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 Belkin Ease-Fit Armband iPhone5 (F8W105VFC05)

                                                                          Price details:                                                           PDF generated on: 8 October, 2012

                                                                              Price excl. VAT: 13.58 €
                                                                              Eco fees: 0.00 €
                                                                              VAT 21 %: 2.85 €
                                                                          Product details:
                                                                              Product code: F8W105VFC05
                                                                              EAN: 0722868915295
                                                                              Manufacturer: Belkin

                                                                                                        16.43 €
                                                                                                        * VAT included


Main specifications:

 Technical details
  Mobile device type:                                                     Mobile phone/smartphone
  Case type:                                                              armband
  Brand compatibility:                                                    Apple
  Colour of product:                                                      Multi
  Protection features:                                                    Dust resistant, Scratch resistant, Shock resistant, Water resistant
  Compatible products:                                                    iPhone5
  Material:                                                               Unspecified
  Washable:                                                               Y
  Case carrying style:                                                    arm
  RoHS compliance:                                                        -

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Description: U.S. time at 10:00 on the September 12th, Apple held a new conference in San Francisco Grass Art Center, the official release of its next-generation product the iPhone 5. New products, a larger screen, and also become slimmer. iPhone 5 with 4-inch retina screen, the screen resolution from 960x640 to upgrade to 1136x640, the application icon in the main screen to 5 rows. iPhone 5 will be the latest iOS mobile operating system pre-installed.