BLACK WHITE by zhouwenjuan


                                                       News for participants of Black&White: Letterformation

     WHITEand re(a)d all over?
WHEN YOU ARRIVE                                                   CAMERAS/CELL PHONES
If you’re coming in to Sea-Tac Airport, look for volunteers       Please be courteous in the use of your equipment.
from Black & White at baggage claim carousel #15 on the
lower level of the airport; they will direct you to the shuttle   CLASS HOURS
for the college. The ride to campus is about 45 minutes.          Classes will meet from 9 AM to 12 and 1:30 to
More details are inside.                                          4:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday;
If you’re coming by car, the map inside will direct you to        on Wednesday and Saturday, classes meet only in
the campus. Trinity Lutheran College is on a hill east of         the morning.
Lake Sammamish. A Black & White sign will posted at
the entrance.                                                                     FACILITY
From the front door, continue down the                                            Trinity Lutheran College has every-
hallway until you reach the registration                                          thing under one roof. Dorms and
table. Check in to receive your room                                              classrooms are in different wings; we
information (if you’re staying on campus)                                         will be on two levels, with elevators
and program for the week.                                                         available. Dining, vendor and gather-
                                                                                  ing places are all close to each other.
SUPPLIES                                                                          Due to our temperate Pacific North-
Paper & Ink Arts will be our weeklong                                             west climate, the building is not air-
vendor for supplies and books. See inside                                         conditioned.
for details.
                                                                                  FOOD SERVICE
CONTACT INFORMATION                                                               Food service is cafeteria style, and
The emergency contact number to leave at
                                                     at a                         begins with Sunday dinner for resi-
home is 425-392-0400, which is the Trinity
Lutheran College switchboard.                        glance                       dents. No dinner will be served on
                                                                                  Wednesday, June 28th, as this is the
                                                                                  free afternoon and evening.
UPDATES DURING THE WEEK                                                           Commuter rates include lunch each
A bulletin board will be posted near the                                          day.
Black & White office. Please check it for
information daily; ride sharing for                                               LAUNDRY
Wednesday can be posted, as well as any                                           Laundry facilities are available in the
other communications.                                                             dorm wing.

FACULTY EXHIBIT                                                   DORM ROOMS
A Faculty Exhibit will be on display in the general meeting       All dorm rooms are singles; linens are provided, and
room.                                                             there is a towel exchange daily. Each room has a sink,
                                                                  and shared bathroom facilities are down the hall. You
FACULTY DEMONSTRATIONS                                            may want to bring your own favorite fluffy towel or
On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, faculty members will            pillow, and a fan for the room.
be demonstrating in the Sunrise Room. Paricipants have a          Because of the small size of the rooms, classrooms will
chance to see a little of all the hands being taught; please be   be open after hours for anyone who wishes to work.
considerate, and limit questions.
                                                                  CAMPUS REGULATIONS
SATURDAY AFTERNOON OPEN CLASSROOMS                                We ask that everyone respect the rules of the college.
For a Saturday afternoon Show-and-Share, classrooms will          Smoking is allowed only in designated areas, and
be open to view work. Close proximity of rooms allow the          alcohol is not permitted.
chance to see all of them.
                                                                     look for a BLACK & WHITE official, who will
     Trinity Lutheran College                                        direct you on how to proceed. Please have $26 in
     4221 228th Ave S.E.                                             cash ready to pay as you board, for your one-way
     Issaquah, Washington 98029                                      fare. This is NOT a pre-paid service.
                                                                     If you do not require transfer, but have questions,
    For conference check-in, please try to arrive at the             need for directions to rental car agencies, etc., be
    Trinity Lutheran College between 12:00N and 4:00P                sure to ask our conference staff on the lower
    on Sunday, June 25.                                              Baggage Claim Level of the airport.

     IF ARRIVING BY AIR:                                             If your flight times do not correlate with the
    Once you have landed at Seattle-Tacoma Interna-                  shuttle hours, or your landing time is delayed, be
    tional airport, follow the airport signs to the BAG-             forewarned that there will be no conference staff
    GAGE CLAIM area at carousel #15 as we are                        on the airport premises. Also, be prepared to
    unable to access the Concourses to greet you at the              arrange on your own, and pay approximately $34
    Gates. Our BLACK & WHITE staff will be on the                    one-way for a indirect 'Shuttle Express', or $60
    lower BAGGAGE CLAIM level, and will direct you                   one-way for a private taxi; you can find these in
    from there.                                                      the Ground Transportation area of the airport.
    Should you be lost, or experience difficulties on
    arrival day, please                                              IF ARRIVING BY CAR:
    phone us, at either of the telephone numbers below:               If you are driving to the conference, find your
                                                                     way to Issaquah, Washington, located approxi-
    Karen Kant: 253-318-0270, at the airport                         mately 20 miles east of Seattle on I-90. A map and
    Katherine Malmsten: 425-652-6427, at the T.L.C.                  directions are below.
    Campus                                                           As this is a small campus, upon arrival, it will be
                                                                     easy and self-evident on where to proceed to
    If it is between the hours of 10:00A and 2:00P, AND              'Conference Check-In'.
    you wish to take a dedicated Shuttle to the campus,              See you there!

                                    University of

                    SEATTLE                                                                 202
                                                                   520     Lake
Ferry routes         Elliott                 Lake                          Sammamish
                     Bay                     Washington         BELLEVUE                 TRINITY LUTHERAN COLLEGE

                                                                                              228th Ave. SE
                                   5                                 90
                                                      MERCER                                 SE 43rd Way
                                                                                              E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy
                                                                                               Front Street—Exit 17

                                                                             DRIVING DIRECTIONS
                                 509                                         1. From I-90, take Exit #17 (Front St.)
                                                                             2. If westbound I-90, turn right. If eastbound I-90
                                                                                turn left onto Front St., which becomes E. Lake
        VASHON                         518
        ISLAND                                                           169    Sammamish Pkwy. SE. Go 2.3 miles.
                                                                             3. Turn right at SE 43rd Way. Go uphill 1.1 miles.
                                                                             4. Road curves to left and becomes 228th Ave. SE
                               Int’l Airport              167                   right after Providence Point.
                                                                             5. Turn left into Trinity Lutheran College; take
                                                                                first driveway on right.
PAPER & INK ARTS                             THE WEEK IN REVIEW
will be open all week, with supplies         SUNDAY, JUNE 25TH
AND books. Stop in for all your class        12:00 noon        Check in begins for conference
and home studio needs, check out the         5:45 - 6:15 PM    Dinner is served for residents Please wear
newest supplies and peruse a wide                              your nametag for meals. (As with all
selection of books, from old favorites                         meal times, this is the time that food is
to new. Paper, ink, paint, pens, books,                        actually served. You can stay later.)
brushes, and gifts for letter lovers . . .   7:30 PM           Opening Night Welcome
in black and white and lots of colors!
In addition to the mini-classes below,       DAILY SCHEDULE
Paper & Ink will host some "studio           8:15 - 8:45AM          Breakfast served
space" in the evenings. Details are still    9 AM - 12 noon         Class
percolating but the basic idea is a room                            Break scheduled for 10:30-10:45
where "community use" materials will         12:15 - 12:45 PM       Lunch served
be available for playing. A small fee        1:30 - 4:30 PM         Class
will be charged to cover supplies and                               Break scheduled for 3:00-3:15
paper. Look for details in the shop.         5:45 - 6:15 PM         Dinner served
                                             7:30 PM                Evening activity
BOOK & SUPPLY PRE-ORDERS                                            Activities include a Market Night and
can be made through June 1. Just call                               Booksigning on Monday, faculty
in, fax, or email your order, and it will                           demonstrations on Tuesday and Thursday,
be ready for pickup at Black & White.                               social time and refreshments each evening
If you need a catalog, call 1-800-736-
7772. Brenda will be sending a email         On Wednesday, June 28th, classes end at noon, followed by a free
message with more details.                   afternoon and evening. Lunch will be served, but dinner will not;
Brenda Broadbent will also offer two         see suggested activities below.
mini classes. Please reserve a space in      On Saturday, July1st, classes end at noon, followed by an open
them directly with Brenda via email or       classroom show and share in the afternoon.
with your pre-order. More details will
be in her email.                             WHILE YOU’RE HERE . . .

Choosing Fine Art Papers                     Wednesday afternoon and evening offers several options. You may
for Calligraphy                              choose to relax and rest; play or take an extra class at Paper & Ink;
Wednesday, June 28 from 6-7:30 PM.           or if you have a car, visit nearby places such as Lake Sammamish
Cost for the class is $20.00 which           State Park, Snoqualmie Falls or a local winery.
covers Paper & Ink's Fine Paper
Sampler of 23 papers, several black          If you’re looking to go to downtown Seattle, we will have a shuttle
papers, a leakproof travel palette,          available for an afternoon/evening excursion; it will leave after
metallic & interference gouache              lunch, drop you downtown and then pick you after you’ve had time
samples. This is a hands on session to       for dinner. Limited bus space is available, so please let us know if
broaden your range of knowledge              you’re interested in this at There will
about many archival papers.                  be a charge for the shuttle.
                                             While Seattle Art Museum is closed for renovations till next year,
Parallel Pen Wizardry                        the exhibition “DoubleTake” is open at the Experience Music
Tuesday, June 27 from 6-7:15 PM.             Project at Seattle Center. This features a rare opportunity to see
Find out how to use these versatile pens     artwork from the private collection of Paul Allen.
for archival work (loading watercolor,
gouache . . .) and for a variety of          SO LONG AND FAREWELL
effects. No charge.                          Breakfast will be served on Sunday the 2nd; checkout is by 10 AM.
A second session may be scheduled            Airport shuttles are available from 5 - 9 AM; please reserve a space
depending on demand and space.               in advance, and have a $26 cash payment for the driver.
x   class supplies from list                                    Xena, our official
                                                                mascot, wonders
x   luggage cart for easy transport of supplies if you wish     why pets don’t
                                                                get to come
x   alarm clock/radio

x   any medicine you need

x   camera and film

x   sunglasses (really!)

x   cushion for lift and/or comfort in your class

x   clothing you can layer; Pacific Northwest weather can range from cool to quite warm, so
    anything from light T-shirts and shorts to light jackets may be necessary. June can be
    especially unpredictable.

x   portable fan for your dorm room; the building is not air-conditioned, so a fan will make it
    more comfortable if it gets warm

x   cash you may need for airport shuttle ($26 one way includes baggage handling and tip)

x   extra room in your luggage for taking treasures home!

                                                                                     Kirkland, WA 98034
                                                                                     9302 NE 135th St.

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