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									                        Building and Pest Inspection
Real Estate investments involve a lot of risks and hence pre purchase building inspections are
recommended for both residential and commercial properties. There is every possibility that
the real estate agent and the vendor will make efforts to conceal all the faults lurking within
their property. Hence, a professional building inspector along with a pest inspector ensures
that the building is compliant with all safety standards and safe from pests. Termite
inspections are vital when looking to purchase a new home as they can cause immense
damage to the structure of a home. Action Property Inspections are committed to providing
superior customer service and testimony to their efforts lies in the fact that 82% of their
business comes from client referrals. All building inspection reports include free thermal
image scanning, moisture detection analysis and digital photographic reporting.

A detailed report involves an exhaustive inspection of the property followed by a
comprehensive and easily understood report specifically designed to enable you to make an
informed decision about the property you are about to purchase. The inspection is purely
visual and hence doesn’t cover inaccessible areas. The report mentions all the faults observed
during the inspection, their severity and deadlines to rectify the faults. Action Property
Inspections follow a strict code of ethics which guarantees high standards of quality, integrity
and honesty. The company encourages training and development initiatives to promote the
image of the pre purchase building inspection industry.

Action Property Inspections has the required expertise to provide the most accurate pre
purchase building inspection reports. A meticulous analysis of the property ensures that the
report assists you in making a well-informed decision on your prospective purchase. Every
aspect of a home inspection is important, and shouldn’t be skipped over for any reason. It is
always exciting when you find a home available for a good deal, but a pre purchase building
inspection should always be carried out to ensure that there is nothing concealed or hidden
before you seal the deal.

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