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  GWRRA   New Albany Wings

CHAPTER   Monthly gathering
                Eat at 5:30PM
               Meet at 6:30PM

             1601 Greentree Blvd.
           Clarksville, Indiana 47129
Page 2                                                                           August 2012

                       WORDS OF
         FROM “B” KEEPERs,                         Ride Coordinators
   CHAPTER DIRECTORs                               Ron & Tad Bohnert
  JERRY & Ruth BROWN                             Hope everyone has had a good summer of
Due to the ride that is over the weekend of      riding. The Chapter has had several really
our GATHERING DATE and no open dates             good rides this year and I hope we will have
except for the 23rd at our Gathering PLACE,      some more before the s==w (didn’t want to
I have decided to cancel Septembers Gather-      say that “S” word) hits. We still need to set
ing!! Our next gathering will be in October !!   a date for the Progressive Dinner Ride, so
                                                 be thinking of dates and please volunteer to
Your CD Jerry Brown                              host part of it. We need some new participa-

         MECs                                    I need to apologize for the mix up on the
 Bob & Lora Morrison                             Viet Nam Wall Ride. I had two different start-
                                                 ing points, one on the blog and one in an
                                                 e-mail. Sorry about that. I think I will start all
We are both looking forward to leading the
                                                 my New Albany rides at Thorton’s from now
Harrison, Arkansas ride early next month.
                                                 on so I don’t mess up again. I don’t even
Our days of having good weather will come
                                                 know how many bikes from our chapter
to an end much sooner than we will be ready
                                                 were there. There were nine bikes total that
for, so I hope you all join us for this ride.
                                                 left with Tad and I from Thorton’s.
                                                 If you think of some place to ride to let me
      Bob and Lora Morrison                      know we’ll set up a ride!
      Membership Enhancement
                                                 Ron Bohnert
Page 3                                                                August 2012

         Birthdays                             Challenge winners
                                          August Winners
                                          309 Buttons
                                          Winner - Ron Bohnert
                                          With a guess of 301, Ron received a $25 gift
                                          certificate and the chapter received $41.00.

Tad Bohnert - 30th
    Please take a moment to send me
     an e-mail with your birthday and
  anniversary dates. I asked several                                          August
  of our newer members to jot it down      Jerry & Ruthie - 4th, Celebrating 40 Years
  for me, but unfortunately, that paper                      Leland and Lesta - 27th
        never made it back to me.                             Lester & Patricia - 30th
           thank you so much!

             Lora Morrison
Page 4                                                                                      August 2012

    Lester Stonecipher
      Health Update                                    Trike for Sale
                                                       Hi All.
Jerry received the following e-mail from Lester’s
son, Walter:                                           I have decided not to keep the trike. Here is a link to the
                                                       ad. Please pass on to anyone that might be interested.
       Hey Jerry,

       I don’t know if you’ve heard, but               Thanks
       my dad is in the VA hospital in
       Louisville. On Saturday he was                  Tim Peoples
       unloading a tractor off a trailer
       when one of the boards on the
       trailer broke and dad’s back hit
       the seat. He cracked his number                           Auction Items &
       12 vertebrae. They are going to
       put him in a brace. He is in room
                                                                   Biker Bucks
       466B. Just thought you would
       like to know.                                          It doesn’t hurt to ask businesses you fre-
                                                       quent for donations. You would be surprised at
                                                       how many say yes!
       -Walter Stonecipher                                    Keep gathering auction items! Gently used
                                                       items or new - it doesn’t matter. Wrap it up in
                                                       Christmas paper and bring it in! Your CDs or MECs
                                                       would be glad to take them off your hands.
August 7 – Just talked to him he said he should be
going home today wearing a back alignment brace. –
Your CD Jerry Brown
                                                                  Part Request
August 12 – At the time of the August gathering,
Lester was back in the hospital with unrelated stom-   I’m looking for a set of extensions for the passenger
ach issues. Please continue to keep Lester in your     floorboards on my ‘89 GL1500. If anyone has a set
prayers for a full and speedy recovery!                they would like to sell, please let me know:)-

                                                       from the Phone 4 i...

                                                       Christopher Reason
Page 5                                                                              August 2012

            AUGUST’s Buzz
August 12, 2012                                           bends).

                                                       	Ride with the Governor on August 10 includ-
                                                         ed 10 bikes. There were an estimated 1200
	Gathering was opened with                              bikes in all. Tad said there was only one Ken-
  the Pledge of Allegiance.                              tucky license plate, “and that was my son!”
	Guests in attendance were                              Two bikes were seen down off the side of the
  Jim and Sharon Stegner                                 road, but no injuries—most likely a result of
	Past GWRRA Events
                                                     	Upcoming Events
   	Michigan Rally, August 2-5. Lee stated there
     was a low turn-out. Some possible reasons         	Whistle Stop Café Ride, August 25, Saturday,
     were discussed. Lee did mention that he             Glendale, Kentucky – check blog for time
     came in Second Place in the Top Gun compe-          Ice
                                                       	 Cream rides meet at 6:30 PM in New
     tition.                                             Albany. Next ones are August 14 & 28. They
   	Sturgis Bike Week in South Dakota ended             are every other Tuesday.
     today (8/12/12).                                  	Progressive Dinner Ride to be rescheduled
   	9-11 Kentucky Blast was attended by Joan          	East Kentucky Ride to be rescheduled. Jason
     and Mark.                                           & Jeannette will be triking in Alaska, but
      	 They said the venders liked the location.       do plan to reschedule when possible. They
        They drove 547 miles in 9 hours and 15           reported doing well and having put in 4,000
        minutes.                                         miles and an oil change already. They had
                                                         also stated they had seen both moose and
      	 There was a simulated deer vs. trike w/         bears. We look forward to hearing more
         co-rider accident. This was used to in-         when they return.
         struct the co-rider on how to handle such
         an event should the driver be incapaci-       	Arkansas Ride, September 6-10, led by Bob
         tated. They felt it was very helpful.           Morrison – head count needed. Please let
                                                         him know if you will be going. He states
	Past Chapter B Events                                  travel will be made by interstate to and from
                                                         Harrison, AR so that more time can be spent
   	Two ice cream rides did not get rained out.         on the back roads of Harrison.
     One of which was at Lickity Split
                                                       	Ride for the Wall, September 12. Meet at
   	Drive-In Bike Night could not be worked out         S&S Sports at 6:00 pm or BP in New Albany
     with management so the ride was changed             at 5:30pm. Check information on the blog.
     to the “Bologna Ride” to the Dock Restaurant        Wear Chapter shirts.
     in downtown Leavenworth. Eleven bikes and
     19 members/guest attended. Ron pointed            	Refer to “Chapter B Rides & Functions”,
     out the spot where you could look north             “GWRRA/Other Rides & Function” listings at
     and see Kentucky from Indiana (horseshoe            end of newsletter for details.
Page 6                                                                                     August 2012

                          August Buzz

	Suggested Rides

   	Harvest Homecoming, October 6, 1st weekend. Starts at the Riverfront and ends at Indiana University

   	Ride for the Red

   	Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Ride, Saturday, September 8


   	June 17, 2013 (started in 1992) – Annual Ride Bike to Work day

	Members were informed of Lester Stonecipher’s accident and condition

	September Gathering date was changed from the 9th to the 16th due to the Arkansas Ride conflicting

	Safety Talk was given by Jerry

   	Never ride faster than your abilities

   	Remember to use stagger formation in large groups

	Birthdays & Anniversaries were announced and celebrated

	Keith announced that he will be stepping down after they finish their two year commitment (ends October
  1, 2012). They will be going back to Chapter W.

	 spoke:

   On the activities to be at Region D and Fall Fest

   District Rallies, in total, have had much lower attendance, but Indiana was only down 50.

   Inquired as to what District can do to make events better. What works vs. what doesn’t work. Please for-
   ward any suggestions to Jerry who will in turn get them to Lee.

	Annette won the door prize – multipurpose scissors

	 phones went off this meeting!

	Members informed of rain in Paoli heading our way.
Page 7                                                                                   August 2012

            Traveling plaques

                                                           Where They’ve
                                                          District - Chapter D, Michigan
                                                          Regional - Chapter D2, Fort Wayne,
 The traveling Plaques were captured Saturday,
August 4, by Chapter M at West Side Honda’s Open
House. This event is Chapter O’s main sponsored
fund-raiser.                                              APRIL
Chapter M holds their gatherings on the third Sat-        Chapter W, Columbus, Indiana
urday of the Month (eat at 5:00 & meet at 6:00), so       MAY
on August 18th members of Chapter B road to the
Amish restaurant, The Gasthof, in Montgomery In-
                                                          Chapter Z, Bloomington, Indiana
diana in hopes of bringing the plaques back home.         JuNE
Unfortunately, we were not the only chapter that
                                                          Chapter B, New Albany, Indiana
road to Chapter M’s gathering. Chapter A-2 from           JuLY
Lebanon, Indiana also attended in full force. Chap-       Chapter O, Evansville, Indiana
ter A-2 drove 124.23 miles which beat our 80 miles.
We would like to thank Chapter M for their warm           Chapter M, Washington, Indiana
greetings and hospitality. We extend an invitation to
all chapters to come and visit us anytime!

                                                           Incentive Program

If anyone will be going to Gasthof in the upcoming      Effective January 2012:
months, we still have coupons for $2 off the adult      1. For Regional Plaque - $50.00 to the chapter who
buffet. See Bob or Lora for coupons.                    claims the plaque the most times; for District Plaque
                                                        - $100.00.
                                                        2. For Regional Plaque - All chapters claiming the
                                                        plaque will be entered into a drawing for their char-
                                                        ter to be paid.
Page 8                                                                    August 2012


       Chapter Directors                            Treasurer              
OPEN - ACD’s                                 LESTER STONECIPHER
       Assistant Chapter Directors                  Safety Coordinator
BOB & LORA MORRISON - MECs                
       Membership Enhancement Coordinators   LORA MORRISON
       Bob:                  Newsletter Editor
RON & TAD BOHNERT                            RON BOHNERT
       Ride Coordinators                            Web Page Coordinator

                                                     CHAPTER WEB PAGE

            Submitted by Jerry Brown
Page 9                                                                                                 August 2012

  directors of the year

  Excerpt from:

  Mike Stiger-Director, GWRRA

  I have attached a picture of Lonny and Karen Hunter, 2011 Director of the Year recipients from Indiana,
  Chapter E.

  Nominations are submitted by letter by Region Directors for one or more of their outstanding senior Direc-
  tors. Any merit award winner from last year that is still in office is eligible for this year’s selection.

     Recognition from this award includes...

     · The couple brought up on stage at this year’s Wing Ding opening ceremony and presented the award.

     · The couple’s picture proudly displayed at the Home Office and in Wing World.

     · Unique Director of the Year medallions to proudly wear.

     · A “Director of the Year” ribbon patch to accompany their Director Award Senior patch.

     · Following year Wing Ding package for two that includes:

         •	   5 night hotel stay

         •	   Free registration

         •	   Free tickets to evening entertainment night & meal

         •	   Two free Wing Ding shirts

  Congratulations again to our Directors of the Year for 2011, Lonny & Karen Hunter.
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Page 11   August 2012
Page 12   August 2012
Page 13   August 2012
Page 14   August 2012
Page 15   August 2012
Page 16                                                                                                                   August 2012

                           CHAPTER B RIDES & FUNCTIONS
  DATE OF          EVENT         DESTINATION           MEETING         MEETING            ADDITIONAL INFO                     COORD
   RIDE                                                 PLACE           TIME
 August 10      Governors Ride                        TBA              TBA          Last chance to ride with the             Jerry Brown
 August 12      Chapter                               Roosters in      5:30 eat                                              Jerry Brown
                Gathering                             Clarksville      6:30 meet
 August 14      Ice Cream Ride   TBA                  BP Station,      6:30 PM      NOTE TIME CHANGE
                                                      New Albany
 August         East KY Ride     To include Hazard,   TBA              TBA          Overnight x 2                            Jason
 CANCELLED                       Goose House                                        To Be Rescheduled                        Woodward
 August 25      Whistle Stop     Glenndale,           Check blog       Check blog                                            Ron Bohnert
                Café             Kentucky
 August 28      Ice Cream Ride   TBA                  BP Station,      6:30 PM      NOTE TIME CHANGE
                                                      New Albany
 September 9    Chapter                               Roosters in      5:30 eat                                              Jerry Brown
                Gathering                             Clarksville      6:30 meet
 September 6-   Long Ride        Harrison, Arkansas   DQ Corydon       6:30 AM      One hotel. Many days of different        Bob
 10                                                                                 mountain road rides from one             Morrison
                                                                                    central location. Overnight x 4
 September 12   Ride for the     S&S Motorsports to   BP Station,      Check blog   Wear Chapter Shirts
                Wall             IUS                  New Albany
 October 14     Chapter                               Roosters in      5:30 eat                                              Jerry Brown
                Gathering                             Clarksville      6:30 meet
 November 11    Chapter                               Roosters in      5:30 eat                                              Jerry Brown
                Gathering                             Clarksville      6:30 meet
 TBA            Progressive      Appetizers –         BP Gas station   TBA          Rain or shine, Bike or car. We just      Ron & Tad
                Dinner Ride      Salad –              New Albany, IN                want you to join in on the fun!          Bohnert
                                 Main Course –
                                 Desserts –
 December       Christmas                             TBA              TBA          Bring wrapped gift labeled “Boy” or      Tad Bohnert
 TBA            Party                                                               “Girl”, biker bucks and last minute
                                                                                    auction items
 TBA            Planning                              TBA              TBA          Bring ideas for short or long rides or
                Meeting                                                             other activities. Pitch in dinner-
                                                                                    bring a dish.

 Rides are subject to change. Notification will be given as soon as possible. Ron Bohnert, Chapter B Ride Coordinator;
 Jerry Brown, Chapter Director or person coordinating ride may be able to help if you have any questions.
Page 17                                                                                    August 2012

                         GWRRA RIDES & FUNCTIONS
  RIDE                                    PLACE   TIME
 August 9-   Kentucky                         Unscheduled n/a                              Kentucky
 11          Blast                                                                         District
 September   Region D        Celina, OH       Unscheduled n/a                              Region
 13-15       Rally                                                                         Event
 October 6   Fall Fest       Greentown, NC    Unscheduled n/a    Bring 2 canned food
                                                                 items. 165 miles.
 October     Mississippi     Tupelo, MS       Unscheduled n/a
 18-20       Rally
 October     Fall Meeting    Anderson, IN     TBA         TBA    For CDs, ACDs, MECs &     Jerry
 20                                                              Treasurers                Brown
 February    Winter          TBA              TBA         TBA
 15-16       Rendezvous
 July 3-7    Wing Ding 35    Greenville, SC   TBA         TBA

                            OTHER RIDES & FUNCTIONS
  RIDE                                    PLACE   TIME
 August 6-   Sturgis         Sturgis, SD      Unscheduled n/a    “Wild Side” 72nd Annual
 12          Motorcycle
 October     Biketoberfest   Daytona Beach,   Unscheduled n/a    “Choose your hotel room
 18-21                       Florida                             wisely”
 June 17     Annual Ride     Work             None        None   Started in 1992           None
             Bike to Work
Page 18                                                                                                    August 2012

                                                   Gold Wing Road Riders Association
                                          Great Lakes Region D Rally/Convention

                        Let’s Rock & Roll Back To The 50’s
                                            September 13,14,15 2012
                                           Mercer County Fairgrounds
            1001 West Market St. – Celina, Ohio 45822

Rider______________________________ GWRRA# __________________ Exp.Date__________

Co-Rider____________________________ GWRRA# __________________ Exp.Date__________

Address _______________________________________________ Number of Children _________

City _______________________________________ State _________ Zip____________________

Phone _______________________ Email ______________________________ Chapter_________

                                       Pre-Registration before Sept. 08, 2012

GWRRA Member                             Quantity: ____________ x $20 per person                $___________
Note: Pre-Registration Chapter Directors, Life and Gold Members are half price.

Non-GWRRA Member                                  Quantity: ____________ x $25 per person                  $___________

       Full Registration – Entitles patron to full participation in ALL actives and events in the Rally.

               Region D Rally Pins will be given with the first 800 full registrations.

                                           Registration after September 08, 2012

               GWRRA Members $25, Non-members $30, Children 15 and under free

                   Day Passes on site: GWRRA Members $15, Non-members $18

Masters Breakfast & Region D Merit Award Ceremony – On Site

For Level IV Master Tour Riders, Co-Riders & Guests only. _______ x $6.00 per person               $___________
Page 19                                                                                                                           August 2012

Camping Fees (Thursday thru Saturday only, for additional days see note below)

Tents and tent campers: $15 for weekend                                             Units ______ x $15. =               $___________

All RV’s: $15.00 per day                                                            Days ______ x $15. =                $___________
Note: Campers arriving prior to Thursday or staying after Saturday are

       responsible for contacting the Fairgrounds office to make arrangements.

Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Small ______ Medium ______                      Large ______ X-Large ______                               $16 each         $__________

2X –Large ______              3X-Large ______                                                                     $18 each         $__________

Polo Shirts

Small ______ Medium ______                      Large ______ X-Large ______                               $19 each         $__________

2X-Large ______               3X-Large ______                                                          $21 each         $__________
Note: Shirts available by Pre-Registration and on site.

                                                                                                     TOTAL ENCLOSED $__________

                     Mail Registration & Check or Money Order out to: GWRRA Region D to:

    Roger & Penny Hurley, 201 South View Lane, West Milton OH, 45383

I/We do agree to confirm and comply with the ideals governing this rally, and I/we further agree to hold harmless G.W.R.R.A., co-sponsoring organiza-
tions or any property owner(s) for any loss or injury to self in which I/we may become involved by reason or participation in this Rally. I/we also agree to
assume responsibility for any property which I/we for any property which I/we knowingly damage. I/we have read this entire form.

Rider’s Signature___________________________________________________________ Date _____________

Co-Rider’s Signature________________________________________________________ Date _____________
Page 20                                                                            August 2012


Good Evening Everyone,

As is stands the Michigan and Ohio Rider Education Teams will be conducting TOP GUN and
Amazing Challenge.

The Indiana Team will be taking care of the Rider Ed Table and a Road Captain course.

Laurel and I will be doing a Co-Rider seminar along with a host of other things.

We will also be doing a Silent Auction and another Bake Sale to help fund Rider Education proj-

Now here is where we can use a lot of help !!!
We need Auction items, and Bake sale items to sell. So please get the word out to every-
I also request that we all put on a final push to get everyone to come out and support
this Rally/Convention.
As you all know it is the only fund raiser that we have at the Region Level to support all
of our efforts to provide
programs to all our members.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Ride Safe
John & Laurel Kuehl
Senior Region D Educators
MFA Trainers/Coordinators
Life Members &
Life Grand Masters
Page 21                                                                         August 2012






                                           



Page 22                                                                                   August 2012

Lunasee is pleased to offer GWRRA chapters special volume pricing on the innovative ASL1000 and new
ASL 1000t one wheel kit for trikes for web orders in our webstore ( Group your
orders and SAVE!!!

Please share this with your fellow GWRRA chapter members. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me directly.

Single Unit Purchases ----------- SAVE    10% ($20/each savings) -- Enter coupon code:
10GWRRA at checkout.
Purchases of 3 Units or more- SAVE       25% ($50/each savings) -- Enter coupon code: 25GWR-
RA at checkout.
Valid until: September 30, 2012

If you have not seen what Lunasee looks like on a Gold Wing --- check out the attached video link to see
ASL 1000 in action from Wing Ding 34! Or learn more about ASL
1000 at


Email us at

Upcoming events:

Wings over NC – Concord, NC – Sep 20-22
Ride safe and thanks for your support,
William Monk
Page 23                                                                        August 2012

                                 sign up for ANY single ride.
                             PreRegistration Closes August 27th

the "New" Killington Classic allows you to sign up for an individual ride - you don't have to
sign up for a package!

Join hundreds of other riders for a very special Labor Day Weekend in an Amazing part of the

                         Hurry! Pre-Registration Closes August 27th.

Yes, You Can sign up for an Individual Ride
You can come up for the day, or the weekend, and ride in any of the events!
Page 24                                                                         August 2012
•      Want to come up for the day and ride in only 1 event? No problem.
•      Sign up for just a Scavenger Hunt Ride (with a big prize) or take a guided/catered tour
along the High Gaps tour or the Covered Bridge tour, or join the Poker Run, get the
•      And, if you sign up for the "Killington Package," you'll $ave!
Thousands of Dollar$ in Prizes!
Prizes from many companies, including:
•      American Iron, RoadBike and American Bagger Magazines.
•      Mustang Seats, Low & Mean, River Road, First Gear
•      Tour Master, Scala Rider, RoadRunner Magazine, Bell Helmets
Take a Labor Day Weekend and Make it Special!
•      Stunt Shows on Saturday and Sunday.
•      Vendor Village with gear, accessories and bikes/trikes - Twice The Size!
•      Bike Judging with Prizes and Trophies.
•      Don't Miss Saturday's Full Throttle Party, with music, prizes and fireworks! - Free Entry!

The New Labor Day Weekend Tradition
Aug 30 - sept 3rd
Pre-Registration Closes Aug 27th. Click Here & $ave!


something special Is Happening
Don't Miss It!


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