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 An Advertorial Section from
The Marietta Times
 Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Page 2 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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                   You’re Engaged: Now What?
  (NAPSI) – If you’re planning a wedding, you have lots of          of co-workers, guest lists can add up quickly –– even if
company. More than 2 million weddings occur every year.             you’ve agreed to keep things small. Limiting the list to
The good news is that tying the knot is a lot less daunting         immediate family and then branching out in layers –– aunts,
when you stay loose and                                                                               uncles, close friends, first
break down the initial                                                                                cousins –– is a fair way to
planning phase into steps.                                                                            bring the number down.
                                                                                                      And remember, you can’t
Step 1: Cap Spending                                                                                  choose a venue until
   Before you start number                                                                            you’ve decided on an
crunching, set your                                                                                   approximate number of
priorities. Can you give up                                                                           guests.
that string quartet in order
to have nicer flowers? Is                                                                                Step 4: Save The Date
serving filet mignon at a                                                                                    A good way to choose a
four-course dinner more                                                                                  date is by envisioning the
important than hiring an                                                                                 time of year during which
incredible photographer?                                                                                 you’d like your wedding to
Once you know what                                                                                       take place. Take into
elements you can and can’t                                                                               consideration the weather
live without, you’ll have a                                                                              and any themes you may
much clearer idea of how                                                                                 have been leaning toward.
to allocate your money.                                                                                  Then choose two tentative
                                                                                                         dates and check the area
Step 2: Your Wedding                                                                                     city guide to ensure there
Style                                                                                                    won’t be any major events
  An intimate beach side                                                                                 that day that could make it
ceremony is a very                                                                                       difficult to find guest
different undertaking than                                                                               accommodations or
a formal church wedding                                                                                  reliable vendors.
with 300 guests. That’s
why choosing a wedding                                                                                Step 5: Location,
style should be an                                                                                    Location, Location
important step in your                                                                                   Once you’ve decided
planning process. Discuss                                                                             on two possible dates, a
the type of wedding you                                                                               guest count and your ideal
and your fiancée want to                                                                              wedding style, it’s time to
have. Talk about the size of the wedding, the season in             start looking into locations. You can find prospective
which it will take place, the level of formality, the time of       ceremony and reception sites by looking online, then start
day and any themes you may be interested in.                        setting appointments to visit your favorites in person. Most
                                                                    locations will allow you a courtesy two-week “pencil hold”
Step 3: Make The List                                               while you make your final decision.
  Between two families, two sets of friends and two groups

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                                                 WEDDING CHECKLIST
 Six to 12 months                                                            mother of the groom will often wait for the mother of the
 z Announce your engagement. Have someone throw you a                        bride to select her dress.
   party and send an engagement announcement to your                     z    Finalize the reception. If you are going to rent anything,
   local newspaper.                                                          do it now.
 z Decide on what kind of wedding. Less formal weddings                  z    Make reservations for the honeymoon. Remember to tell
   are usually held in the morning or early afternoon. Late                  them you will be newlyweds. You’ll be surprised how
   afternoon and evening weddings are traditionally more                     many perks you will get.
   formal.                                                               z    Confirm the dates and times with the florist, caterer, pho-
 z Decide on the time of day. Are you prepared to feed your                  tographer, musicians and church.
   guests dinner or do you want a simple ceremony with                   z    Discuss transportation to and from the wedding and
   cake and punch only? The time of day that you choose                      reception areas.
   will dictate the food choices.                                        z    Order the wedding cakes.
 z Choose a location. Remember to take into consideration                z    Choose and order the tuxes.
   what the weather could be like on your wedding day.                   z    Schedule the bridesmaids’ dress fittings. This would also
 z Pick a date. Do this as soon as possible so that your bridal              be a good time to choose and dye the shoes, if necessary.
   party and far away family can begin making arrangements
   for motels and scheduling time away from their jobs.                  Two months
 z Set a budget. This is so important. Discuss it carefully              z Mail the invitations.
   between the two of you and your respective families.                  z Get the marriage license.
 z Select the bridal party. It is important to do this as soon as        z Finalize the honeymoon plans.
   possible so these special people can set aside time to ful-
   fill their duties and roles in your wedding.                          One month
 z Choose your colors. Your flowers, attire, linens and cake             z Reserve accommodations for the guests.
   will reflect your choice. Since you have to shop for these            z Record gifts received and send thank-you notes. Many
   items fairly far in advance, it’s important that you are                couples think that they have to wait to send those thank-
   rock-solid on your color decision.                                      you notes. Get them done as soon as the gifts begin to
 z Choose and order the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ gowns                    arrive.
   and accessories. Choose wisely and stay within your                   z Schedule the final fittings for bride and bridesmaids.
   budget.                                                               z Plan the rehearsal and dinner. This is the responsibility of
 z Start planning the honeymoon. Discuss this with the                     the groom and his family but all should work together on
   groom and let him make some of the major decisions.                     this.
 z Begin your bridal registry. Visit your favorite stores and            z Hold the bridesmaids’ luncheon.
   choose items that you will need to start your life together.          z Purchase the gifts for the bridal party. Brides often buy
 z Select the caterer, photographer, florist and musicians.                inexpensive earrings or necklaces that the bridesmaids can
   Keep their phone numbers handy.                                         wear to the wedding. Popular choices for the groomsmen
 z Start planning the reception. Secure a hall, hotel or what-             are money clips, key chains or ball caps.
   ever suits you for your reception area.                               z Schedule appointments at beauty salons for attendants, if
 z Start your premarital counseling. Some churches require                 needed.
   this for a marriage.                                                  z Purchase a guest book and decide where it will go. Some
 z Choose and order the wedding rings.                                     couples place the guest book just inside the door of the
                                                                           church or wedding area. Some prefer to display it at the
 Three months                                                              reception. In any case, have someone stand nearby to
 z Complete the guest list.                                                invite guests to sign the book.
 z Plan to have both mothers select their dresses. The

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                                                      WEDDING CHECKLIST
Two weeks                                                                         z Plan seating arrangements for the guests.
z Finalize the wedding day transportation.                                        z Have a beautician practice fixing your hair. You may also
z Arrange to have names changed on driver’s license,                                want to practice your make-up or make an appointment at
  social security card, etc.                                                        a department store to have it done for you.
                                                                                  z Make sure that wedding rings are picked up and fit.
One week
z Start packing for the honeymoon. Be sure to choose                              Day of Wedding
  clothing that you won’t need during this very busy week.                        z Eat breakfast –– you’ll need the energy.
z Finalize the number of guests with the caterer, if not                          z Relax and enjoy your special day!
  already done.

                                                      MAKING IT OFFICIAL...
OHIO MARRIAGE LAWS                                                                   change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be
     In order to get married in the state of Ohio, you need to apply and             regarded as legal advice.
receive a marriage license. This is the document in your state that allows            It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage
you to officially tie the knot under the law. The rules for acquiring your mar-   license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.
riage license varies from state to state, so you should check with your                                                      Source:
city’s marriage bureau at your clerk of court’s office to find out what your
local rules are.                                                                  WEST VIRGINIA MARRIAGE LAWS
     You’ll typically need to apply for your marriage license at least one            In order to get married in the state of West Virginia, you need to apply
month before your wedding ceremony. You’ll traditionally need to send in          and receive a marriage license. This is the document in your state that
your birth certificates, tax information, and other official documents. You       allows you to officially tie the knot under the law. The rules for acquiring
don’t, however, want to apply for your marriage license too early. In some        your marriage license varies from state to state, so you should check with
states, the licenses do expire, if you don’t get married within a few months.     your city’s marriage bureau at your clerk of court’s office to find out what
     When you apply for your license, you’ll not only need a proof of identifi-   your local rules are.
cation and age, but you’ll need to apply for the certificate together, will           You’ll typically need to apply for your marriage license at least one
need to provide any information about previous marriages, and will need to        month before your wedding ceremony. You’ll traditionally need to send in
pay a nominal fee. You will also need to have a witness when you sign the         your birth certificates, tax information, and other official documents. You
application, so plan on bringing your maid of honor or best man with you.         don’t, however, want to apply for your marriage license too early. In some
The bride will need to know what her married name will be before she signs        states, the licenses do expire, if you don’t get married within a few months.
the marriage certificate. You’ll have to write that name on the application.          When you apply for your license, you’ll not only need a proof of identifi-
     And, believe it or not, just because you have your marriage license sent     cation and age, but you’ll need to apply for the certificate together, will
to you in the mail does not mean you are officially married. You need to          need to provide any information about previous marriages, and will need to
have a justice of the peace or a religious clergyman sign the document. On        pay a nominal fee. You will also need to have a witness when you sign the
your wedding day, you’ll give your chaplain your marriage license, then           application, so plan on bringing your maid of honor or best man with you.
after the ceremony, he’ll sign it and send it to the proper government            The bride will need to know what her married name will be before she signs
agency for validation.                                                            the marriage certificate. You’ll have to write that name on the application.
ID Requirement: Government issued ID such as drivers license, visa,                   And, believe it or not, just because you have your marriage license sent
   passport, state ID. You need to know your social security numbers.             to you in the mail does not mean you are officially married. You need to
Residency Requirement: Do not have to be a resident of Ohio. You must             have a justice of the peace or a religious clergyman sign the document. On
   apply in the county in which you want to get married.                          your wedding day, you’ll give your chaplain your marriage license, then
If previously married: Bring certified copy of divorce decree or a copy of        after the ceremony, he’ll sign it and send it to the proper government
   deceased spouse’s death certificate.                                           agency for validation.
Application Requirement: Both parties to a marriage should appear in              ID Requirement: You will need to present photo identification such as
   person to obtain the license.                                                     your driver’s license, state ID, or passport. You will also need to know
Fees: $40+ depending on county - Cash only. Some counties accept                     your parents’ full names, including your mothers’ maiden names, and the
   money orders.                                                                     states where they were born.
Waiting Period: No waiting period.                                                Residency Requirement: You do not have to be a resident of West
Blood Tests: No tests.                                                               Virginia. However, if you are a West Virginia resident, you must apply in
Under 21: If you are 18 to 21 years of age, you will need to show your birth         the county where you live.
   certificate. Persons aged 16-17 must have consent to marry from parents        Previous Marriages: Most counties will require documentation to prove a
   or legal guardians and may have to contact the Probate Court.                     previous marriage has been dissolved either through death or divorce.
   Additionally, the Judge may require the minors to state that they have         Covenant Marriage Option: No.
   received marriage counseling that is satisfactory to the court. Section        Waiting Period: None.
   3101.05 also mentions how the court will deal with a pregnant minor.           Fees: $36 approximately. Fee may vary from county to county. Cash only.
Proxy Marriages: No.                                                              Other Tests: None.
Common Law Marriage: Yes and No. A Common Law marriage entered                    Cousin Marriages: No.
   into in Ohio before October 10, l991 constitutes a valid, legal marriage in    Common Law Marriages: No.
   Ohio. After October 10, l991, new Common Law marriages are prohibited          Same Sex Marriages: No.
   in Ohio.                                                                       Under 18: If either of you are under 18 years of age, you must have the
Cousin Marriage: No.                                                                 consent (in person) of a parent or guardian. There will be a three-day
Same Sex Marriage: No.                                                               waiting period after you apply for the license. There may be special pro-
Officiants: Any ordained or licensed minister of any religious society or            visions for an underaged bride who is pregnant.
   congregation within this state may perform marriages. Before performing        Officiants: Any ordained minister who has received authorization to per-
   a marriage, ministers must present their ordination credentials to the            form marriages in the state of West Virgina. The court in each city and
   probate judge of any county. The judge will provide the minister with a           county has appointed persons who are eligible to perform civil wed-
   license to perform marriages. The minister must then present his license          dings.
   to the probate judge in any county in which he performs a marriage.            Valid: License is valid for sixty (60) days.
   Ministers must send a certificate of marriage to the probate judge of the      Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often
   county which issued the marriage license within 30 days after the mar-            change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be
   riage.                                                                            regarded as legal advice.
Valid: License is valid for 60 days. The license can only be used within the          It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage
   State of Ohio.                                                                 license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.
Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often                                                              Source:
Page 6 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

        Basic Wedding Etiquette Guidelines
By Doris A. Black                                                         reception.
  There are dozens of books on the market specifically                 n At the reception the bride and groom should have the first
geared toward wedding etiquette. Each has their own version               dance prior to a sit-down dinner. The bride should dance
of what is acceptable and what is not. Depending on how                   with the groom’s father and the groom with the bride’s
closely you choose to follow                                                                                    mother. Etiquette also
etiquette, here are some                                                                                        calls for the brides-
basics.                                                                                                         maids and groomsmen
n Bachelor and bachelorette                                                                                     to dance together
   party rules no longer                                                                                        regardless of marital
   require the sexes to have                                                                                    status. The garter toss
   separate parties. There is                                                                                   and bouquet toss, while
   no reason, as long as both                                                                                   a long-standing tra-
   sides agree, why one                                                                                         ditional event, can be
   party for the whole wed-                                                                                     omitted if desired, but
   ding party cannot be                                                                                         is acceptable if kept
   arranged.                                                                                                    low-key.
n Send wedding invitations                                                                                   n If the wedding is called
   to both sets of parents as a                                                                                 off, you should return
   keepsake, as well as to the                                                                                  the gifts unused. Make
   officiant. Send one to all                                                                                   sure you keep a list of
   members of the wedding                                                                                       who sent what.
   party. If you don’t want children at the wedding, either               Engraved gifts may be kept. Cancel travel plans imme-
   print “Adult Reception” on the invitation or use word-of-              diately and inform guests who planned to travel to your
   mouth to spread the word. All invitations should include a             wedding first.
   “Reply by” date. Call guests who have not replied one                 Keep in mind that these are just some basic wedding
   week after that date. You can estimate that about 85% of            etiquette guidelines. Ultimately, it is your day and you need
   the guests you invite will attend. Make sure your RSVPs             to bring to it your unique outlook so it will be much more
   include postage.                                                    memorable to you.
n Everyone who is involved in the ceremony needs to be at
   the wedding rehearsal, including musicians, parents of the
   bride and groom, and all attendants, whether groomsmen
   or bridesmaids. A rehearsal dinner usually follows the
   ceremony practice, but does not include spouses or signifi-
   cant others in the wedding party unless specifically invited                  740-376-2679 or 1-800-754-0008
   by the hosts, which in most cases are the groom’s parents.
   Practicing the music at the rehearsal is essential. We take                          Innovative Ideas For Today’s Bride
   many of our cues from the music at the ceremony and one
   little screw-up can throw everyone off balance.                                               (By appointment only –
n For the ceremony seating, the parents of the bride and                                         Contact Marcia Stewart)
   groom should sit in the front row respectively. However, in
                                                                                            Continuing the Ash-Hanson tradition of
   today’s complicated society, families are not always cut
                                                                                            customized quality service for weddings,
   and dried. In the case of divorced parents who don’t get                                      corporate events and parties.
   along, the mother sits in the front row with her new hus-
   band and the father sits in the second row with his new                     Bridal Coordinating
   spouse. If everyone is friendly, they may all sit in the front               (No Stress, No worries, Over 3,500 Weddings)
   row together. Don’t arrive late to the wedding or you can                   Flowers For All Special Events
   consider it missed. Once the mother of the bride is seated,                 Decorations
   a signal that the ceremony has begun, formal and informal                   Invitations
   seating is complete. No guest should ever enter the cere-
   mony once it has started under any circumstances.
                                                                               Rental items: white chairs, chair covers,
n With a wedding of over 75 guests in attendance, you may                       round tables, church and reception items
   want to limit the receiving line to bride and groom, mother                          Map and Location Information -
   of the bride / groom, and maid-of-honor/best man.                           
n At the reception, plan on feeding the band or DJ when                                           Oak Grove Area
                                                                                                B.F. Goodrich Road
   making catering arrangements. Don’t do the money dance                                          Marietta, Ohio
   –– it’s tacky. Assign seating if having over 30 guests at the                           (Across from RJF International)
                                 Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 7

   Allow Me to Extend You An Invitation
By Ronda Addy                                                       stamped return envelopes. You can make your own RSVPs
    The type of wedding invitation you choose goes a long           and envelopes to match your invitations or buy them from a
way toward setting the overall theme and feel of your               stationery store. RSVP cards and envelopes are available for
wedding. If you are having a casual                                                               most invitations.
wedding, you don’t want invitations                                                                   There is some etiquette
with a lot of frills. You do, however,                                                             involved in the wording and
want your invitations to look more                                                                 addressing of invitations. This
professional than those for a kid’s                                                                includes:
birthday party.                                                                                    n Spell out all dates and times.
    The number of guests you are                                                                      Don’t use 5:00 or October 16.
inviting to your wedding may                                                                          Instead, state “five o’clock in
determine whether you make your                                                                     the evening on the sixteenth of
own invitations or purchase them. If                                                                October.”
you are having a small to medium-                                                              n Abbreviate Mr., Mrs. and Jr. but
sized wedding, creating your own                                                                   spell out titles like “doctor.”
invitations won’t be that hard. If                                                             n Only use punctuation between the
you are planning a large wedding,                                                                 city and state and after abbrevia-
creating your own invitations will                                                                tions.
take a lot of time and effort you                                                             n Spell out all states on envelopes.
probably don’t have. Regardless                                                               n Don’t include an RSVP for invi-
which way you go, make sure you                                                                  tations to the wedding ceremony
proofread your invitations for                                                                   only.
errors and create or purchase just                                                           n Indicate on the inner envelope of
the right amount.                                                                               invitations to single guests that they
    There really is no right or                                                                 can bring a guest.
wrong design for wedding invitations. It is your wedding                                    n Don’t include “and guest” on the
and the invitations should reflect that. If you are having a           inner envelope of invitations to single guests who are
themed wedding, your invitations should illustrate that                bringing someone you know personally.
theme, of course, but ultimately, the choice is yours.              n Send only one invitation to unmarried couples who live
    Selecting a favorite font or lettering style is one way to         together. List their names alphabetically and on separate
personalize your special day. There are various styles of              lines.
invitations to choose from: accordion style, tri- or bi-fold, or    n Send guests who are living together but are not a couple
a single sheet of paper. Remember, formal, lavish weddings             their own separate invitations.
require a formal style, while simpler, casual weddings require      n Send children over 18 their own invitation, whether they
an informal style. There are also hundreds of styles of paper          live at home or not. List children under 18 who live at
to choose from in various thicknesses.                                 home on the inner envelope; do not use the term “and fam-
    Buying your invitations will offer you less of a selection         ily.”
than if you make them yourself. Do-it-yourselfers need to
remember that thicker paper works better for invitations that          There is nothing set in stone that says everyone has to
will not be folded and medium-weight paper for invitations          observe the same rules when it comes to selecting and
that will be folded. Depending upon your calligraphy skills,        sending their wedding invitations. It’s only natural for you to
you could also use parchment paper for your invitations.            want to put your own personal stamp on your wedding
    Along with the invitations, you will need RSVP cards and        invitations. After all, it is your special day.

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Page 8 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

             How To Cut Corners And Save
By Doris A. Black                                                         group, the more you’ll end up spending.
   There are hundreds of ways to save on wedding expenses
without feeling that you are cheating yourself out of the wed-         n Professionals. Once you’ve narrowed your search for the
ding of your dreams. Look for savings everywhere you can,                best professional florist, photographer and caterer, it’s time
and no matter how small they                                                                              to start the negotiations.
may be, try to take advantage                                                                             Start with your first choice.
of them.                                                                                                  Ask for discounts or barter
                                                                                                          your talents for theirs.
   Here are some common                                                                                   Some couples have suc-
and not-so-common ways                                                                                    cessfully negotiated an
other couples have saved                                                                                  advertising campaign in
money:                                                                                                    exchange for discounted or
n Engagement announce-                                                                                    free services. This might
  ments. By announcing                                                                                    include placing the profes-
  your engagement at a fam-                                                                               sionals’ business cards on
  ily gathering, you can                                                                                  the reception tables or
  avoid having to send out                                                                                naming the professional in
  expensive announcements.                                                                                the wedding program.
  For out-of-towners, use
  your home computer to                                                                                  n Off-season rates. Take
  print something up on                                                                                     advantage of off-season
  some nice paper.                                                                                          rates. This goes for eve-
                                                                                                            rything from the ceremony
n Engagement party. Invitations to the party can also be                  and reception locations to the honeymoon hotel. With June
  printed on a home computer on the same nice stationery                  being the busiest wedding month of the year, many ven-
  you bought for the engagement announcements. Plan to                    dors and retailers up their rates. Ask which months might
  hold the party at your home during mid-afternoon or early               get you an off-season rate to get the best deals.
  evening in between meals, so you don’t have to feed
  everyone. Instead, offer non-alcoholic drinks and snacks             n Flowers. Choose flowers in season. When out-of-season
  bought in bulk.                                                        florals are chosen for bouquets, altarpieces and center-
                                                                         pieces, prices go up. Tell your florist you want flowers in
n Wedding budget. Budgeting the wedding is no fun, but                   season or plan your wedding for the day following a big
  with a little forethought and perseverance, you can have               floral date, such as Mother’s Day, the biggest day of the
  the wedding you want at the price you can afford. Start by             year for florists, or Valentine’s day, the second biggest day
  determining how much money you can contribute, then                    of the year.
  determine how much your and your fiancé’s parents can
  contribute. If other family members or friends offer to help         n Receptions. Receptions don’t need to be held indoors.
  out, take them up on the offer. People who offer to make a             Imagine the savings you’ll reap by holding your reception
  financial contribution sincerely want to contribute to your            at a public park or beach instead of renting a hall. Perhaps
  wedding day, so let them.                                              a relative or friend has an especially nice yard they would
                                                                         be willing to donate for the occasion.
n Plans/reservations. The best way to save money on the
  ceremony, reception and honeymoon in general is to plan              n Guest list. Keep it to the bare minimum. Remember,
  ahead. Start early! By planning far in advance, you will be            you’ll be paying a price per head to the caterer. Set a limit
  able to take advantage of sale prices and avoid rush fees.             on the number of guests and stick to it.
  Use as many free bridal references as you can. This
                                                                       n Food. An evening reception usually indicates a buffet or
  includes asking friends which professionals they used,
                                                                         sit-down dinner—avoid these if you want to save money.
  researching bridal Web sites and utilizing bridal books
                                                                         By holding the wedding and reception earlier in the day,
  from the public library. Here are a few Web sites that cover
                                                                         you may only have to serve hors d’oeuvres and cake, and
  just about every topic you can imagine related to wed-
                                                                         people tend to drink less during daytime hours, so you’ll
  dings:, and the-
                                                                         save on the bar bill as well.
                                                                          There are many other ways to save money on your wed-
n Wedding party. Choose to have a small wedding party.
                                                                       ding. Visit the bridal section of your local library or do some
  The average cost per person in the wedding party is around
                                                                       surfing on the Web. Just imagine what you can do with the
  $70, including gifts and meals. The more people in your
                                                                       money you’ll be saving.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 9
Page 10 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                 The Great Outdoors
 By Ronda Addy                                                             If, after the wedding, you haven’t gotten enough of the
    Congratulations, you’re getting married. As luck would              great outdoors, it is possible to have the reception outdoors.
 have it, both you and your fiancé are                                                           Make sure the caterer has experience
 outdoor enthusiasts and would like to                                                           with outdoor receptions and can
 have an outdoor wedding and                                                                     provide food that will hold up under
 reception. But your friends and                                                                 warm conditions. Because alcohol is
 family think you’re nuts. After much                                                            dehydrating, consider serving tea,
 discussion and consulting of weather                                                            lemonade or punch and keep plenty
 patterns, you’ve decided to go for it.                                                          of ice and water on hand.
 Now what?                                                                                           Have a central location for guests
    Deciding on a location is an                                                                 to gather for the cake cutting, dancing
 excellent place to start. Do you want                                                           and tossing of the bouquet. To help
 your wedding to be in a park, a                                                                 make your guests more comfortable,
 beach, an historic estate, a scenic                                                             rent tables, chairs, an electric
 landmark or in your own backyard?                                                               generator, a portable dance floor, a
 Just in case Mother Nature doesn’t                                                              dressing trailer and portable toilets.
 cooperate, it would probably be a                                                               Decorate the area with torches or
 good idea to have an indoor backup                                                              Chinese lanterns, especially if you’re
 close by, or at the very least, a tent.                                                         having the reception at dusk.
 When scouting wedding locations,                                                                    Having an outdoor wedding often
 check around the area for                                                                       poses more logistical problems than
 construction projects, insect problems                                                          an indoor one. However, with a little
 and major intersections. If you                                                                 bit of luck and the cooperation of
 choose a public area, find out if you                                                           Mother Nature, you will have a
 will need a permit and how much it                                                              majestically memorable wedding.
 will cost. Ask if there is a limit on the number of guests you
 can invite, if alcohol is allowed and who is responsible for
 trash removal. Parking is another thing to take into
 consideration. If parking is tight, you may have to hire a valet
 or have everyone park in a nearby lot and shuttle them over.
 Check out the wedding site at the same time of day that you
 are going to have your wedding. Doing so may help keep the
 sun out of your guests’ eyes.
    Having an outdoor wedding means that Mother Nature
 will provide most of the decorations, but not necessarily all
 of them. If you have chosen a public location, it would be
 wise to check the area a week before the wedding, as well as
 the day before, to make sure the grass has been mowed, the
 ground has been raked and the flowers are in bloom. If there
 are no attractive flowers onsite, bring in your own potted
                                                                                       A cozy,
 flowers. Many experts recommend using a trellis or an arch
 to put the focus of the ceremony on you and your groom.
                                                                                       clean, classy
    When sending out your invitations, be sure to let guests
 know that they will be attending an outdoor wedding so they
                                                                            and comfortable setting
 can dress accordingly. Send out-of-town guests who will not
 be familiar with the area weather information. Make sure you               for a perfect wedding
 have these things on hand to help make your guests more
 comfortable:                                                               day awaits you, your
 n Bottled water
 n Sunscreen
 n Lap blankets
                                                                            family and friends.
 n Large fans and a generator
 n Portable heaters                                                         I-77 & Rt. 14 • Mineral Wells, WV
 n Wooden chairs rather than metal, which absorb heat and
 n Citronella candles
                                                                                      (304) 489-9600
                               Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 11

                     Centerpieces On A Budget
By Tresa Erickson                                                  n Hurricane globes with sand and seashells
    You’ve been working on your wedding for months now             n Old books and maps
and it is finally getting down to the                                                      n Pens and journals for guests to write
wire. You can’t put off selecting the                                                         their good wishes
centerpieces for the tables at the                                                         n Picture frames with various photos
reception any longer. Your budget is                                                          of the couple
tight, so live floral arrangements are                                                     • Placemats featuring artwork from the
simply out of the question. Lucky for                                                      couple
you, there are hundreds of ideas for                                                       n Potted plants
inexpensive reception table                                                                n Scrapbooks of the couple’s child-
centerpieces.                                                                                 hoods
    A search through bridal magazines,                                                     n Straw hats
shops and online will provide you with                                                     n Wooden hearts and love poems
hundreds of ideas for wedding centerpieces, some traditional          To save even more money, you might want to consider
and some not so traditional. Here are some ideas:                  having centerpieces that will serve a double purpose. For
n Balloons                                                         example, the personalized chocolates could serve as wedding
n Baskets of artificial flowers                                    favors, while strawberries dipped in chocolate could work as
n Birdcages                                                        a pre- or post-dinner treat. Another trend is to have cakes on
n Bowls of fruit                                                   every table as centerpieces, which the guests can then eat at
n Board games and puzzles (these work especially well for          their leisure. The wedding cake can be smaller, and with
   children’s tables)                                              various flavored cakes at each table, you’re sure to offer
n Candles with artificial greenery                                 something that will suit every tongue. Guests will enjoy
n Cards received prior to the wedding                              comparing and sharing cake flavors.
n Champagne buckets                                                   The sky is the limit when it comes to inexpensive wedding
n Dishes of personalized chocolates or other candies               centerpieces. Depending upon what you decide, you may
n Fish bowls                                                       even be able to create them yourself and save yourself even
n Glass bowls with floating candles                                more money.

                                                  At The Galley, We Believe
                                                   In Making Memories...

 ...That’s why our banquet facilities are the
 perfect place for any occasions – personal
 or professional. Whether it is choosing
 from our delicious variety of appetizer
 trays, plated entrees, buffet options, and
 desserts, or creating a customized menu,
 we always provide personalized service
 and the highest quality food. So let our
 staff put all of their experience and
 dedication to work for you!
  203 Second Street, Marietta, Ohio • 740-374-8278 •
Page 12 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                               10660 Burr Oak Lodge Road • Glouster, OH 45732
                                  Phone: 740-767-2112 • Fax: 740-767-4878

                                                                               Your wedding and reception
                                                                               will be a memory to cherish
                                                                               when you allow our
                                                                               professional experienced staff
                                                                               to serve you.

                                                                               Two beautiful settings for
                                                                               weddings overlooking Lake
                                                                               Burr Oak • Including a gazebo
                                                                               on the lawn • Banquet space
                                                                               to accommodate up to 250
                                                                               people • Overnight
                                                                               accommodations • Full
                                                                               catering service

  Burr Oak Resort is located
 midway between Nelsonville
   and McConnelsville along
   Ohio Scenic Byway State
           Route 78.
     For more information
     phone Cathi Jones at
    740-767-2112, ext. 402
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                           A Meal to Remember
                                  Deciding Which Meal to Serve
n Determine the time of day of your reception. Morning wed-           d’oeuvre, buffet and food stations will get up and mingle.
  dings, for instance, call for breakfast or brunch; evenings         Or how about an ethnic meal to please the palate?
  can vary from cocktail                                                                                 n Consult your wedding
  buffets to elegant sit-                                                                                   planner, on-site
  down dinners.                                                                                             caterer or location
n Consider the length of                                                                                    staff for advice and to
  the reception ––                                                                                          ask about any restric-
  brunches are consid-                                                                                      tions that exist at the
  erably shorter than a                                                                                     site.
  sit-down dinner and                                                                                    n Finalize our guest list.
  won’t provide as much                                                                                     Knowing the head
  sustenance if you’d                                                                                       count will help you
  like the celebration to                                                                                   and the caterer make
  continue well into the                                                                                    decisions regarding
  evening.                                                                                                  the extent of the
n Take into account the                                                                                     menu.
  reception site –– will                                                                                 n Master the art of pot-
  that rented recreation                                                                                    luck, cater the event
  hall be large enough to                                                                                   yourself, or choose a
  set up food stations?                                                                                     non-traditional
n Consider the atmos-                                                                                       catered theme and
  phere you want to create –– choose a meal that will best            throw an old-fashioned Western barbecue. All of these
  reflect your personality as a couple. A cocktail reception          options will save you money and get everyone to join in on
  provides enough elegance for a large, formal crowd; hors            the fun.

                                                                        Stop by and see the Marie Antoinette
                                                                        Ballroom which will accommodate 300 for
                                                                        dining. This room features a built-in dance
                                                                        floor and large windows beautifully draped
                                                                        with white sashes.

                                                                                        We Also Offer:
                                                                       • A complimentary room for the bride & groom
                                                                       • Gazebo for outdoor weddings
                                                                       • On-Site Catering
                                                                       • Smaller banquet facilities, perfect for
                                                                         rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and much
                                                                       • LCD projector and sound system available
                                                                       • Group room rates

     Our facilities offer elegance and professionalism all in one.
     We look forward to executing your event to the finest detail!
                    For reservations and information
               Contact: Jessica Dixon, Director of Sales
             Phone: 740-374-8190 • Fax: 740-374-3649
            Visit us at: or
                     700 Pike Street, Marietta, Ohio
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                                     Floral Know-How
 By Doris A. Black                                                      to enhance the bride and complement the color scheme of the
    Whether you carry a single calla lily or a bouquet of white         wedding party.
 roses, the flowers you choose for your wedding should serve                When choosing the flowers for your bouquet, consider the
 as a symbol of your love. They                                                                       type of ceremony planned, the
 should be beautiful and dramatic.                                                                    location of the ceremony and the
 Before choosing a florist, do                                                                        style of dress you will be
 some homework and learn the                                                                          wearing. For example, a formal
 lingo.                                                                                               church wedding requires a more
                                                                                                      formal bouquet than an informal
    Bridal bouquets are typically                                                                     mountaintop wedding. An
 designed in one of four basic                                                                        elegant ballroom gown should be
 shapes:                                                                                              complemented by a bouquet of
 n Cascade, in which the flowers                                                                      proper proportions. This rule
   fall forward in a pendulous                                                                        applies to all bridal gowns. The
   manner.                                                                                            bridal bouquet should never
 n Nosegay, the most common                                                                           outshine the gown. The bouquet
   choice, in which the flowers                                                                       should also be proportional to the
   form a large, round, upright                                                                       bride’s height. A cascading
   shape with the stems forming a                                                                     bouquet may be more
   cone.                                                                                              appropriate to a tall bride than to
 n Asymmetrical, a very informal                                                                      one of smaller stature.
   design composed of a collec-                                                                          Bridesmaid’s bouquets are
   tion of blooms in an irregular                                                                     typically smaller than the bride’s
   shape.                                                                                             bouquet. They may match in
 n Pomander, a ball of blooms                                                                         color but should not be identical.
   carried by a loop of a ribbon,                                                                     A good florist will vary the
   making a lovely accessory for                                                                      bridesmaid’s bouquets slightly.
   flower girls.                                                                                         The groom’s boutonniere will
                                                                                                      correspond to the bride’s bouquet
    No matter which style of                                                                          and the groomsmen to the
 bouquet you choose, the flowers                                                                      bridesmaids. Again they should
 may be wired, in which a florist                                                                     vary slightly so as to not look
 wire is inserted into the upper                                                                      repetitive.
 portion of the flowers and the lower portions of the stems are             Corsages have been traditional favorites for mothers of the
 removed, or hand-tied, in which the whole stems remain and             bride and groom, but small nosegays are also appropriate.
 are tied or taped together. Hand-tied bouquets are heavier                 Flowers to enhance the ceremony can be as simple or
 than wired and generally are not as comfortable to hold.               elaborate as your budget allows. Traditionally for a church
    For a formal wedding ceremony, the bride traditionally              ceremony there are altarpieces, aisle arrangements, door
 carries an elegant all-white bouquet composed of either one            decorations and candelabra decorations. Before ordering, find
 type of flower or two or three different types. Most                   out what your church allows for wedding flowers. Some have
 commonly used are roses, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas,                  strict guidelines. For daytime ceremonies, almost any color
 orchids, calla lilies or gardenias. For a less formal ceremony,        combination is magnificent, but for an evening ceremony, an
 bouquets might contain a mixture of colorful blooms selected           all-white altarpiece really stands out.              Continued > > >

                AMY’S FLOWER SHOPPE
                          We offer a great variety of silk, fresh &
               candy arrangements, as well as plants, chocolate & much more                      507 5th St., Dietz Shopping Center
                                                                                                        Beverly, OH 45715
         We specialize in wedding floral - come see us for all your wedding needs.                     740-984-2579
                Owners: Marilyn Pottmeyer & Beth Branham                                        Mon.-Fri. 9:00-5:30; Sat. 9:00-12:00
                                Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 15

Flowers in Season                                                       Geraldton Wax, Kangaroo Paw, Pastel Statice
                                                                      n NOVEMBER –– Leucodendrum, Lillium, Roses,
n JANUARY –– Lisianthus, Proteas, Banksias, Asiatic Lilies,
                                                                        November Lilies, Gladioli, Carnations, Mini Roses
  Gypsophia (Babies Breath), Chrysanthemums, Lavender,
                                                                      n DECEMBER –– Christmas Bush, Christmas Bells, Holly,
  Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)
                                                                        Leucodendrums, Strelitzia, Calla Lillies, Lisianthus, Pastel
n FEBRUARY –– Roses, Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies,
  Lisianthus, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums
n MARCH –– Alstromeria, Carnations, Gladioli, Heliconia,
  Oriental Lilies, Roses, Stargazer Lilies                            Colors of flowers and what they mean
n APRIL –– Alstromeria, Gypsopia, Carnations, Easter                  n RED ––– Romantic Love – Congratulations – I Love You –
  Daisies, Gladioli, Iris, Roses, Proteas                               Job Well Done – Respect – Courage
n MAY –– Iris, Lisianthus, Asiatic Lilies, Nerine, Mum                n WHITE ––– Youthfulness – Spiritual & True Love –
  Chrysanthemums, Roses                                                 Keep A Secret – Innocence – I am Worthy of You – Purity –
n JUNE –– Strelitzia, Stock, Poppies, Lilies, Tulips, Iris,             Reverence
  Jonquils, Lavender                                                  n YELLOW ––– Joy – Welcome Back – Friendship –
n JULY –– Berries, Tulips, Freesia, Iris, Daffodils, Tuba               Gladness – Remember Me – I Care – Jealousy
  Roses                                                               n PINK ––– Gentleness – Sweetness – Perfect Happiness –
n AUGUST –– Daffodils, Gypsophia, Tulips, Iris, Jonquils,               Please Believe Me
  Chrysanthemums, Camellias, Foliage, Freesias, Lillums,              n PEACH ––– Closing of the Deal – Let’s Get Together
  Boronia                                                             n PINK/PEACH ––– Gratitude – Appreciation – Admiration
n SEPTEMBER –– Daffodils, Gerberas, Stargazers, Static,                 – Sympathy
  Chrysanthemums, Snapdragons                                         n TWO ROSES JOINED TOGETHER ––– Engagement
n OCTOBER –– Cordifolium, Spray Aster, Roses, Waratah,                n RED & WHITE ROSES TOGETHER ––– Unity

Floral Know-How –– continued                                         happy with the service they received. After you hire a
If you are tight on funds, you may prefer to keep ceremony           professional florist, listen to their suggestions. With all their
florals to a minimum and put the bulk of your floral budget          experience, they know how to enhance the ceremony and
into flowers for the reception, where you’ll be spending the         reception. Flowers have long been a wedding tradition. They
most time.                                                           enhance the look of a church and the throwing of the bouquet
    Table centerpieces are the norm at receptions with the           is a time-honored tradition.
largest arrangement at the head table. The florist can help you
create elegant arrangements, but many brides like to do this
themselves. It saves a little money and is a fun, creative
endeavor. If you elect to create your own designs, follow
these few simple rules of design. The head table should
naturally have the largest arrangement but not so large that it
blocks everyone’s view. Centerpieces on guest tables may                                                 FLORIST SINCE 1863
hold various flowers in different containers to help keep the          Our Wedding design staff has more than 150 years of
reception lively and fresh. A simple vase tied with ribbon is            combined experience in wedding design work.
adequate. Additionally, consider providing candles to
enhance the atmosphere at the head table and at guest tables.
    Who pays for all these lovely floral arrangements?                We do any size wedding from Intimate to Extravagant.
Typically the bride’s family pays for the reception and               Naturally, each wedding is designed individually working
ceremony florals as well as the bridesmaid’s bouquets. The            with the Bride to make the most important day of her life
groom typically pays for boutonnieres, corsages and the               the most memorable.
bride’s bouquet. However, this is not set in stone. Often funds
from both sides of the family and friends contribute to               Whatever your flower needs,
making the day special.                                               we will search around the
    When selecting a florist, look for a designer with wedding        world to secure the flowers
experience. A professional wedding floral designer knows the          needed to make your
ins and outs of creating beautiful arrangements for such a            wedding picture perfect.
special event. They understand the pressures of dealing with
nervous brides and will recommend certain flowers based on
what types are in season to coordinate with the wedding
theme. They know the importance of delivering on time the
freshest florals that will last the whole day. Interview several
to view previous designs. Discuss your budget and ask the
florist for recommendations to help stay within that budget.           Call For Your Wedding Design Appointment or
Call at least two previous clients to establish if they were          Stop By The Lafayette Center in Marietta, Ohio.
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      Getting Your Hair Ready for the Big Day
    (NAPSI)-On their wedding day, women want everything                 wedding. Healthy hair is just going to look better and style
 to be perfect, from their shoes to the flowers--but also, just as      better. Moisture is key. Too little and your hair is brittle, dull
 important, their hair. After all, most                                                          and breaks easily. Too much and your
 brides-to-be would trade a year of                                                              hair can look oily, stringy and won’t
 bad hair days for a good one on that                                                            hold a style. It is important to find
 special day, when all eyes are on                                                               products that suit your hair type, but
 them.                                                                                           there are a few items that every
    Great hair begins months before                                                              bride-to-be should have on hand:
 the big day, according to Ernie                                                                 clarifying shampoo, daily conditioner
 McCraw, director of professional                                                                and leave-in detangler.
 beauty education for Sally Beauty                                                                   A clarifying shampoo will remove
 Supply. Having a good hair day                                                                  residue from styling products that can
 isn’t just luck. You have to get your                                                           weigh down your hair. Ion Purifying
 hair in shape just like you would                                                               Shampoo, for example, also helps to
 your body.                                                                                      eliminate mineral deposits that can
    Start with your stylist. Schedule                                                            even affect the color of your hair. A
 a consultation and take along your                                                              daily conditioner will instantly
 headpiece or any hair accessories                                                               condition the hair without leaving
 you have selected to go with your                                                               hair heavy. A detangler will make it
 dress, as well as pictures of the                                                               easier to comb through by reducing
 hairstyle you have in mind. The                                                                 friction and preventing breakage.
 stylist can tell you what’s possible                                                                Keep in mind, if you want to add
 and, more important, what isn’t                                                                 color or highlights to your hair,
 possible, and help create a style that                                                          schedule it at least two weeks in
 works best for you. Keep an open                                                                advance of the wedding. To keep the
 mind. You want a style that reflects                                                            color looking vibrant, replace your
 your personality and works with the                                                             normal shampoo and conditioner
 setting.                                                                                        with something specifically
    Your stylist can also assess the condition of your hair and         formulated for color-treated hair. Ion Color Defense has a
 recommend treatments to improve your hair before the                   complete line to help extend and protect hair color.

                                       Sun Protection Tips
    (NAPSI)-Sun protection is an essential part of skin care               protection on days you might swim or perspire heavily.
 health every day of the year, but it’s especially important             n Make it easier to reapply sun protection throughout the day
 during the warmer months when people are outdoors more.                   by carrying a travel-size, like those found exclusively at
    Here are a few skin protection tips for the whole family:              CVS/pharmacy, in your handbag, golf bag or backpack.
 n Sunscreens vary in their ability to protect against UVA and           n Keep children out of the sun when it is at its most danger-
   UVB rays. Be sure to select one, like the new CVS/phar-                 ous, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. During those hours, move
   macy Continuous Spray Sunblocks, with a sun protection                  playtime into the shade.
   factor (SPF) of at least 15 for adults and 30 for children.             Reapply sunscreen frequently. A travel-size sunscreen can
 n Pick up moisture-resistant sunscreens for longer-lasting              make it easier to reapply whenever you need to.

      Let us help you create less stress for your wedding day, let us come to you.
                                 We can pamper you the week of your wedding with
                                          our available full spa services.
                                                                                                             Call for Package on Spa
                               The Day Of Your Wedding We Will
                              Travel To Your Site. Call For Details.
                                 Prices Starting At
                                                                            The Connection Day Spa
                              35 Per Person for Hair
                                00                                                     224 Main St., Lowell, OH
    CALL LINDA, KELLY, ANNA OR LORI FOR DETAILS                                    740-896-2900 or 1-800-304-0662
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                         Reach for Rejuvenated Skin
    (NAPSI)-Good news for busy women: It doesn’t have to              three-layer technology keeps moisturizer on the inside.
take a lot of time or trouble to be good to the skin you’re in.           For the time-crunched traveler, the busy parent or the
Here are a few hints to help:                                                             luxury enthusiast, comfort can be just
n Drink to your skin’s health. Carry a                                                    fingertips away.
   refillable water bottle so you can stay                                                n Give it a rest. Just a five minute break
   hydrated during the day as rec-                                                           during the day can relieve the stress
   ommended by the National Institutes of                                                    that the American Physiological
   Health. Add flavoring such as lemon or                                                    Society says can distress your skin.
   lime juice, sugar-free beverage mix or                                                    Take a few deep breaths and close your
   decaffeinated herbal teas to help you                                                     eyes, put your feet up or take a short
   drink more liquids.                                                                       walk outside if you can.
n Sock it to dry skin--and glove it, too.                                                 n Put a damper on dry skin. Use a
   You can get moisturizing socks and                                                        humidifier, suggests the U.S. National
   gloves that soothe and soften fatigued                                                    Library of Medicine, to keep dry indoor
   skin but at a fraction of the cost. In as                                                 air moisturized enough.
   little as 15 minutes, these spa-inspired                                               n Improve skin from the inside out. Get
   SpaSensials products work to replenish                                                    enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, don’t
   worn-out skin as aromatic scents warm                                                     smoke and do exercise regularly. Good
   the senses to ease tension.                                           skin,depends on good general health.
                                                                      n Stay away from dangerous rays. Always wear a moistur-
   An excellent reward for tired toes, helpless hands and                izer or sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, advise the
parched skin, the socks and gloves penetrate to reveal heal-             skin care experts at the Mayo Clinic, whatever the weather
thy-looking, glowing skin and a renewed fresh perspective.               or time of year.
What’s more, any time can be spa time because the patented                For more information, visit

               Keep Your Nails Looking Like Jewels, Not Tools
    (NAPSI) –– Let’s face it, your nails may need a hand,             n Use a base coat prior to polishing your nails. It can keep
especially if you’re juggling a career, children or household           them from yellowing, especially if you tend to go for
activities.                                                             darker colors.
    The fact is, it’s natural to use your nails as tools to perform   n Moisturize with a rich, hydrating lotion to keep your hands
a variety of tasks, from opening medicine bottles to scraping           and nails soft and smooth.
off price tags. Although it may seen convenient at the time, it       n Give yourself a mini hand massage daily to relieve minor
can ruin your nails.                                                    aches from working with your hands.
    Typing, gardening, laundry, cooking and dishwashing can           n Take the advice of dermatologists who recommend supple-
all be bad for hand and nails. Aside from these physical                menting your diet with a 2.5-mg dose of pharmaceutical-
stressors, detergents, dish soaps and cleaning products tend to         grade biotin to put your nails on the road to recovery and
make nails soft. Even enjoyable activities such as swimming             rejuvenation. Biotin, found in products such as
in chlorinated pools, tennis and golf can damage nails.                 Appearex®, helps mend brittle, chipping or peeling nails.
    To help keep your nails nice, consider these handy tips on          The biotin lets healthy nails grow from within. It works to
nail care:                                                              stop the problem of weak, brittle nails with a once-a-day
n Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves while doing the dishes or             therapy.
   other household activities.                                        To learn more about nail care, visit

                                                           We Care About Your Hair
                                      • Corrective Coloring • Foiling • Highlighting
                                        • Relaxation Massage • Full Body Waxing
                                     • Manicures • Pedicures • Backscratcher Nails
                              Call ahead & plan your pampering 6 weeks prior to your wedding
                      206 Putnam St., Marietta, OH • 740-374-5229
Page 18 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                   Chill, Don’t Get Stressed Out!
 By Ronda Addy                                                          n Set boundaries and be assertive. If others are interfering
    You have so many things to do before your wedding day                  too much or taking up too much of your time, let them
 that you can’t imagine getting everything done. Everyone has              know how you feel without being too aggressive.
 their own stories, good and                                                                              n Don’t take everything so
 bad, of what they did and                                                                                  seriously. Try to laugh when
 maybe you should consider                                                                                  things go wrong.
 doing this, that or the other for                                                                        n Spend time with your
 your wedding. You are getting                                                                              spouse-to-be. Discuss eve-
 stressed out, which doesn’t                                                                                rything and make sure the
 make you happy in what                                                                                     wedding plans are going the
 should be a happy time.                                                                                    way you both want them to.
    You need to realize that                                                                              n Stay healthy. Get enough
 planning a wedding can be                                                                                  sleep, eat right and exercise.
 stressful and be prepared to                                                                               Avoid outside stimulators
 deal with that fact. Don’t fall                                                                            like alcohol, drugs, caffeine,
 into the trap of thinking that                                                                             nicotine and sugar.
 everything will go perfectly.                                                                            n Take a breather when nec-
 This will only add to your                                                                                 essary. When feeling
 stress when things don’t. Focus on what you have to work                  stressed, practice some relaxation or meditation exercises
 with, not on what you don’t have. Everyone will have their                or go for a walk. Don’t be afraid to talk to others about
 own ideas about your wedding, but keep in mind you can’t                  how you are feeling.
 please everyone. You and your spouse-to-be are the only ones           n Pamper yourself. Go to the movies, read a book, take a
 you need to please because it is your wedding.                            bubble bath or spend a day at the spa.
    In order to deal with stress, you need to recognize it.             n Keep your activities in check. It’s only natural for others to
 Symptoms include headaches, moodiness, poor                               be excited for you and want to get together to celebrate but
 concentration, stomachaches, problems sleeping, racing                    don’t overextend yourself with too many social obli-
 thoughts and irritability. Should these symptoms persist or               gations. If you don’t have time to get together, let others
 get worse, they could indicate a more serious condition, so               know that. Your friends will understand that you are busy.
 pay attention to what your body is telling you.                           With so much emphasis put on the wedding, it can be easy
    After you have acknowledged you are feeling stressed,               to forget that the event is just the beginning of your marriage.
 there are a few things you can do to cope with it. These               Your wedding will be over within a matter of hours and then
 include:                                                               the real work will begin on creating a long, successful
 n Space out deadlines and set them far enough ahead to                 marriage. If your wedding isn’t perfect, it’s not the end of the
    allow for problems. Don’t let everything go until the last          world. In fact it, it might make it more memorable, so go
    minute.                                                             with the flow, as they say. Don’t let things get to you and
 n Delegate responsibilities to people you trust. Check in with         keep your stress under control.
    them occasionally but let them handle things.

   Publication Guidelines for Wedding/Engagement Announcements
    The Marietta Times is happy to publish news of weddings and         n Announcements should be typed. If it is handwritten, you
  engagements. An engagement form are available in this booklet,           might consider printing any names to help avoid the possibil-
  as well as the reception desk at The Times office.                       ity of names being misspelled.
  n Include your name and a phone number where you may be               n Announcements may be mailed to The Marietta Times, P.O.
     reached during the day in case of questions about the spelling        Box 635, Marietta, Ohio 45750; dropped off at the office at
     of a name or some other fact.                                         700 Channel Lane; or placed in an envelope and put in the
  n Wedding announcements must include the date of the wed-                drop box by the front door after regular business hours.
     ding. To keep published information as current as possible,           Information must be received by 5 p.m. Monday to appear in
     information for weddings is accepted up to eight weeks after          that Saturday’s newspaper.
     the ceremony. If more time is needed, please let us know.          n Announcements may be submitted electronically via e-mail to
  n Black and white or color photos may be used as long as they   or through our Virtual
     are of good quality. The photo will appear in black and white.        Newsroom at Electronic submis-
  n Photos submitted for publication can be picked up within 10            sions must be in plain text. Photos submitted electronically
     business days after appearing in the paper. Any photos not            must be high-resolution JPEGs.
     picked up within that time are discarded. The Times will also      n There is no charge for engagement or wedding announce-
     return photos by mail if a self-addressed stamped envelope is         ments to appear in The Marietta Times. Please contact Janet
     provided.                                                             Gossett at 740-376-5446 for more information.
                            Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 19

                              ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT
About the Bride-to-be:
Address (if different from parents):

Parents (names/addresses):

Grandparents (names/addresses):


About the Prospective Bridegroom:
Address (if different from parents):

Parents (names/addresses):

Grandparents (names/addresses):


Wedding Plans:
Wedding date and time:
Location of wedding:
Reception information:

Other Information:
Engagement announced by Bride’s Parents, Bridal Couple, Other (names):

Photo included? Yes / No
Daytime telephone number (in case of questions):
Bride-to-be’s mailing address:

If additional space is needed, please attach another sheet.
–> Photo must be clear and in focus. If digital, only JPEG formats are accepted with 200 dpi minimum
   resolution. The Marietta Times reserves the right to refuse any photo for quality issues.
–> If you have any questions regarding your engagement announcement, call Janet Gossett at (740) 376-5446.

                         Please complete and return (with photo if available) to:
                                                The Marietta Times
                         700 Channel Lane, P.O. Box 635, Marietta, Ohio 45750
                                              Attention: Janet Gossett
Page 20 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                         WEDDING EXPENSE RECORD
                                                              BREAK DOWN OF WHO IS PAYING FOR WHAT
                                                                                    BRIDE’S     GROOM’S
                                                         BRIDE        GROOM         FAMILY       FAMILY      DEPOSIT PAID   BALANCE DUE

       Wedding Attire
          Bridal Gown
          Bride’s Shoes
          Groom’s Tuxedo/Suit
          Groom’s Shoes
          Groom’s Accessories
          Wedding Rings

          Marriage License
          Ceremony Site Fee
          Reception Site Fee
          Officiant’s Fee
          Special Transportation

          Ceremony Decorations
          Bridal Bouquet
          Attendants’ flowers
          Flower Girl Accessories
          Reception Decorations

          Photographer’s Fee
          Portrait Packages
             Additional Prints

                          Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 21

                                WEDDING EXPENSE RECORD
                                                     BREAK DOWN OF WHO IS PAYING FOR WHAT
                                                                           BRIDE’S     GROOM’S
                                                BRIDE        GROOM         FAMILY       FAMILY    DEPOSIT PAID   BALANCE DUE

Gifts/Favors/All the Extras
 Gift for Maid of Honor
 Gift(s) for Attendants
 Gift for Best Man
 Gift(s) for Groomsmen
 Gift for Child Attendants
 Gifts for Bride’s Parents
 Gifts for Groom’s Parents
 Guest Favors
 Ring Pillow
 Guest Book
 Disposable Cameras

 Reception Cards
 Response Cards
 Thank-You Notes

Page 22 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                                  FLORAL CHECKLIST
      Florist:                                                           Date Ordered:
      Contact Person:                                                    Phone:

                                     QUANTITY                      DESCRIPTION (STYLE, COLOR, FLOWERS)       COST

          Tossing Bouquet
          Floral Headpiece
                          Delivered to:                                                              Time:

       Bridal Attendants
          Maid of Honor
          Flower Girl
                          Delivered to:                                                              Time:

       Groom and Attendants
          Best Man
          Ring bearer
                          Delivered to:                                                              Time:

                                                                                       Bridal Party Total:
                                     QUANTITY                      DESCRIPTION (STYLE, COLOR, FLOWERS)       COST

         Mothers’ Corsages
         Grandmothers’ Corsages
         Other Corsages
         Father’s Boutonnieres
         Other Boutonnieres
                          Delivered to:                                                              Time:

                                                                                             Family Total:

                                     QUANTITY                      DESCRIPTION (STYLE, COLOR, FLOWERS)       COST

         Bridal Consultant
         Guest Book Attendant
         Gift Attendant

                          Delivered to:                                                              Time:
                                                                                           Helpers Total:
                            Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 23

                                          FLORAL CHECKLIST
Florist:                                                         Date Ordered:
Contact Person:                                                  Phone:

                              QUANTITY                     DESCRIPTION (STYLE, COLOR, FLOWERS)                       COST

Ceremony Site
  Candle lighters
  Alter Floral Sprays

                    Delivered to:                                                            Time:

                                                                           Ceremony Site Total:
                              QUANTITY                     DESCRIPTION (STYLE, COLOR, FLOWERS)                       COST

Reception Site
  Bride’s Parents
  Parents’ Table
  Attendants’ Table
  Guests’ Table
  Cake Table
  Top of Cake
  Guest Book Table
  Ladies Powder Room
                    Delivered to:                                                            Time:

                                                                           Reception Site Total:

                                                                            (Total of all Categories) Subtotal
                                                                                                      Sales Tax
                                                                                                    Grand Total
                                                                                                   Balance Due

  Responsible for distributing flowers to bridal party
  Responsible for taking ceremony flower to reception
  Responsible for taking flowers after reception
     Flowers to be taken to
  Responsible for having bouquet preserved
  Rental Equipment to be returned to florist by
     or, picked-up on (date/time)                                            at (location)
Page 24 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                                CATERING WORKSHEET
                                     Estimate #1                                      Estimate #2
                                     Name:                                            Name:
                                     Phone #:                                         Phone #:
                                     DESCRIPTION                            COST      DESCRIPTION            COST

       Hors d’oeuvres

       Main Course


       Alternative Desserts




       Caterer Selected...
       Name:                                                              Order Date/Deposit:
       Address:                                                           Balance Due:
       Phone/Contact:                                                     Delivery Date/Time:

                                                                                  Great For Weddings,
                                                                                 Parties & Fund-raising.
                                                                                Over 40 Flavors Available
                     Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 25

                                    BAKERY WORKSHEET
                      Estimate #1                                      Estimate #2
                      Name:                                            Name:
                      Phone #:                                         Phone #:
                      DESCRIPTION                            COST      DESCRIPTION                            COST

  Number of Tiers

Cake Flavors

Filling Flavors

Icing Flavors


Groom’s Cake


Bakery Selected...
Name:                                                      Order Date/Deposit:
Address:                                                   Balance Due:
Phone/Contact:                                             Delivery Date/Time:

                         TORNES CAKES
                        Weddings • Birthdays • Anniversaries
                             Cakes ~ Mints ~ Cookies

                                          Call Fran Tornes
                                     (740) 984-2018
Page 26 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                                           GUEST LIST
                                                                                      SENT       REPLY      R.S.V.P.     GIFT       SENT
      NAME                             ADDRESS                                     INVITATION   RECEIVED   NUMBER      RECEIVED   THANK YOU
       Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 27

                              GUEST LIST
                                                          SENT       REPLY      R.S.V.P.     GIFT       SENT
NAME      ADDRESS                                      INVITATION   RECEIVED   NUMBER      RECEIVED   THANK YOU
Page 28 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                                         BRIDAL ATTIRE WORKSHEET
       Bridal Shop
       Salesperson:                                                       Date Ordered:
       Payment Terms:                                                     Date Required:

                                                                                                 COST        DEPOSIT PAID    BALANCE DUE

       Wedding Gown
          Style Number
          Style Number
          Style Number
          Slip                                                                                               ___ Picked Up
          Bra                                                                                                ___ Picked Up
          Hosiery                                                                                            ___ Picked Up
          Shoes                                                                                              ___ Picked Up
          Garter                                                                                             ___ Picked Up
          Gloves                                                                                             ___ Picked Up
          Jewelry                                                                                            ___ Picked Up
          Hair Accessories                                                                                   ___ Picked Up
          Other                                                                                              ___ Picked Up
                                                                                  Total Cost:
       Fitting Dates/Times
       Alteration Person                                                  Phone Number
       Location                                                           Cost

           Deliver to                                      Date                                 Time

       Pressing Instructions

                                Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 29

    NAME                                  COAT            SLEEVE           NECK            WAIST           INSEAM          SHOE

     There’s No Reason You Can’t Be Lookin’ Good
By Ronda Addy                                                        n For a daytime formal wedding, a tuxedo and a gray stroller
    You don’t have to walk down the aisle in front of                   or tailcoat is acceptable. A white shirt with a spread collar,
everyone. You don’t have to spend                                                                    a matching vest, an ascot or a
hundreds or thousands of dollars                                                                     four-in-hand or pocket square is
on what you are going to wear. All                                                                   good.
you have to do is select a tux.                                                                   n For an evening formal wedding,
Unless you plan on wearing a                                                                         a classic tuxedo with a white
tuxedo more than three times a                                                                       wing or spread collar, a match-
year, renting is the best way to go.                                                                 ing vest or cummerbund, and a
Price is another consideration. An                                                                   black bow tie is acceptable.
average tuxedo sells for $300 to                                                                  n For a daytime ultra formal wed-
$500, while the cost of renting one                                                                  ding, a cutaway coat, gray pin-
is about 10 to 30 percent less.                                                                      striped pants, a gray vest, an
However, there is more to selecting                                                                  ascot and black shoes is accept-
a tuxedo than deciding to rent or to                                                                 able.
buy.                                                                                              n For an evening ultra formal wed-
    As the groom, you should make your style selection three            ding, a black tailcoat, black pants, a white pique wing col-
to five months before the wedding. Deciding on what tuxedo              lared shirt, a black vest or cummerbund, and a white bow
style to wear depends on what type of wedding you are going             is acceptable.
to have. There is formal, informal and ultra formal.                     Check around for the best tuxedo rental place. Make sure
n For a daytime semi-formal wedding, a suit is acceptable.           the styles are current. A reputable formal wear store will
   Navy or charcoal is ideal with white or khaki being sea-          know how to measure you correctly (inseam, waist, jacket
   sonal. Ties are optional with a white shirt and a white bou-      size) and should be able to fit you well in advance of the
   tonniere.                                                         wedding. They should also be able to supply you with the
n For an evening semi-formal wedding, a dark tuxedo and a            accessories needed –– tie, cummerbund, cufflinks,
   bow tie and cummerbund or vest is acceptable. The shirt           suspenders and even shoes –– and be able to supply suits for
   should be white with a wing-tipped or turned-down collar.         your groomsmen and best man. That way, everyone will be
   White jackets are acceptable for a summer wedding.                wearing the same kind of suit.

                              TUXEDOS FOR EVERY OCCASION!
                                       Starting at    $                   *

                                                                                             113 PUTNAM ST., MARIETTA, OH
                                                  Includes any shirt, jewelry, tie,                     740.373.5648
                                             vest and cummerbund *(excludes shoes)              Fri. 9-8; Sat. 9-5; Sun. 12-5
Page 30 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

  Finding the Dress of
     Your Dreams
 By Kathy Scott
    At no other time in your life will you wear such an
 important or elegant dress than on your wedding day.
 Shopping for this once-in-a-lifetime treasure takes time,
 planning, patience and persistence. As soon as you become
 engaged begin contemplating your options and preferences.
 The following suggestions may help you find the dress of
 your dreams and will, hopefully, provide a few tips to make
 your search more pleasant and profitable.
    Be strong! Decide at the very beginning how much you
 will spend on your wedding gown. Once you have decided on
 your price, stick to it!
    Keep in mind that you will also need to purchase a
 headpiece, gloves, shoes and hosiery, lingerie and jewelry.
 While visiting every bridal shop within a hundred-mile radius
 of your home, ask to see only the dresses that are within your
 price range. Do you remember that old saying, “What you
 don’t know won’t hurt you?” Well, what you don’t see won’t
 hurt you budget.
    Only shop at reputable bridal shops. If you’re unsure if the
 shop is reputable, speak to other customers and call the Better
 Business Bureau. This may seem a bit drastic but when you
 consider that the biggest purchase of a wedding, it makes
 sense. Be careful not to buy a counterfeit dress. Make sure
 that if you receive a brand name. Call the manufacturer or go
 online to verify that the bridal shop is indeed a dealer for that
 dress manufacturer.
    If at all possible, order your dress six to nine months
 before your wedding date. Set the delivery date for three or
 four weeks before the big day so you’ll have plenty of time
 for alterations. Ask your bridal shop consultant to measure
 you as precisely as possible. You don’t want to spend extra
 money turning a size 14 dress into a size 10.
    Request that she use a non-stretchable measuring tape.
 Cloth tape often becomes stretched and inaccurate as the
 months go by. Once you’ve ordered your dress, check with
 the bridal shop frequently for an update on your gown. And,
 as for all business deals, make sure you sign a contract that
 states the delivery date of your dress, the cost of your dress
 and alterations, and any refund information.
    You might also consider borrowing a gown. Ask a family
 member or favorite friend if you could wear their wedding
 dress. If so, be sure and discuss how she would feel about
 alterations, cleaning and possible accidents.
    Used wedding gowns are another popular option. Look
 into buying or renting a gown. The prices of the gowns you
 can purchase usually vary from $100 to $700. The dresses are
 usually in excellent condition. There are even mother’s
 dresses and bridesmaids’ dresses. You should receive a
 contract from these shops as you would from a regular bridal
 shop. When renting a dress, however, there’s a catch.
 Alterations are usually out of the question because the dress
 will be rented again, so they will have to fit you as is.
                               Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 31

                             What Lovely Colors...
By Tresa Erickson                                                   colors. Pale pinks, luscious lilacs and lemony yellows might
    Your fiancé popped the question and now the wedding             all be on tap for a spring garden wedding.
planning is underway. First up is choosing                                                        Consider the connotations of the
a color palette. While some brides opt for                                               colors as well. Red is vibrant and will
two colors, others go for three, four and                                                bring energy to the occasion, while blue is
sometimes a whole myriad of colors. The                                                  soothing and will make for a peaceful
choice is yours, and while the colors you                                                event. Browse through several interior
select should flatter everyone within your                                               design books to get a feel for the kinds of
wedding party, that should not be your                                                   moods various colors provoke. If you are
only criteria.                                                                           having a Feng Shui wedding, you will
    Color palettes can run the gambit. To                                                definitely want to research the
determine yours, sit down and write out a                                                connotations colors carry in that tradition
list of colors that you like, with your                                                  of thought.
favorites at the top. Perhaps you’re wild                                                         Availability might also factor in
about red or mad about pink. With those                                                  your decision. You might start out with a
in mind, look through some home décor                                                    pink, lilac and yellow palette but change
magazines and paint swatch racks for                                                     that when you fall in love with a rose-
complementary color schemes that appeal to you. Add these           colored bridesmaid dress. Instead of pink, lilac and yellow,
to your list of favorites and collect all pleasing photos and       you might end up with rose, purple and gold.
swatches in a folder.                                                   Once you have a color palette in mind, go for it! Select
    With list and folder in hand, you can start narrowing down      apparel, flowers and decorations that reflect that palette and
your choices. Think about the time and theme of your                look for other unique ways to incorporate the palette into
wedding. Are you having a spring wedding? Spring weddings           your celebration. Use rose-colored ink on the invitations
often call for lighter colors than fall or winter weddings.         rather than the standard black and scatter some rose, purple
However, if you are having an evening wedding, you may be           and gold flower petals around place settings at the reception,
able to get away with deeper tones. Are you having a garden-        Surround yourself and your wedding guests with the colors
themed wedding? Garden weddings also call for lighter               you adore!
Page 32 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Day Essentials: The Perfect Gift
 By Doris A. Black                                                         throughout-the-day touch-ups. Don’t forget a comb and
    As the maid of honor or mother of the bride, you want                  brush.
 your gift for the bride to be extra special. You may think the         n Glue. The bride may need this in case a flower needs to be
 best gift is something practical like a picture frame for the            reattached to a headpiece or a sequin to the veil.
 wedding photo or something for the house, but the best thing
 you can give the bride is peace of mind on her wedding day.            n Nail file. Include a nice big one for last-minute touch-ups
    As you know, the wedding day is filled with worries for               or broken nails for either the bride or the bridesmaids.
 the bride. It’s only natural for her to be anxious about things        n Sewing kit. Include thread to match not only the bridal
 she has no control over, but you can                                                            gown, but also the color of the
 help eliminate some of her stress by                                                            bridesmaid gowns and
 preparing for emergencies. Make your                                                            groomsmen’s tuxedos. It seems that
 gift an emergency basket of essential                                                           straps break and buttons pop at the
 items for the day.                                                                              most inopportune times. Don’t for-
     Here are some suggestions of items                                                          get the needles, and maybe some
 to include.                                                                                     safety pins, too.
 n Makeup bag. Choose a nice deco-                                                               n Small notepad and pen. Include
    rative makeup bag large enough to                                                              some type of small notebook or pad
    hold the necessary touch-up sup-                                                               of paper for the bride to jot down
    plies for the day, including lipstick,                                                         last-minute thoughts or a “To Do”
    mascara, powder and blush.                                                                     list.
 n Toothbrush bag. While you’re                                                                  n Miscellaneous items. Make sure to
   looking for a makeup bag, pick up a                                                             include rubber bands and zip-top
   small bag for toothbrush and tooth-                                                             plastic baggies.
   paste, so the bride can freshen up at                                                        n Wedding day breakfast plan. Plan
   the reception. It should have a plas-                                                           on bringing the bride some break-
   tic liner and include a travel-size                                                             fast on her wedding day. Even if she
   toothbrush and toothpaste.                                                                      says she doesn’t usually eat break-
 n Small hand mirror. Add in one of                                                                fast, bring her a croissant and
   these to go along with the makeup                                                               orange juice. Skipping breakfast is
   and toothbrush.                                                                                 like fasting for 18–24 hours (from
 n Moisturizer. Tuck in a small bottle                                                             the time of her last meal until the
   of lotion to soothe the hands, as the bride will be shaking             reception). She’ll be under a lot of stress and on her feet
   many on her wedding day.                                                most of the day, so insist she eat a little something.
 n Pair of hosiery. You might not think an extra pair is nec-                All of these items may not be needed on the big day, but
   essary with a full-length gown and it may not be. But you            it’s better to be prepared. To make a nice presentation, place
   don’t want the bride to have a big run when the groom                the essentials in an attractive basket or small carry-on style
   removes her garter. Even if the bride doesn’t use them, a            piece of luggage that can be taken to the church and
   bridesmaid may.                                                      reception. The bride may decide to use it for the honeymoon,
 n Travel-size tissues. These are especially useful for teary               Give the bride the gift of peace of mind by being prepared
   brides and she can hand them out to others as well.                  and helping to make her wedding day as stress-free as
 n Travel-size hair spray. The bride may need this for                  possible.

                                                                 Attention Weddings ...                          $       99

                                                                    TUXEDO SPECIAL starting at . . . .             39       and up
                                                                                                                                     Blk. or

                                                                                        Gown Sale
                                                                             Big BridalMost Bridal Gowns and Jovani Mothers
                                                                Stop in to purchase...                 Gowns as seen in Modern Bride &
                                                                                                        Bride’s Magazines available for
                                                                 Moonlight Design                             purchase at Faye’s
                                                                 DaVinci Bridal                           For Bridesmaids
                                                                 Bonny Bridal Gowns                      Jordan and DaVinci
                                                                    Faye’s Boutique Inc.
                                                                   6000 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, WV           304-295-4153
                               Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 33

         Making It Last a Really Long Time
By Ronda Addy                                                      n Completely seal the box. Allow some air to circulate.
   Congratulations, you just got married. You have your
wedding video and pictures for memories, but you want                  You have spent way too much time and money on your
more. Like countless brides before you, you want to preserve       bouquet just to throw it away. Why not freeze-dry your
your gown, bouquet and cake. What you need are some tips           bouquet? Freeze-drying it will extract the water from your
on how to do just that.                                            flowers, allowing them to keep their color, shape and smell.
   There’s a good chance your wedding gown was the most            If you are considering having your bouquet freeze-dried, get
expensive part of your wedding, so it’s only natural you           it to the specialist as soon as possible, preferably within 48
would want to preserve it, either as a keepsake or an              hours. In the meantime, keep the flowers in water and
heirloom to be passed on to future generations. It doesn’t         refrigerate them until they are ready to go. Freeze-drying will
matter if you are having a professional preserve your gown or      not rejuvenate wilting flowers. When choosing a preservation
you are doing it yourself, the first thing you need to do is       specialist, make sure you see samples of their work. Don’t be
have your gown professionally cleaned, preferably a few            afraid to ask them questions about how long they have been
weeks after the wedding. The longer stains and dirt are left       in business and what color enhancers and post treatments
on the gown, the harder they will be to get out. Find a dry        they use. The freeze-dry process could take up to 12 weeks,
cleaner who is trained in the cleaning and preservation of         and while cheaper than it used to be, it is still relatively
wedding gowns and make sure the solvent they use is                expensive, so you may want to have a few blooms freeze-
different than that used on regular clothes. Here are some dos     dried instead of the whole bouquet. After you have your
and don’ts of preserving a wedding gown.                           bouquet freeze-dried, you should put it into some sort of
                                                                   display container.
Do:                                                                    Freezing the top layer of your wedding cake and eating it
n Use acid-free tissue between the folds of the dress and in       on your one-year anniversary is considered good luck.
  the bodice. This will prevent wrinkles and folds.                Whether or not you want to eat a cake that has been frozen
n Remove shoulder pads or anything else made with foam.            for a year is entirely up to you, but most recommend storing a
  Foam deteriorates over time and will damage anything             cake no longer than two months. If you’d like, you can eat
  next to it.                                                      the cake after you return from your honeymoon. No matter
n Remove plastic or metal buttons, buckles or pins.                when you decide to eat it, the steps involved in freezing the
n Wrap your gown in muslin.                                        cake are the same. The best cakes to freeze are chocolate,
n Store your gown in a cool, dark place.                           carrot, almond and hazelnut. When freezing your cake, be
n Keep your gown away from artificial light and sunlight.          sure to take off the sugar flowers. Place the layer
n Occasionally take your gown out for inspection. Stains can       immediately into the freezer (unwrapped at this point). After
  sometimes show up days or weeks later.                           an hour or two, the icing should be frozen. Wrap the cake
n Ask to see the dress before it is packed for storage. That       loosely in several layers of plastic and place it in a cake box.
  way, you can make sure all the stains have been removed.         Wrap the cake box in plastic or freezer paper and place it into
                                                                   the freezer. When it comes time to defrost the cake,
Don’t:                                                             immediately remove the wrapping and let it sit in the
n Pack your gown near mothballs.                                   refrigerator for 48 hours then at room temperature for a
n Store your gown in plastic or brown boxes.                       couple of hours. A word of warning: Don’t store your cake in
n Store your gown in a plastic bag. The chemicals released         a frost-free freezer-the constant defrosting will draw the
  when plastic breaks down can destroy your gown.                  moisture out of the cake.
n Store your gown in a hot, humid attic or a damp basement.            You planned the perfect wedding and you’ll cherish it for
n Hang your gown for long-term storage, especially by the          years to come. Why shouldn’t preserving every detail be as
  shoulder seams. They can sag and stretch.                        important as planning it?

                           Helen Wilson’s Alterations
                                                    Over 30 Years Experience
                                              Home                                       Cell
                                           740-373-3935                              740-336-8384
Page 34 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                               Handle With Care...
 By Ronda Addy                                                          and some lukewarm, soapy water. Don’t use tissue, which
     Fine jewelry like engagement and wedding rings is an               can scratch silver, and make sure you dry your silver
 investment. To maintain it, you need to care for it properly.          completely before storing it. Silver is very pliable, so when
 Here are some tips on how to keep your jewelry looking like            polishing it, rub against it. Don’t pull. If you see any tarnish,
 new.                                                                                                   use a mild tarnish remover
     Diamonds are popular, and                                                                          made specifically for silver.
 even though they are one of the                                                                        Don’t expose your silver to
 hardest materials around, they                                                                         chlorine or soak it unless you
 still need regular maintenance.                                                                        are using tarnish remover.
 In order for a diamond to shine,                                                                               Gold is designed to last a
 the maximum amount of light                                                                            long time, but like all other
 possible needs to enter the stone                                                                      jewelry, it requires proper care.
 and be reflected. Residue from                                                                         Clean your gold jewelry
 lotions, soaps and powders and                                                                         regularly with an ultrasonic
 natural skin oils can dull the                                                                         cleaner. Rinse, dry and polish it
 surface of a diamond and                                                                               with a soft cloth. Store your
 reduce its brilliance. To keep                                                                         gold in a soft cloth away from
 your diamonds shiny and                                                                                dust, makeup, moisture and
 looking their best, clean them                                                                         perspiration, and inspect it often
 regularly with a commercial                                                                            for damage. Take it to a jeweler
 cleaner, a mix of ammonia and                                                                          for repair. Don’t expose your
 water, or a mild detergent. Just                                                                       gold to chlorine. It can weaken
 dip the piece in the solution and                                                                      the structure.
 use a soft brush to get rid of any                                                                             More delicate than other
 dirt in the setting. Don’t wear                                                                        gemstones, pearls require
 your diamonds when doing                                                                               special care. Don’t clean them
 rough work. You could chip                                                                             with an ultrasonic cleaner.
 them. Don’t expose your                                                                                Instead, wipe them off with a
 diamonds to chlorine or                                                                                soft, damp cloth and wash them
 household cleaners. The                                                                                occasionally in mild soap. Store
 products could damage the                                                                              pearls in a soft pouch away
 setting. Don’t mix your                                                                                from other jewelry. Body oils
 diamonds with other jewelry.                                                                           can damage silk or nylon thread
 The diamonds could scratch it.                                                                         easily, so if you have any pearl
 Store your diamonds in a box                                                                           necklaces, have them restrung
 with divided compartments or a fabric-lined jewelry box.               once a year with a knot between each pearl so if the string
 Have them cleaned and checked once a year by a                         breaks, your pearls won’t get lost.
 professional.                                                             If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your jewelry
     Whether a grade or a finish covered with a shiny coat of           yourself, take it to a jeweler and have it done by a
 rhodium, silver can tarnish. To prevent this from happening,           professional. Remember, fine jewelry is an investment. You
 clean your silver jewelry regularly and store it in a cloth            want it to last a while, so take care of it properly. With the
 pouch or a plastic bag. You may use a silver clean cloth               right care, your diamond wedding ring or strand of pearls
 available at most jewelry stores or a flannel or cotton t-shirt        could become a family heirloom.

                                    “For All Your Jewelry & Watch Repair Needs”

                               J.T. Jewelry & Repairs      Custom Designs
                                                                                                             3610 Emerson Ave. Unit 2
                                                   (304) 424-7010 or Fax: 424-7015                            Parkersburg, WV 26101
                         Tina Jacenkiw                                                                            (304) 424-7010
                               Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 35

    The Makings for a Wonderful Sendoff
By Tresa Erickson                                                                                 your guests release a colorful
    The tradition of                                                                              balloon? The sky will be filled
throwing rice at a newly                                                                          with color as you and your groom
married couple has been                                                                           exit the building as husband and
around since ancient                                                                              wife.
times. Many ancient                                                                                   If you are an animal lover, you
civilizations believed that                                                                       may want doves to be released, or
by throwing rice the                                                                              if the temperatures are warm,
fertility of the seeds                                                                            butterflies. Doves have long been
would be passed on to the                                                                         a symbol of peace and love. What
couple. They also                                                                                 couple doesn’t hope for that?
believed that rice could                                                                          Butterflies also make for a lovely
ward off evil spirits. The                                                                        sendoff. Imagine hundreds of
tradition continued well                                                                          them fluttering from your guests’
into the 20th century until                                                                       hands as you leave for your
a rumor began circulating                                                                         honeymoon.
that rice was harmful to                                                                              Maybe you want bubbles.
birds.                                                                                            Maybe you want butterflies.
    According to several                                                                          Maybe you still want rice. Before
sources, the rumor was                                                                            you decide, contact the site where
started, or at least                                                                              you are holding the wedding and
propelled, by an Ann                                                                              find out if there are any
Landers column in the                                                                             restrictions. More importantly,
’60s. Landers advised                                                                             take the well-being of your guests
rose petals be thrown at                                                                          into consideration and arrange for
weddings instead of rice                                                                          whatever you’ve decided to be
because it was bad for the                                                                        carried out safely.
birds. The rumor soon
evolved, and many believed that once eaten, rice would
expand in birds’ stomachs to the point that they would
explode. It became customary to throw birdseed rather than
    There have been no proven cases of birds dying from the
consumption of rice. According to several experts, rice,
whether milled or wild, does not harm birds. Many migrating
birds, in fact, eat from the rice fields in the South to gain
strength for their return to the North.
    So throwing rice at weddings does not pose a threat to the
birds…but it can harm guests. When tossed onto a sidewalk
or on steps, it puts anyone walking on that surface at risk of
falling. In addition, rice can be difficult to sweep up. Many
organizations and churches prohibit the throwing of it
because it is so messy.
    If you can’t throw rice, what can you throw? You could try
confetti. But that too is messy and may not be allowed. You
could also throw birdseed. But again depending where it is
thrown it could pose a danger to your guests.
    A current trend that seems to satisfy everyone is bubbles.
Not only are they less messy, but they offer a unique photo
opportunity. If you go this route, make sure you purchase a
bubble solution made specifically for weddings. Most come
in white half-ounce bottles with wands attached to the caps,
and they are free of dyes found in normal solutions that stain
fabrics like silk.
    If bubbles don’t appeal to you, you could try balloons.
What better way to end your ceremony than to have each of
Page 36 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008


                                          Behind the Lens
    Listed below are a few ideas for wedding photos. The items below are designed to spark your interest in what photo’s you
 may want taken during your special day.
    Try not to make a list that is two exhausting. Be organized and think through what you want long before your wedding day.
 Take this list and give to your photographer, it will be a great guide and you will be sure to get all the photos you ever dreamed
 of having

 Before the Wedding
     ___ Bride dressing for ceremony
     ___ Bride, full-length solo
     ___ Bride with parents
     ___ Bride with mother and father separately
     ___ Bride with sisters and brothers
     ___ Bride with grandparents
     ___ Bride with maid of honor
     ___ Bride with attendants
     ___ Bride with groomsmen
     ___ Bride with ring bearer, flower girl
     ___ Groom dressing for ceremony
     ___ Groom, close-up
     ___ Groom with parents
     ___ Groom with mother and father separately
     ___ Groom with sisters and brothers
     ___ Groom with grandparents
     ___ Groom with best man
     ___ Groom with bridesmaids
     ___ Groom with groomsmen
     ___ Attendants getting ready
     ___ Attendants outside church
                                                                             ___ Exchanging of vows
 During the Wedding                                                          ___ Breaking glass, jumping broom
     ___ Parents being seated                                                ___ Unity Candle
     ___ Bridesmaids walking down aisle                                      ___ Soloists, readers
     ___ Flower girl and Ring bearer walking down the aisle                  ___ Ring ceremony
     ___ Bride and father walking down the aisle                             ___ Kissing ceremony
     ___ Father giving bride’s hand to groom                                 ___ Recessional

                                                Portraits by
                                             Jeanna and Scherry
                                  “A photography team worthy of your wedding”
                                    Book online at:
                                                     Prices start at $450
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Right After the Wedding                                            Additional Photos
  ___ Formal bride and groom together                                  ___ Post-reception party
  ___ Newlyweds with parents                                           ___ Exterior of wedding location
  ___ Newlyweds and entire bridal party                                ___ Bride changing into going away clothes
  ___ Newlyweds with minister/priest                                   ___ Newlyweds leaving on honeymoon
  ___ Newlyweds with bride’s immediate family
  ___ Newlyweds with bride’s extended family
  ___ Newlyweds with groom’s immediate family                      Notes
  ___ Newlyweds with groom’s extended family

During the Reception
  ___ Close-up of newlywed’s rings
  ___ Cake Table
  ___ Cutting the Cake
  ___ Couple feeding cake to each other
  ___ Best man toasting newlyweds
  ___ Best man and Groomsmen decorating the car
  ___ Cake and punch servers
  ___ Musicians / DJ
  ___ Newlyweds first dance
  ___ Father’s last dance with daughter
  ___ Flower girl dancing with ring bearer
  ___ Guests dancing
  ___ Groom cutting the groom’s cake
  ___ Wedding party dance
  ___ Candid photos of the bride and groom having fun
      with their family and friends

Leaving the Reception
  ___ Bride tossing bouquet
  ___ Someone catching the bouquet
  ___ Groom tossing garter
  ___ Someone catching the garter
  ___ Guests throwing rice, bubbles
  ___ Newlyweds getting into car, limo or carriage
  ___ Newlyweds waving goodbye
  ___ Guests waving goodbye
Page 38 – Wedding Planner 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

                          Capturing The Moment
 By Andrew McGlothlen                                                   helping to record your big day, it’s hard to believe that a
     Getting married is one of the most cherished memories in           special moment could be forgotten, but many leading up to
 a person’s life. However, as psychologists have discovered,            the big day are. Events, like the rehearsal, the bridal shower
 memory can be                                                                 and the bachelor party, are photographed little. All,
 unreliable—                                                                    however, make great preludes to the wedding section
 especially in an                                                               of a photo album.
 emotional setting                                                                  From the photos to the video, what couple could
 such as a                                                                      forget the magic and excitement of their wedding
 wedding. How                                                                   day? At your one-year anniversary party when the top
 do you ensure                                                                  tier of cake is brought out to be eaten, perhaps the
 that your                                                                      guests will be able to dine on a cake topped with a
 wedding is                                                                     picture that they took themselves. If nothing else, you
 captured perfectly                                                             will never forget your wedding day—in spite of what
 for you to                                                                     psychologists say.
     For starters,
 you can hire
 friends or family
 members to film
 your wedding,
 including behind-the-scenes footage. Although you may have
 to pay less for their services, amateurs usually do not have
 the proper equipment, and therefore, may need to be closer to
 the action. Depending on their equipment, you may have to
 pay more for the services of professionals. Most, however,
 have more experience with angles, zoom and sound
 capabilities that make them worth the extra money.
     In addition to filming, you probably have several photos                weddings                             retouching
 in mind that you would like to be taken at your wedding.
 During the ceremony, the best shots include the bride coming                 location                             coy work
 down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the kiss and the newly
 married couple exiting the scene for the reception. At the
 reception the key shots are the couple cutting the cake, the
 exchange of cake, the best man’s toast and the newlyweds
 dancing with their parents. Either before or after the
 reception, you may also want a series of photos with your
 parents, the wedding party and other close relatives,
 including grandparents, siblings and possibly even children.
     For more random shots at the reception, consider putting
 disposable cameras at the guests’ disposal. This will allow
 you to see more of the reception than you could at the time.
 Because you never know what you’ll find, photos developed
 from the disposable cameras can be a nice surprise to come
                                       back to after a
                                       honeymoon. If there are
                                                                                      517 Market St.,
                                       any shots left on the                         Parkersburg, WV
                                       cameras, you can use
                                       them to take pictures of                        304-428-0051
                                       your new abode for
                                       another photo album.                           cell 304-481-3235
                                          Between the
                                       photographers and the
                                       dozens of amateurs                 
   Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – An Advertorial Section from The Marietta Times – Wedding Planner 2008 – Page 39

                                    If you live, work,
                                    worship or attend
                                        school in
                                   Washington County,
                                    you can join our
                                      credit union.

 1106 Fourth Street, Marietta, Ohio

     Let us help with
     your special day.
740-373-3681 or 740-374-1744
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