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									Ketamine Infusion
WHAT IS A KETAMINE INFUSION?                            You should not drive or operate heavy machinery
                                                        for at least 24 hours after your Ketamine infusion.
Ketamine is a widely used anesthetic drug. A
continuous intravenous infusion of this medicine        WHAT HAPPENS DURING A
may block pain receptors in the brain and spinal        KETAMINE INFUSION?
cord. This may help calm or decrease chronic pain.
Learning more about the cause of your pain can          You will meet with a doctor for an evaluation. If
help your doctor decide on the best treatment for       a Ketamine infusion is recommended, a doctor
you.                                                    will explain the procedure in detail, including
                                                        possible complications and side effects. The
WHO SHOULD GET A KETAMINE                               doctor will also answer any other questions you
INFUSION?                                               may have.

Patients with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome            An intravenous (IV) line will be placed in a vein
(CRPS) who are given limited, low dose infusions        in your arm before the procedure. You will be
may find relief from their debilitating pain.           started on a low dose of Ketamine the first time
                                                        and this dose may be increased depending on the
WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS?                              doctor’s orders. This infusion will run for 4 to 5
                                                        hours. Your blood pressure and oxygen level will
You may experience short term hallucinations,           be monitored every 15 minutes. You will be
memory loss, disorientation, dizziness and vivid        given mild sedation and remain in one room with
dreams that are dose related. Adjusting the dose        low lighting where you can relax.
will help with these side effects. You also may         You will not have anything to eat or drink during
experience fatigue, nausea, rapid heart rate and an     the infusion with the exception of some ice chips.
elevation in blood pressure.                            You will be awake during the treatment in order
HOW DO I PREPARE?                                       for the staff to properly assess your progress
To prepare for a Ketamine infusion, you should          during the infusion. This process will continue for
take a few precautions, including:                      four to five days and you will be closely followed
▪ Do not eat within 8 hours of your appointment         and evaluated for potential repeat infusions.
OR during the infusion.                                 CONTACT INFORMATION
▪ Check with your doctor about when it is safe to
stop blood-thinning medicines.                          Please feel free to contact the Pain Management
▪ You should be able to take your usual medications     Center with questions or concerns.
and a sip of water. Please check before taking any      8:00 am-4:00 pm: (801) 581-7246
pain medications.                                       After Hours: (801) 581-2121 (Ask the operator to
WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE                                  talk to the Pain Management Center)
INFUSION?                                               In case of emergency including:
                                                        ▪ Severe injection site redness, swelling
You will stay in your room for observation, where
                                                        ▪ Increasing leg weakness
medical staff may check your blood pressure and
                                                        ▪ Shortness of breath
pulse. You will be asked about your pain. Most
                                                        ▪ Chest pain
likely you will feel fatigue and disoriented but this
will go away after a few hours. The medical staff       Report to the nearest Emergency Room or call
will review your discharge instructions with you        911. Be sure to tell them you had a Ketamine
and answer any questions you may have. Someone          infusion.
must drive you home following your procedure.

      Ketamine Infusion-University Health Care
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You will have a few restrictions immediately
following the procedure:
▪ Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24
hours after the procedure.
▪ You may resume your normal diet.
▪ Do not engage in any strenuous activity for 24
hours following the infusion.

▪ Follow your doctor’s and physical therapist’s
recommendations for exercise.
Please make a follow up appointment before
leaving the Pain Management Center after your last
dose of Ketamine in your series.

      Ketamine Infusion-University Health Care
      2 pages
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