; 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman
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4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman


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									 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman


                                          My boyfriend and I broke up and I’ve
                                          heard from other people that he’s dating
                                          again. I realize now how much I miss my
                                          boyfriend and I want him back. Is there
                                          anything I can do to get him back even if
                                          he’s dating someone else?


This is a huge concern for women after a break up, but it doesn’t have to be the end
of your world. Coming to the realization that your ex boyfriend has moved on and
is involved with someone else is devastating and it will take some getting used to,
but if you can see the big picture not only will this raise your spirits but it will also
increase your chances of being able to get him back.

Getting your ex boyfriend back when he’s dating someone else is all about one
thing – making him think he’s going to lose you forever because you’ve stopped
thinking about him!

As you read this article you’re going to learn:

      Why you need to redirect your anger and how to do it
      How to disappear from his life and what this does to him even when he’s
       dating someone else
      What really goes through his mind during a breakup

4 Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From another Woman

1. Redirect Your Anger

One of the most important steps to getting your boyfriend back is to redirect your
anger. Direct all that hurt and anger you feel into something more constructive.
Right now, your ex boyfriend is still in the early stages of his new relationship and
so it stands to reason that anything that you might say or do will probably be
ignored so try not to do anything too stupid.

Just because your ex boyfriend is in a new relationship doesn’t mean that he’s
stopped caring for you. Chances are pretty good that he still cares for you on some
level so keep that in mind during the breakup period.
 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman

It’s important for you to accept the fact that your ex boyfriend is presently dating
someone else and that your relationship with him has come to an end and so the
chances of him dumping her and coming right back to you are pretty slim. This
isn’t something that’s going to magically happen overnight, it will take some time
but eventually you’ll adjust and be OK.

Take a moment to close your eyes and envision yourself back together with your
ex boyfriend. What do you see? Are you happy when you’re back together? This
kind of positive thinking will give you an optimistic mindset which plays a very
important role when it comes to getting your boyfriend back in your arms.

The goal when it comes to redirecting your anger after your breakup is to change
your attitude and your personality so that when he sees you again, he sees a new
and improved you. Because let me tell you, if you come across as a total mess the
next time he runs into you he’s not going to be attracted to you

2. Disappear From His Life

After you’ve accepted the breakup and your boyfriend’s new relationship (don’t
worry if you’re not there yet), stay away from him and drop out of sight for a
while. Go out and get involved by doing things you like and that make you happy.

Anything that will make you feel better is a good start: visit family, see some
friends, go out and do whatever you enjoy. If you have a hobby, dive right into it.
Also, if you’ve wanted to take a trip somewhere, why not do it now? The biggest
mistake you can make and it’s one that a lot of women make is to secretly keep
tabs on you ex boyfriend.

Don’t contact him in any way or try and figure out what he’s been up to. Don’t ask
anyone how he’s doing. The less information you have on your ex boyfriend at this
time, the happier you’ll be. And do you want to know a little secret? He’s going to
start wondering about you. And that’s precisely what you want from him.

3. Avoid Pushing Him Away

Often times, women tend to mess this up. They repeatedly call, text or email their
boyfriends. They drive past their ex boyfriends house, job, or school, and literally
hang around to see what’s going on.

They badmouth and slander their ex boyfriend’s new girl, even when they no
nothing about her. In reality this makes you look petty and jealous which is a very
 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman

unattractive trait. And in the end, this will hurt your chances of getting back
together with him.

Instead when you feel that you can’t take it anymore, revert back to step 2 and
keep yourself busy. Not only will this help get your mind off your ex boyfriend for
the time being but it will also make him think more about you since you’re not

4. Do Nothing

As counterproductive as it seems, the best thing you can do at this point in time is
nothing. From a psychological standpoint, your ex boyfriend will either see this as
a sign of maturity from you, or he’ll assume you’ve moved on and found someone

And as was mentioned earlier, because you haven’t kept your ex boyfriend in the
loop, it’s going to mentally shake him up a little. In reality, he expected the
breakup to affect you. He thought that you’d be crying over him and begging to
take him back, but instead you haven’t done a thing.

Let me take you into the mind of your ex boyfriend for a second:

“When I break up with a girl I expect her to beg me to take her back. And do you
know what the worst thing is? I hate it when they won’t leave me alone. The last
thing I want is to be constantly harassed and bugged after a breakup.

But I’ll tell you something. When an ex girlfriend stops chasing me and falls off the
map, I start to think about her a little more and wonder what she’s up to. I even
start to wonder if I made a mistake by breaking up with her”.

As you can see, sometimes doing nothing can be quite powerful when it comes to
getting your boyfriend back, and the best part is that it requires no effort at all on
your part.

Your Next Move

If you really want to get your ex boyfriend back from another woman then you’ve
got to get his attention. The tips in this article are a great place to start and they’ll
get him looking your way and thinking about you again.
 4 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Woman

For more information on how to get him back and understanding what a man
really wants in a relationship more than sex, use this link to learn how you can get
a second chance with your ex boyfriend even if he’s dating someone else.

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