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					                                 Astral Project: A Forgotten Art

 In general, the majority of the population has heard of How to Astral Travel. They may have heard
of it from a reading a book, watching a movie or from an enlightened friend.

Out of Body is real and it's something which anyone can learn to do. In fact, you've probably
already astral projected and were unaware of it.

Just what is Astral Projection how to though? Essentially, How to Astral Travel is what happens
when your non-physical, or astral body separates from your physical body. This happens most
commonly while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is the seat of the astral body and when your
conscious mind and your physical body rest, it heads out on its own.

While you are projecting, you can go anywhere you want to go. You should try recalling your
childhood; you may be able to remember being able to do this after you went to sleep. Over time,
you may have forgotten. When it involves out of body there is no such thing as time or distance.
You can go anywhere, since while asleep your physical body is at rest and your astral body

For those that may not be aware of the various bodies other than the physical. out of body is done
with the astral body. It is often referred to as the ethereal body because of both its duplication of
the physical body and its lack of substance. It is in essence an invisible body. The in turn leads to
the question of how is the astral body attached to the physical body. The answer is it is attached
with what is often referred to as the silver cord.

This connection is there from your birth until your death. The silver cord keeps your astral and
physical bodies inextricably linked for your entire life.

Often times the question of where the astral body actually travels will come up with discussing Out
of Body. The astral plane is the realm of the astral body and it is through this plane, which consists
of many levels that the astral body travels. The astral plane has several different theories that
surround it. The first is that the astral plane is an alternate dimension of reality which overlays the
physical. Another is that it happens to come in contact with the physical world through vibrations,
which puts the astral plane on another wavelength separating it from the physical world. No matter
what particular description is used to explain the existence of an astral plane, experts in the field
agree that there are multiple levels to this alternate plane.
It is natural at this point to wonder whether or not Out Of Body is dangerous in any way. The
answer is both yes and no. We have already established that the astral body cannot permanently
leave the physical body, and that everyone is capable of Out Of Body. But, just like anything you
do, you need to be able to think effectively. Solid thinking skills are required so that you can go
where you want and know what you plan to accomplish.

The dangerous part about Out of Body is when an individual does this when their minds aren't
right. A person should not do Out of Body under the influence of drugs or alcohol because they
may wind up in some very bad locations. These bad locations would be located on the astral
plane's lower levels.

Only practice Out of Body when you are in the right frame of mind and after having decided where
you want your astral body to visit in your travels. It's important to have full control over your astral
body to ensure a safe and enjoyable Out of Body experience.

If you have the right assistance to prepare yourself, learning Out Of Body can be easy and even
possible to do in a short time. There are professionals who offer lessons, but most people prefer to
practice this natural talent in their own home.

You can find a lot of material online to help you improve your Out of Body abilities. Out of Body
hypnosis recordings are especially useful. These recordings help you to reach the meditative state
where Out of Body happens the most readily. Many people consider these to be more helpful than
a session with a professional since they can be played on repeat until you're relaxed and your
subconscious mind responds to the recorded messages.

The use of sound technology can also be helpful in being able to reach a level of relaxation that is
conductive to being able to engage in Out of Body. One such technology is known as binaural
beats. This technology works by alternating sound between both ears and using a variety of
frequencies. This method is designed to place the body into a state of deep meditative relaxation,
which is the best for Out of Body.

The first few times you try to astral project, you may not succeed. Don't get discouraged. Out of
Body can take some practice before you get good at it and with time, you will develop this natural

If you are still unsure, that out of body is something that is known to everyone consider these
things. Have you ever felt like you were falling, even though you were standing or laying still, how
about dreaming about flying. Often times this is the result of out of body. The falling feeling usually
comes when the two bodies rejoin each other and the sensation of flight comes from actually
moving through the astral plane.
out of body really exists! Take time to tune your natural abilities and you will see that anyone has
the abilities to perform this and reap the benefits from it.

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