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Tips to be Considered Before Travel


									Things to be considered before travelling
1. Booking your flights is the
   first step towards your travel
   plans. It is important to plan
   your travel dates and book
   your flights 2-3 months prior
   to your travel date in order to
   get seats on the best flights.

2. Accommodation is the next important
   factor to be considered before you
   travel. Depending on your travel plans
   you can opt for a vacation rental, a
   villa, hotel or an apartment. You can
   book for your accommodation online,
   by email or via a travel agent. If you
   choose not to go with a travel
   package or a travel agent, it is
   sometimes better to find for
   accommodations on the day you
The most important
documents if you are
travelling abroad are
Passports & visas. Make
sure you apply for one
2-3 months before your
travel date

Any other important
documents such as an
identity proof, travel
checks and a travel
insurance is a must
carry-on luggage.
4. Vaccinations: Get your
   timely vaccinations before
   you leave to travel. You
   can also enquire about
   vaccination from your

5. Contact information:
   Provide your contact
   information to required
   people. Let them know what
   email address they can reach
   you at, what hotels you may
   be staying in, and the
   duration of your stay in each
6. Contact your Bank: Notify your
bank about your use of credit or debit
cards abroad. Tell them what countries
you will be travelling to and the dates
you plan to stay there. Some banks or
credit card companies otherwise will
automatically cancel cards that are
used overseas for security purposes.

7.Exchange your money: If
you are travelling to a place
where your local money is not
accepted, then make sure to
change your currency while at
home. It's recommended to
change only a little amount as
you can find better rates at the
place you are headed to. Also
keep a pocket translator handy,
you never know when you might
need it.
Once the basic elements are sorted out,
you can start getting things arranged
for your holiday. You may need to get
some new clothes to be prepared for
the weather, some travel tech gadgets
such as a digital camera, an iPod,
earplugs and a pocket printer, plenty of
sun creams and a good shades to
protect you from the sun. A pocket
tourist guide for the place you are
travelling to can also be handy.

Plan your travel in advance, choose your
route wisely, stay healthy, avoid the
crowds and keep cool and you are sure to
Holiday like never before!

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