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									                                                                                     No Nonsense Car Insurance
                                                                                           Features and Benefits

Purpose of Document Statement                                                         •	 You	plus	one	named	driver
This document is a summary of the cover available under No Nonsense Car               •	 You	plus	up	to	three	named	drivers
Insurance Policy. The document outlines the main features, benefits and               Your	Certificate	of	Insurance	will	set	out	the	drivers	covered	to	drive	under	
restrictions that will apply to your policy should you choose to place your           your policy. Please read the Certificate of Insurance carefully as we will not be
insurance with No Nonsense.                                                           liable for any injury, loss or damage while your car is being driven by a person
It is not meant to replace the full policy terms and conditions applicable            not covered by your Certificate of Insurance.
under our No Nonsense Car Insurance Policy. These terms and conditions are
included in our No Nonsense Car Insurance Policy Document and should be
read in conjunction with your Certificate of Insurance and Policy Schedule            Limitations as to Use
issued following completion of the purchase process. Please also review our           Our standard policy covers you for social, domestic and pleasure use only. Use
Terms of Business as it contains important information on how we will provide         outside	of	this	is	not	covered.	For	example,	business	or	work	use,	use	for	motor	
insurance to you.                                                                     trade purposes or use for hire or reward is not covered.
The extent of the features, benefits and restrictions applicable to you depends       Subject to agreement by No Nonsense and payment of an additional
on the level of cover you purchase. The primary cover options are summarised          premium,	your	cover	can	be	extended	for	business	or	work	use	in	most	
in this document.                                                                     circumstances.
Throughout this document, “we”, “us” or “our” refers to No Nonsense, while
“you” or “your” refers to you the policyholder.
                                                                                      Important Notes on our No Nonsense Car
Summary of Primary Covers                                                             Insurance Policy
Third Party Cover                                                                     General Policy Exclusions
                                                                                      Some general exclusions apply to your policy. These exclusions exclude all
This is the minimum level of cover required on all motor cars used on public
                                                                                      liability,	loss	or	damage	arising	from	Radioactivity,	War,	Terrorism	and	Date	
roads. Third Party Cover will provide you with legal protection should a claim
                                                                                      Related	Electrical	or	Electronic	Breakdowns.	
be brought against you for injury or property damage to others arising from
the use of your car.                                                                  Policy Excess
Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover                                                     The excess amount on your policy is the amount of money which you must
                                                                                      pay	should	you	have	a	valid	claim.	Your	policy	will	only	provide	cover	above	
In addition to Third Party Cover (outlined above), Third Party, Fire and Theft
                                                                                      this amount.
will provide cover for loss or damage to your car arising from fire, theft or
damage caused during an attempted theft.                                              You	can	decide	the	level	of	excess	that	applies	to	your	policy.	The	excess	
                                                                                      options available range from €250 up to €1,500. Different excesses attract
Comprehensive                                                                         different premium rating; this will be set out in your quotation documentation.
                                                                                      Excesses	apply	to	all	claims	except	those	in	respect	of	Optional	Extras.	
Comprehensive Cover is the most extensive cover available for private car
owners. In addition to the protection provided under Third Party Cover and
Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover, Comprehensive includes cover for accidental
                                                                                      No Claims Discount
damage to your car.                                                                   All	claims	except	for	those	in	respect	of	Optional	Extras	will	result	in	the	
                                                                                      deletion of your No Claims Discount unless you have purchased No Claims
Optional Extras                                                                       Discount	or	Step	Back	Protection	Cover.	In	such	cases	the	terms	of	the	No	
                                                                                      Claims Discount Protection you have purchased will apply.
With No Nonsense we allow you to choose from a number of optional extras
which are often provided as standard with other insurers. This ensures that
you only pay for the cover you really want. Our optional extras include the
                                                                                      Basis of Claims Settlement
following:                                                                            No	Nonsense	may	choose	to	make	a	payment,	repair	(through	a	nominated	
                                                                                      repairer), replace or reinstate losses where a claim is payable.
•	   Windscreen
                                                                                      In the event of your car being damaged beyond repair, the maximum amount
•	   Driving	of	Other	Cars                                                            payable	by	No	Nonsense	in	respect	of	loss	or	damage	to	your	car	is	the	market	
•	   Personal	Property                                                                value of the car immediately prior to such loss or damage less any residual
•	   Car	Hire	Expenses                                                                salvage	value.	The	only	exception	to	this	is	where	Replacement	as	New	cover	
                                                                                      is purchased.
•	   Personal	Accident	and	Accident	Medical	Expenses
•	   Replacement	as	New	                                                              Territorial Limits
•	   Car	Breakdown	Assistance	Cover                                                   Our standard policy covers you while your car is used in Ireland, Northern
•	   No	Claims	Discount	Protection                                                    Ireland,	Great	Britain,	the	Isle	of	Man	or	the	Channel	Islands.
•	   Step	Back	Protection	                                                            The policy also extends to give you the minimum legal cover required to drive
                                                                                      in	the	EU	and	EEA	Designated	Areas.	This	means	that	unless	we	are	notified	
Specific limits and restrictions apply to the Primary Covers outlined
                                                                                      to extend your policy and the appropriate additional premium is paid, many
above. These limits and restrictions are summarised in the Policy
                                                                                      covers	under	your	policy	will	not	operate	whilst	driving	in	the	EU	and	EEA	
Features, Benefits and Restrictions table contained in this document.
                                                                                      Designated	Areas.	

                                                                                      Policy Conditions
Driving Under Your Policy                                                             A	number	of	conditions	apply	to	your	policy.	These	are	detailed	in	full	in	the	
Various driving choices are available under the No Nonsense Car Insurance             Policy	Document	and	include	the	requirement	to	take	all	reasonable	steps	
Policy. These include:                                                                to safeguard you, your car and all other people from loss or damage and the
•	 Driving	confined	to	you	only                                                       condition to notify us promptly of any claims or incidents that may give rise to

PMV NN FAB 2012 05 v1.0                                                     FBD Insurance plc, trading as No Nonsense, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
Summary of Policy Features, Benefits and Restrictions
                                                                                                                              Third Party,   Third Party
Feature            Cover                                         Restrictions/Provisions                    Comprehensive
                                                                                                                              Fire and Theft Only

Third Party -      Covers your legal liability for death or
                                                                 The limit of liability for injury under
                   injury to third parties arising from the                                                        ✓                ✓             ✓
Personal Injury                                                  this item is unlimited in amount
                   use of your car

Third Party -      Covers your legal liability for damage to The limit of liability applicable under
Property           third party property arising from the use this item is €30m inclusive of legal                  ✓                ✓             ✓
Damage             of your car                               expenses

Third Party        Cover to tow a trailer attached to your       Damage to the trailer or goods carried
                                                                                                                   ✓                ✓             ✓
Trailer Cover      car (Third Party Only)                        on/in the trailer is not covered.

                   Damage to your car as a result of fire,
Fire and Theft     self ignition, lightning or explosion or by   Excluding	deliberate	acts	by	the	you              ✓                ✓             –
                   theft or attempted theft

                                                                 Excluding	depreciation,	wear,	tear,	
Accidental                                                       mechanical	or	electrical	breakdown	
                   Covers loss or damage to your car                                                               ✓                –             –
Damage                                                           or failures, damage to tyres by the
                                                                 application	of	brakes	or	punctures

                   Covers the cost of towage of your car         The maximum amount we will pay in
                   to the nearest repairer following loss or     respect of towage to a repairer is €175
Towing Costs                                                                                                       ✓                ✓             –
                   damage and the cost of delivery of your       Once repaired we will only deliver
                   car once the loss/damage is repaired          your car to your address in Ireland.

                                                                 The limit in respect of this cover is
Replacement        Cover	for	the	replacement	cost	of	keys,	      €750 any one incident. Keys must be
                   locks	and	alarm	of	your	car	if	they	are	      stolen from your private residence or             ✓                ✓             –
Locks              stolen                                        hotel room following forcible entry for
                                                                 cover to apply.

                   Cover for fire brigade charges levied         The limit in respect of this item is
Fire Brigade                                                                                                       ✓                ✓             –
                   following a claim involving your car          €2,000

                                                                 Monetary	limits	apply	where	an	
                   Cover for accidental damage to
Windscreen                                                       approved windscreen supplier is not         Optional	Extra   Optional	Extra      –
                   windscreens and windows on your car

                                                                 Occupational and age restrictions may
                                                                 apply. Cover only applies if shown on
                                                                 your Certificate of Insurance.
Driving of Other Cover to drive another private car not          This extension applies only to private                                        Optional
                 belonging to you on a Third Party Only                                                      Optional	Extra   Optional	Extra
Private Cars                                                     passenger cars. It does not apply to                                           Extra
                                                                 vans, car-vans, jeeps with no seats
                                                                 in	the	back	or	vans	adapted	to	carry	

                   Provides cover for loss of personal
                                                              No cover is provided for cash, credit
Personal           property in your car up to a limit of €200                                                Optional	Extra   Optional	Extra      –
                                                              cards, business goods or such items
Property           for any one incident

Car Hire           Covers	the	cost	of	Car	Hire	Expenses	
                                                                 Monetary	limits	apply		                     Optional	Extra   Optional	Extra      –
Expenses           after a claim

                                                                 No cover applies to: persons over the
                   Provides you with a specified payment in
                                                                 age of 75 at the time of injury, death
                   the event of death or a specified injury
Personal                                                         or injury resulting form suicide or
                   sustained as a result of an accident
                                                                 attempted suicide or whilst under the
Accident           involving your car                                                                                                          Optional
                                                                 influence of drugs or alcohol.              Optional	Extra   Optional	Extra
and Medical        Provides for the cost of medical expenses                                                                                    Extra
                                                                 The limit applicable in respect of
Expenses           up to a limit of €1,000 for any insured
                                                                 payment for death or loss of sight is
                   driver and/or passenger injured as a
                                                                 €10,000.	A	limit	of	€5,000	applies	in	
                   result of any accident involving your car
                                                                 respect of all other specified injuries.

                                         No Nonsense Insurance                   T: 1890 25 27 37
                                         FBD House, Bluebell                     E:
                                         Dublin 12, Ireland            
                                                                                                                                  Third Party,   Third Party
Feature              Cover                                        Restrictions/Provisions                   Comprehensive
                                                                                                                                  Fire and Theft Only

                     Your	car	will	be	replaced	with	a	new	car	
                                                                  Your	car	must	be	in	the	first	year	of	
                     if the car is under 1 year old and damage
                                                                  original registration in your name
Replacement as       to the car exceeds 60% following a fire,                                                  Optional	Extra             –                 –
                                                                  and the Odometer must not exceed
New                  theft or accidental damage claim under
                                                                  25,000	km	at	the	time	of	the	accident
                     the policy

                                                                  The following number must be used to
                     Roadside	and	doorstep	breakdown	             avail of this service - 1800 945 248
Car Breakdown        assistance including provisions to tow
                                                                  The cost of parts used in the repair is
                     your car to the nearest competent                                                         Optional	Extra      Optional	Extra           –
Assistance                                                        excluded.
                     repairer and get you home if the car
                     cannot be repaired                           Limits apply in respect of costs
                                                                  incurred in getting you home.

                                                                  Only allows one claim, with a settled
No Claims            Allows	you	make	one	claim	in	any	one	        cost of no more than €10,000, to be
                                                                  made in any one period of insurance                                                   Optional
Discount             period of insurance without your No                                                       Optional	Extra      Optional	Extra
Protection           Claims Discount being deleted                Only available if you have a Full 5
                                                                  Years	No	Claims	Discount

Step back            Where	you	make	a	claim,	the	No	Claims	
                                                            Only available for certain driver
                     Discount applicable under your policy                                                     Optional	Extra      Optional	Extra           –
Protection                                                  categories
                     will be reduced rather than deleted

Important Notice
Duty of Disclosure
You	have	a	duty	to	disclose	to	us	all	material	facts.	A	material	fact	is	any	information	likely	to	influence	our	acceptance	of	your	insurance,	our	calculation	
of your premium or the terms and conditions we apply to your policy. If you fail to disclose to us any such material fact we may cancel or invalidate your
insurance policy.

Consequences of Non Disclosure
If we cancel or invalidate your policy due to non disclosure the potential consequences for you include: non payment of claims under the policy, difficulty in
purchasing insurance elsewhere, breach of contract with your mortgage provider or lender. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not any information is
important in respect of your insurance, please disclose it to us.

All covers are subject to the terms, conditions, exceptions and excesses set out in detail in your Policy Documentation.
Always check your Policy Documentation (Certificate of Insurance, Policy Schedule, Policy Document, Quotation Letter or Proposal Form) to see
what cover applies to your policy or quotation.

                                           No Nonsense Insurance                  T: 1890 25 27 37
                                           FBD House, Bluebell                    E:
                                           Dublin 12, Ireland           

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