Task Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy by alicejenny


									                           Task 38
Task 38       Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass
              and Bioenergy Systems
              Ken Byrne,
              Department of Environmental Resource Management,
              University College Dublin                   Norway
                                                     Ireland UK The Netherlands


Slide 1                   New Zealand                     Participating Countries
Task 38      Participating Countries                            1/2
             Country    Team Leader        Institution
           Australia   A. Cowie           State Forests New South
           Austria     B. Schlamadinger Joanneum Research
           Canada      T. Hatton          Canadian Forest Service,
           Croatia     S. Fijan- Parlov   EKONERG
           Denmark     N. Heding          Danish Forest and
                                           Landscape Research Inst.
           Finland     I. Savolainen      VTT- Processes
                        K. Pingoud         VTT- Processes
           Ireland     K. Byrne           University College Dublin

Slide 2
Task 38      Participating Countries                             1/2
             Country        National Team    Institution
           New Zealand     K. Robertson    Forest Research
           Norway          B. Solberg      Agricultural University
                                            of Norway
           Sweden          L. Gustavsson Mid Sweden University
           The Netherlands K. Kwant        NOVEM
                            A. Faiij        Utrecht University
           United Kingdom R. Matthews      Forestry Commission
                                            Research Agency
           USA             M. Ringer       National Renewable Energy

Slide 3
Task 38     Objectives – scientific

           Develop, compare and make available
             models for assessing GHG balances
           Assess the life cycle GHG balance of
             bioenergy and C sequestration systems
           Analyze the country and regional potential of
             bioenergy, afforestation and other biomass based
              mitigation strategies
           Identify and analyze synergies between
             afforestation and other land based activities for carbon
              sequestration and enhanced bioenergy use

Slide 4
Task 38     Objectives – implementation

           Aid decision makers
             in selecting mitigation strategies
              that optimize GHG benefits
           Assist in the implementation
             of LULUCF articles of the Kyoto Protocol
           Contribute to work
             of the IPCC/OECD/IEA related to GHG inventories
              involving carbon sequestration, wood products,
              or bioenergy
           Contribute to the development
             of international standards for GHG accounting and
              verification in LULUCF sectors

Slide 5
Task 38      Work Scope                1/2
           Systems-analytical
            assessment of GHG
            (CO2, CH4, N2O)
            balances, flows, stocks,
            emissions in biomass
            production, biomass
            conversion and carbon
            sequestration systems.
           Carbon pools include:
            above and below-
            ground biomass, litter
            and woody debris, soils,
            wood products, fossil
            fuel reservoirs.
Slide 6
Task 38      Work Scope                   2/2

           Investigation of trade-offs
            within and among these
           Analysis on short-term vs.
            long-term mitigation
            effects, considering the
            time value of carbon
           Cost / benefit analysis of
            GHG mitigation through
            biotic options
           Involvement of industrial
            participants with a view on
            implementing biomass-
            based GHG mitigation
Slide 7
Task 38
            Task 38 work (2001 – 2003)

           Completed work:
              Frequently Asked
               Questions paper
              Task 38 Folder
           Current and upcoming
              Country reports
              Case Studies
              Country Specific
              Soil Carbon and
              Biofuel Trade

Slide 8
Task 38     Country Reports

           Background information on the general
            energy system and GHG emissions, on
            bioenergy systems and on national LULUCF
           Bioenergy and carbon sequestration policies
            and measures at national, regional and local
           Bioenergy and carbon sequestration
            implementation projects and research

Slide 9
Task 38      Case Studies                           1/2

            Apply the ‘standard methodology’ to actual
             bioenergy and/or C sequestration projects
            Assess and compare GHG balances
             of different projects
            Compare to fossil energy systems
            Recommendations for optimizations
            7 in participating countries

Slide 10
Task 38
              Case Studies                                       2/2

            Australia: GHG balance of 2 bioenergy systems (coal co-
             firing biomass, wood fired plant) from timber plantations;
            Canada: GHG balance of small pyrolysis plant for bio-Oil
             production using sawmill residues and thinnings;
            Finland and Sweden: GHG balances of increased use of
             construction wood and of biomass-fired CHP plants;
            Ireland: GHG budgets of peat use for energy in Ireland
            New Zealand: GHG balance of a bioenergy CHP plant
             using sawmill residues (in comparison to natural gas);
            UK: GHG balances of 2 small scaleheat systems, using
             conventional forestry and Miscanthus;
            Croatia: GHG reduction potential by biodiesel in context of
             Joint Implementation;
            USA: GHG reduction potential by anaerobic digestion.

Slide 11
Task 38       Key activities             1/2
            Online Bibliography:
             Greenhouse Gas Balances
             of Bioenergy, Forestry,
             Wood Products, Land Use,
             and Land-Use Change
            Standard Methodology for
             GHG Balances of Bioenergy
             Systems (Biomass and
            Position paper:
             The Role of Bioenergy in
             Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Slide 12
Task 38        Key activities              2/2
            Project-based Greenhouse
             Gas Accounting: Guiding
             Principles with a Focus on
             Baselines and Additionality
             (Energy Policy)
            Task Website (new
             structure under
            Posters, overheads
            Semi-annual workshops
            Workshop Proceedings
             electronic and hard copy

Slide 13
Task 38       Standard Methodology

            Carbon stock dynamics
            Trade-offs and synergies
            Permanence
            Emission factors
            Efficiency
            Up stream energy inputs
            By-products
            Leakage
            Other GHG’s

Slide 14
Task 38

Slide 15
Task 38        Workshop Topics               1/2

              Carbon accounting and
               emissions trading related
               to bioenergy, wood
               products and carbon
              Land-Use, Land-Use
               Change and Forestry: the
               road to COP6
              Carbon sequestration and
               energy balance models
              Bioenergy for mitigation of
               CO2 emissions: the
               power, transportation and
               industrial sectors
Slide 16
Task 38       Workshop Topics                                 2/2
            The role of bioenergy in achieving the targets
             stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol
            Effects of the Kyoto Protocol on forestry and bioenergy
             projects for GHG mitigation
            Forestry, Forest Products and Energy
            Biofuel Trade (jointly with Task 35)

Slide 17
                              Task 38
Task 38                Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass
                       and Bioenergy Systems
                                                  Ireland UK The Netherlands


Slide 18                     New Zealand               Participating Countries

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