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Phillip O


									                   Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology
                               2009 Microbiology
                                  Mr. Erik Olejarczyk
                              4 years teaching experience
                 B.A. Secondary Education/ The University of Akron
       M.Ed. Curriculum and Supervision/University of North Carolina Charlotte
                                  Room Number 641
          Email: Telephone: (980) 343-5992

                                      Course Overview
Microbiology is an elective science course offered to tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade
students at Phillip O. Berry. This will be the equivalent of a freshman level college
microbiology course. Within this course you will learn an overview of the microbial
world including a survey of the structure, functioning, and diversity of microorganisms. It
will also entail an introduction to the fundamental concepts of microbial physiology,
ecology, genetics, and pathogenesis as well as microbiological laboratory procedures
including sterile technique, microscopy, enrichment and isolation, preservation, and
extensive experience in the cultivation of microorganisms. It is my intent to guide you to
“making the material your own” and have the content in this course mean something to
you at the end of the year. I intend to stress group projects, hands-on activities, and a
large number of laboratories. This will require a great deal of responsibility, maturity,
and effort on your part. The amount of activities completed throughout the year will rely
greatly on the commitment of each student. Let’s work thoroughly and diligently
together to get the most out of this intriguing science!!!

Microbiology is a college level course. Please be aware that you will need to devote a
large amount of time studying. This subject is intricate and at times it may be very
difficult to grasp concepts the first time they are presented. Please be prepared to
study about 10 hours a week if you want to be successful in this class. I will do my
best to help lessen this time using a consistent format for notes, handing out relevant
homework, and providing you with study tips and advice. Keep in mind. YOU
                                Required Course Material
The following materials are required for each student to bring to class everyday unless
directed otherwise. I stress: Bring all materials everyday-this is not negotiable!!!
    1. Textbook ”Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology” by Elaine N. Marieb
    2. 2” 3-ring binder (used only for Anatomy)
    3. Loose leaf paper
    4. Folder for your returned work
    5. Pen or Pencil
    6. Spiral Notebook
                              Course Grading and Evalution
Your grades will be based on a variety of activities, projects, labs homework
assignments, and assessments. The grading will be weight as follows:

50% Tests and Quizzes                            The grading scale is as follows:
25% Labs                                         A=93-100
15% Projects                                     B=85-92
10% Homework and Classwork                       C=77-84
                                                 F=69 or below
Attendance for this class is mandatory. If students miss a day they are allotted three days
from the day they get back to turn in any assignments that have been missed. YOU ARE
MISSED WITHIN THIS TIME PERIOD. Student’s who are absent for 10 days or
more automatically receive a an F for the course

Students who come to class late will be issued a warning for the first time. All tardies
there after result in the consequences outlined by the school administration

                                       Cardinal Rule
Students at Berry are expected to demonstrate courtesy and respect for themselves,
teachers, other students, and all property and equipments!!!!!!!!!

                            Classroom Procedures and Rules
   1. When the bell rings sit silently in seat, working on the warmup
   2. No talking unless instructed to do so
   3. Raise your hand when you have a question. Wait to be addressed by the teacher
       because it is not polite to shout out. If you want to say something while another is
       speaking you must raise your hand so that you may be called on when they are
       finished. I will not tolerate interruptions
   4. Raise your hand to sharpen your pencil, go to the garbage can, or anything else
       you may need to do out of your seat
   5. Do not throw things
   6. Do not sit on the tables, or put your feet on this furniture. This is a classroom, not
       a living room
   7. No profanity of any kind will be tolerated
   8. No food, candy, or gum. The only drink allowed is water.
   9. No notewriting, calculator games, electronic devices, or work from other classes
       will be allowed. If you have anything that you shouldn’t it is mine
   10. Sleeping is absolutely prohibited.
   11. Do not copy answers from your classmates or allow classmates to copy from you.
       This is CMS policy and calls for immediate action as well as an F for that
       assignment or test
   12. I and only I dismiss the class.
   13. If you do not have any of the materials required I will deduct 5 points from your
       materials grade every time you borrow from me.
   14. Homework is accepted late after the due date, but only for ½ credit. The deadline
       to turn in late work is one week after it is due. If a student is absent they are
       allotted three days to turn in any missed assignments

                             If You Choose To Break A Rule
   First Time-Verbal Warning
   Second Time-Student Conference/Parent Contact
   Third Time- Referral to Intervention Team/Administrator

   Any serious infraction may result in seat being moved to exclude student from others or
   student may be removed from class completely to visit and administrator

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