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					How to Become a Solicitor
A lawyer or solicitor always suggests their clients about the law in legal matters, and also take
actions on the behalf of the clients. A Solicitor Dublin is working on many settings such as family,
and illegal law, legal action, tax and contract law, personal injury, in-house legal advice for
companies, government authorities, business practice, and employ law and many more too. It is
necessary that a solicitor must have strong written and spoken communication, great awareness to
detail and confidential with legal matters to survive in law field. Solicitors work long hours and may
be required to be on call for the weekends and holidays.

Instructions to Become a Solicitor:-

1 – First, you need to complete the academic requirement in at least one of these ways by
completing a law degree. If you are completing a degree in a different subject then you will need to
take the Common Professional Examination called the (CPE) or the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

2 - In order to obtain the law degree the requirements are to have achieved outstanding grades in at
least five GCSE (A-C) and two or three a levels. It is best to check the entry requirements with the
providers of the course.

3 - After achieving the academic requirements you will need to dedicate 1 year full-time or 2 years
part-time completing the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

4 - Enroll and complete a 2-year vocational training.

5 - Complete and pass the Professional Skills Course (PSC).

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