Heart Diseases:Women More at Risk

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					                            Heart Diseases In Women
According to Dr. Upendra Kaul, heart-related diseases in women, men are not far behind.
Having diabetes heart attack in a woman is likely to be three to four times.

Day September 29 World Heart Federation 'World Heart Day' celebrates as. Federation this
year (2012) the 'women and children against illnesses of the heart' celebrate as announced. Dr.
Kaul says that women still did not get the confusion that 'heart disease in men. At least half of
women deaths are caused by heart diseases or disorders.

Men having a heart attack have a characteristic appearance with the chest pain. In women may
be a few different ways. Some women get a heart attack is chest pain. Also, some women do
have some symptoms. These symptoms of back pain, abdominal pain, jaw pain, shortness of
breath, nausea and vomiting are included.

Experts say that the course of heart disease as an adult person, but its foundation is evident
from childhood falls. Therefore the mode of life and habits of the right way of life from the
earliest times should adopt.

'Heart healthy' diet and physical exercise from the beginning can be avoided by following heart-
related illnesses. Every person must daily half hour of physical acts. Increase in blood
cholesterol levels as well as reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet. The arteries can
reduce the risk of diseases.

Regular daily exercise helps to control weight. This reduces the risk of fatal heart disease.
Including catering balanced way of life with all things good and is the result of these exercises

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Description: The trend of heart diseases is shifting making women more vulnerable.Read how to keep your heart healthy and saty disease free.