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									     Astral Project A Vast Universe Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience

 At one time or another most people have heard about doing Astral Projection how to. Maybe they
have a friend that practices it, or watched some movie about it, or even read a book on the

However, what most of us don't know is that not only is out of body real, but it's something all of us
can do and you've probably even done it before, whether you know it or not.

First, you need to understand that Astral Projection how to is real. It is the ability of any individual
to leave their body. We all have this ability, it happens as we lay sleeping during the night. While
we sleep, our physical body is at rest, the subconscious mind then takes control. While this is
going on an individual is astral projecting, although for the most part, they will not remember doing

Through Out Of Body, a person is able to go wherever they want. If you try to remember your
childhood, you will likely remember being able to do this at night when you went to bed. As you got
older, you began to forget. It is possible to travel anywhere, since you are not bound by time or
distance in Out Of Body. When you are asleep, only the physical body sleeps. It is your astral
body that is able to travel.

For those that may not be aware of the various bodies other than the physical. out of body is done
with the astral body. It is often referred to as the ethereal body because of both its duplication of
the physical body and its lack of substance. It is in essence an invisible body. The in turn leads to
the question of how is the astral body attached to the physical body. The answer is it is attached
with what is often referred to as the silver cord.

The silver cord is there for your entire lifetime. From the moment of your birth, the silver cord is
there, connecting your two bodies and is not cut loose until your astral body leaves the physical
body behind at death.

Where do people go during astral projecting? Your astral body goes to an ethereal, astral
duplicate of the physical universe, another plane of reality. The exact nature of the astral plane is
unknown, but experts agree that it is made up of different levels, each vibrating to a different
frequency than the physical plane.

Are there any risks to Out of Body? Yes and no. Your physical body is at no risk and nothing can
keep your astral body from returning, but there are some dangers. However, the risk is pretty
minimal. Just keep a level head and know where you're going beforehand.

The only dangers exist when astral projecting while intoxicated. When you're not fully in control of
yourself, then emotional or psychological damage could result. The most dangerous parts of the
astral plane are its lowest levels exactly where you're the most likely to end up while under the

This is why it is so important that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are
planning to go. The goal you are trying to achieve is not just astral projecting, but conscious out of
body where you are aware of what is going on.

Out of Body can actually be very easy to learn with some preparation. Many like to astral project
while at home alone, but you can also attend group sessions which are guided by professionals.
These sessions can help you learn to get the best results from your Out of Body and can be a
good way to get started. It may be helpful to practice on your own as well as with a professional's

There are various types of online resources such as books available. You can create the proper
state of mind when you listen to quality out of body hypnosis recordings. These can enhance your
relaxation and take you through the variety of stages. You can repeatedly play these recordings
over again until your subconscious mind understands the message that it is fine for you to leave
your body. They are most beneficial.

Binaural beats is the most recent of astonishing sound technology advances. It plays slightly
different tones of sound frequencies in the ears simultaneously. This works well for inducing
relaxation and the deep state of meditation rather quickly. This is fundamental for the success of
out of body.

Like any ability, even those which we're born with it can take some time to master astral
projecting. We all have this ability naturally, but you'll have to be patient and keep trying. You
might not succeed the first few times, but if you keep trying, you'll learn how to use this inborn

Still in doubt about Out of Body? How about an example from your own life? You've had those
dreams where you're flying which end with a falling sensation right before you wake up. You
weren't really dreaming the sensation of flight was what your astral body feels like as it travels.
When you felt you were falling, that was your astral body returning to your physical one.

out of body is a real ability that everyone has, everyone can use and all it needs is a bit of fine-
tuning in order to be able to do it at will.
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