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SCOAUG AGENDA September Dallas TX Unifying Your

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					                                                                       SCOAUG AGENDA September 17, 2007 Dallas, TX
    Room              Salon D – 100            Salon B – 50             Salon C – 30              Tenison A,B – 50           Marsalis – 50          Salon A – 50            Degolyer – 30
                                              Release 12                                                                               Vendor                              PeopleSoft,
 Time/Track          Oracle Track                               Technical Track        Mixed Bag Track      SCOUG Track
                                            Workshop Track                                                                         Financials Track                     Demantra, JDE Track
8:15 – 8:30 am                                           Breakfast Sponsored by O2 Works • Welcome Address • Exhibit Hall – Salon E, F
                                                                                                     VENDOR                                         VENDOR
                  Business Intelligence       Release 12 –
                                                                                                How to Secure Test         SQL Tuning with       High-End Excel
                  Applications: Prebuilt       The Global
                                                                  SOA Adoption Roadmap         Environments to Meet       10046 Trace Data         Solutions for            JD Edwards
8:45 – 9:30 am        Solutions for         Business Release
                                                                    Munukutla, Cavaya               Compliance           and DBMS_XPLAN        Uploading Payables /         TBD, Oracle
                   Rapid BI Success             Johnson,
                                                                                                   Requirements          Vallampati, Hotsos    Receivables Invoices
                     Wyles, Oracle           Solution Beacon
                                                                                                Alpern, Applimation                            O’Keefe, More4Apps
                                           Release 12 Multi-Org                                                                                      VENDOR
                                                                    Personalizing and
                  Oracle Transportation      Access Control                                                                 Oracle Data          Real Time General
                                                                   Customizing Oracle         Aligning Your IT Project
                  Management (OTM)              (MOAC) –                                                                    Archiving –             Ledger and             What is ELM?
9:45 – 10:30 am                                                   Approvals Management              for Success
                      Drives Value            An Inside Look                                                              Taming the Beast         Project Inquiry         Pelley, Oracle
                                                                          (AME)                    Colbert, CSS
                     Engle, Oracle              Kennedy,                                                                  Moore, Neonesoft             Deely,
                                                                      Behn & Jones,
                                             Solution Beacon                                                                                     The GL Company
                                                                     Solution Beacon
                  Manage Governance,                                                               Release 12
                                              Release 12                                                                 Buying and Managing        Best Practice        Unifying Front and
                   Risk, & Compliance                               Enhance the User            New Features for
                                            Accounting Setup                                                              Services in Oracle        Concepts to           Back Office with
                    Processes Better                               Experience with Form       Manufacturing, Projects
10:45– 11:30 am                               Manager 101                                                                    Procurement        Streamline Your End          Demantra
                       With Oracle                                   Personalizations               and EAM
                                               Johnson,                                                                       Release 12          to End Payables         Houk & Wilson,
                       Robinson &                                     Lollar, Lucidity            Frank, TUSC
                                            Solution Beacon                                                               Marines, O2 Works           Process                  Oracle
                    Kinnamon, Oracle
                                                                                                                                                  Lenoir, Readsoft
                                                                    Keynote Address Sponsored by Oracle • Exhibit Hall – Salon E, F
   11:45 am                                       Unifying Your Front and Back Office with AIA - Application Integration Architecture
                                                                                       Jason Oglesby, Oracle Corporation
                                                                          Lunch Sponsored by TSA • Exhibit Hall – Salon E, F
   12:30 pm
                                                                       Great time to visit the SCOAUG Exhibitors and Sponsors!
                                              Release 12                                         Business                                                                  PeopleSoft,
 Time/Track          Oracle Track                                   Technical Track                                 SCOUG Track                  Financials Track
                                            Workshop Track                                  Intelligence Track                                                          Demantra, JDE Track
                  Oracle Continues to                                                               VENDOR                 EBS on Oracle              VENDOR                 Demantra:
                                           Release 12 Technical
                   Expand its Human                               Build a Database-Driven        Tips & Tricks for        Application Server      Eliminate Manual       Understanding and
                                               Introduction –
                  Capital Management                                Oracle Forms Page          Successful Reporting        10g R3: Top 10        Bottlenecks in the          Identifying
1:30 – 2:15 pm                                  Intermediate
                    (HCM) Product                                      George, Texas          Solutions from Oracle         Infrastructure     Financial Period Close     Causal Factors
                      Leadership                                         Instruments            E-Business Suite          Changes to Know             Process                 Pearson,
                                             Solution Beacon
                     Ferris, Oracle                                                              Mayfield, Noetix         Gammon, Oracle             Busch, UC4          Optimum Solutions
                                                                                                  Reporting and           Managing Oracle                                  What Oracle's
                                                                                                                                               Segregation of Duties:
                  Oracle E-Business        Release 12 Security      Database Growth:           Business Intelligence         E-Business                                     Applications
                                                                                                                                               Beyond Provisioning to
                   Suite Applications      Recommendations        Problems and Solutions       Roadmap for Oracle           Performance                                  Unlimited Means to
2:30 – 3:15 pm                                                                                                                                   Real-time Access
                        Update                  Kennedy,              Popiel, HP and          E-Business Customers        Through Workload                              PeopleSoft Enterprise
                  Descombaz, Oracle         Solution Beacon       Bent, Solution Beacon               Thota,                   Analysis                                      Customers
                                                                                                                                                 Das, LogicalApps
                                                                                                 Solution Beacon            Klein, Hotsos                                Weintraub, Oracle
   3:15 pm                                                                      Afternoon Break in the Exhibit Hall – Salon E, F
                    Enterprise Asset                                                                                                                Spreadsheet          What’s New With
                                             Release 12 Java                                    Business Intelligence
                  Management (EAM) -                                Eligibility Analytics:                                                     Automation: Take Your        PeopleSoft
                                              Infrastructure                                  for E-Business Suite: A
3:30 – 4:15 pm     Getting More Out                                 Safely Archive Data                                          TBD           Oracle/JDE/PeopleSoft     Talent Acquisition
                                                  Reedy,                                          Checklist to Help
                    Of Your Assets                                       Popiel, HP                                                            Application Experience      Manager 9.0
                                             Solution Beacon                                   Navigate the Choices
                      Ellis, Oracle                                                                                                                to a New Level         Pelley, Oracle
                                                                                                   O’Brien, Jaros
                                                                                                                                                Kaufman & Scholz,
                                                                                                                                                  Global Software
4:30 – 4:45 pm                                           GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY and RAFFLE – MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! • Exhibit Hall – Salon E, F

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