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									How important is updating the status of the ongoing work/project to the boss? Most
employees fail to update the status of the ongoing activities to their bosses and if at all
they do so, only after completion of the project. When the project is on, why to inform
as only the effort is there to communicate and the result is yet to come will be logic
most people in the corporate follow. The logic may be philosophically right, but from
the corporate management angle, it will do nothing except earning the criticism and
disgrace from the boss.

It is very important that the employees should update the activities to their bosses
despite the fact that whether the work is completed or just began. Every subordinate is
responsible to post the status of the work or assignments to the bosses regularly. If
they do so, much of the nagging they can avoid from their bosses.

One should not wait for the project to get completed and the result to come to inform
the boss.

Nature has a wonderful example to educate the man in corporate in this regard. Look at
the flowering plant and try to learn whether the fragrance comes first or the readiness
of the flower for pollination happens first.

The fragrance only comes first. The fragrance sends a message to all the pollinators
about the readiness of the flower to offer nectar and the pollen grains. After sending
the fragrance to the air only, the flower really gets ready for pollination.

No flower ever ready first and then sends out its fragrance. If they do so, it can go
against the interest of the plant as by the time the pollinators knew about the flower
and visit, the flower may overgrow and loose its pollinating power.

If the subordinate update the status, the boss has the scope of putting his thoughts or
ideas into the project and may feel he has played his role. Only when the boss feel that
he has played his or her role, will promote the project to its logical end.

To make the boss as a stake holder in ones work, one has to update the status regularly
to them.

Flowering plants in nature wonderfully follow the management of update the status first
and then the result. Learn the management essential from the nature and be

If the pollinators have to help the flower means, it has to inform the pollinators well in
advance about their readiness. Sufficient time has to be given to the pollinators only
then their help can be expected. Similarly, if the boss has to really approve and accept
the project means, they should be given sufficient time to evaluate and validate the
project findings. The best method is updating the status of the activity regularly to the
bosses and thereby buys their attention and recognition.

Follow the management of a flowering plant in sending its fragrance first to the air and
be successful.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Learn more from the management book – ‘Jungle wisdom for corporate management
– lessons from university of nature’ by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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