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									CV or Resume?
CV types
Recommendation letter
Cover Letter
          CV or Resume?
  Differences              Resume                          CV
Length          One or two pages            More than two pages
Content         Less details                More details
Purpose         Job, business or Industry   Academic, education, scientific
                positions                   or research positions
CV types:
• Chronological or Historical CV
• Functional or Skills CV
• Combination CV
   Letter of recommendation overview:
 Type of letter   From             Usual purpose
                Employer   Getting a job
                           Getting into college or graduate
Academic       Teacher,
                           school, receiving a scholarship
recommendation professor
                           or fellowship
                           Getting a job, winning an
Character      Friend,
                           award, child adoption, court
reference      relative
                           hearing, etc.
Requesting a letter of recommendation:
 Who to ask
       Given a choice about who to ask, ask someone who
•Is comfortable writing a letter for you
•Can write well and write easily
•Has experience writing letters of recommendation
•Is familiar with your work
•Knows you well enough to be able to include personal
anecdotes in the letter
•Has the highest and/or most relevant job title
 When to ask
      at least a month or two in advance

 How to ask
     Always be forthright
Writing a letter of recommendation:
      Don't write a letter unless...
•Have the time to write it
•Know the individual well enough to discuss him or her in a
tangible way
•Honestly feel comfortable writing the letter
letter of recommendation format:
  Section            Length                      Content
                                     Sentence 1:purpose of the
            1 paragraph of a         letter
            couple sentences         Sentence 2:how you know
                                     the individual.
            2   to 6 paragraphs of general terms
            2   to 4 sentences each
            1   or 2 paragraphs of Express your level of
            a   couple sentences    confidence in the individual

                              Look at a recommendation letter
Cover letters:
• Explain why you are sending a resume
• Tell specifically how you learned about the position or
the organization
• Convince the reader to look at your resume.
• Call attention to elements of your background
• Indicate what you will do to follow-up

                Look at the Cover Letter Format Guidelines
Cover letters:
• Email
• Hard Copy

                    Look at the samples

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