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									                        Understanding the Relevance of Network Penetration Testing

Computer system safety is an essential concern both for individuals and professionals. Any kind of intrusions
can pose serious risk to critical data and user identity. Utilizing the apt tools such as network penetration
testing can help companies and individuals recognize how safe they actually are. It is a fact that the strength
of a network affects the safety of enterprise data and is a crucial concern area.

Security breaches on any computing device can allow unauthorized users to have access to critical data. This
in turn can make the critical data vulnerable to a host of insecure situations. Therefore, with appropriate
security measures organization’s can safeguard this data and the overall network from any third party
attacks. When sensitive data is accessed by malicious hackers or stolen by fraudulent internal workers it
affects a business in a huge way. There have been several instances where organization’s have encountered
data thefts that resulted in loss of employee private data as well as enterprise data such as tender quotes,
marketing strategies, employee PF codes and the like. There are times when the data is hard to retrieve and
results in monetary losses, brand erosion and loss of consumer goodwill.

Hence, network penetration testing along with other security measures and assessments is effective in
highlighting vulnerable and gray areas within a network. One can only correct and fix them when there
sufficient information about the situation. With adequate information you can therefore take a step closer to
the solution and attain a secure network. Securing the users, data and the system hosts will result in an
efficient and secure working environment. Today leading solution providers specializing in business
continuity disaster recovery solutions have introduced innovative network penetration testing programs.
They offer benefits such as:

·     Covers all kinds of WASC, OWASP Top 10, CVE / NVDB / SANS and other major vulnerabilities
comprising data-in-motion leakages
·    Provides coverage of all attack paths via loophole correlation
·    There is threat modeling and expert validation, and automated exploitation
·    Offers automated testing
·    Provides business logic verification
·    There is an online vulnerability management dashboard
·    The charges are transparent that apply monthly/quarterly
·    Research driven delivery
Have you been facing network vulnerabilities that are limiting your business capacities? If yes, then it is time
to upgrade your security system and resort to advanced network penetration testing solutions that provides
you with the capacity to manage and monitor your security systems and network on an ongoing basis
without any expensive investments. Advanced network penetration testing programs are more of an on-
demand solution that runs tests over the internet anytime and anywhere seamlessly. The program is hybrid
that is a balance of security expert analysis and automated testing.

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