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SNAP-Ed 2010-2011


    What is SNAP-Ed?
Program implemented to help persons eligible
  for the Food Benefit Program to:
 Make healthy food choices within a limited
   Choose a physically active lifestyle
   Achieve & Maintain good health
   Avoid running out of food
   Prepare & store food safely
    The New Poor…
    $1,075,021,559 paid in SNAP (food stamps)
            to Kentuckians in 2009
   KY Unemployment 12/08=7.6% and 12/09=10.7%

   716,951 Kentuckians are living in Poverty.

   232,097 of KY youth are living in poverty (under age 18)

   1 in 7 Kentucky Families are now using a Food Bank.

   Only 13.2% of KY High School students eat 5 or more servings of fruits
    and veggies per day compared to National Avg 21.4%.

   Only 18.4% of KY Adults eat 5 or more servings of fruits & vegetables per
    day in 2008.
Keep in mind…
 Nutrition education must be taught & can
  include food safety, food budgeting,
  importance of physical activity & other
  nutrition related topics.
 Audience must be SNAP-Ed recipients
  &/or eligibles. (receiving or eligible for
  food stamps)
 Hours will be categorized by:
   Direct (delivering message/lesson in person)
   Indirect (mailings, handouts, radio…)
   Administrative (supervising & training volunteers, paper
Where to find SNAP-Ed audiences
  Schools & preschools with 50% free and reduced
    Housing Authority
    Head Start
    Family resource center
    Senior Centers
    Commodity distribution locations
    Day camps
    Summer feeding sites
    WIC Farmer’s Markets
    Health Fairs
    Grocery Stores**
 *These are just a few ideas, each county is different.
 **Grocery Stores with monthly $50,000 food stamp redemption (see website)
What Can Agents Do??
FCS Agents

        Farmers market
   Super Star Chef       demos
   Food Safety          LEAP
   Food Prep            Backpack Program
   Food Preservation    Newsletters, news
                          articles, radio
   Planning meals        programs
   Reading labels       Supervising
   Hand washing          assistant/volunteers on
                          nutrition education
   WIN in KY             programs.
   Grocery Store
ANR/Hort Agents
  (Emphasize the importance of fruits and veggies)

  Gardening Programs (including container &
  Farmers Markets (can use nutrition exhibit
   from 2 yrs ago)
  Radio programs, news articles, &
  Food Safety
  Grilling Programs (teach about different
   cuts of meat & food safety)
4-H/Youth Development Agents

  Nutrition Education
  Captain Fit
  Power Panther
  We Can
  Professor Popcorn
Fine Arts Agent

Incorporate nutrition education into fine arts
 Theater
 Songs
 Dance
 Visual Arts
Resources available include: LEAP, Professor
  Popcorn, JIFF
County Paid Program Assistants

 Professor Popcorn
 Food Champion Volunteer Program
  (coming May 2010)
 WIN in Ky
 Backpack Program
(Agents can count time supervising & training volunteers BUT CANNOT
count the volunteer time for themselves.)

   LEAP
   Professor Popcorn
   Food Champion Volunteer (coming in May 2010)
   BackPack program
   Super Star Chef
   Summer feeding
   Assisting qualified 4-H Clubs
   Grocery Store Displays
*Volunteers must fill out their own monthly volunteer time
Agent Commitment Form
(also use this for County Paid Assistants)
Volunteer Commitment Form
Volunteer Reporting Form
How to Report SNAP-Ed Hours

  Agents~report on CATPAWS-by 10th of
   following month.

  County Paid Assistants~report on
  CATPAWS-by 10th of following month.

  Volunteers ~report monthly using
   volunteer reporting form.*
    *   Mailed by Agent to: UK Nutrition Education Program
                              1 Quality St
                              Lexington, KY 40507
Resources and Answers to Questions…
 Nutrition Education Program Resources:
  Downloadable Displays
  NEPieces
  Curriculum & Publications
  Power Point Presentations
  List of approved Grocery Stores

 FAQ’s Visit:

 Bi-Monthly Newsletters:

 Food & Nutrition Calendar

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