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									Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Peace for us all

The Honorable Mr. and Mr. Vice-head of the School Principal, Mr. & Mrs. Teacher, Staff TU,
Invite guests, and friends whom I love. First of all let us pray Allah SWT gratitude for all His
blessings on this sunny day we can come together, to hold the event Perpisahaan School.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to represent my friends delivered some few words in order to
show this separation. Where I will deliver a variety of impressions and messages for attending
our school. And let me say many, many thanks to the chairman of the executive chairman osis,
until the event is conducted. And do not forget to also let me thank you for teman2 other
organizers for allowing me to convey greetings of this perpisahaan.

During school, we as students are very proud and grateful to Mr. Principal, Mr. or Mrs. beloved
teachers who have bothered to contribute labor, mind tirelessly for the faithful guide and direct
us and teach us the science to be the next generation intelligent. With patience and hard work Mr
/ Ms our teachers can pass and can continue to the next level again. Hopefully Bapk / Mother of
all teachers assigned to teach at this school may be given health and happiness always. Forgive
us if you have been doing a lot of mistakes, a lot of acts that made Mr. / Mrs. disappointed. We
are very sorry.

And not forgetting to friends, younger siblings all classes. Thank you very much for providing
support and time to together to jointly lead the science in our beloved school. It is inevitable over
time, along with the arrival of new things like high school, college, up to a career path, as well as
the arrival of new people, new friends, separation is a normal thing to happen. How wonderful if
the friendship that we intertwine over the past three years this could last forever. Let us make all
the good memories and bad ones, as the spirit of change for the betterment of us all. And for the
betterment of our beloved school, the younger siblings who will still lead the science here.

Where there is a meeting, there was separation. Everything we go through this beloved school,
the memories of the most beautiful and memorable way up whenever and wherever we are after
today. Current age of technology, so that later after we parted ways, both with classmates and
adek-adek all, and especially Mr / Ms teacher, we can still relate to each other whether it be
through short messages such as blackberry or via facebook. Together we hope to stay connected
and do not miss our wonderful memories during his stay at this school.

Finally, I thank you for your attention and time given. Hopefully we can meet again, after this
perpisahaan. We are sorry if there is one word.
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, God bless.

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