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              Hotels Enabled to Put iPhone5 on ICE
Intelity's ICE software is fully compatible with the new iPhone 5, allaying any
apprehensions about expensive necessary upgrades by existing hotel clients.

ORLANDO, Fla., September 26, 2012 – Many hotels balked at the news that the all-new, highly
coveted iPhone 5 requires a new eight-pin, all-digital “Lightning” connector instead of the older 30-pin
connector that worked with other iPhone models. Fortunately, hotels will have no issues with using the
iPhone 5 with software from hospitality technology provider Intelity.

The company's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) Mobile enterprise platform, which allows guests
to access all of a hotel's guest services from Android or Apple smartphones and tablets, is fully
compatible with any version of the iPhone. Existing Intelity clients are not required to upgrade any ICE
Mobile technology. Hotels that are interested in installing ICE also will not have to decide whether to
select software that is only compatible with the a particular iPhone model.

The ICE Mobile interface will use adaptive user interface design to accommodate the larger screen size of
the new iPhone, running in a letterboxed frame. The framing is virtually unnoticeable and will not
interfere with guest access to hotel services via mobile. Guests using legacy iPhones with smaller display
screens won't see any difference in the appearance of the ICE Mobile software.

Intelity CEO and President David Adelson said, “With Intelity software, we aim to make our software
compatible with a broad range of devices, whether it's from Apple, Android or any other company. The
focus for us is providing quality software that doesn't depend on the hardware, but rather can
accommodate the needs of all of a specific hotel's guests.”

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About Intelity
Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is the creator of the world’s first fully integrated enterprise
platform including an interactive guest services interface, ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™), with a
full, real-time back-end management tool that measures ROI and integrates with more than 25 hotel
management systems. Since beginning operations in 2007, the hospitality solutions company has grown
exponentially and become a pioneer in hospitality technology with the deployment of ICE across four
continents serving almost 500 hotels worldwide, including all major brands and many significant
independents. The New York Times called ICE “the digital edge” for hotels. The customizable interface
allows guests to arrange services via an in-room touch screen tablet (ICE Touch); smartphone and tablet
(ICE Mobile); TV (ICE TV); laptop (ICE Connect); or touch screen (ICE Lobby). The ICE platform has
been recognized industry wide earning Intelity the industry’s “Most Innovative Hospitality Technology”
award in a vote by hoteliers and the Business Traveler Innovation Award for Best Travel Convenience &
Efficiency Innovation. Become acquainted with ICE and learn what Intelity’s hotel partners are saying on
the Intelity website For more information, please call 1-888-RevPAR-1 (1-888-
738-7271) or follow us on Twitter (@Intelity).

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Description: U.S. time at 10:00 on the September 12th, Apple held a new conference in San Francisco Grass Art Center, the official release of its next-generation product the iPhone 5. New products, a larger screen, and also become slimmer. iPhone 5 with 4-inch retina screen, the screen resolution from 960x640 to upgrade to 1136x640, the application icon in the main screen to 5 rows. iPhone 5 will be the latest iOS mobile operating system pre-installed.