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					 2007 – 2012
District Vending

        every student. every classroom. every day.
             Current State of Vending

•   Healthy Vending Not Offered

•   Soda Machines on Campus

•   Contracts Not Monitored

•   Lost Revenues

•   Revenues Not Verifiable

•   Machines Empty

•   Machines Vandalized

•   Machines Outdated

•   Decentralized Procurement

•   Limited District Oversight

                                  every student. every classroom. every day.   2
   Self-Op Vending Proposal

The following proposal is based upon a collaborative effort

         Students, Parents, Community Members,
            Teachers and Site Administrators

              Nora Cody, Former Wellness Policy Coordinator
                    Kirsten Vital, Chief Services Officer
              Javetta Robinson, Former Chief Financial Officer
              Deborah Pinkas, Public Health Institute Attorney
       Jennifer LeBarre, Acting Assistant Director Nutrition Services
                Tim Beecroft, Nutrition Services Consultant

  With the goals of meeting Board Policy 5030 (Wellness) and
  Nutrition Administrative Regulations while exceeding Federal
                  and State Nutrition Regulationsevery day.
                            every student. every classroom.             3
       Vending Program Objectives

•   Continued District effort to improve
    nutritional content and food quality for
    students and staff

•   Creative alternatives to standard meal
    program services

•   Enforce and follow the guidelines set for
    BP 5030 for student healthy vending.

•   Profit sharing program with participating
    school sites

•   Negotiate favorable contract terms and
    conditions with insured profitability

•   Stipulate a higher return on investment

•   Provide healthy on-campus alternatives to
    off-campus selections
                                               every student. every classroom. every day.   4
        Proposed Contract Benefits

•   Healthy snacks available to
    the students

•   Participating Sites receive 50% higher
    revenues to fund student programs

•   Increased FTE for Nutrition
    Services Operations

•   Refreshment Center Enclosures

•   Wireless financial accounting

•   On-site training for all included

•   Custom school colors and graphics

•   No up-front costs

•   Maintenance and repair for the term
    of the agreement

                                             every student. every classroom. every day.   5
          Financial Commitment

• Projected Gross Revenue           •    $408,600.00        (9 Month)
• Projected Product Cost            •    $177,660.00 (9 Month)
• Projected Labor Cost              •    $ 34,560.00        (9 Month)
• 16% Leasing/Maintenance Fee       •    $ 66,150.00        (9 Month)
   – 10% Reduction Per Year
• Projected Net Profit              • $130,230.00 (9 Month)

• Projected 5-Year Net Profit       • $669,076.00 (60 Month)

                            every student. every classroom. every day.   6
Pilot Program: Participating Schools
The principals involved with the initial pilot program have all agreed to install the vending machines
            and several student populations have already “taste-tested” the products.

                   Bret Harte Middle School                       Teresa Williams

                   Castlemont High School                         Richard Gaston

                   Oakland High School                            Clement Mok

                   Oakland Technical School                       Sheilagh Andujar

                   Skyline High School                            Heidi Green

                   Havenscourt Middle School                      Aaron Townsend

                   Edna Brewer Middle School                      Jamie Marantz

                   Roosevelt Middle School                        Theresa Clincy

                                            every student. every classroom. every day.              7
     The Look of Vending

The Old Look of Vending                        The New Look of Vending

                          every student. every classroom. every day.     8

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