The Gibson Les Paul- A Magnificent Masterpiece!

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					What Can I Say About This One !! Every Rocker's Kinda Dream!! This Guitar Is So Much Simple And Elegant Looking And Gives You That Kind Of A " grunge " Sound That I Just Love In Bands Like GnR And Led Zeppelin ( These 2 Bands Are Notable les paul Users ) When I Had Started Playing The Guitar , I Always Used To Try Getting That Grunge Sound In My quite Very Cheap "Aria " Guitar , Using All Sorts Of Combinations In My Also Very Cheap Guitar Processor !, But Always Used To Cry To My Dad That Nothing Works ! All Of It Sucks ! But Then I Came To Know Of This MAgnificent Guitar -The Les Paul model, which was the result of a design collaboration between Gibson Guitar Corp. and the late popstar , electronics inventor, and accomplished jazz guitarist Les Paul, who Just Amazed The World With His So Much Innovative Mind And Designs , Which Were Intended To Be For His Personal Use, but Later On Became Established In The Market.

In 1951, a design collaboration between the Gibson Guitar Corporation and Les Paul had took place, and It was agreed that the new Les Paul guitar was to be an expensive, well-made instrument in Gibson's tradition.

Since Then, The Magical , Too Much awesome Sound Of This guitar Has Been Liked By Most OF The Great Guitarists, Like Paul McCartney, Slash, Jimmy Page ( Gibson Also Launched A Jimmy Page Signature Model), Joe Perry, Buckethead, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards And Many More !

This Guitar Has The Looks, Its Sound Is Amazing - a Very Rich Tone And Each Note is Very Crystal Clear , But The Most Disappointing Thing Is - "All Good Things Come At a Price !" , And So Is This ,, Priced At about 2700 U.S.D. ( Rs. 1.5 Lacs approx ) !! , But Its Definitely Worth It !

Definitely , Its My Dream Guitar And I Am surely Going To Purchase This One Once I Get The Required Money , because Its Really Expensive !!

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