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                Essilor inaugurates its first Innovation and Technology Center, in
                Dallas, USA

                Charenton-le-Pont (France), October 8, 2012 – Essilor inaugurated its first Innovation and Technology
                Center dedicated to the Americas region based in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday October 4. With a view to
                accelerating new products’ time to market, the center brings all the Research and Development teams
                under one roof, as do Essilor’s two future Innovation and Technology Centers based in Europe (Créteil,
                France) and Asia (Singapore). The basic research, applied research, and development teams now work
                together in the same workspace, as well as in closer collaboration with engineering and marketing.

                “The potential for innovation in ophthalmic optics remains vast, with many fields still left to explore. The
                Innovation and Technology Centers aim to strengthen and accelerate our innovative capacity, in the face of
                ever more rapidly evolving markets, rising demand for vision correction, and consumer needs that remain
                unsatisfied. Our innovation strategy is supported by an organization that effectively leverages partnerships
                between each of our Innovation and Technology Centers, and explores the full range of potential offered by
                new technologies. Our recent product launches, Optifog in 2011, and Crizal UV and Varilux S series in
                2012, are an illustration of the innovative solutions that we can offer consumers,” said Hubert Sagnières,
                Essilor Chairman and CEO.

                Innovation and Technology Centers, pillars of the innovation strategy
                With its Innovation and Technology Centers, the group is creating an infrastructure that enhances the
                operational performance and cross-functional collaboration of the teams involved in research, development
                and marketing.
                Integrated into the industrial and academic landscapes and connected to the technical and scientific
                environment of their regions, the Innovation and Technology Centers also aim to form and leverage local
                partnerships, whose research applies to regional programs and their specific needs, as well as to upstream
                research for innovations developed at the global level.
                These Centers are strategically located at the heart of the Americas, Asia and Europe regions, forming
                hubs that are rooted in the local and regional fabric and sensitive to these markets’ needs, but also
                connected to the Group’s worldwide research programs.
Press release

                Essilor relies on a large network of partnerships, including a joint research venture with Nikon in Japan, a
                mixed research laboratory with the University of Shanghai in China, and two research chairs at the
                University of Montreal in Canada and the Vision Institute in France.

                Varilux®, Optifog™ and Crizal® are registered trademarks of Essilor International
                A worldwide organization in close contact with markets
                The Essilor Innovation and Technology Center in Europe, located in Créteil (France) and currently under
                construction, will be inaugurated by the end of 2013. The Research & Development and Engineering
                teams, comprising nearly 450 people, will be united at this location and benefit from closer relations with
                the support functions such as Operations, Logistics and Purchasing. Structuring their work in cross-
                functional platforms, as at the two other centers, will make it possible to move projects forward faster,
                combine expertise and foster fruitful collaboration.

                The Research Center based in Singapore since the early 2000s, continues to grow. Today it combines
                specific and cross-functional expertise to pursue strategic projects for the region. It also contributes to the
                major advances developed by the Group through industrial and academic partnerships throughout the Asia
                Pacific region. One successful example is its collaboration with the University of Shanghai on the
                nanomaterials that played a decisive role in the launch of Optifog.

                  About Essilor
                  The world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, Essilor designs, manufactures and markets a wide
                  range of lenses to improve and protect eyesight. Its corporate mission is to enable everyone around the
                  world to access lenses that meet his or her unique vision requirements. To support this mission, the
                  Company allocates around €150 million to research and development every year, in a commitment to
                  continuously bring new, more effective products to market. Essilor’s flagship brands Varilux®, Crizal®,
                  Definity®, Xperio®, Optifog™ and Foster Grant®. Essilor also develops and markets equipment,
                  instruments and services for eyecare professionals.
                  Essilor reported consolidated revenue of €4.2 billion in 2011 and employs around 48,700 people in
                  some 100 countries. It operates 19 plants, a total of 390 prescription laboratories and edging facilities,
                  as well as several research and development centers around the world.
                  Essilor was named one of the 30th most innovative companies in the world by Forbes magazine.
                  Essilor shares trades on the NYSE Euronext Paris market and is included in the CAC 40 and Euro
                  Stoxx 50. Codes: ISIN: FR0000121667; Reuters: ESSI.PA; Bloomberg: EI:FP.
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