Oliver Wight gives Simplot second helpings of success

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					Press Release
October 2012

Oliver Wight gives Simplot second helpings of success
Food manufacturer, Simplot Australia, has rolled out Oliver Wight’s Integrated
Business Planning (IBP) across its organisation with phenomenal results. Service
levels are up at 98% and inventory has been dramatically cut. The company has
been recertified Class A for Capable Planning & Control and now received Class A
accreditation for Capable Integrated Business Planning.

Manufacturer of some of Australia’s most iconic food brands, including Chiko, Birds Eye
and John West, Simplot has re-embarked on its journey with business improvement
specialists, Oliver Wight, transforming its operations. Awarded Class A Planning and
Control, back in 2001, Simplot has been recertified using the Sixth Edition Checklist and
has also rolled out Integrated Business Planning across its organisation to fantastic
success. With improvement in every plant and division, reduced inventory, optimised lot
sizes, bigger profits, and hugely successful product innovation, Simplot has become the
supplier of choice over its key competitors.

“Our service levels are so good because IBP allows us to forecast the business two years
out and we now have a much better process of identifying risks and opportunities,” says
Deahnne Spencer, Simplot’s Strategic IBP Manager. “With weather conditions affecting
the levels of raw material, controlling inventory levels has been a constant challenge, but
we are now much better equipped to manage these volatile market conditions.”

In addition to its improved agility, which has proved vital as supermarkets discount
products with little or no warning, Simplot has also greatly improved its product portfolio
management. “We have a really good forum for prioritising projects; re-addressing every
month if we’re on track and if not, why not, and where we can put our efforts to drive
innovation and profitability.”

Simplot Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of J R Simplot, the US-based food and
agricultural giant. With a turnover exceeding $1.5b and employing over 3,000 people
across Australia and New Zealand, it is ranked one of the top food companies in Australia
– and Spencer says they intend to keep it that way. “The Class A journey is part of a
continual commitment to become a world class company, provide excellent customer
service, drive innovation and retain competitive advantage,” she concludes.
Notes to editors

About Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight has a 40 year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-
known organisations. With a team of professionals offering a wealth of experience, Oliver Wight is the
largest consultancy of its type, with offices throughout Europe, South Africa, North and South America,
and the Asia Pacific region. We believe that sustainable business improvement can’t be delivered by
external consultants but only by our clients’ own people, so unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer
our knowledge to them, helping deliver performance levels and financial results that last.

Integrated Business Planning
At the leading edge of management thinking and practice, our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) model
lies at the heart of our clients’ journey to outstanding business performance. Oliver Wight are the
originators of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and IBP can most simply be described as
advanced S&OP. However, unlike S&OP, IBP brings a truly strategic perspective, integrating diverse
processes - in the extended supply chain, product and customer portfolios, customer demand and
strategic planning - into one seamless management process.

Supply Chain Optimisation
In an uncertain business climate, volatile demand and unpredictability can expose weaknesses in supply
chain performance. Supply Chain Optimisation helps companies improve sub-standard systems and
processes, delivering a significant return to the bottom line.

Meeting the Class A Standard
The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist is the longest standing and most successful business assessment
tool. The latest, Sixth Edition, raises the bar, and sets ever more demanding standards for companies
on their journey to business excellence and the Oliver Wight Class A standard.

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Description: Simplot Australia has rolled out Oliver Wight’s Integrated Business Planning to Class A standard; reducing inventory, optimising lot sizes, increasing profits and making product innovation a huge success.