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	 	 rill	Delicious	and		
  Healthy	Meals	This	Summer

Tips for Staying
	 	 stablish	Exercise	Habits	That	Feel	
  Good	and	Fit	Into	Your	Life

For Seniors
  Pets	Provide	Health	Benefits		
  for	the	Body	and	Soul
              HEALTHY LIVING

          Low-Fat BBQ:
          Cooking as Delicious as It Looks
          T     his is the season for outdoor cooking.
                Many foods can be grilled, including fruit.
          And, nutrition experts say, barbecuing uses healthy
          cooking techniques for a low-fat, healthy lifestyle
          — especially when compared with frying.
                                            That’s not to say that a barbecue
                                         can’t deteriorate into an artery-clogging,
                                         calorie-laden meal. To avoid that, choose
                                         the right food and follow some simple

                                         What to grill?
   HealthLink                                For traditional red meat, nutrition
      Summer 2007                        experts suggest moderate portion sizes:
                                         four ounces raw or three ounces cooked.
 4 Staying Safe                          Choose lean cuts that have the word
   Follow safety rules for fun           loin or round in their names, according      Don’t overdo it                               meat, remove it before eating.
   water play this summer.               to the American Academy of Family                Some grilled foods may raise the risk     Place aluminum foil between the
 5 Benefits for                          Physicians. Trim any outside fat before      for certain cancers, according to the         coals and cooking foods to keep
   Seniors                               cooking and trim away any inside fat         American Institute for Cancer Research.       the smoke away from the grill.
   Pets may relieve stress,              before eating.                               The high heat used for grilling produces      Cut the meat into small portions
   lower blood pressure,
   and offer unconditional                   Check out the numbers for ground         substances called heterocyclic amines         so they don’t take as long to cook.
   love and companionship.               meat. Look for the packages that have        (HCAs) in red meat, poultry and fish.         Kebabs work well.
                                         the greatest percent lean to percent fat     Another class of cancer-causing sub-
 7 Staying Healthy
   Eating high-fiber foods               ratio. Occasional hamburgers are also        stances, called polycyclic aromatic         Healthy marinades
   may ease digestive woes,              acceptable if you use a lean cut such as     hydrocarbons (PAHs), is formed when             Fat isn’t an essential ingredient in
   lower your cholesterol                ground round, which is the leanest,          fat from meat, poultry or fish drips onto   a marinade or barbecue sauce. It’s the
   levels, and help control              followed by sirloin, ground chuck, then      hot coals or stones. These substances are   acid in lemon, lime, pineapple or vinegar
   your blood sugar.                     regular ground meat. Look for ground         deposited back onto food by the smoke       in a marinade that tenderizes meat.
Brown & Toland’s HealthLink              beef that is 90 to 96 percent fat-free and   and flame-ups that blacken grilled meat.    Look for low-calorie or low-fat salad
editor: Richard Angeloni, Associate      again, limit patties to a quarter pound          You can take steps to reduce your       dressings or marinades, or make your
Vice President, Public Relations and
Communications, Brown & Toland           raw, which is three ounces cooked.           exposure to these substances. Here are      own, using a three-to-one ratio of
Medical Group, rangeloni@btmg.               Chicken’s leanness makes it popular      suggestions from the University of          vinegar to oil.
com. Brown & Toland’s HealthLink
is published quarterly and printed       for grilling, and you need not take the      Wisconsin:
in the United States. Articles in this   skin off until after you cook it. Removing      Use lean cuts of meat so little fat      Don’t forget the veggies
newsletter are written by professional
journalists or physicians who strive     the skin before eating eliminates excess        will drip onto the coals.                    Meat, poultry and fish aren’t the
to present reliable, up-to-date health   fat, but there’s no significant difference     Use tongs or a spatula to turn foods      only foods that can end up on a grill.
information. Our articles are
reviewed by medical professionals        in fat content whether you leave the           on the grill. Piercing the meat with      Put vegetables on the grill after mari-
for accuracy and appropriateness. No     skin on during cooking or take it off.         a fork allows juices and fat to drip      nating them and placing them on
magazine, however, can replace the
care and advice of medical profes-       Leaving the skin on will add significantly     down and cause flame-ups.                 skewers or a grilling tray. You can also
sionals, and readers are cautioned to    to the moisture content, so the chicken        Boil, steam or use a microwave to         wrap vegetables in foil with a little
seek such help for personal problems.
All models used for illustrative         won’t be tough or dry.                         partially cook poultry and ribs before    sauce, broth or vinegar.
purposes only. (207) 6253M                   Marinated and grilled fish steaks          putting them briefly on the grill. Be         Fruits also can be successfully
                                         such as halibut or salmon also are             sure you transfer foods immediately       grilled. The heat of the grill caramelizes
                                         healthy menu ideas. You can even grill         from the microwave to the grill.          the sugar in the fruit, intensifying
                                         fish kebobs if you use firm-fleshed fish.      If charred matter does form on the        the flavor. n

        Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007                                                                                            

   Tap Into the
   Power of Water
   W        ater is the most important nutrient in your diet year-round, but in the summer
            months when the sun is out in full force, remembering to drink enough
   water is even more crucial to your health.
       Your body needs H2O for basic chemical            How much do you need?
   reactions to keep going, says Robert Toto, M.D.,          Exactly how much you need to drink depends
   a kidney specialist at the University of Texas        on whom you ask. Roberta Anding, R.D.,
   Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. In fact,       a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic
   water accounts for much of your body weight           Association, recommends you look at the color       that most people can use thirst as a guide for
   (about 60 percent for men and about 50 percent        of your urine. “Your urine should look like pale    when they need to rehydrate. Athletes and
   for women). When you don’t drink enough               lemonade and not apple juice,” Anding says.         older adults, however, may not feel thirsty
   water, your body can’t work at its best. As               Weight loss is also a good gauge. By weighing   before they are already dehydrated. Athletes
   dehydration sets in, you’ll feel lethargic and        yourself before and after you spend time in the     and seniors need to set times to drink and not
   you may have trouble thinking clearly.                hot sun, she says, you can tell how much you        rely on thirst.
       Water is also crucial to the body’s cooling       should be drinking. For every pound you lose,           Stick to water and other low-calorie
   system. When your body heats up because of            drink 16 to 24 ounces of water.                     beverages. Caffeinated beverages are also
   a hot day or because of physical activity for             The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends      acceptable, because they don’t dehydrate you,
   instance, your brain signals your sweat glands        that women get 91 ounces of water a day (about      the IOM says. Sports drinks are not necessary.
   to produce sweat. The body cools itself by the        11 ½ cups) and men about 125 ounces a day           And don’t just drink water; eat it, too, by loading
   evaporation of sweat from the skin. If dehydrated,    (about 15 ½ cups). These figures refer to total     up on fruits and vegetables. They’re brimming
   the body can’t sweat enough to stay cool.             water from beverages and food. The IOM says         with water. n

   Brown & Toland Streamlines                                                                        Seton Medical
   Access to Lab Results                                                                             Center Joins
   B     rown & Toland Medical Group introduced new technology last month that
         allows doctors to view lab results from the University of California, San Francisco
                                                                                                     Brown & Toland’s
   (UCSF) online. Brown & Toland physicians already have online access to lab and
   pathology results from LabCorp, as well as lab, radiology and pathology results from
                                                                                                     Hospital Network
   California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).
       “This is doing for medicine what we’ve already seen in financial services,” says
   Pete Alperin, M.D., director of medical informatics for Brown & Toland. “With ATM
                                                                                                     D      aly City’s Seton Medical Center joined
                                                                                                            Brown & Toland Medical Group’s hospital
                                                                                                     network, making it the sixth San Francisco-area
   banking, even if you’re traveling, you can access your money in Italy just as easily              hospital to align with the medical group.
   as you can at home.”                                                                                  “We are excited about the expansion of our network
       Hundreds of thousands of lab results have been filed into the clinical results                and the convenience this will provide to members who
   repository since Brown & Toland launched its clinical results reporting system in                 live and work in southern San Francisco or northern
   November 2004. Currently, more than 40,000 results are added per week. Patients                   San Mateo County,” said Katie Smith, associate vice
   will notice very real improvements based on this technology, according to Dr. Alperin.            president of network management.
   “This is providing your doctor with the information he or she needs at the point of care,”            Other hospitals include California Pacific Medical
   he says. “If you’re a patient being seen at UCSF, your Brown & Toland doctor will be able         Center; University of California, San Francisco; St. Mary’s
   to seamlessly access your lab results from CPMC with no problem, and vice versa.”                 Medical Center; Saint Francis Memorial Hospital;
       Brown & Toland will make additional results available in upcoming months,                     and St. Luke’s Hospital.
   including emergency room reports from CPMC, hospital discharge reports, and                           “All of our hospital partners are important and instru-
   other ancillary procedures. In late 2007, doctors will have access to radiology                   mental in providing quality care to our members,” said
   results from UCSF and connections to results from St. Mary’s Medical Center,                      Smith. For more information about Brown & Toland’s
   St. Luke’s Hospital and other vendors. n                                                          hospital network, visit n                                                                                               Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007      

    Water Play the Safe Way
    T      his summer many families will
           turn to backyard pools, lakes,
    oceans and rivers for fun and relaxation.
    But parents and caregivers need to take
    steps to help protect children from
    drowning hazards.
        The most important rule for having safe
    fun in the water is that everyone should know
    how to swim. Lessons from a qualified instructor
    give your children the skills they need to increase
    their safety in the water. Call your local American
    Red Cross chapter or YMCA to ask about lessons.
        Learning how to swim does not guarantee
    that accidents won’t happen. So be sure you
    and your family observe the following rules.

    General safety rules
     Always swim with a buddy.
     Never drink alcohol before swimming.
     Don’t swim in stormy weather.
     Don’t chew gum in the water.
     Never swim in the dark.                                where the water is more than nine feet deep      Ocean safety rules
                                                            and you have at least 25 feet of clear water      Obey all posted rules.
    Sun safety rules                                        ahead. If you don’t know the depth, gently        Learn what warning flags on the beach
         Protect your skin and your children’s skin         enter the water feet first. If your feet don’t    mean. Don’t go into the water if a flag
    from the sun. Use sunscreen to cut down the             touch the bottom, swim down to determine          shows it is unsafe.
    risk of skin cancer. Here are some tips:                the depth.                                        If you get caught in a current, swim across it,
       Remember that sun exposure near water is             Never jump on someone or push someone             not against it.
       increased by reflection from the water. When         into the pool.                                    Follow a lifeguard’s rules about how far you
       you’re on the beach or near water, you need          Never pretend someone is drowning. That           can swim from shore.
       to be particularly careful to avoid sunburn.         can slow the time it takes to get help in an
       Wear a waterproof sunscreen of at least              emergency.                                       Special tips for parents
       SPF 15 that protects against both UVA and            Obey the lifeguard. He or she is there to keep    Watch children at all times when they are
       UVB. Sunscreens that provide the greatest            you safe.                                         near water, even in a wading pool.
       protection against UVA contain titanium                                                                At pool parties, have adults take turns watch-
       dioxide, zinc oxide or avobenzone. Apply           River and lake safety rules                         ing the children. That way, you will always
       it 20 to 30 minutes before exposure and             Swim only where swimming is allowed and            know that someone is watching the kids.
       reapply the sunscreen periodically, as              where you are familiar with the water currents     If you have a pool, enclose it with a fence
       directed on the container.                          and depth.                                         and a locked gate. Remove toys from the
       When out of the water, wear a hat and long-         Don’t swim where there is a strong current.        area so that kids aren’t tempted to go near
       sleeved shirt and pants.                            Currents can carry away even the best              the pool. Hang signs with rules, such as
       Use a beach umbrella or find shade when             swimmers.                                          “No playing in or around the pool unless
       not actually in the water.                          Know your limits. Don’t let others persuade        an adult is present.” Enforce the rules.
       Wear UV-proof sunglasses when not in the water.     you to do things you are not comfortable           Make sure baby sitters know the safety rules
         Sunscreen should not be used on infants           doing.                                             about swimming.
    younger than 6 months.                                 Don’t dive into the water if you don’t know        Take a cardiopulmonary resuscitation
                                                           how deep it is.                                    (CPR) class.
    Pool safety rules                                      Stay away from areas that are reserved             Check with your local American Red Cross
     Obey all posted rules.                                for boats.                                         chapter or YMCA about special life jackets
     Dive only where diving is allowed. Dive only                                                             for infants and children. n

   Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007                                                                                  

   Pets Fill a Special Role in Seniors’ Lives
   Having a pet can be a boon to body and soul — especially as we age.

   “   S    eniors can benefit substantially
            from pet ownership,” says Richard
   B. Ford, D.V.M., M.S., professor of medicine
   at North Carolina State University College
   of Veterinary Medicine.
       Pets offer companionship, something to
   nurture, unconditional love and a sense of
   security in new situations. And pets can relieve
   stress — which may help explain why studies
   have found that pet owners have lower blood
   pressure and cholesterol levels.

   The nurturing role
       “Taking care of a creature that cares about
   you and responds to you is a real antidote and
   preventive medicine for loneliness and depres-
   sion,” says Lynette Hart, Ph.D., professor and
   director of the Center for Animal Alternatives
   at the University of California at Davis.
       The fact that you have to attend to a living
   creature gives structure to your life. If you have   without their dogs.                                  less often than those who don’t have pets,
   to feed your pet, you’re more likely to get moving       “It’s like talking about the weather, only a     according to one study by the University of
   in the morning. The opportunity to nurture fills     lot more interesting,” says Dr. Hart. This social-   California at Los Angeles (UCLA). That’s true
   an essential need that can no longer be filled by    izing effect is also true for disabled persons —     even for seniors undergoing major stress,
   grown children or by grandchildren who may           if they have a dog, peers are much more likely       such as dealing with the loss of a loved one.
   not live near.                                       to approach them.                                        “Owning a pet in some way counteracts the
       Pets provide us with the kind of nonjudg-                                                             effects of stress,” says Judith M. Siegel, Ph.D.,
   mental love we all need but may not get enough       Pets provide us with the kind of                     professor at UCLA’s School of Public Health.
   of. Everyone needs to laugh and play, no matter
   what our ages. There’s great joy in tossing a ball   nonjudgmental love we all need                       Finding a pet
   around or playing keep-away with your dog            but may not get enough of.                               Interested in a pet? Dr. Ford suggests calling
   and his favorite toy.                                                                                     your local humane society or animal control
                                                                                                             society, a veterinarian or a dog trainer. Avoid
   The social role                                      The physical benefits                                mismatches by selecting a pet appropriate to
       Pets can also fill a social role in seniors’        Pets also carry physiological benefits.           your lifestyle and mobility.
   lives. “For seniors who are uncomfortable with       “Walking a dog is exercise for both you and              Training a boisterous puppy that requires
   social relationships or in starting new ones         your pet,” says Dr. Ford.                            a lot of exercise may be too daunting. However,
   after a spouse has passed away, having a pet            Just petting an animal lowers your blood          many adult dogs given up to shelters that often
   offers an opportunity to meet other people,          pressure (and that of the animal). Seniors           are the last to be adopted, may make the best
   to talk about your pet,” adds Dr. Ford.              who take care of pets tend to do better eating,      pets for seniors, says Dr. Ford. These pets are
       Researchers at the University of California      exercising, caring for themselves and getting        already housebroken and well trained with
   at Davis outfitted seniors with tape recorders,      around.                                              good temperaments.
   then sent them out to walk their dogs. They             Some studies have found that pet owners               If you don’t feel up to having a pet at home
   found the dogs accounted for a lot of conver-        have lower cholesterol levels — and that a           full time, one of your local animal societies
   sations. The owners talked constantly to their       year after a heart attack, people who have           might be able to link you with a volunteer
   pets, and when they encountered a friend,            pets have a better survival rate than those          willing to share a pet with you for a few hours
   the dogs were a major topic of conversation          who don’t.                                           each week. And in some programs, volunteers
   — even when the pet owners were walking                 Seniors who own pets visit their doctors          bring pets into nursing homes. n                                                                                               Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007     

    Conquer Your Exercise Excuses
    Y     ou’re too busy. It’s raining. You need
          to make dinner. You need to help
    your children with their homework.
    You just don’t feel like it.
        “Our research shows that people who exercise
    somewhat regularly have more excuses for not
    doing so than those who don’t exercise at all,”
    says Bonnie Berger, Ph.D., professor and director
    of the School of Human Movement, Sport and
    Leisure Studies at Bowling Green State University
    in Bowling Green, Ohio. “It’s those who exercise
    every now and then, those who feel like they
    really need to be doing it more, who are the
    excuse makers.”
        To help yourself get moving, address that
    inner voice that lets you off the exercise hook.
    Here, we discredit three of the common reasons
    you may tell yourself you can’t fit in exercise
    as often as you’d like — and what you can do
    to take a step in the right direction.

    “I don’t have time”                                 “I’m just too tired”                                  after a while exercise becomes more of a want
        By far, one of the most common excuses              After a long day, it’s tough to argue with        rather than a should, which is the most powerful
    for not exercising is: I’m too busy. To that,       the fact you may be too tired to feel like exer-      excuse-buster of all.”
    you should ask yourself: Do I not have time         cising. But if you work out anyway, or even
    to exercise, or am I simply not making time?        just go for a walk, you’re likely to experience       Tips for staying motivated
        Consider: Americans, on average, watch          a noticeable energy boost because exercise               The longer you stick with an exercise pro-
    three or four hours of television a day. “Surely    sends blood sugar to muscles.                         gram, the more likely it will become a perma-
    we can find a half hour among those three or            The same holds true if you tend to be a           nent part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately,
    four hours to exercise,” Dr. Berger says.           before-work exerciser. Once you get moving,                                          continued on next page
        Also, if you stay physically fit, no matter     you feel more alert and energetic, which can
    how hectic your schedule, you can feel like         carry on throughout your day.
    you have more time.
        “You have more energy and your thoughts         “The weather is bad”
    tend to be clearer because you’ve taken a mental         If you like to exercise outdoors, you can
    break,” says Dr. Berger. Both outcomes can          always blame the weather for not being able
    make you more productive and efficient at           to work out. Unless it’s a perfect day, there’s
    work and at home.                                   bound to be some condition — wind, rain,
        To parents who say they can’t exercise          cold, heat, humidity — that throws a wrench
    because they have young children to attend          in your plan.
    to, she suggests squeezing in exercise time at           The answer is to have a backup plan for a
    the end of the day between work and home.           stormy day, such as a workout video or a gym
        “The health benefits of exercising increase     membership.
    if you exercise for more than 30 minutes a day,”         Overall, Dr. Berger suggests focusing on find-
    says Dr. Berger. “Three 10-minute walks             ing a fitness routine that works for you, whether
    throughout the day go a long way toward             it is working out with an exercise buddy or by
    keeping your heart healthy, reducing your           yourself, in the morning or after work.
    blood pressure and improving your choles-                “Try to establish habits that feel good and
    terol levels. Everybody has time for that.”         fit into your life,” she says. “If you do that,

6   Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007                                                                                     

  Going for the Fiber
   I   t’s rough, it’s tough and it’s great for your health. We’re talking about fiber,
       and if you’re like many Americans, there may not be enough of it in your diet.
   You should get 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day, says the American Heart Association.
   But, there are lots of good reasons to make an effort, and many foods fit the bill.
       Eating high-fiber foods may ease digestive           bean soup for lunch. Sprinkle kidney beans
   woes, such as constipation and some symptoms             or chickpeas on a salad. Have baked beans
   of irritable bowel syndrome. Fiber also may help:        as a side dish for dinner.
      Control blood sugar to reduce your risk for           Eat five to nine servings of fresh produce
      type 2 diabetes.                                      daily. Put fresh fruits and vegetables at the
      Prevent diverticular disease, in which small          top of your shopping list so that they’re
      pouches bulge through weak spots in the colon.        always on hand. Top your breakfast cereals
      Lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol level              with bananas, strawberries or peaches.
      and reduce your risk for heart disease.               Eat a salad for lunch and an apple or
      Help control your weight by making you feel           orange for dessert. Have a side salad with
      full with fewer calories.                             dinner. Top your pizza with spinach, onion,
                                                            mushrooms and peppers. Grate carrots into
   Steps to take                                            spaghetti sauce, soups and stews. Berries,
      Only plant foods contain fiber, so your main          dried fruit and any fruit that still has its
   goal is to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole         skin, such as nectarines, plums and pears,
   grains. Keep these tips from the American Dietetic       are high-fiber options. Just be sure to wash
   Association in mind:                                     all raw fruits and vegetables before cooking
     Start slowly. Add one serving of a high-fiber          or eating them.                                      to be listed first: brown rice, bulgur, graham
     food daily for the first week. During the second       Consume at least six ounces of whole grains          flour, oatmeal, pearl barley, whole-grain
     week, add another serving. Continue until              each day. Suggestions include whole-grain            corn, whole oats, whole rye or whole wheat.
     you’re consuming 20 to 35 grams of fiber               bread, cereal, rice and pasta. When buying           Don’t be fooled by phrases such as “made
     a day. Also, be sure to drink plenty of fluids.        breads and cereals, aim for at least two to          with whole grain,” “multigrain” or “seven-
     This will help your digestive system adjust to         three grams of fiber per serving. But, don’t         grain.” Such breads may contain mostly
     more fiber and prevent cramping and gas.               use color as a guide when choosing a high-           refined white flour. During processing, most
     Include beans, peas and legumes in your                fiber bread. Check the fiber content on the          of the fiber is removed. So, as a rule, concen-
     diet. Eat a cup of navy bean, lentil or black          food label and look for one of these ingredients     trate on eating more whole, unrefined foods. n

   Conquer Exercise Excuses, continued from previous page

   50 percent of all people who start a program             Don’t do too much, too soon. Start                   stairs instead of using an elevator.
   drop out within six months. Here are some                with a simple, low-intensity, balanced               Challenge yourself. Compete with your-
   ways you can stay motivated:                             program that you perform three days                  self to attain your own personal best.
     Set goals. Make your goals realistic                   a week. Combine stretching and flexi-                Think long-term. Periodically assess
     and attainable. Create a plan to achieve               bility exercises with aerobic activity.              your program’s benefits. Once you reach
     them. For example, promise yourself                    As you build endurance and stamina,                  your goals, create additional ones.
     that you will walk at least 20 minutes                 start increasing your program’s duration             Reward yourself. Give yourself a non-
     three to five times a week, and when you               and frequency.                                       food treat — such as a day of pampering
     can do this comfortably and consistently               Choose enjoyable, varied activities.                 or tickets to a professional ball game —
     for three weeks, increase the time to                  Choose activities that you can alternate             for achieving a goal.
     30 minutes.                                            throughout the week.                                   Most of all, remember to be patient
     Exercise for yourself, not someone else.               Incorporate exercise into your daily               and stick with your regimen long enough
     For you to be successful, your motivation              routine. Find ways to increase your activity       to see and feel the results. You will be
     must come from within.                                 level during the day. For example, walk up         rewarded. n                                                                                                 Brown & Toland’s HealthLink, Summer 007    7
                                                   HEALTH AND WELLNESS SYMPOSIUM

Brown & Toland
Sponsors Daylong
Health Symposium
Health Etc. 2007 Addresses Critical
Health Care Issues

B    rown & Toland Medical Group helped consumers
     get the answers they need on health-related
topics with its co-sponsorship of KCBS’ third
annual Health Etc., a daylong health and wellness
symposium held April 14.
    Attendees had access to a myriad of health and wellness
professionals, and enjoyed speeches, expert panels, breakout
seminars and interactive booths in the exposition area at the
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.
    For most participants, however, the keynote speech by former
President Bill Clinton proved to be the highlight of the event.
    Clinton criticized the state of America’s health care, adding
that quality care can be difficult to obtain, but powerful and life   Former President Bill Clinton lent his voice to health care issues
saving when it is effective.                                          with his keynote address at San Francisco’s Health Etc. 2007
    “We are great about treating sickness, but we are lousy at        symposium in April. Clinton is pictured here with Brown & Toland
keeping people well,” Clinton told the enthusiastic, supportive       Marketing Manager John Fisher.
crowd at the event. He also referred to the need for greater
technology in health care, specifically the use of electronic         for Brown & Toland. “It was rewarding to hear former
medical records, to streamline the exchange of information            President Clinton champion the issues that are so important
between doctors, hospitals and laboratories.                          to our organization, such as the integration of technology,
    “The event shone a spotlight on many timely, critical             and the vital need for screenings and care for patients with
health care issues,” says John Fisher, marketing manager              chronic diseases.” n

                                                                                                                              PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
       The Doctors Behind Every Good Health Plan                                                                                PAID
                                                                                                                            Long Prairie, MN
       P.O. Box 640469
       San Francisco, CA 94164-0469                                                                                          Permit No. 372
Your Health
     A guide to health and wellness programs                                                                              Summer 2007

As a Brown & Toland member, you have a doctor who listens to your needs, respects your choices and provides
you with the highest quality care you can find. You also have access to some of the finest community health
resources in San Francisco. Some of these classes are free, and others require a nominal fee or donation.

Summer Classes Cancer                                                     Pregnancy and
2007           Resources                                                  Parenting
                                      UCSF: Cancer                        California Pacific Medical
                                      Resource Center                     Center: Newborn
                                      Provides information on             Connections                         Support Groups
                                      treatment options, clinical         Offers an extensive book and        Breast Cancer
                                      trials and community services.      video lending library, support                                 FREE
                                                                                                              Support Group
                                      Also offers support groups,         groups, baby boutique and           Receive support from a group
                                      peer support, exercise              various prenatal and parenting      of women who have had
                                      programs, meditation classes,       classes.                            breast cancer and can share
                                      monthly forums, nutrition           Call 415.600.2229 to register for   experiences with others.
                                      seminars and benefits               classes or for more information.    Tuesdays, 5 to 7 p.m.
                                      counseling. All programs
                                                                                                              450 Stanyan Street,
                                      and services are free.
                                                                                                              St. Mary’s Medical Center
                                      Call 415.885.3693 for more
                                                                                                              Call 415.750.5775 for more

                                      California Pacific Medical                                              Menopause
Women’s                               Center: Breast and                                                      Matters
                                      Gynecological Cancer
Health                                Recovery Program
                                                                                                              Each session is devoted to
                                                                                                              a specific topic, followed by
California Pacific Medical            These two programs are                                                  a group discussion.
Center: Women’s Health                designed to assist women                                                Second Wednesday of
                                      undergoing cancer treatment                                             each month
Resource Center
                                      and to help them in their                                               7:15 to 8:45 p.m.
Offers health consultations,          physical, emotional and spiritual   Prenatal Education
                                                                                                              450 Stanyan Street,
support groups, ultrasound,           recovery. Services include:         Program                             St. Mary’s Medical Center
bone-density screenings and                                               All Brown & Toland Health Net
                                        Preparation for surgery,                                              Call 415.750.5775 for more
massage therapy. Lending library                                          members are eligible to receive
                                        radiation and chemotherapy                                            information.
with on-site Internet access also                                         a free gift certificate to
                                        Hairpieces and breast forms
available. Offers classes on                                              Babies“R”Us/ Toys“R”Us. To
various women’s health topics.          Lymphedema education                                                  Diabetes Support
                                                                          qualify, members must meet                                     FREE
Call 415.600.0500 for more              Individual and group support,                                         Group
                                                                          the following criteria:
information.                            including chaplain and social                                         Adult Diabetes Support Group
                                        services                            Members must be current
                                                                                                              provides an opportunity to
                                                                            Health Net members
UCSF: Women’s Health                    Natural menopause symptom                                             share experiences and learn
                                        management                          Members must have completed
Resource Center                                                                                               new strategies from other
                                                                            at least one of the following
                                        Nutrition                                                             adults using insulin. Meetings
Provides information on health                                              classes: Newborn Parenting,
                                      Call 415.600.6281 for more                                              facilitated by a social worker
topics of concern to women.                                                 Breast-feeding or Childbirth
                                      information about the Breast                                            and certified diabetes
Offers large lending library,                                               Preparation These classes
                                      Cancer Recovery Program and                                             educators.
provider referrals, clinical trials                                         must be taken at California
                                      415.600.0500 for the Gyneco-                                            3801 Sacramento Street,
information and classes on                                                  Pacific Medical Center’s
                                      logical Cancer Recovery Program.                                        7th Floor
women’s health issues.                                                      Newborn Connections
                                                                                                              Second Tuesday of each month
Call 415.353.2668 for more                                                  or UCSF’s Great Expectations
                                                                                                              11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
information.                                                                Pregnancy Program.

Brown & Toland Medical Group                                                  Your Health, Summer 2007        A
Your Health                                                                                                          Summer 2007

Support Groups                     Diabetes and                         St. Mary’s Medical Center:
                                                                        Diabetes Services
                                   Self-Management                      American Diabetes Association         Cessation
                                                                        certified education center
                                   California Pacific Medical                                                 California
                                                                        focuses on the need for                                                FREE
                                   Center: Community                    individual education. The nurse       Smokers’ Helpline
                                   Health Resource Center               diabetes educator or dietitian        The California Smokers’ Helpline
                                   Offers social services, informa-     offers individual appointments.       is a telephone program that can
                                   tion, screenings and free            Educators facilitate group            help you quit smoking. Helpline
                                   seminars on various health           education classes held on Friday      services are provided at no cost
                                   topics, including:                   afternoons. Members may               and are funded by the California
                                     Cholesterol                        attend classes on a drop-in basis.    Department of Health Services.
                                     Medication management              Call 415.750.5513 for more            The Helpline provides self-help
                                     Heart health/disease               information.                          materials, a referral list of other
                                                                                                              programs and one-on-one
                                                                                                              counseling over the phone.
                                                                                                              Anyone in California can call the
                                   Call 415.923.3155 for more
                                                                                                              Helpline, whether he or she is
                                                                                                              currently smoking, has already
                                                                                                              quit or wants information for a
Repetitive Strain Injury           California Pacific Medical                                                 friend or relative.
Support Group                      Center: Center for                                                         Resource Center .....415.353.6320
The San Francisco Repetitive       Diabetes Services                                                          English .......................800.NO.BUTTS
Strain Injury (RSI) Support        This American Diabetes                                                     Vietnamese ..............800.778.8440
Group is a peer-led group that     Association (ADA)-recognized                                               Spanish ................800.45.NO.FUME
presents a new speaker each        program provides comprehen-                                                Cantonese/
month. Experts discuss specific    sive education to adults and                                               Mandarin ..................800.838.8917
therapies, ergonomic tools,        children with type 1 or type 2                                             Hearing
legal and benefits issues.         diabetes. The program offers                                               Impaired ...................800.933.4TDD
People with RSI also have time     classes and individual counsel-                                            Korean ........................800.556.5564
to talk about their challenges                                          UCSF: Diabetes Teaching               Chew .........................800.844.CHEW
                                   ing sessions including informa-
and successes.                     tion, tools and strategies for
Davies Campus, at Castro                                                UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center
                                   self-managing diabetes, and                                                UCSF’s Tobacco Education
and Duboce Streets                 preventing or delaying the onset     educators place special emphasis
North Tower, Rooms B-2 and 3       of complications. Additionally,      on orienting the newly diagnosed
First Monday of each month                                              individual with diabetes to the       The Tobacco Education Center at
                                   the Center for Diabetes offers                                             UCSF Medical Center at Mt. Zion
7 to 9 p.m.                        prevention classes for people        extraordinary lifestyle changes
Suggested donation $5. Please                                           the disease makes necessary.          offers comprehensive smoking-
                                   with prediabetes, as well as a                                             cessation and relapse preven-
call 415.923.3166 for more         pediatric program. All classes,      For those who are living with
                                                                        diabetes, the program provides        tion services.
information.                       provided by certified diabetes
                                                                        training in the latest advances in      The Cessation Program
                                   educators, range from the basics
                                                                        self-care and problem-solving           The sessions include issues
Compulsive Hair                    of diabetes to intensive manage-
                           FREE                                         skills. Thousands of people with        related to smoking or health;
Pullers Support                    ment and insulin pump training.
                                                                                                                medications to ease with-
Group                              Support groups and counseling        type 1 and type 2 diabetes from
                                                                        around the world have com-              drawal; neurobiology and
Get support and help for           also are available. Staff speaks
                                                                        pleted workshops at the UCSF            addiction; and tools for
compulsive hair pulling.           English, Tagalog, Spanish and
                                                                        Diabetes Teaching Center. The           building and sustaining
Davies Campus, B-1                 Chinese.
                                                                        result is improved health and           motivation. The cost for this
Mondays                            Call 415.600.0506 for more
                                                                        quality of life. Participants learn     program is $50.
6:30 to 8 p.m.                     information.
                                                                        to recognize their own patterns         The Relapse Prevention
Call 415.923.3155                                                                                               Support Group
                                                                        of blood sugar response. This
for more information.              St. Luke’s Hospital:                                                         This support group is available
                                                                        self-knowledge permits each
                                   Diabetes Education                   individual to make more                 to graduates of the Cessation
Hepatitis C                        Program                              consistent and appropriate              Program who want continued
Support Group                      Certified diabetes educators         adjustments to daily diet,              help to become and remain
2100 Webster Street,               work to help patients develop        exercise and medication. The            smoke-free. A $5 drop-in fee is
Suite 106                          healthy lifestyle choices, set and   UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center           requested but not required.
First and third Tuesday            achieve goals, and teach patients    offers two-day, three-and-one-        Both groups meet at UCSF
of each month                      how to prevent serious complica-     half day, and insulin pump            Medical Center at Mt. Zion,
6:45 to 8 p.m.                     tions from diabetes. The staff is    workshops. Individual appoint-        1600 Divisadero Street.
Call 415.285.6893                  bilingual (English and Spanish).     ments also are available.             Call 415.885.7895 for more
for more information.              Call 415.641.6826 for more           Call 415.353.2266 for more            information.
                                   information.                         information.

B   Brown & Toland Medical Group                                                    Your Health, Summer 2007
Your Health                                                                                                           Summer 2007

Brown &                                                                     cholesterol, diabetes, diarrhea
                                                                            and other HIV-related             Community
Toland Disease                                                              problems
                                                                            Performing body composition
Management                                                                  testing and evaluating the        Senior Centers
Programs                                                                    appropriateness of therapies
                                                                            for HIV wasting
                                                                                                              Institute on Aging
FOR MEMBERS ONLY                                                          We work with your doctor to         Support Groups........415.750.4130
                                                                          provide you with this FREE          On Lok Senior Health
Congestive Heart Failure
                                                                          service. Our program is designed      1426.Fillmore.St....415.447.1000
Brown & Toland Medical Group’s                                            to enhance, not replace, the care     2700.Geary.St........415.447.8900
NEW Congestive Heart Failure                                              and advice you receive from your    Seniors•At•Home....415.448.3700
(CHF) management program is                                               physician.                            North .of.Market..
dedicated to improving quality                                            To register or for more informa-      Branch........................415.292.1086
of life for individuals with CHF.                                         tion, please call Grace Moore,        Downtown.          .
The program is designed to:                                               R.N., C.S., FNP, at 415.972.4246      Branch........................415.771.7950
  Provide intensive case              Education                           or Michelle Kuppich, R.D., at         Aquatic   .Park..
  management for CHF patients         Learn current asthma/COPD           415.386.3148.                         Branch........................415.775.1866
  Coordinate appropriate              facts, causes of asthma/COPD,                                             Western    .Addition..
  referrals to specialists            how to properly use a peak                                                Branch........................415.921.7805
  Improve your self-manage-           flow meter and spacer, correct      Community                           Montefiore Senior
  ment skills
  Offer patient education
                                      use of your inhaler and
                                      medications, and how to             Health Events                       Center............................415.292.1262
                                                                                                              Richmond Senior
  Work with your doctor to            manage your asthma/COPD             Solutions for Living FREE           Center............................415.752.6444
                                      through proper medication
  enrich your medical care                                                with Arthritis:
For more information, please call     use and environmental
                                                                          Tips for Easing Tasks
415.972.4247.                                                             of Daily Life
                                      Case Management
                                      Work with an asthma/COPD            Join an Occupational Therapist
Diabetes Management                                                       for this lively discussion and
                                      nurse practitioner to closely
Brown & Toland Medical Group’s        monitor your progress and           demonstration on making life
comprehensive Diabetes                improve control of your             easier for those suffering with
Management Program is                 asthma/COPD.                        arthritis pain. Movement
designed to improve your self-        Facilitated Specialist Referral     adaptations, simple tools and
management skills to control          Get assistance in obtaining a       creative alternatives will be
your diabetes and prevent any         referral to an asthma/COPD          shown that can help improve
diabetes-related complications        specialist, if necessary.           activities of daily living. Bring
through case management and         To register or for more informa-      your ideas to share as well.
education. The program is           tion, please call 415.386.1134.       Tuesday, June 12
designed to:                                                              4:30 to 6 p.m.
  Provide tips to better control                                          2333 Buchanan Street
                                    HIV Management
  your diabetes                                                FREE       Enright Room, Lobby Level
                                    Our HIV Management                    Call 415.923.3155 to
  Improve your knowledge of
                                    Program features personalized         pre-register.
  diabetes and its effects
                                    HIV medication, nutrition and
  Provide information on your                                                                                 Saint Francis
                                    case management from a
  current diabetes medications
                                    certified nurse practitioner and                                          Memorial Hospital
  and insulin pumps
                                    registered dietitian. As clinical                                         Senior Services..........415.353.6565
  Facilitate education classes      specialists in HIV, they can assist                                       Health and Wellness
  offered through in-network        you in managing your health by:                                           Resource Center.......415.353.6320
  diabetes education centers
                                      Explaining current HIV
  Work closely with your doctor       therapies and helping you and
  to enhance your care
                                                                                                              St. Luke’s Hospital
                                      your doctor decide which                                                Diabetes Education
To register, or for more informa-     medications and treatments
tion, please call 415.972.4241.                                                                               Program.......................415.641.6826
                                      are best for you
                                      Providing tips on how to                                                UCSF
Asthma/COPD               FREE        manage medication-related
Management                                                                                                    Women’s Health Resource
                                      side effects and HIV-related
Program                                                                                                       Center............................415.353.2668
                                                                                                              Diabetes Teaching
Our free and comprehensive            Evaluating your diet and
program can help you under-           suggesting changes you may
                                                                                                              Millberry Recreation
stand and manage your asthma/         make to help manage weight
                                                                                                              and Fitness..................415.476.1115
COPD. Program includes:               loss, weight gain, high

Brown & Toland Medical Group                                                  Your Health, Summer 2007                  C
Your Health                                                                                                                       Summer 2007

Community                                         Osteoporosis Education
                                                  Fifty-five percent of Americans
                                                                                        Coping With Cancer
                                                                                        In response to patient requests,
Resources                                         over 50 years of age already          CPMC physicians and other           Support Group
                                                  have osteoporosis. Are you
                                                  among them? Learn how to
                                                                                        health care professionals provide
                                                                                        medical and/or psycho-social        Listings
Health Resource                                   alter your chances of becoming        oriented updates on various         Breast Cancer
Center........................415.923.3155        one of the affected individuals.      cancer topics. Take advantage of                               FREE
                                                                                                                            Support Group
                                                  Already diagnosed? Change your        this opportunity to ask questions
                                                                                                                            Receive support from a group of
                                                  risk of suffering a debilitating      of the experts in an informal
                                                                                                                            women who have had breast
                                                  fracture. Learn the risk factors of   setting and get up-to-date
                                                                                                                            cancer and can share experi-
                                                  osteoporosis and find out simple      information on treatment and
                                                                                                                            ences with others.
                                                  nutritional and lifestyle modifica-   current research.
                                                                                                                            Tuesdays, 5 to 7 p.m.
                                                  tions you can implement, which          Dealing With Relationships
                                                                                                                            450 Stanyan Street,
                                                  may change your personal profile.       Tuesday, June 26,
                                                                                                                            St. Mary’s Medical Center
                                                  Find out about the available            Enright Room
                                                                                                                            Call 415.750.5775 for more
                                                  medications and what is on the          Lymphoma Update                   information.
                                                  horizon for the treatment of this       Tuesday, July 24,
                                                  debilitating disease.                   Conference Room, Level A
                                                  Tuesday, July 31                                                          Menopause
                                                                                          Navigating the                                               FREE
                                                  2100 Webster Street, Room 106           Medical System
                                                  For more information or to              Tuesday, August 28,               Each session is devoted to
                                                  register, please call                   Enright Room                      a specific topic, followed by
                                                  415.923.3155.                         2333 Buchanan Street,               a group discussion.
                                                  $10 donation requested.               6 to 8 p.m.                         Second Wednesday of
                                                                                        Refreshments provided.              each month
                                                  Blood Pressure                        $10 donation requested.             7:15 to 8:45 p.m.
                                                                             FREE                                           450 Stanyan Street,
CPMC                                              Screenings                            Please register by calling
                                                                                        415.923.3155.                       St. Mary’s Medical Center
Women’s Health Resource Center                    Free blood pressure screenings
                                                                                                                            Call 415.750.5775 for more
and Library.................415.600.0500          offered at the Community
                                                  Health Resource Center.                                                   information.
Institute for Health
and Healing...............415.600.3660
                  .                               Second and Fourth Tuesdays
Center for Diabetes                               of the Month, 10 to 11 a.m.
Services.........................415.600.0506     2100 Webster Street, Room 100.

St. Mary’s Medical Center
Senior Services..........415.750.5800
Diabetes Services.....415.750.5513

D     Brown & Toland Medical Group                                                               Your Health, Summer 2007

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