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									      Toolkit C

Facilities Design:Option 3
    By: Michele Linn
•   Proposal Plan
•   Current Library Schematic
•   Renovated Library Schematic
•   Budget-Excel Spreadsheet
•   Photo Album of Furnishings
Proposal Plan
Current Library Schematic
The current media center is traditional in nature
   and may be considered outdated with the
           exception of technology.

                                              Click The
                                            library to See
                                           the Schematic!
      Renovated Library Schematic

 Renovating a library that is out of date can be daunting, but
 as Kimberly Bolan stated, “Making libraries irresistible and
  integral to kids isn’t impossible. It just takes some work.”

 Take me to my
renovated library!
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The Budget
    Let’s look
      at the
    Click me!
Kimberly Bolan discusses the wave of the future for children/teen’s
                Read “Looks Like Teen Spirit”

 Color Scheme for Concord Library
  would be similar to these colors.
     Soft greens, yellows, blues.
  Carpet color: Neutral soft brown
 Evidence of a Growing Phenomena!
More Pictures of a Modern 21st Century
   Library for Children and Teens!

                              Carpet Samples
                       The Joy Carpet for Teens Line
                               Available at:
                Photo Album of Sample Items to
                 Purchase for Renovated Library

                                                                      Snack Corner
Circulation Desk                                                       Equipment
                                        Music Station


                                                                             Bistro Set for
                                                                            “Snack Corner”

      Here is a compact way to have
comfortable reading chair and a library, all
while saving space. This chair is designed
  for those of you who love to relax and
 read. Books can be stored in this chair as
            seen in the picture.
                                                Novelty Idea…
                                               But is it practical?
       Samples of Display Cases
Art / Magazine/Newspaper/DVD/CD’s
  $1349.00                                          $120.50

                                    DVD Stand


                  Newspaper case $ 949.00
                    Nice, but too much!
  $ 1,010.00

    Lounging Furniture
  Chairs, Sofas, & Ottomans


              $99.00                            $89.00

Ergonomic Lounge       $329.00
  Flips into sofa

                        Vendors for
                     Desired Furnishings

• http://www.demco.com/ -Shelving, tables, chairs, reference desks.
• Round Circulation Desk, Multi-colored lounge chairs, tables, themed
• Multiple Supplies- http://www.bizchair.com/cdstorage.html
• Multiple Supplies- http://www.shopbrodart.com/default.us.aspx
• Snack Corner Equipment- http://cafeproducts.com/coffee-
• Low-priced Concession Stand Equipment-
• Guide to best coffee/concession/kitchen equipment for the lowest
  prices- http://www.coffee-makers-n-espresso-machines.com/
• Coffee Supplies- http://www.coffeemakersetc.com/index.php
                The End

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