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					                                                                                    Wired Brake Light

Appearance      Wireless                                                            Wired
                It is totally wireless with no need for accessory devices such as   The wire switch needs to be fixed with brake cables.
                radio transmitters, wire/cables, etc
Safety          Safe                                                                Worrisome
                The smart system powered by high technology is contained            A wired switch fixed to the brake cable may interfere
                inside the light housing, thus does not interfere with the          with the brake system itself, causing unexpected
                function of bake system itself.                                     dangers.
Durability      Long                                                                Short
                It is durable, because the smart brake/deceleration detecting       It often breaks down, because its activating switch is
                system is completely and well protected inside the light            exposed outside to the sunshine, rain, wind, and dirts,
                housing.                                                            thus very vulnerable.
Applicability   Unlimited                                                           Limited
                Its smart brake/deceleration detecting system works                 It can be used only on the rear brake, and for most disc
                independently, thus works with both front and rear brakes and       brake mechanism, it does not work.
                with all kind s of brake mechanism.
Installation    Easy to install                                                     Extra help needed
                You can install it yourself in a minute. The installation is        Its switch needs to be connected to the brake cable,
                “exactly” the same as installing a regular tail light, no extra     which often requires you to pay extra to get
                hassles !!                                                          professional helps.

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