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					AGA Power Steering Reservoirs

AGA-PSR-6061-097-164 (Straight Fittings) & AGA-PRS-6061-228-855 (Angled Fittings)
    (Replaces BMW Part# 32-41-1-097-164)                                     (Replaces BMW Part# 32-41-2-228-855)

AGA-PSR-6061-097-164 Fitment/Application:
524td, 528e                       E28      525i, Xi, 530i, 545i, 550i        E60               AGA-PSR-6061-228-855
325, e, es, i, is, 318i           E30      530Xi Wagon                       E61
740i, 735i                        E32      645Ci, 650i                       E63
525i, i M50, i Touring, 530i,
                                  E34                                        E64                M5                  E39
i Touring, 535i, 540i                      645Ci Conv., 650i Conv.
325i, iC, is, 318i, is, iC, ti,                                                                                     E60
323is, iC, 328i, is, iC, M3       E36                                        E83
B30, B32                                   X3 2.5i, 3.0i                                        M6                  E63
740i, iL                          E38      X5 3.0i, 4.4i, 4.6is, 4.8is       SAV
                                           1.9, 2.3, 2.5i, 2.8, 3.0, Coupe                      M6 Conv.            E64
525i, i Wagon, 528i, i            E39      2.8, 3.0, MRoadster S52,          Z3
Wagon, 530i, 540i, i Wagon                 S54, MCoupe S52, S54
323i, Ci, Ci Conv, i Wagon,
328i, Ci, 330i, Ci, Ci Conv.,
                                  E46                                        Z8
Xi, 325i, Xi, Ci, Conv., i/Xi
Wagon M3, Conv.                            Alpina V8

The power steering reservoir is plastic and has very low heat dissipation. As a result, the steering system
overheats if the car is driven hard. Even if driven normal in warm climates, the system runs hot causing the
life of the steering component to be reduced.
All German Auto has developed a billet 6061 aluminum power steering reservoir. The billet finned design
offers superior heat dissipation over the stock reservoir. The internal replaceable hi flow filter offers better
than stock filtration with less back pressure.
This AGA power steering reservoir is a direct bolt in part that installs in minutes. It lowers the power
steering system temperature significantly, extends power steering component life, prevents steering fluid
from overheating in hard driving conditions, and has a replaceable filter.

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Parts included in this kit:
  1   AGA-PSR-6061-097-164             Power Steering Reservoir With Filter Installed                  $289.00


  1   AGA-PSR-6061-228-855             Power Steering Reservoir With Filter Installed                  $299.00

Optional components (not included with reservoir):
 1    AGA-PSR-FK                       Power Steering Reservoir Replacement Filter                      $19.00

 1    AGA-PSK-VK                       Power Steering Reservoir Vent Kit                                $17.16

Installation instructions:
These instructions are for experienced technicians only.
If instructions are needed to remove stock components refer to All Data, Mitchel or Factory Manual.
1. To reduce oil spilled during replacement, empty reservoir with suction device. If necessary, remove
   surrounding components (ex: air filter housing) to gain access to power steering hoses. Loosen
   clamping bolt on bracket. Remove clamps from hoses (If hose clamp is crimp type, cut with pliers) and
   remove reservoir.
2. Check condition of hoses. If cracking or swelling, replace hoses.
3. Installing reservoir: Fit hoses on reservoir. NOTE: supply and return hoses are different sizes.
   CAUTION: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN CLAMPS. Slide reservoir into bracket and tighten clamping bolt.
   Fill reservoir with factory fluid to proper level. Start engine and let run for 1 minute. Shut engine off and
   let sit for 2-3 minutes. Recheck fluid level.

For extreme driving conditions, install vent kit (if purchased).

Push nipple into vent hole in cap. Route the vent hose to a low
point in the engine compartment. Make sure the hose is away
from belts and hot components in engine compartment. Secure
vent hose with zip ties. Do not over tighten zip ties causing the
vent tube to be restricted.

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Instructions for Replacing the Filter:
1. Begin by removing the power steering reservoir from the vehicle.

2. Using a strap wrench, unscrew the top of the reservoir.

                                                            -Small o-ring                              -Large o-ring
                                                             (located under filter)                     (located in top seal)

3. Remove the bolt (5mm Allen) from the center of the filter and remove filter. Remove the small o-ring
  under the filter. Clean filter housing for any debris. Install small o-ring (to keep o-ring in grove, a small
  amount of the supplied grease can be used). Install filter. Install bolt/washer and tighten to 60 inch
  pounds (5 Ft. lbs). Remove the large o-ring in reservoir top. Install new large o-ring. Apply film of grease
  to o-ring. Screw top on and hand tighten with strap wrench.

Caution: if the threads don’t line up perfectly when screwing the top on the reservoir, the reservoir
will be damaged!

4. Once the reservoir is back together, install in vehicle per the instructions above.

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          1327 Simpson Way, Escondido CA 92029 760.738.4626 Fax # 760.738.8013