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[September 12, 2012] Irwindale, CA – The wait is over. Today Apple officially announced the launch of the
new iPhone 5 and we couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be available for pre-order starting this Friday, September
14th, and will begin shipping in the US and Canada on September 21st.

So what’s new? It’s the world’s thinnest smartphone – a full 18% thinner than iPhone 4S – and 20% lighter
than its predecessor. It offers an ultrafast wireless 4G LTE connection. The screen is a taller, 4-inch 326 ppi
Retina display with 1136 x 640 resolution that allows for another row of apps. The battery life is longer than
before, the microphone has been updated and it’s got two cameras, one in front and one in the back, with
40% faster capture time, face detection and enhanced resolution. It features a new, smaller and reversible
“Lighting” all-digital connector with 8 signal design, and improved durability. In addition, the iPhone 5 will be
supported by Apple’s iOS6, the most advanced mobile operating system available today. You can use Pass-
book to manage coupons, movie tickets and boarding passes for participating airlines. Even Siri has
increased functionality; you can now ask her for game scores, to launch apps, make reservations to restau-
rants and update your Facebook status – all by voice command.

If you’re like us, you’ll be pre-ordering your new iPhone 5 first thing Friday morning. While you wait, you can
stock up on the most comprehensive line of iPhone 5 mobile accessories available from PureGear, to protect
and enhance your newest acquisition.

Now you can enjoy a stress-free iPhone experience indoors or out. With the PX260 Protection System, you can
protect your iPhone 5 with a durable case, screen shield, water-resistant pouch and utility tool that functions as
a bottle opener and wrench. The sporty design protects your phone against drops and scratches, and comes in
a range of appealing colors that include Matte Black, Clay Blue, Moss Green and Orchid Purple.

This system packs all of the gear you’ll need to get the most out of your new iPhone 5 in the great outdoors –
including a PX360 case, carabiner, screen shield, water-resistant pouch and utility tool that functions as a
kickstand, and more. The sporty, stylish design and carabiner clip deliver a dose of military, rugged cool, while
helping to keep your phone more accessible, and protect against drops and scratches. Available in the same
color options as the PX260. Now you’ll be able to clip your iPhone 5 to your backpack, purse or belt loop with
the attached carabiner and keep it handy and safe on the go!

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Extreme protection has never looked so good. This newly redesigned, sleek, yet durable system combines
smart functionality with extreme shock protection that’s a perfect fit for the iPhone 5. It features an ergonomic
grip, screen shield and impact resistant design that absorbs shock from falls of up to six feet. It’s designed to fit
the iPhone 5’s thinner profile and extra large screen, and will keep it protected from the inevitable drops and
scratches. Available in Indigo Blue, Simply Pink, Fern Green, Kayak Yellow, Arctic White and Galaxy Black.

This screen shield kit is the first of its kind to include a patented application tray and
roller. Just pop the iPhone 5 into the tray and slide the roller to apply the screen
shield. The screen shield is made from high-definition clarity, self-healing industrial
strength material that rolls on perfectly. It’ll keep your new iPhone 5’s bigger,
beautiful screen pristine – and you won’t have to deal with bubbles, dust, misalign-
ments or hassles ever again.

This incredibly versatile system lets you clip, prop, access, view, find or protect your new iPhone 5. It includes a
snap-on grip case, screen shield, clip-on holster and 360º pivot kickstand that lets you view things horizontally
or vertically. Each element works together in a modular way, so you can optimally position your iPhone to do
whatever you want, from watching media to using GPS and more. Use the clip-on holster to secure your iPhone
to a belt loop or purse strap, so it’s always handy when you need to make reservations or snap photos. Once you
try it out, you seriously won’t know how you ever got by without it. Available in Black and White.

For the minimalist, our sleek new iPhone 5 cases come in an array of yummy flavors, so you can customize your
look and protect your investment at the same time. Pick from Vanilla Bean, Black Tea, Coconut Jelly (clear),
Mandarin Orange, Strawberry Rhubarb, Passion Fruit and Pistachio Mint.

Add more functionality to your new iPhone 5 with this lightweight, durable and
versatile case and holster system. The low profile case features a built-in slider
stand that lets you prop your device up vertically or horizontally to watch media or
videoconference – an even better way to enjoy the new widescreen aspect ratio. The
stand doubles as a finger hold, to prevent you from dropping your phone while on a
call. The holster has a clip, to keep your iPhone at the ready whether you’re boarding
a plane or checking the latest sports scores. Available in Black and White.

If you like what you see and you want to learn more, check out our full range of mobile device accessory
products that let you Protect, Listen, Power and Connect. For more information or to purchase product
online, please visit

To follow PureGear’s latest news and updates, stay tuned for regular updates and announcements on our
blog at, or check us out on Facebook at, Twitter at, YouTube at and Pinterest at

At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why we design reliable mobile device
accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Our products are designed with added features and benefits that
make sense – for work or play. We’re also committed to providing you with premium quality at an affordable price. After all, we under-
stand that devices change faster than your kids’ favorite toys, the latest diet fads…possibly even the stock market. With this in mind, it is
our goal at PureGear to simply enrich your everyday mobile life experiences while respecting your wallet and our world.

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Description: U.S. time at 10:00 on the September 12th, Apple held a new conference in San Francisco Grass Art Center, the official release of its next-generation product the iPhone 5. New products, a larger screen, and also become slimmer. iPhone 5 with 4-inch retina screen, the screen resolution from 960x640 to upgrade to 1136x640, the application icon in the main screen to 5 rows. iPhone 5 will be the latest iOS mobile operating system pre-installed.