How to remove virus without using antivirus

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					Begginning of tut:

Start->Run->type cmd
in each drive type attrib /s /d it will display the list of all files in
that drive along with folders.concntrate on files having SHR
attribute.normally virus files have two characteristics
1.SHR attribute
2.Queer name like amvo.exe,r6r.exe,autorun.inf etc.

Noteme system files also have this attribute like MSDOS.SYS,IO.SYS etc so
before deleting googling about that file will help.

to delete these files type c:\>del /f /s /a

>> to view the content of files with .inf,.vbs,.c etc i.e files which r
not batch files or executables.goto explorer n then goto the required
drive or folder n type the filename with extension it wil open up in

>>there is another method also.goto the required location n type attrib -
s -h -r filename
then use gui to see that hiiden file.if it is not n exe or .bat or then
open it with notepad.Here you will get some information like a file name
or a registry key which the virus affects or a startup item or
process.Change this or uncheck the startup.

if file is not deleted like it says access denied it means it already
used by some task manager n find a process of the same name
or some process which is not a valid windows process(better google) n end
that process.

if not found open msconfig goto statrup tab n look at if a startup items
seems queer(u wil have this feeling if u r n experienced windows user
otherwise all da startup items may seem queer.)uncheck that.u may also
learn about da startup item by googling.after unchecking restart the
computer then restart the computer.

This method is effective in removing some spywares or some small but
annoying virii like maskrider etc. which r sometimes not detected by
antivirus softwares.

If u want to learn more u want read a more explicit tut then u may read
my tut on maskrider removal here in this sextion
ou pepoles wont blve i nvr formatted and reinstalled my os or hard drive
due to Virus. Evn when i was noob Appr. 90 % i used to clean it manually
and by now i am an expert in it.. yes google helps alot in findings a
particulr file..

Best method to delete obstinate viruses is WINRAR

Just open winrar and goto ur infected drive ane here you can see all
hidden and persistent files.. Delete such files from here (Easy and far
better than dos prompt)
One more thing if you want to remove the virus or worm of an infected pen
drive then dare it to do as i do..
First of all kill your explorer from process tab in Task manager..
Now goto "NEW TASK"
and locate winrar ..
now insert pen drive in usb and come pen drive icon in winrar. And here
you will find some Autorun.inf , powerpointresentation.exe , krar.vbs
etc. Just enter " Shift + Delete "
one more thing after doing above task. Goto New task in Task manager and
enter Explorer .. Click Ok..
you will find a virus free world.

Note: you can only delete low risk type viruses

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Description: You can remove virus without antivirus but you can only remove low risk type antivirus.