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									Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection
           The right power supply for the right application
                                                 Mobile radio
Virtually all T & M applications                 During	normal	operation,	mobile	terminals	
require a suitable power supply                  are	powered	by	batteries	or	accumulators.	
unit to supply the DUT. For this                 The	electrical	characteristics	of	these	
purpose, Rohde & Schwarz pro-                    power	storage	components,	however,	are	
vides a wide range of laboratory                 charge-	and	temperature-dependent	and	
power supplies that are tailored                 are	subject	to	aging.	To	create	reproducible	
to a variety of uses and whose                   supply	conditions	or	simulate	limit	condi-
features are adapted to the                      tions	in	the	development,	production	and	
application at hand.                             servicing	of	mobile	terminals,	the	batteries	
                                                 are	replaced	by	suitable	laboratory	power	       Single-/Dual-Channel Analyzer/
Besides general-purpose power                    supply	units	that	must	fulfil	special	require-   Power Supply – More than just a power
supply units, Rohde & Schwarz                                                                     supply
                                                 ments.	The	combination	of	low	supply	
provides power supplies for the                  voltages,	strong	dynamic	load	fluctuations	      Key features
mobile radio, component testing                  in	the	µs	range	(e.g.	GSM	transmission	          u	One/two	channel(s)	(¸NGMO1/	
and automotive fields. This                      burst)	and	the	necessity	to	be	able	to	read	     	 ¸NGMO2)	15	V/2.5	(5)	A	with		
equipment features specific                      back	minimum	currents	(e.g.	standby	             	 7	A	peak
characteristics that have been                   currents)	place	demands	on	the	power	            u	Fast	load	regulation
specially optimized to meet the                  supply	which	can	only	be	met	by	units	with	      u	Internal/external	triggers
requirements of the particular                   special	characteristics.	                        u	Sample	buffer	for	fast	current	and		 	
application.                                                                                      	 voltage	measurements
                                                 All power supply units from                      u	Sinking	to	2.8	A	(static)
This brochure gives you an                       Rohde & Schwarz feature the following:           u	Precise	measurement	in	µA	range
overview of important units and                                                                   u	Adjustable	output	impedance	for	battery		
                                                 u	High-resolution	voltage	setting
makes it easier to choose the                                                                     	 emulation
right power supply for the right                 u	Minimum	ripple	and	noise                       u	Overvoltage	protection,	overcurrent
application. Additional power                    u	Fast	remote	sensing	capability                 	 protection	(OVP,	OCP)
supplies from the wide selection                 u	Usable	in	mobile	phone	production/	 	          u	Convenient	manual	operation	
of Rohde & Schwarz products can                  	 development/servicing
be found at                                                                                       Typical applications
www.rohde-schwarz.com.                           In	addition,	they	exhibit	outstanding	           u	Error	detection	in	mobile	phones
                                                 device-specific	characteristics	for	use	in	      u	Evaluation	of	operating	time	in	different		
                                                 mobile	radio.                                    	 modes		
                                                                                                  u	Setup	of	optimum	network	transmission	
                                                                                                  u	Charger	tests	(¸NGMO2)
                                                                                                  u	Mobile	phone	development/production/	

 2     Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection
¸NGPQ32/6                                  ¸NGSM32/10                                     ¸NGPL6/5

Programmable Power Supply                  Programmable Power Supply                      Programmable Four-Channel Power
Key features                               Key features
u	One	channel	(48	W)	with	supply	range		   u	Output:	0	V	to	max.	32	V/0	A	to	max.		       Key features
	 of	0	V	to	max.	32	V/0	A	to	max.	6	A      	 10	A	(20	A)                                  u	Four	channels,	max.	0	V	to	6	V/0	A	to		
u	Two	measurement	ranges:	0	A	to	6	A		     u	Optimized	transient	response	for	GSM		       	 5	A/30	W
	 with	100	µA	resolution,	0	mA	to	100	mA		 	 mobile	phones                                u	Remote	operation	by	IEEE	488.2	inter-	
	 with	1	µA	resolution                     u	Simple	arbitrary	generator		included         	 face	and	RS-232-C
u	Optimized	transient	response	for		       u	Easy	operation                               u	Optional	terminal	software	for	stand-	
	 mobile	phones                                                                           	 alone	operation,	maintenance	and		 	
                                           u	Up	to	100	µA	current	read-back		
u	Settable	overvoltage,	overcurrent	and		                                                 	 firmware	updates
	 soft	limits                                                                             u	Optimized	transient	response	for	GSM		
u	Intelligent	status	indication                                                           	 mobile	phones
                                           Typical applications
u	Convenient	manual	and	remote		     	                                                    u	Favorable	price
                                           u	Mobile	phone	development
                                           u	Mobile	phone	production
                                                                                          Typical application
                                           u	Mobile	phone	servicing
Typical applications                                                                      u	Mobile	phone	production		
u	Mobile	phone	development                                                                	 (esp.	for	software	downloads,	radiation		
                                                                                          	 tests,	final	assembly	tests)
u	Mobile	phone	servicing

                                                                                Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection     3
Component testing
In	component	testing,	it	is	important	that	
electronic	components	are	supplied	quickly,	
reliably	and	with	high	resolution.	Since	
minimum	currents/voltages	must	be	
supplied/measured,	an	extremely	low-noise	
source	is	required.	In	addition,	a	very	wide	
range	of	electrical	characteristics	must	be	
measured	or	behavior	under	stress	
                                                   ¸NGMO1/ ¸NGMO2                                ¸NGPX Family
	 ituations	must	be	determined.	If	
	 omponents	are	measured	in	early	phases	
c                                                  Single-/Dual-Channel Analyzer/Power           Programmable High-Speed Power Supply
(without	encapsulation	or	cooling),	only	          Supply – The all-purpose solution –
                                                   More than just a power supply                 Key features
pulsed	supply	operation	may	be	per-
                                                                                                 u	Three	models:	35	V/10	A,	70	V/5	A,		
missible.	The	power	supply	units	listed	on	        Key features                                  	 150	V/2.3	A;	350	W	output	power
the	following	pages	integrate	many	of	             u	One/two	channel(s)	(¸NGMO1/	
                                                                                                 u	Convenient	IEEE	488.2	programming
                                                   	 ¸NGMO2)	15	V/2.5	(5)	A	with		
these	characteristics.	All	units	(except	                                                        u	Rear	trigger	input
                                                   	 7	A	peak
those	of	the	¸NGT	series)	feature		                u	Current	resolution:	1	mA	(setting),	        u	Current	monitor	with	current	measure-	
IEC/IEEE	bus	remote	control.                       	 100	nA	(measurement)                        	 ments	up	to	25	µA	resolution	(opt.)
                                                   u	Voltage	resolution:	1	mV	(setting),		       u	Active	downprogramming
                                                   	 1	mV	(measurement)                          u	OVP
                                                   u	OVP,	OCP
                                                                                                 Typical application(s)
                                                   u	Fast	load	regulation
                                                                                                 u	High-throughput	system	power	supply	
                                                   u	Internal/external	triggers
                                                                                                 u	Power	ramp	simulations
                                                   u	Inhibit	input
                                                                                                 u	Efficiency	measurements	on	RF	power		
                                                   u	Sample	buffer	for	fast	current	and		 	
                                                   	 voltage	measurements
                                                   u	Sinking	capability	to	2.8	A	(static)
                                                   u	Digital	voltmeter	(DVM)	input
                                                   u	Adjustable	output	impedance	for	battery		

                                                   Typical applications
                                                   u	(Pulsed)	power	amplifier	test
                                                   u	Charger	tests	(¸NGMO2	only)
                                                   u	Parameter	test	on	electronic	devices

 4       Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection
                                                                                            u	Limiter	(compliance),	oscillation,	over-	
                                                                                            	 load	and	overheat	detection	functions
                                                                                            u	Synchronous	operation	function	by		 	
                                                                                            	 combining	two	or	more	units

                                                                                            Typical applications
¸NGPT                                       ¸NGPS32
                                                                                            u	Transistor,	FET	and	(photo-)diode		 	
                                            Programmable Dual Bipolar Voltage Source        	 characteristics	test
Programmable Triple Power Supply
                                                                                            u	Battery	charge	and	discharge	tests
Key features                                Key features                                    u	DC/DC	converter	characteristics	test
u	Output:	2	×	0	V	to	35	V/0	A	to	1	A,	      u	Two	channels:	–32	V	to	+32	V	with		           u	Latch-up	tests	on	CMOS	ICs
	 1	×	0	V	to	7	V/0	A	to	5	A                 	 500	µV	resolution	each                        u	Go/Nogo	components	evaluation
u	Remote	sensing	(0.5	V	per	load)           u	Selectable	current	limit	(100	mA	or	10	mA)    u	Calibration	reference	source
u	Soft	limits	for	defined	voltage	and		 	   u	Two	integrated	simple	arbitrary		      	
	 current	limiting                          	 generators
                                            u	High	thermal	and	long-term	stability
Typical application                         u	Floating	output	voltages,	combinable	
u	Universal	low-noise	supply                u	Rear	outputs	with	additional	sensing		
                                            u	Ease	of	operation

                                            Typical applications                            Advantest R6240A1)
                                            u	Programmable	reference	voltage	source         DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor

                                                                                            Key features
                                                                                            u	Pulse	generation	by	means	of	internal		
                                                                                            	 waveform	generator
                                                                                            u	Individual	settings	of	HI	and	LO	limiters
¸NGT                                                                                        u	Suspend	function	for	selecting	different		
                                                                                            	 output	states
Triple Power Supply                                                                         u	Measuring	accuracy	of	5½	digits,		 	
                                                                                            	 resolution	of	10	µV	and	10	nA
Key features                                                                                u	Source/sink	of	±4	A	for	a	maximum			
u	Three	models:                                                                             	 period	of	20	ms
                                            Advantest R6243/R62441)
	 ¸NGT 35:	2	×	0	V	to	35	V/0	A	to		                                                         u	Resistance	measurement	under		
	 0.6	A,	1	×	0	V	to	6	V/0	A	to	5	A                                                          	 constant	voltage	source	or	constant		
                                            DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor
	 ¸NGT 25:	2	×	0	V	to	25	V/0	A	to		                                                         	 current	source
	 0.8	A,	1	×	0	V	to	6	V/0	A	to	5	A          Key features
                                                                                            Typical applications
	 ¸NGT 20:	2	×	0	V	to	20	V/0	A	to		         u	R6243:		
	 1	A,	1	×	0	V	to	6	V/0	A	to	5	A            	 0	V	to	max.	±110	V/0	V	to	max.	±2	A	          u	Battery	charge/discharge	tests	
u	OVP	for	6	V	channel                       u	R6244:		                                      u	Charger	tests	with	HiZ	mode
u	Tracking	operation                        	 0	V	to	max.	±20	V/0	V	to	max.	±10	A           u	Power	supply	unit	evaluation
u	Short-circuit-proof                       u	Sink-enabled	bipolar	output                   u	Measuring	ON	resistance	of	MOSFET		
                                            u	Minimum	pulse	width:	1	ms                     	 and	analog	switches
Typical application                         u	Linear/logarithmic	and	random	sweep		         u	Power	consumption	tests
u	General-purpose	laboratory	power	supply   	 and	pulse	sweep	functions                     1)
                                                                                                 			Distributed	only	in	Europe	and	selected	countries.

                                                                                  Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection                      5
Automotive	applications	typically	provide	
maximum	power	output	at	the	lowest	
possible	price.	The	characteristic	12	V,	24	V	
and	42	V	vehicle	supply	voltages	with	their	
permissible	tolerance	ranges	must	be	
reliably	supplied.	Frequently	large	currents	
flow	via	extended	lines	(production	
systems).	For	this	reason,	power	supply	
                                                   ¸NGPE35/40                                ¸NPGE40/40
units	must	recognize	and	reliably	eliminate	
voltage	losses	in	these	lines.	Sensing	
connectors	are	required	for	this	purpose.	         Programmable DC Power Supply              Programmable Power Supply
Noise	characteristics	play	a	subordinate	
                                                   Key features                              Key features
role,	since	noise	is	heavily	superimposed	on	
                                             u	¸NGPE35/40:		                                 u	0	V	to	max.	40	V	/0	A	to	max.	40	A		
the	vehicle	supply	system.	The	ability	to	   	 0	V	to	35	V/0	A	to	40	A	(1400	W)              	 (800	W)
simulate	strong	interference	is	therefore	a	 u	R&S NGPE70/20:		                              u	Good	regulation	characteristics	
major	factor	in	choosing	the	right	power	    	 0	V	to	70	V/0	A	to	20	A	(1400	W)              u	Wide	AC	supply	regulation	range:		
supply	for	automotive	applications.	A	small	 u	Manual	setting	of	values	for	voltage	and		    	 190	V	to	265	V/95	V	to	135	V
                                             	 power	or	via	an	IEEE	488	interface            u	Separate	panel	meters	for	voltage	and		
selection	of	suitable	Rohde	&	Schwarz	
                                             u	Monitoring	functions,	e.g.	alarms	for		       	 current
power	supplies	is	provided	on	the	following	 	 thermal	overload,	failure	of	power	unit,		
                                                                                             u	High	resolution	and	reproducibility
pages.	All	the	power	supplies	listed	in	the	 	 etc
                                                                                             u	High	setting	speed
following	allow	remote	sensing.              u	Good	efficiency	(switched	mode		 	
                                                                                             u	OVP
                                                                                             u	IEEE	488	interface
                                             u	Active	power	factor	correction
                                                                                             Typical applications
                                                   Typical applications	
                                                                                             u	Supply	of	vehicle	electronic	components		
                                                   u	Supply	of	car	electronic	components		
                                                                                             	 (high-current	devices)
                                                   	 (high-current	devices)

 6       Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection
¸NGSM32/10                                     ¸NGPX35/10                                  ¸NGAS
                                                                                           Single Power Supply – 160 W compact
Programmable DC Power Supply                   High-Speed Power Supply                     model

Key features                                   Key features                                Key features
u	¸NGSM32/10:	                                 u	0	V	to	35	V/0	A	to	10	A/350	W             u	0	V	to	max.	32	V/0	A	to	max.	10	A
	 0	V	to	32	V	max./0	A	to	max.	10	A/160	W      u	Linear	regulation                         u	High	surge	capability,	twice	the	rated		
u	¸NGSM60/5:	                                  u	Fast	up-	and	downprogramming              	 current	can	be	drawn	for	short	periods
	 0	V	to	60	V	max./0	A	to	max.	5	A/160	W       u	Effective	current	measurement	with			     u	Separate	meters	for	voltage	and	current
u	Simulation	of	motor	startup                  	 dynamic	loads                             u	Suitable	for	mobile	use
u	Currents	up	to	20	A,	voltages	up	to	60	V		   u	Nonvolatile	storage	of	10	complete		 	
	 for	42	V	power	network	in	motor	vehicles     	 instrument	setups                         Typical applications
                                               u	OVP                                       u	Battery	replacement
u	Storage	of	up	to	12	device	setups	for		
	 short	test                                   u	Soft	limits	for	current	and	voltage       u	General	laboratory	applications
u	Large	LED	display                            u	Rear	trigger	input                        u	Car	electronics	tests
u	Ease	of	operation                            u	IEEE	488.2	interface
u	IEEE	488	or	RS-232-C	interface	(optional)
                                               Typical application
Typical applications                           u	Test	of	insensitivity	to	power	dropouts
u	Car	electronics	tests	(central	locking,		
	 airbag,	seat	adjustment,	car	phone,			
	 engine	timing,	alarm	system,	ABS		 	
	 control,	electric	window,	laptop)
u	Car	audio	(car	radio)

¸NPGV20/10                                   ¸NGB/NGBI                                      Advantest R62441)
with option ¸MOD100
                                             Single Power Supply – 350 W bench
Programmable Power Supply                    models                                         DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor

Key features                                 Key features                                   Key features
u	0	V	to	20	V/0	A	to	10	A/200	W              u	0	V	to	35	V/0	A	to	10	A                      u	0	V	to	max.	±20	V/	0	A	to	max.	±10	A
u	No	discrete	output	capacitance,	true		     u	High-resolution	ten-turn	potentiometer		     u	Sink-enabled	bipolar	output
	 current	source                             	 for	voltage	and	current                      u	Minimum	pulse	width:	1	ms
u	Short	setting	time	(current	sinking)       u	Surge	current	capability	–	several	times		   u	Linear/logarithmic,	random	sweep	and		
u	Programmable	via	IEC/IEEE	bus	and			       	 the	rated	current	may	be	drawn	for	short		   	 pulse	sweep	functions
	 manual	control                             	 periods
                                                                                            u	Limiter	(compliance),	oscillation,	over-	
u	Two	current	ranges	–	high-resolution		                                                    	 load	and	overheat	detection	functions
	 current	monitoring	output
                                             Typical applications
                                                                                            u	Synchronous	operation	function	by		 	
                                             u	Vehicle	electronics	tests	(for	incandes-	
u	Sine	modulation	of	output	voltage		                                                       	 combining	two	or	more	units
                                             	 cent	lamps,	blinkers,	voltage	converters)
	 up	to	50	kHz                                                                              u	GPIB	for	automatic	measuring	system
                                             u	General	laboratory	applications
Typical applications                                                                        Typical application(s)	
u	General	laboratory	applications                                                           u	Pulsed	high-current	injection	in	vehicle		
u	Use	in	test	systems                                                                       	 electronics	(ABS	control)
u	Superimposition	of	vehicle	supply	with		                                                  u	Pulsed	current	source	to	control		 	
	 swept	sine	(¸MOD100)                                                                      	 magnetic	coils
                                                                                            u	ASICs	for	injection	pump	control
                                                                                            u	Airbag	inflators	tests

                                                                                                 			Distributed	only	in	Europe	and	selected	countries.

                                                                                  Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection                      8
General purpose
In	applications	with	laboratory	power	
supplies,	it	is	important	to	stably	supply	the	                 Designation, applications                                        Type
DUT	with	reproducible	operating	voltage	
                                                    Universal	constant	current	and	constant	voltage	sources     ¸NGM7.5,	¸NGM15,	¸NGM35,	¸NGM70,	
and	to	protect	it	from	being	destroyed	due	                                                                     ¸NGM280
to	possible	malfunctions.	Furthermore,	it	is	       Same	as	¸NGM,	but	double	output	current                     ¸NGK15,	¸NGK35,	¸NGK70,	¸NGK280
often	helpful	to	instantly	display	the	
                                                    Constant	voltage	sources	with	adjustable	current	limiting   ¸NGA7.5,	¸NGA15,	¸NGA35,	¸NGA70
current	actually	consumed	by	the	DUT.	The	
laboratory	power	supply	should	be	                  Same	as	¸NGA,	high	surge	capability                         ¸NGAS32/10

designed	for	all-round	use	yet	be	easy	to	          Constant	voltage	sources	with	adjustable	current	limiting   ¸NGB32,	¸NGB70,	¸NGBI35,	¸NGBI70
operate.	Rohde	&	Schwarz	offers	a	wide	
                                                    Dual	power	supplies                                         ¸NGMD35
range	of	power	supply	units	that	do	not	
                                                    Triple	power	supplies                                       ¸NGL35,	¸NGT20,	¸NGT25,	¸NGT35
merely	meet	the	basic	requirements	but	
provide	highly	precise,	reliable	and	robust	        Precision	power	supplies                                    ¸NGRU35,	¸NGRU50,	¸NGRU100
solutions.	You	can	thus	concentrate	on	             Universal	high-power	supplies                               ¸NGC35,	¸NGC70,	¸NGRE6	to	100
your	test	and	measurement	work,	without	
                                                    Programmable	power	supplies                                 ¸NGPU70/10,	¸NGPU70/20
having	to	deal	with	problems	caused	by	
inefficient	power	supplies.	                        Programmable	power	supplies                                 ¸NGPV8/10,	¸NGPV20/5,	¸NGPV20/10,		
                                                                                                                ¸NGPV40/3,	¸NGPV40/5,	¸NGPV100/1,		
Power	supply	units	from	Rohde	&	Schwarz	                                                                        ¸NGPV100/2,	¸NGPV300/0.3;	¸NGPV300/0.6
are	typically	used	in	the	following	areas:          Programmable	power	supplies                                 ¸NGPX35/10,	¸NGPX70/5,	¸NGPX150/2.3

u	Education	(universities,	etc)                     Programmable	high-power	supplies                            ¸NGPE40/40,	¸NGPE35/40,	¸NGPE70/20

u	Mechanical	engineering                            Programmable	voltage	source	with	arbitrary	function         ¸NGPS32

u	Military	applications	(army,	navy)                Single-/dual-channel	analyzer/power	supply                  ¸NGM01,	¸NGM02

                                                    Programmable	triple	power	supplies                          ¸NGPT7,	¸NGPT18,	¸NGPT35
u	Network	operators
                                                    Programmable	power	supplies	with	arbitrary	function         ¸NGSM32/10,	¸NGSM60/5
u	Service	stations
                                                    Programmable	power	supply                                   ¸NGPQ32/6
u	Governmental	organizations	(e.g.	fire	
                                                    Programmable	quadruple	system	power	supply                  ¸NGPL6/5
	 departments,	federal	railways)
The	following	features	are	essential	to	the	
all-round	use	of	these	units:                      The	Rohde	&	Schwarz	power	supply	units	
                                                   are	divided	into	three	main	groups		
u	Ruggedness                                       (for	more	information,	visit		
u	Good	control	characteristics                     www.rohde-schwarz.com):
u	High	MTBF                                        u	Bench	models	with	output	power	up	to		
                                                   	 350	W	–	eleven	type	series	with	a	total		
u	Low	output	noise
                                                   	 of	29	basic	models
u	Low	electromagnetic	interference	(EMI)
                                                   u	19“	models	with	up	to	2000	W	output		
u	Ease	of	operation                                	 power	–	two	type	series	with	29	basic		
                                                   u	System	units/programmable	power		 	
                                                   	 supplies	with	IEC	625-1/IEEE	488	bus	–		
                                                   	 five	type	series

 9       Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz – a selection

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