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    Providing quality support in employment and community for people with disabilities and other special needs!                          East Suburban Resources                                         October 2011

                                                                                   Oakdale set to open Dec. 1
                                                                                   Excitement grows
                                                                                   as lease is signed,
                                                                                   build-out begins
                                                                                        Excitement is growing as the
                                                                                   lease is signed and construction
                                                                                   begins at ESR’s new site in Oakdale.
                                                                                        The site, with an anticipated
                                                                                   move-in date of Dec. 1, will be
                                                                                   licensed for 74 individuals and
                                                                                   will be home to the agency’s first
 Bringing the crowd to its feet                                                    formalized program for individuals
 John, Jeff and Kevin (from left) led the crowd in a rousing rendition of          with autism. At about the same
 “YMCA” at the recent Cottage Grove show, “ESR’s Got Talent.” The                  time, a second program focusing on
 production allowed consumers to sing, dance and show off a little for             incorporating arts into the day will
 friends and families. More photos on Page 3.                                      be launched at ESR’s Stillwater site.
                                                                                        “This is an exciting time for us,”
                                                                                   said Ed Boeve, executive director.
Tickets available now!                                                             “Opening a new site is big on its
Night of Dreams to support new programming                                         own; and we’re going beyond that to
                                                                                   introduce two new programs at the
    The date is set, the                  to keep your hunting dog on his
                                                                                   same time. It feels a little crazy.”
entertainment contract signed and         toes; and
                                                                                        The new site will take pressure
space reserved for ESR’s fifth            n “Good eating,” from Kowalski’s.
                                                                                   off ESR’s Cottage Grove and
annual Night of Dreams event.                  The live auction includes a
                                                                                   Stillwater sites, which house
    Billy McLaughlin headlines the        five-course dinner for eight at Acqua
                                                                                   consumers (those served by the
event, set for Friday, Nov. 11 at 6       Restaurant in White Bear Lake,
                                                                                   agency) who live in the Oakdale
p.m. at the Dellwood Hills Country        accompanied by wine pairings with
                                                                                   and Woodbury areas. Both sites are
Club. The evening features live and       each course; plus much more.
                                                                                   experiencing growing pains and
silent auctions, raffles, games and            Tickets are $50 each and can be
                                                                                   have been remodeled over the last
great food.                               reserved by calling 651-351-0190.
                                                                                   several years in order to make use of
    Silent auction items will include:         Event proceeds will allow ESR
                                                                                   every available inch of space. While
n   “Tailgating with the pros,”           to invest in its growth by introducing
                                                                                   some space remains in Stillwater,
featuring a portable grill, ice bucket,   specialized programs to serve the
                                                                                   the Cottage Grove site is full.
             cooler on wheels and         unique needs of people with autism
                                                                                        “We had to do something to
                more;                     and incorporate arts into the day.
                                                                                   relieve overcrowding, and additional
                  n “Hunting dog’s             Learn more about the Night of
                                                                                   remodeling wasn’t an option in
                    delight,” featuring   Dreams and see a sampling of the
                    training materials    auction items at                          New site to Page 6
From the director
By daring to try, we can help others achieve their dreams
     Seeking input from customers is
commonplace around ESR.                  As I listened to our consumers, it struck
     In that vein, our Leadership
                                         me that our annual fundraising event is
Team held a meeting recently with
nine of the consumers in our service.
                                         appropriately named the ‘Night of Dreams.’        Ed Boeve
These consumers are friends with         Each of us has dreams for our future, and
each other and are often together        through the fundraising event and the work that we do, we
during their program time here.          support consumers in their journey to realizing their dreams.
Another common denominator of
the group is that they often turn        they are in the group social setting.      of us has dreams for our future, and
down work opportunities both in          There’s something to work on there         through the fundraising event and
the community and the production         for us.                                    the work that we do, we support
center settings. We gathered the              The second and more valuable          consumers in their journey to realizing
group because we wanted to learn         insight came when I asked the              their dreams. The first step is listening
more about that issue and listen to      consumers to share the type of work        and helping them put their dreams
their ideas about how to improve         they liked to do. Their immediate          into words so the target is known. It
our service to them.                     reaction was to passionately               then becomes our challenge to dare
     I was reminded of two               describe ‘my dream job.’                   to try and help them achieve those
important human traits during the             The consumers’ dream jobs             dreams.
listening session. One was the           ranged widely, from auto mechanic               The idea of daring to try is so
power of peers; the second reminded      to child care worker. One consumer         important we have made it one of our
me of the value of a dream.              identified at least three different jobs   core values. As such, we challenge
     Social groups can be a powerful     that were all of the dream variety.        our staff and our communities to
force in our lives. As consumers         Another’s description included a           abandon the concept of ‘maybe
shared their perspectives, we heard      new case manager. It was a little          someday’ and dare to try it NOW.
most individuals state that they         strange, but maybe a topic for a                We dare to try by first listening
enjoy working and prefer being busy      future column!                             to our consumers and helping them
to the alternative. I believe each of         As I listened to our consumers,       articulate their dreams. We dare you
them when they say that; yet the fact    it struck me that our annual               to try by joining us at the Night of
is those same individuals frequently     fundraising event is appropriately         Dreams, where together, we can help
turn down work opportunities when        named the ‘Night of Dreams.’ Each          turn those dreams into reality.

   ESR Works! is published quarterly for the friends of ESR by its Marketing/           ESR Board of Directors
   Development Office, 1754 Washington Avenue, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082.
                                                                                Jim Thommes (Chair)     Richard Paukert
   TTY use MRS 1-800-327-3529. Visit us online at
                                                                                     Meg Heinz          Nancy Peterson
                                                                                   Louis Jungbauer       Barb Sellstedt

Consumers share love of singing, dancing
in ‘ESR’s Got Talent’ stage production

Cottage Grove performers included
(clockwise from above) Andy, who
encouraged audience participation
during his performance; Anthony, the
show’s only magician; Koleta, who
brought peals of laughter from the
audience; and Mara, (at right) who got
a hand from Paul Tatge, Cottage Grove
program supervisor. The program
was emceed by Amy, Nancy and
Morgan. Carol (white sweater, below)
played a pretend guitar and sang “Grandpa,
Tell Me About the Good Ol’ Days,” which
delighted her
Art and Betty

                                                   Thank you to C
                                                                   ottage Grove V
                                                  Post #8752 for d                 FW
                                                                   onating their sp
                                                 We appreciate th                   ace.
                                                                  e generous dona

Private donations help fill gaps between funding, costs
Year-end giving makes a difference for ESR and can reduce your taxes
     Looking for a year-end tax           At the same time, you could receive      What are the advantages
deduction?                                a charitable deduction for the           of making a year-end gift?
     Please consider making a             property’s full fair market value.            Your year-end gift can
financial donation to ESR. Your                It is also possible to make a       significantly reduce your income
gift makes a difference in the lives      gift of your home, farm or vacation      taxes while providing meaningful
of those we serve and allows you,         home so that you and your spouse         support for those in ESR’s service.
regardless of your income in most         can continue to use it for your               One of the best ways for ESR to
cases, to lower the taxes you pay         lifetimes — while you receive a          remain financially strong is to fill as
through charitable giving.                current year tax deduction. Speak        much of the funding gap as possible.
     “The donations help us fill in the   with your tax advisor for more                “If we can fill the gaps, we can
gaps left when government funding         information.                             maintain existing programs and
does not keep pace with the cost of                                                services, as well as weather the
providing services,” said Natalie         Stock                                    typically lean months of January
Johnson, director of marketing and             If you own stock it is almost       and February,” said Ed Boeve, ESR
development. “If we can’t fill these      always more beneficial to contribute     executive director. “The most recent
gaps, programs and services must          stock than cash. This is because a       round of budget cuts threaten to do
be scaled back. This means fewer          gift of appreciated stock generally      real damage. Year-end revenue from
opportunities for those we serve.”        offers a twofold tax savings. First,     the Night of Dreams and private
     In considering your year-end         you avoid paying capital gains tax       donations are vital in getting us
giving, you may want to consider          on the increase in value of the stock.   through the next couple of months.”
one of the following options (and         Second, you receive an income tax             Year-end giving to the agency
always check with your tax advisor        charitable deduction for the full fair   is easier than ever, with donations
before making your decision):             market value of the stock at the time    accepted through the mail or online
                                          of the gift.                             at Donors may
Cash                                                                               also give online at
    If you itemize, you can lower         Charitable Gift Annuities                and designate ESR as the recipient
your income taxes simply by writing            If you own stock that is            of their gift.
a check to ESR by December 31.            fluctuating with the stock market             “Please include ESR in your
There is no easier way to garner a        and paying little in dividends,          year-end giving,” said Boeve. “Our
year-end charitable deduction. Gifts      you may want to consider a “life-        mission to provide employment and
of cash are fully deductible — up to      income” gift. By transferring the        integration opportunities to adults
a maximum of 50 percent of your           stock to ESR and establishing a          with developmental disabilities is
adjusted gross income.                    charitable gift annuity, you would       important. We work hard to ensure
                                          receive an annual return, often          these individuals are not overlooked
Real Estate                               between five and nine percent. This      in society and that they have the
Your residence, vacation home, farm       income would be paid to you and/or       same access to employment and
or acreage may have appreciated in        a loved one for life, after which the    their communities as you and I do.
value through the years. If so, selling   assets would be distributed to ESR.      Together, we can and do make a
it may mean you’ll pay a sizable               Through such an arrangement,        real difference in the lives of these
capital gains tax. By turning this        you may be able to increase your         individuals while strengthening our
property into a gift to ESR instead,      income and make a meaningful (and        communities for everyone.”
you may avoid the capital gains tax.      tax-deductible) contribution to ESR
                                          at the same time.

Financial gifts to agency are making an impact
Donations support initiatives that might otherwise not be possible
     The donations ESR receives         and results in inefficiencies that       through private donations and ESR’s
are used to fill in the gaps between    cost time and money. Donations           annual fundraising event known as
government reimbursements and the       have supplemented the agency’s           the Night of Dreams.
actual costs of providing services.     technology budget, enabling ESR               “These are just a few of the
     Specifically, donations have:      to be more current with its basic        many examples of the significant
n    Balanced fluctuations in fuel      technology infrastructure.               impact donors’ gifts have had
prices. When fuel costs soar,           n   Supported programs and               on the agency,” said Natalie
another gap opens in the agency’s       services. The demand for ESR’s           Johnson, director of marketing and
budget – between government             services continues to increase,          development. “The donations we
transportation funding and the actual   making it necessary for us to invest     receive are purchasing equipment,
costs of operating and maintaining      in our own growth. We must remain        stretching budgets and allowing ESR
a fleet of 35 vans and cars. Private    financially and programmatically         to do things that would otherwise
donations have helped balance these     sound so we can meet the needs of        have been impossible.
fluctuating prices.                     those we serve while positioning              “We greatly appreciate the
n    Updated technology. ESR            ourselves to welcome others to our       support of our donors,” Johnson
must be in a position to do             service.                                 continued. “Their gifts have a direct
business efficiently with the world     n   Purchased needed equipment.          impact on our work. We consider
in which it operates. Outdated          Two lift vans to transport individuals   ourselves very fortunate to partner
technology interferes with our          in wheelchairs and a delivery            with so many wonderful people in
ability to maintain and share           truck to pick up production work         support of our mission.”
information, causes frustrations        were purchased with money raised

Mark your calendar today!
Join other Minnesotans in supporting nonprofits on Give to the Max Day, Nov. 16
     Join your fellow Minnesotans for   fundraising
the Great Minnesota Give Together       drive in
on Wednesday, Nov. 16.                  history,
     Launched in November 2009,         raising more
Give to the Max Day is an annual        than $14
day for Minnesotans to come together    million for                              from Give to the Max Day as donors
on to show their support     Minnesota charities in 24-hours –        used the online resource to make
for nonprofits in the state and         smashing the previous record of          their gifts. Several of the donations
beyond. The goal of the special day-    $3.8 million raised in Dallas. More      received during Give to the Max
long event is to raise as much money    than 3,400 Minnesota nonprofits          Day came from individuals who
as possible for nonprofits within       benefited from contributions made        were unable to attend ESR’s Night
a 24-hour period and “showcase          by more than 38,000 donors.              of Dreams fundraiser and wanted
Minnesota’s unparalleled generosity          In 2010, raised the      to contribute to the event’s success.
to the world,” according to event       bar and more than 42,000 individual      Others provided donations as part of
organizers.                             donors responded, raising $10            their year-end giving.
     In its initial year, Give to       million for Minnesota charities.             You can access ESR’s page
the Max Day became the most                  ESR has been among the              on by typing the
successful place-based online           thousands of nonprofits to benefit       agency’s name in the search box.

Excitement grows as new site’s floor plan unveiled                                Continued from Page 1
either Stillwater or Cottage Grove,”   10,500 square feet and Cottage          have,” Boeve said. “We appreciate
said Boeve. “Opening a new site        Grove’s 8,000 square feet. Forest       the support we’ve received from the
was the best option we had.”           Lake is the agency’s smallest site at   county, the state and others who have
     An exciting feature of the        5,500 square feet.                      helped us realize this vision. The
Oakdale site will be a program             “Handling our continuing            excitement is definitely growing.”
serving the unique support needs       growth is a wonderful challenge to
of those with autism spectrum
disorders. While ESR already serves
a number of people with autism, the
opening of a new site provides an
opportunity to thoughtfully design
and outfit space specifically for
these individuals’ unique needs.
     The new site will also include
four program areas where staff can
work with consumers to complete
contract work for businesses in the
community or conduct nonwork
activities for those who choose not
to work. Offices will house the site
supervisor and program managers,
and provide space for staff who are
on the road and need a place to land
to fill out paperwork or visit with
consumers. A conference room will
be available for meetings, and a
spacious staging area ensures room
to prepare the product consumers
package or assemble as part of the
agency’s contract work with its
business partners.
     The site will be 8,600 square
feet, compared to Stillwater’s

Bremer Foundation grant will support partnership between ESR, county
    A grant of nearly $25,000 from     Americans, many of whom have            threatened to eliminate the program,
the Bremer Foundation will sustain     never worked before. Launched just      prompting ESR to seek private
a partnership between ESR and          three years ago, the program pairs      funding to continue its work.
the Washington County workforce        Washington County WorkForce                 “This is great news for the
Center supporting the employment       Center counselors with ESR job          program,” said Ed Boeve, ESR
goals of African Americans.            developers and mentors to find job      executive director. “The Bremer
    The partnership, known as          opportunities with area businesses.     Foundation’s generosity allows us
the “Extra” program, provides          Last year, nearly 60 clients were       to continue helping our clients find
job search assistance, supported       referred to the program.                their way out of poverty through
wages, training and emergency              The state’s budget deal reduced     employment.”
food subsidies for African             funding to the Workforce Center and

Consumers give ESR staff, services high marks in satisfaction survey
    The results of a recent consumer satisfaction survey                n   94.1 percent of those surveyed like their jobs.
indicate individuals in ESR’s service are happy people.                  n 99.1 percent said ESR staff was nice to them.
    The surveys are typically done twice a year to                       n 95.2 percent of those surveyed said they had
measure the satisfaction levels of consumers, as well                       learned new skills at ESR.
as caregivers/families and the businesses partners who                Consumer comments included:
work with ESR to provide employment opportunities.                       n “I don’t know what I’d do without my job coach.”
Results are shared among staff and improvement plans                     n “I love my job.”
created when results reveal issues that need to be                       n “I like working here a lot.”
addressed.                                                            Individuals working in one of ESR three program
    In the latest survey among consumers, the majority           sites also participated in the survey, with these results:
of respondents reported high satisfaction levels with                    n 95.3 percent reported that they liked their job in
their jobs, the ESR staff, and the goals their teams and                    the production center.
ESR staff help them set. All consumers are invited to                    n 99.1 percent reported ESR staff was nice to them.
participate, with assistance available for those who                     n 94.8 percent said they had learned new skills.
request help. A total of 63.6 percent of ESR’s consumers              Consumers comments included:
chose to participate.                                                    n “I give ESR a thumbs up.”
    Among the individuals working in the community                       n “I like everything the way it is at ESR.”
either in independent placements or as members of work                   n “Everyone is nice and I am happy in (the
crews, the survey results showed:                                           production) center.”

Turn your yard into a four-star restaurant for the birds
Birdseed initiative growing; proceeds pay consumers, sustain program
     There’s nothing quite like waking to the sounds of          in plastic bags. Then someone is
birds gathering in your yard.                                    needed to seal the bags and label
     ESR can help make your yard the favored gathering           them for sale. Consumers have
spot for feathered friends with Birders’ Select birdseed.        also helped take inventory and
     The seed blends, carefully mixed to attract different       determine which blends need to
varieties of birds, provide employment opportunities             be created to stock retail shelves.
for the individuals served by the agency. There are jobs             “Each blend we create makes
measuring the seeds contained in the blend, mixing them          jobs available for consumers,”
                in large containers, and packaging them          said Pam Mund, ESR director
                                                                 of sales. “Individuals of all abilities can participate in the
       Special offe                                              process. And the more birdseed we sell, the more jobs
                    r for newsle
                                  tter readers                   there are available.”
         Place your o                          !
                        rder by Octo                                 The birdseed venture took flight in 2009, and has
         and get 15%                 ber
      Mention pro        off your purc 31                        resulted in the sale of nearly 10,000 pounds of Birders’
                  mo code N            hase                      Select blends. Sale proceeds are returned to ESR to pay
                                1015 when o
                                                 g               wages for consumers who do the blending and packaging,
              Place your o
         by calling 65      rder today                           purchase more seed and support agency programs.
                        1-351-0190,                                  “This retail venture allows us to provide job
    See the entire                    ext. 10
                   list of Birders                               opportunities for consumers,” said Mund. “As sales
                                   ’ Select seed                 increase, we are able to get more consumers involved and
               www.esrwor                        s
                                                 pay them for their work, while showing a return on our
                                                                 investment on behalf of the entire agency.”

Summertime outing turns a little fishy thanks to local nonprofit
                                   Mix a little sun, a calm body of water and a few fishing poles and
                               you get a perfect summer outing.
                                   Consumers from ESR’s Cottage Grove site and Stillwater
                               Community Jobs Team were treated to fishing trips this summer,
                               courtesy of “Let’s Go Fishing,” a nonprofit with chapters in Hastings
                               and Stillwater. Volunteers and ESR staff served as the crew on the
                                                               pontoon, helping with life jackets
                                                               and fishing poles. Consumers could
                                                                choose between enjoying the scenery
                                                                or dropping a fishing line into the
                                                                 water. Several consumers decided
                                                                 to try their luck and were provided
                                                                  equipment and bait by the “Let’s
                                                                  Go Fishing” team. A number of
                                                                   fish were caught, admired and then
                                                                    released back into the water.
                                                                           The “Let’s Go Fishing”
                                                                     organization provides no-cost
                                                                      fishing trips to organizations
                                                                       serving adults with disabilities
                                                                       and the elderly.

East Suburban Resources Inc.
1754 Washington Avenue
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

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