’s actual name
 Use a bogus SSN in the format: SAH-XX-XXXX
   •   For all household member’s
 Use their Lot Number and the SAH P.O. Box, not the actual
  home address
 If they send you their home address on the utility bills or
  their proof of income; black it out or remove it and shred it
 You do not need that information to process their app

SP Interaction with SAH, continued
 For ERR; use SAH participant’s EAP Household Number
  (rather than their name) and address on the ERR
 We always want to keep name & home address separate
 For utilities to provide consumption data for SAH
  participants, their name & utility account number is
 Please keep SAH paper files locked up, with access limited
  to the EAP Coordinator

Safe at Home Contact Information
 Contact Information for referral or verification
 Phone: 651-201-1399
 Toll Free: 1-866-723-3035
 E-mail:
 Website:

Safe at Home (SAH)
 Please know that we have provided detailed
  instructions in the manual to help with these
 We don’t expect anyone will get a lot of these
 As always if you have questions not covered in the
  manual call your field rep or send your question to

EAP Eligibility Introduction
 Income guidelines are updated each year
 Staying with 50% SMI for EAP
 Balancing controls with efficiency
 Signatures important control
 Eligibility systems important for ICF and OLA
 EACA Recommendations


Chapter Five Alphabetized
 The Income Inclusions & Exclusions Table has been
 “Other Reported Income” list has been alphabetized
 The list of “Excluded Types of Income” has been

Income Determination
 Added to the list of income that is excluded from EAP
  income determination:
   • Military and Ministerial Housing Allowance.
   • Plan for Achieving Self Support payments. (PASS)
   • Post-Secondary Child Care Grant lump sum payments.
       Social Security non-recurring lump sum payments.
   •   Student Income (Grants and Loans)

Cafeteria Plans
 Cafeteria Plans Deduction considerations’ have been
 Cafeteria Benefits Section and worksheet has been
  removed from the Manual
 If there are cafeteria or flex deductions on a paycheck,
  ignore them

Qualified Eligible Households
 Households having any of the following sources of
  income & no other income:
   • Diversionary Work Program (DWP)
   • General Assistance
   • MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program).
   • MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Aid)--see Exception below
   • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

Qualified Eligible Households
 These households must submit proof of participation in
  those programs but,
 Are NOT required to provide income detail such as the EAP
  No Income form.
 These households must document their income for each
  source for only one month. (Consider payments for the
  other two months to be the same as the documented month
  when determining eligibility.)
 This is a Manual clarification rather than a policy change

Qualified Eligible Households
 Exceptions:
  • Include MSA without requiring documentation if the
      household receives SSI and has checked MSA on the
      application as a source of income
  •   Document MFIP benefits for all three months:
       – If the household has both MFIP and wages OR
       – If an MFIP benefit is less than the full amount expected for the
         household size

Self Employment Income
 Self Employment Income Determination Requirements
  have not changed
 We no longer require a "Complete" Federal Tax Return
 Application submission is complete if they have given
  you the 1040 but not included the other schedules
 If a household did not submit the schedules with their
  tax forms you do not need to ask for them

Self Employment Income
 Everything you need is on the first page of the 1040
 We are using the same process for figuring self
  employment income as it has been for the last few
 Take the information from lines 12,13,14,17 &18 on
  the 1040 tax forms
 Put it on the Self Employment Worksheet and follow
  the instructions on the worksheet and do the math

Insurance Payments
 Insurance Payments including Short Term Disability,
  Long Term Disability and Workman’s Compensation
  may include:
   • Reimbursement for lost wages (Counted as income)
   • Other reimbursements like for medical expenses or mileage
     reimbursements (Not counted as income)

Insurance Payments
 As many different insurance companies as there
  are, is as many different ways of doing things
 Request that the household provide an award letter
  or a statement from the insurance company
  showing reimbursement for lost wages itemized

Income Documentation for Teachers
 Because some teachers can choose to get paid for
  nine months or twelve months
 It was requested that we allow the use of the previous
  year’s W-2 or 1040 income divided by four to verify
  their income
 Decision: No changes; there is flexibility to verify
  teacher’s income allowed under current rules
 EAP requires complete & accurate income
  documentation for all EAP households
Income Documentation for Teachers
 This does not include all employees of school
  districts or all teachers
 You can use expanded sources for documenting
  teacher’s income (such as their contract)
 Service Providers should work with teachers to
  document their annual income
 Use the annual amount and figure the three months

Requests for additional information
There are inconsistencies on when SP’s request additional
information. We are going to look at a couple of examples:
 Someone in the household who is over 18 but does not report
   any income
 A single parent with four kids in the house and there is no child
   support income information included with application

Are these incomplete applications that requires us to verify
income information?
 Yes, No, some of the time, all the time?
Requests for additional information
Someone in the household who is over 18 but does not
report any income
 How does your answer change if……
  I tell you it’s a 30 year old woman and you have the
  husband’s income and there is a 6 month old in the house
  The income months are June, July and August, app was
  signed in September and the person is 18 and under
  education is says first year of college.

Requests for additional information
Single Parent with four kids in the house no child
support income information included with application
 How does your answer change if……
  •   Reported child support last year OR
  •   Mom has part time job as only income OR
  •   Checked child support, but didn’t send proof

Requests for additional information
Single Parent with four kids in the house no child
support income information included with application
 How does your answer change if……
     – Never has reported child support
     – Has Older Children
     – Works full time
     – Did not check child support as an income

Requests for additional information
 Just because there is a non custodial parent doesn’t mean
  there is child support

 “Three out of four child support cases have a court order,
  but only half actually collect payments due.”
   •   -Children’s Defense Fund State of America’s Children 2008

Requests for additional information
 I hope these were very obvious illustrations of the
  gray areas you all deal with every day and we’re
  talking about now
 You may have been surprised by your neighbors
  answers, maybe not

Requests for additional information
 Promote a understanding of the approach to take
 Prudent principal judgment and understanding of when to
  pursue and when not to
 We are vague on purpose and we do not want to give you
  specific rules of do’s and don'ts on every issue.
   •   (no one wants to read THAT manual)
 Plus there really is no way we can document all things out there
 We pay you to exercise your judgment
 The challenge is to have consistency across the state
 We have a joint responsibility in this
   •   We will monitor you – this one do more this one do less
Requests for additional information
 Use controls (ICF)
 Use the tools and information available to you
 Use your judgment
 Be aware if you are irritated or crabby with a household
 Use due diligence
 Avoid making it personal
 Ask the questions and document the questions and the
 Do not put yourself in the position of defending a poor
  decision or having to remember why you asked and what you
  found out to DOC, the OLA and/or the GAO
Households Situation Changes
 EAP Household Adds New non-EAP Member or
  Joins Another non-EAP Household
 If households join together during the EAP program
   • The benefit amount is not reassessed
   • Record new household members
   • The household may still be eligible for Crisis
Households Situation Changes
 EAP Households Combine
 If EAP households combine into one of the households’
  current dwelling or a new dwelling:
  • Disburse remaining PH benefit to current address
  • Close the household application with the least remaining
      Crisis benefit
  •   Work with the household to resolve EBA questions, because
      the newly combined household is only eligible for one EBA

Households Situation Changes
 Household Member Moves
 If any, but not all members move to a new dwelling, the
  EAP grant stays with the remaining household
  members then:
   • The members that move may apply for an EAP grant at their
       new residence unless they joining together with a current
       EAP household
   •   Household members that move must be changed to
EAP Eligibility
 Remember we’re here to help
 Call your field rep with questions
 After you’ve looked in your manual (of course)
 Because:
   • “There’s no such thing as a stupid question, but they’re
     the easiest to answer.” (and our favorites!)
      -The Tech Support Guy Website

Overview of The Changes
To The Minnesota
Weatherization Assistance
Program (WAP)

WAP Changes at the Federal Level
 The average expenditure, per household, has been
  changed to $6,500 for the program now.
 Income levels have been changed to 200% of the
  Federal Poverty Income Guideline.
 States can use up to 20% of their funds for Training
  and Technical Assistance (T&TA).
 The re-weatherization date (when we can go back to a
  previously done home) has been changed to
  September 30, 1994. It was 1993.
WAP Changes at the State Level
 General Repair ‘limit’ increases to $1,000.
   • Protects weatherization materials in order to allow
     conservation or begin doing work.
 Health & Safety ‘average’ per home increases to
   • Covers indoor air quality needs such as venting,
     dryer ducts, installations of CO and smoke alarms.

Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program

Business & Technology Process Flow
                                                                                       WA Weatherization Assistant
                                                                                          Weatherization Assistant

                           Eligible   Evaluate                   Determine        Scheduled                                   Perform        Completed      Finalize
      Determine          Candidates
                                                    Selected                                  Determine          Job
                                      & Select     Candidate         &              WAP
                                                                                                             Specifications    WAP               Job         Event
      Eligibility        Households
                                                   Household                        Event       Work                                         Information
                                      Priorities                 Schedule                                                      Event                         & Pay
             Intake and Eligibility                                  Benefit Determination                             Deliver Service                     Finalize

                                                                                                                                                      Download Payment

 Business Process         Business Process               Business Process              Business Process             Business Process               Business Process
 · Collect eligibility    · Select Candidates            · Select eligible dwelling    · Conduct audit              · Select Contractors           · Pay contractors
   information               Applicants based priority   · Contact Household           · Record information         · Perform Measures &           · Report performance
                             rules from all eligible     · Schedule an Audit           · Determine job scope          Tasks
 Technical Functions      · Select them to for in-                                     · Get Bids                   · Complete inspections         Technical Functions
 · Application Data entry    depth exploration           Technical Functions                                                                       · Compute Work
 · WAP Only HH                                           · Set up audit event          Technical Functions          Technical Functions               Completion Date
 · Exotic Units           Technical Functions            · Prepare for Download        · Enter Audit data           · Record outcome data             using latest
                          · eHEAT selects from EAP       · Delete non-candidates       · Calculate SIR              · Record inspection date.         inspection date
                             applications associate         from queue                 · Determine Measure          · Complete Measures            · Manage payment
                             with WAP SP cursory cut                                                                · Lock event after all data       information
                             of Priorities based on                                                                    entry is complete           ·
                             rules                                                                                  · Upload results               ·

                                                                Download Event                                                   Upload Event

Weatherization: What is Unchanged
 All household income is obtained and entered for WAP program
 WAP will continue to use EAP income eligibility
 DOE priorities remain the same:
    •Families with children under 19
    •High consumption households (determined by eHEAT)
    •High energy burden (which factors available income
     compared to total household energy costs)
Weatherization: Unchanged
 WAP selections and prioritization remain the same.
 Creating WAP events in eHEAT and doing data
  exports to WA remain the same.
 Agency’s WA monthly client exports to the State are
  unchanged .
 Detailed Weatherization Assistant job expenditures
  and energy savings information is put into a statewide
  database and contains extensive reports. These are all
  accessible to local agency weatherization staff.
Weatherization: Unchanged (Cont.)
 Summary weatherization data is uploaded to
 eHEAT. Reports are available.
 The process for creating a multi-family vacant
 household file or a “Qualified Unit” remains the
 same. (They’re not exotic anymore.)
 We still provide a “WAP only” designation.
   • This is where an eligible customer only wants
     weatherization. They do not receive an EAP grant.

Weatherization Changes
 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline is the
  new requirement for weatherization program eligibility.
 It takes effect October 1, 2009.
 Each household’s income data must be collected and
  verified -- up to the 200% Federal Poverty Income
 An explanation of the 200% Poverty Guidelines and an
  income chart is included in the Instructions for the new
  Minnesota combined Energy Programs Application form.

Weatherization Reminders
 A WAP Queue has to be exported from eHEAT and loaded by
  September 15th in order to consider 2009 households for
   •   Remember that 2009 EAP records are ‘unavailable’ after September.
 2009 EAP eligible households who are currently on your WAP
  Queue are eligible for weatherization until October 31.
 After November 1, all households receiving WAP services will
  require EAP 2010 income eligibility.

Weatherization Reminders (Cont.)
 Local agency staff prioritize and select ‘new’ EAP
  2010 households for weatherization beginning
  October 1.
 Starting on October 1 use the new 200% Federal
  Poverty Income Guidelines for weatherization
  eligibility -- for both DOE and the ARRA funding.

Application Instructions
Weatherization Income Eligibility           Weatherization
Guidelines                                  Program Three Month
You may be eligible for weatherization if     Guidelines
your income exceeds the Energy              Household
Assistance Program limits.                  Size   Income
Weatherization is an energy efficiency       1     $ 5,415
program provided at no cost to you.          2     $ 7,285
Income eligibility for weatherization is
                                             3     $ 9,155
200% of the Federal Poverty Income
                                             4     $11,025
Guidelines. Three-month income limits
for Weatherization Assistance are:           5     $12,895
                                             6     $14,765

  Comparison ADDITIONAL
Energy Assistance      Weatherization         Dollar Difference
  50% of SMI Three    200% of Poverty Three
   Month Guidelines      Month Guidelines
Household             Household                Household
Size   Income         Size   Income            Size   Income
 1    $ 5,423          1    $ 5,415             1    $ -8
 2    $ 7,092          2    $ 7,285             2    $ 193
 3    $ 8,761          3    $ 9,155             3    $ 394
 4    $10,430          4    $11,025             4    $ 595
 5    $12,099          5    $12,895             5    $ 796
 6    $13,768          6    $14,765             6    $ 997

Note: A One-Person Household Will Use 50% SMI
200% “Yes” Indicator

Weatherization Notification Change
 Households eligible for WAP services under the
  200% Poverty Guidelines, but who are over the EAP
  income guidelines, will be notified by local
  weatherization staff if they are selected for a
  weatherization energy audit and conservation

From YOU To Us
   A Commerce email address is available for clients or
    customers who have questions about weatherization.
   Local SP staff should use the email address for referring:
    •   Inquiries from HUD or multi-family building owners wanting
    •   Contractor inquiries on how to access the State’s stimulus funding
    •   Insulation suppliers or product and sales representatives
    •   Individuals interested in energy auditing training and green jobs
From Us To You
   We will provide regular updates and information on
    weatherization through The Energizer and on the web.
   We’ll provide regular email updates to all the weatherization
    coordinators regarding program and stimulus funding
    updates, policy clarifications, best practices and media
   And, we’ll provide monthly updates to the executive
    directors and all the MWAG members at their meetings. 113
Most Important Communication:
Between Local SP Staff for
Effective Coordination
 You’ll need to submit a Coordination Agreement
    between your local Energy Assistance and
    Weatherization Program to the State Office.
   You want to regularly communicate with each other.

Benefits Introduction
 Having effective controls on the benefits important
 Business Strategy Model vision is focused on benefits
 Determine how benefits should address need
 Allocation of scare resources
 Average grant: $600
 Maximum grant:$1400

EAP Primary Heat Benefits

Changes to
Primary Heat Average &
Maximum Benefit
 Sustainable increases
 $600 (was $500 for the past few years)
 $1,400 (was $1,325 for FFY 2009)

Overview how a PHB is determined
 Cost-Based
  •Household Income level (HH size and Income)
  •Actual heating fuel type and cost and exotic fuel
  •Multiply corresponding percentage by cost
 Back-up Matrix
  •Household Income level (HH size and Income)
  •Housing type
  •Primary fuel type
  •Corresponding benefit amount (Average)
Back-up Matrix Rationale
 Use Back-Up matrix in certain circumstances
 It is fair in most cases
 Also simpler

Use Back-up Matrix when:
 Household is self-employment and works in their home
  or rents part of their home Ch. 5, p. 45
   • Do not adjust consumption
 Actual heating fuel type or costs are inaccurate,
  incomplete, unavailable or no longer a heating fuel
  Ch. 7, p. 54 – 55
 If partial costs for the previous year are available, the
  software applies the highest benefit from the Cost-Based
  Matrix or Back-up Matrix Ch. 8 p. 62
Exotic Fuels
 How to determine the
  cost of wood or a
  non-traditional fuel
  when actual cost is
  not available

 Replaces the Wood
Info from Wood Worksheet
Number of          Cords of Wood
        1                   6.5
        2                    7
        3                   7.5
        4                    8
        5                   8.5
        6                    9
Add 0.5 cords per additional bedroom
BTU Rating for Wood
 23,000,000 BTU per cord
 Varies by type
 We tried various combinations and always ended
  up close to this number

BTU rating of delivered wood
Number of      Cords of   BTU conversion
  bedrooms       Wood      delivered fuel
     1            6.5      149,500,000
     2             7       161,000,000
     3            7.5      172,500,000
     4             8       184,000,000
     5            8.5      195,500,000
     6             9       207,000,000
Add 0.5 cords per
  additional bedroom                        125
BTU rating of
usable heat from delivered wood
Number of        Cords of      BTU conversion     BTU conversion
  bedrooms         Wood          delivered fuel     Usable heat
     1              6.5         149,500,000         67,275,000
     2               7          161,000,000          72,450,000
       3             7.5        172,500,000          77,625,000
       4              8         184,000,000          82,800,000
       5             8.5        195,500,000          87,975,000
       6              9         207,000,000          93,150,000
Add 0.5 cords per additional                      40 - 50% efficient
  bedroom                                            Use 45%
Compare to
Energy Information Center Data
  “The average Minnesota home uses 80 to 100
   million BTUs annually for heating.” Home Energy
   Guide: Home Heating
  Conversation with Phil Smith, 11/3/08: it is probably
   closer to 80 million.

Wood numbers are validated
Number of
             BTU conversion
               Usable heat
      1        67,275,000
      2        72,450,000
      3        77,625,000
      4        82,800,000
      5        87,975,000
      6        93,150,000
Conversion to Exotic Fuel Types
Number of    BTU conversion    The BTU necessary to
  bedrooms     Usable heat      heat a home should be
                                about the same for all
     1         67,275,000
     2         72,450,000      So we can use these
     3         77,625,000       measurements of the
     4         82,800,000       number of BTU of usable
     5         87,975,000       heat needed by # of
     6                          bedrooms

Corn                          67,275,000 / 364,000 = 185   185 / .77 = 240
Number of                                Corn
  bedrooms BTU conversion                   BTU of         Corn bushels
              Usable heat                   usable heat       delivered fuel
    1        67,275,000                       185                240
      2            72,450,000                 199                258
      3            77,625,000                 213                277
      4            82,800,000                 227                295
      5            87,975,000                 242                314
      6            93,150,000                 256                332
Add 0.5 cords
   per                                                     77% efficient
   additional   40 - 50% efficient                            Use 250 for 3
   bedroom          Use 45%                                   bedrooms
Corn = 364,000 BTU bushel                                                      130
BTU rating of Corn and Pellets by
Common Units

Corn                  bushels     364,000

Corn                  ton       14,000,000

Pellets (all types)   40# bag     320,000

Pellets (all types)   Ton       16,000,000
Exotic Fuels Table - Estimate
Number of Cords   Corn        Tons of     Bags of     Tons of
bedrooms of       bushels     Corn        Pellets     pellets
          Wood    delivered   delivered   Delivered   Delivered
                  fuel        fuel        Fuel        fuel
   1       6.5         240         6.86     256.38         5.13
   2        7          258         7.39     276.11         5.52
   3       7.5         277         7.92     295.83         5.92
   4        8          295         8.45     315.55         6.31
   5       8.5         314         8.98     335.27         6.71
   6        9          332         9.51     354.99         7.10
Exotic Fuels Worksheet
Energy Assistance Program                                          Household Number:

Exotic Fuels Worksheet                                                     Household Name:

                                                                                  Fuel Type:

To determine estimated fuel cost for households using exotic fuels such as wood, corn or pellets as a primary or
secondary fuel.

                                        1. The number of bedrooms (*household

                                        2. The estimated consumption cost using the table

                                        3. The percent of total heat provided by this fuel. (*household
                                        declaration - Example: 70 )

                                        4. Estimated Fuel Cost. Enter fuel cost (#4) into eHEAT as heat consumption and
                                        cost for this fuel type.
Initial Fuel Cost Set-up Required
No. of bedrooms         Wood               Corn              Corn              Pellets           Pellets
                        Cords            Bushels        Tons Delivered     Bags Delivered    Tons Delivered

        1                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0
        2                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0
        3                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0
        4                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0
        5                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0
        6                 $0                $0                $0                 $0                $0

* Refer to Minnesota Energy Programs Application for the household’s estimated percentage of heating use for
    the fuel.

Local Fuel Cost Documentation
                Wood            Corn               Corn            Pellets          Pellets
               Full Cord   Bushel Delivered    Ton Delivered    Bag Delivered    Ton Delivered
 Example       $175.00          $3.50             $75.00            $3.95           $110.00

 on for Fuel

   No. of       Wood            Corn               Corn            Pellets          Pellets
                Cords      Bushels Delivered   Tons Delivered   Bags Delivered   Tons Delivered
     1           6.5             240               6.86            256.38            5.13
     2            7              258               7.39            276.11            5.52
     3           7.5             277               7.92            295.83            5.92
     4            8              295               8.45            315.55            6.31
     5           8.5             314               8.98            335.27            6.71
     6            9              332               9.51            354.99             7.1
Enter Local Costs In Fuel Cost Sheet
               Wood            Corn             Corn              Pellets             Pellets

              Full Cord   Bushel Delivered   Ton Delivered     Bag Delivered       Ton Delivered

 Example      $175.00          $3.50            $75.00             $3.95             $110.00

     UNIT                                                          $3.89
Documentati                                                  Last year's cost at
    on for                                                         Fleet Farm -
     Fuel                                                          including tax

Add Costs and Documentation
                         Wood                 Corn             Corn              Pellets             Pellets

                        Full Cord        Bushel Delivered   Ton Delivered     Bag Delivered       Ton Delivered

    Example             $175.00               $3.50            $75.00             $3.95             $110.00

       UNIT             $150.00               $3.65                               $3.89
Documentation for   Average cost for a    Cost at Co-op                     Last year's cost at
     Fuel Cost            full cord of                                            Fleet Farm -
                             wood                                                 including tax
                         Acme wood
                           supply -
                          $150. Got
                         Wood Co. -

Local Costs Populate the Form
  No. of   Wood      Corn           Corn            Pellets       Pellets
           Cords    Bushels     Tons Delivered   Bags Delivered    Tons
                    Delivered                                     Delivered

   1       $975      $876            $0              $997           $0

   2       $1,050    $942            $0             $1,074          $0

   3       $1,125   $1,011           $0             $1,151          $0

   4       $1,200   $1,077           $0             $1,227          $0

   5       $1,275   $1,146           $0             $1,304          $0

   6       $1,350   $1,212           $0             $1,381          $0

Save the Worksheet NOW
 Once entered – Set-up is complete
 No change until there is a fuel cost changes
 Ready for the next HH
 Complete as needed

Household Information

Enter Fuel Cost In eHEAT

Worksheet for File
 Fuel cost is ready to enter into eHEAT
 Print the Worksheet for Consumption
 Do not save

Electric Usage
 Refer to:
    • Application Processing slide titled:
  “Matching Electric Usage on Apps with Consumption Usage
    • Chapter 7 – Heating Cost Determination, p. 55 and 56
       – Best Procedure
    • Chapter 8 – Application Processing and Benefit Determination p. 62
 Quality and Performance Control
    • DOC periodically run a mismatched electric report for SPs to complete
    • The mismatched electric report showed households who indicated
      electricity as a heating fuel and the electric vendor did not.
Crisis Benefits

Minimum Delivery Deleted - EB
The Emergency Benefit Amount
   • In all cases the amount of the EB is the sum of the past
       due and current bill or a delivery up to $500.
   •   Each household is allowed up to two EB events, each
       with payments to one or more vendors.
   •   The total of the two events cannot exceed $500.
   •   No credit can be generated by a crisis payment.
   •   Ch. 12 – Crisis, p. 79
 SPs must be good stewards of Crisis resources
Minimum Delivery Deleted - EBA
 The EBA Amount
   •   EBA amount is the current bill and any past due bill plus a delivery if
       tank is at less than 20% of capacity.
   •   The total Crisis assistance available is $700.
   •   The amount available for EBA is $700 minus EBs previously received.
   •   No credit can be generated by a crisis payment (EB or EBA).
   •   Ch. 12 – Crisis, p. 79
 Clarification language to state the household does not need to
  have a past due bill… current bill or needed delivery meets
  eligibility criteria
Quality Control and Performance
Managing Crisis Events
 Report in eHEAT
  • Click on
     – Reports
     – EAP
     – Crisis Benefit Report
  • Opens a window

Crisis Benefit Report   (cont.)

Crisis Benefit Report Export
Export the Results to Excel – Use sort by date
         APP_STAT APPSTATUS                                      REPORTED                CRISISAWA
  328824 Approved 10/23/2008 Past due energy payment               3/11/2009 In Progress
  329115 Approved 12/22/2008 Disconnect Notice/Shutoff CWR         4/10/2009 In Progress
  329674 Approved     1/5/2009 Past due energy payment             2/16/2009 In Progress        500    500
  332560 Approved 11/14/2008 Past due energy payment                5/6/2009 In Progress        500    500
  470729 Approved    5/21/2009 Past due energy payment              6/1/2009 In Progress        700    500
  480213 Approved    11/7/2008 Past due energy payment             11/6/2008 In Progress         24
  485951 Approved    4/16/2009 Past due energy payment              5/6/2009 In Progress        700    500
  491810 Approved    1/15/2009 Disconnect Notice/Shutoff CWR       1/12/2009 In Progress        395    395
  540839 Approved     3/5/2009 Past due energy payment              4/1/2009 In Progress        661    500
  553033 Approved                                                   6/1/2009 In Progress
                     5/21/2009 Energy Service Shut off/Fuel Tank Empty                          700    500
  554746 Approved    5/21/2009 Past due energy payment              6/1/2009 In Progress        700    500
Crisis Benefit Report                          (cont.)

 This report can also be used to generate a Reasonable Payment Plan
  follow-up list by clicking “Include Vendor Info” and “EBA” for the “Crisis
  Event Reason”. All the household’s vendors will be listed.               151
Reasonable Payment Worksheet
 Ask the household if they have a current vendor
  payment agreement or an Affordability Program
  payment agreement in place
   • Determine whether the payment amount is reasonable or if it
       is a burden on the household
   •   If a lower payment amount is needed, advocate on behalf of
       the household as needed
 No adjustment to high Reasonable Payment amounts for
  the four monthly payments
Assurance 16
Two items for training
 Referral Resources
 A16 – Use of Funds

Assurance 16
Referral Resources
 SPs are subject matter experts on services in their
 SPs need to maintain a referral list of resources and
  provide specific referrals to households
 Distribute the referral list to crisis recipients and other
  households requesting information regarding available
  services Ch. 16 – Assurance 16, p. 104

A16 Use of Funds
 A16 EAP activities include outreach, advocacy and referral
  activities and they are required activities
 Agencies are encouraged to determine if each local A16
  activity is clearly within the definition, by local or accepted
 “(16) use up to 5 percent of such funds, at its option, to
  provide services that encourage and enable households to
  reduce their home energy needs and thereby the need for
  energy assistance, including needs assessments,
  counseling, and assistance with energy vendors”
A16 is EAP money for EAP activities
 A16 is not meant to fund all of an agency’s outreach,
  referral, and advocacy activities
 A16 is meant to provide outreach specifically for EAP,
  referrals for EAP households or households who call
  specifically about EAP and advocacy for EAP
  households related to energy issues
 Staff time may be charged to A16 in the preparation,
  performance and recording of A16 activities, as long as
  the staff person is doing EAP work
 For EBA follow up
Allowable A16 Activities Include
 EAP outreach activities providing EAP information
   • Encourages households to apply for EAP
   • EAP brochures, posters, etc.
   • Enables access to EAP services
 Needs assessment counseling for EAP households
 Working with energy vendors on behalf of a household
 Providing EAP households with referrals to services
 Preparing, implementing and recording A16 activities
A16 Funds Cannot Be Used For:
 SP business and operations that do not directly pertain to EAP Outreach,
    EAP Advocacy and EAP Referrals
   Administrative activities, operations or costs
     •   Any office space, equipment and general supplies
     •   Duties required to administer, deliver and perform EAP contractual obligations
 Other EAP or non-EAP program components, services or benefits
     •   EAP Applications or processing applications
     •   Vendor or contractor payments
     •   ERR or EAP/Wx materials or measures
     •   Leveraging or ROFW activities
     •   Energy conservation products or supplies, such as door sweeps, compact florescent
         light bulbs and low-flow shower heads.

ERR Introduction
 ICF and ERR
 Potentially the largest benefit to single household and thus
 Health & Safety is essential to EAP
 FSR ERR management
   •   Continue to struggle to ensure accurate reporting
   •   We have taken time to document and you have to see it later in detail
 Challenge with WAP context – Limited installer
 Because there are often WAP deliveries, it is essential the
  program meets EAP requirement

 Recommended Process for managing ERR events
 Small Manual Change
 New ERR Form
 ERR Quality & Performance Control


Process Intention & Perspective
 The intention is to clarify the processes and steps
  used to assure proper controls and accounting of
  ERR funds and activities.


Why A Process for ERR Events?
 The FSR are required match eHEAT ERR paid for the
  reported month. This enables:
  • Oversight of performance and fiscal operations
  • ERR allocation requests validation
  • Projecting expenditures and program closeout
  •   More importantly, matching ERR amounts aids in assuring
      payments are accurate and timely to assure safe quality
 There has been pain to get on the same page
 This is a key control                                     162

Requirements of Process & FSR
To assure accurate & timely ERR reporting, SPs must:
 Accurately enter ERR events & tasks in eHEAT as they originate
 Update eHEAT ERR paid data before the end of the month
 Reconcile eHEAT ERR paid data to SP fiscal records for the
  month reporting
 Enter the ERR paid by the end of the month on the FSR for the
  reported month
 Enter notes explaining discrepancies on FSR due to accrual
  accounting (To meet SP auditor’s reporting expectations,
  activities normally kept on an accrual basis record the accrual
  expenditures in the “Service Provider Notes” box on FSR.)

Model of ERR & FSR Process
From: Household request for ERR Service
To: Completed financial reporting and reconciliation
Includes: Entering eHEAT, matching SP accounting process to
Financial Reporting requirements & allocations

Challenge: SP accounting systems are a mix of Accrual and cash
accounting practices. EAP would prefer to have a consistent
method of oversight.

Handout in Training folder has model and text
                                                                                                                                                                  ERR Management With FSR
                                                                                                                                                                     Business Process Model
1. Household                                                                                             Inspection
 Request for                                                              <Inspector>                     Request                     8.                    This model represents the essential
                      ERR                Procure
ERR Service                             Mechanical           Candidate                                                        Approve Request               process for Managing ERR Events and
                      Event                                                        9.                                                                       Tasks and reporting through the FSR
                                       Contractor(s)         Contractor                               Inspection              & Enter Final Cost
                   (Date, type)                                                 Perform
                                         Proposal              Tasks                                    Result                  Into eHEAT &                VisioDocument
                                                             w/Estimate                                             Invoice & Complete Tasks & Certifiable
                                                                                   (s)                                                                                     <SP Fiscal>
                                                                                                                   Completion       Events          ERR
                                                                                                            7.                                                                       11.
                                                            5.                                          Request Certificate                                                   Pay Contractor
   Determine                    3.                                                                     payment for                                            “Payable”
      ERR                   Enter ERR                     Select                                                                                                                  (Process
                                                                                                         service                                           ERR Payments
   Response Eligible        Events in                  Contractor &                  Complete                                                                                   “Payables”)
                             eHEAT                      Enter ERR                     Event         <Contractor>                                     10.
                ERR                                                                                                                                         Export, other)
    EAP                                                   Tasks                                                                                    Certify                      Payment as
  Eligibility Application
                                            ERR                                                                                                    eHEAT                           Warrant
                                                                                                    ERR Final
                                         Obligation                               6.                                                              Payments                  or EFT # and Date
       EAP                                                                                          Obligations
                                        As Estimates          Selected          Perform                                                                                       (“In Progress”)
     Application                                                                                  (Overwrite Est.)
                                                             Contactor         ERR Event                                                   12.
                                                            & Work Plan                                              Paid ERR        Enter Payment
                                                                          <Contractor>                          Amounts & Dates Information Into
                                                                                                        eHEAT                            eHEAT
                                                                                                     Payment Info                        (“Paid”)
Performing and Accounting for ERR

     Projected ERR Need                                                                         Paid ERR
                                    eHEAT SP                                                ` Amounts & Dates
                                     Budget                                                                                               eHEAT FSR
    need &
                                  <DOC EAP>                            Program End
                                                                                                                             Submitted              Submitted
  Request ERR                                          Available                                                  1.           FSR                                                 Late Report
     Funds                                              Funds                                                Compare &        & Notes
                                                                                SP                                                                   & Notes
                        Allocations                                                                       Reconcile eHEAT
<SP EAP Coord.>                                              Request          Accounts           SP                                                                2. Review
                                                                                                         ERR payments to SP
                                      NFA                     Cash                             Payment                                                             Submitted
    Fund                                                                                                 Accounting Record &                                                       Timeliness
                                                                                               records                                                                FSR
   Requests                                                                                                    Submit                                                                 Info
                                  <DOC Fiscal>                                Cash
                                                          Approved                                                                                               <DOC Fiscal>
                                                        Cash Request                                        <SP Fiscal>
      EAP Fund                                                                                                                              Reopened
      Allocation                                                                                                                              FSR

Allocation and Fund Source (Integration)                                                       Reporting

Policy for ERR Events
 Energy Related Repair (ERR) cumulative expenditures on
  each FSR must equal the total "Paid" ERR Events/Tasks in
  eHEAT on the last day of the reported month.
 The FSR requires ERR expenditures on a paid basis.
   • This may challenge SPs depending on the type of
     accounting (Accrual or other) used.
   • SPs are not required to convert accounting systems to
     meet the ERR FSR requirements, but only need to report
     data documenting the ERR activities paid to the date.


Procedure for Reporting ERR
In April 2009 these procedures were implemented for reporting ERR expenditures:
 An FSR is not accepted if:
     • eHEAT ERR total paid amounts on the last day of the month does not match the
       cumulative ERR total on the FSR for the month or
     • the FSR “Service Provider Notes” does not explain reason for discrepancies
 If not accepted the FSR is “Re-Opened”
     • With a “State Fiscal Notes” stating “Please review your FSR ERR activities against
       eHEAT ERR paid and note the difference in your SP Notes.”
 SPs has to the 15th of-the-month to correct and submit an accurate FSR
 Late or inaccurate FSRs are subject to TIMELINESS AND ACCURACY OF
   REPORTS provisions of EAP Policy Manual resulting in:
    • Compliance finding, denial of cash requests or denying requests for additional funds
 Contact Mark Kaszynski at 651-297-4521, if you have fiscal questions.
   Contact your EAP field rep if you have other questions


ERR Manual Clarification
 Installers of new Natural Gas and LP furnaces must
  perform the delivery gas pressure on the manifold
  side of the gas valve.


New ERR Form
 Combines ERR Forms
    into one Excel Workbook
   Download information
   New look & feel
   Fun for the whole family


New ERR Form
 Combines ERR Forms into one Excel Workbook
   •   ERR Troubleshooting
   •   ERR Tracking
                                        ERR Completion Certificate
                                        Household Name: Fixet, Anita

                                        Address:           2010 ERR Place, Any City, MN 54321
                                                                                                                                    Household #     123456

                                        Telephone:         (218) 555-1234                                      Emergency Phone:

       ERR Completion Certificate       I certify that the work authorized by                                                        is complete. All work conforms
                                        to all standards and codes that apply. All work meets the agreements between this firm and the Energy Assistance Program
                                        Service Provider. All the work performed by this firm is subject to and follows manufacturer and contractor warranties.

                                        Name of Firm                                                                                Contractor License Number

       ERR Inspection Forms             Authorized Signature of Firm              Date

                                        Number to call us, if problems (_____) _______ - ______________
                                                                                                                                      Date Work Started

                                                                                                                                    Date Work Completed

                                        FOR REPLACEMENTS ONLY:

                                        Manufacturer                         Model Number                                           Serial Number

                                        Date of required pressure test (LP or Natural Gas)                                          Pressure test results
                                                                                                                                    (after Gas or Manifold valve)
                                        Test Comment(s):

                                        I certify that the contractor has delivered the materials and completed the work listed on the work order. The EAP Service
                                        Provider may pay the contractor on my behalf.

                                        Signature of Homeowner                                                                      Date

                                        Inspector: (WHEN REPLACEMENT IS SELECTED FOR INSPECTION)
                                        I certify that the contractor has delivered the materials and completed the work listed on the work order. The EAP Service
                                        Provider may pay the contractor.

                                        Signature of Inspector                                                                      Date


New ERR Form
 Download information functionality
   •    In eHEAT, Go to ‘Client Services’
        Menu/’Application Application’ pull
        down/’Reasonable Payment Export’
   •    Paste data into ‘Download’ worksheet
   •    Information is on all forms

   ERR Download Template
   This form is where downloaded household data should be placed to populate the other ERR forms. To populate the ERR forms with
   the household data, paste the first five lines of the download into cell A4.

                                  Household Number     :                                              123456
                                               Name    :    Fixet, Anita
                                             Address   :    2010 ERR Place, Any City, MN 54321
                     Mailing/Primary Contact Address        PO Box 20
                                       Home Phone      :    (218) 555-1234


ERR Quality Control
In Progress ERR Events Report Desocription
 The report monitors if Energy Related Repair events
   are being processed in a timely manner
 The program rules state ERR event must be addressed
   within 48 hours from the date initiated (Or 18 in life
   threatening situations)
 Events records record the initiation date
 Should not be more than a week old

ERR Quality Control
 Assure safety of Crisis ERR Households
 Assure fiscal controls are being conducted (Includes reporting and allocation requests)
 Reduce complications due to poor record keeping
 In Progress ERR Events older than 45 days from reported date in eHEAT
     •   ERR Tasks
     •   ERR Payments
     •   SP ERR Worksheets & Paper files
     •   ERR Tasks & Payments
 Household Safety
 Fiscal integrity
 Risk mitigation
 ERR Payments are decentralized so many SPs utilize eHEAT after the fact

ERR Quality Control
 In eHEAT go to: Client Services Menu>ERR Benefits Tab>Search by ERR Event Sub link
 Search by: Status: In Progress and Go: Export to CSV

 Sort   Response DT field and Create a calculation field

 Extend date to September 30th
 ROFW aligned with Crisis:
   • Many of these changes were made in EZ
   • Level to $500 in Manual
 In State Plan

Cold Weather Rule
Energy Assistance Program Fall Training
August 13, 2009

Public Utilities Commission
Tracy Smetana

   Public Utilities Commission
• Regulates local and in-state long
  distance companies; investor-owned
  electric and natural gas utilities;
  permitting for power plants, pipelines,
  transmission lines.
• Commissioners appointed by Governor,
  serve staggered terms.
• 40 staff

   Public Utilities Commission
• Services provided by the Consumer
  Affairs Office
  – Mediation between utility companies and
    their customers
  – Consumer Education
  – Telephone Discount Programs
  – Cold Weather Rule
  – Utility Resource
  – Public Comments

         Cold Weather Rule
• The purpose of the Cold Weather Rule is
  to protect residential heat-affected
  customers, who are unable to pay their
  utility bills, from disconnection of
  service during the winter months.

• October 15 through April 15

               Cold Weather Rule
• Regulated CWR Companies
   –   Alliant Energy
   –   CenterPoint Energy
   –   Community Utility Company
   –   Dakota Electric
   –   Great Plains Natural Gas
   –   Greater Minnesota Gas
   –   Island Gas
   –   Minnesota Energy Resources
   –   Minnesota Power
   –   Northwest Natural Gas
   –   Northwest Natural Gas of Murray County
   –   Northwestern Wisconsin Electric
   –   Otter Tail Power
   –   Xcel Energy

          Cold Weather Rule
Prior to CWR Season:

• Bill inserts

• Many utilities also work to reconnect as
  many as possible. This step is not
  required by the Cold Weather Rule.

         Cold Weather Rule
• Disconnect notice

• Ten working days prior to disconnection

• CWR “packet” must be included

             Cold Weather Rule

• Reconnect service OR prevent disconnection.
• Available to all residential customers, regardless of
• Payment installments need not be equal; may be based on
  factors such as lump sum payments or additional income
  expected during payment period.
• If income at or below 50% of state median, payments no
  more than 10% of household income.

          Cold Weather Rule
• Income Verification
  – Customer who receives low income
    assistance does not need to provide
    additional verification
  – Proof of income = pay stubs, tax return,
    Social Security statement, etc
  – Self declaration
  – Customer has right to appeal utility’s

         Cold Weather Rule
• Disconnection of service not allowed
  – While appeal is pending
  – On Friday, unless CWR payment plan
  – On Saturday, Sunday, holiday or day before
    a holiday
  – When utility offices are closed
  – When no utility personnel available
  – When Commission offices are closed
            Cold Weather Rule
• No deposit or late fees if household income at or
  below 50% of state median income

• No disconnection during any appeal process

• Timely payment = within 7 calendar days

          Cold Weather Rule
• Cooperative/Muni CWR
  – Written application required
  – Applies only to households at/below 50% of
    state median income
  – Appeal process does not include PUC
  – Requires 20 calendar day notice
  – Requires notice to Energy Assistance provider
    before disconnecting unoccupied residential
  – Reconnection provision recently added

         Cold Weather Rule
• Keys to protection

  – Contact utility company
  – Payment plan based on customer’s financial
  – Make and keep a payment plan
  – PUC available to answer questions, assist

            Life Support Households
Minnesota Statutes 216B.098, Subd. 5 (emphasis added)

• Medically necessary equipment. A utility shall reconnect or
  continue service to a customer’s residence where a medical
  emergency exists or where medical equipment requiring electricity
  necessary to sustain life is in use, provided that the utility receives
  from a medical doctor written certification, or initial certification by
  telephone and written certification within five business days, that
  failure to reconnect or continue service will impair or threaten the
  health or safety of a resident of the customer’s household. The
  customer must enter into a payment agreement.

• Applies to all electric utilities

           Hot Weather Rule
Minnesota Statutes 216B.0975

• A utility may not effect an involuntary
  disconnection of residential services in
  affected counties when an excessive heat
  watch, heat advisory, or excessive heat
  warning issued by the National Weather
  Service is in effect.

• Applies to all electric utilities

       Public Utilities Commission
Minnesota Statutes

• 216B.091 Monthly Reports

• 216B.096 Cold Weather Rule; Public Utility. Regulated

• 216B.097 Cold weather rule, cooperative or municipal utility.

• 216B.0975 Disconnection during extreme heat conditions.

• 216B.098 Residential customer protections.

            Telephone Discounts
• Link Up
  – One time credit when hooking up new service
• Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP)
• Lifeline
  – Minimum discount = $1.75/month, up to $10/month
• Application + proof of income to local telephone

    Public Utilities Commission
Tracy Smetana
Consumer Mediator
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
121 Seventh Place East, Suite 350
St Paul MN 55101-2147
651-296-0406, option 1
1-800-657-3782, option 1
Fax 651-297-7073


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