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					                                        The Apple iPhone5

The Apple iPhone 5 was released for sale last week and some of you may already have the 4G
phone in your hands. For those of you who don’t, I understand all sources are totally out of inventory
but don’t worry there are more on the way. Apple's website promises shipments delivered in 3-4
weeks and you can be guaranteed Apple will get one to you. Apple says customers can continue to
order online and receive an estimated delivery date. The first weekend sales of the iPhone 5 topped
five million, beating the opening weekend for the iPhone 4S nearly a year ago by 1 million units.

While the phone will be hard to come by, many early shoppers found a few things to complain about -
- and a hidden feature that wowed many.

Apple's Map app replaced Google Maps and many users are saying the new Maps is inferior. Chief
complaints: wrong directions and the lack of local transit information. Twitter hashtags (used to help in
searches) started popping up this weekend: #Mapsgate, #Mapocalypse and #Thanksapple as folks
talked about their bad experiences online. Apple says it's "just getting started" with Maps and that the
app will improve as more people use it.

A hidden surprise. The iPhone is offered for sale with three carriers -- AT&T, Verizon Wireless and
Sprint -- and isn't supposed to be interchangeable among their separate networks. But the Verizon
version of the iPhone 5 works on AT&T's network, as well, the Associated Press discovered. The AP
found that a Verizon iPhone 5 accepts an AT&T "SIM card" -- a chip that identifies a phone to a
network. The phone can then be active on AT&T's network. That is, if you can find an iPhone5 for
For those of you still contemplating the purchase of the iPhone5, the following comparison data with
Apple’s competition will be helpful in making your decision.

Will the iphone5 send shockwaves through the tech world and turn competitors back to their drawing
boards? Probably No.

Keep in mind Apple is well aware that it doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to succeed and it has
again provided a fine phone that will keep it battling at the top of the charts for another year.

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Description: U.S. time at 10:00 on the September 12th, Apple held a new conference in San Francisco Grass Art Center, the official release of its next-generation product the iPhone 5. New products, a larger screen, and also become slimmer. iPhone 5 with 4-inch retina screen, the screen resolution from 960x640 to upgrade to 1136x640, the application icon in the main screen to 5 rows. iPhone 5 will be the latest iOS mobile operating system pre-installed.