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					                                 An Overview of Astral Project

 You've almost certainly at least heard of How to Astral Travel before. You might have learned of it
from a book or movie or perhaps a friend has been talking about it. While you know the term and
maybe even have an idea of what it is, what you probably don't know is that this is not something
which only happens in fiction.

However, what most of us don't know is that not only is out of body real, but it's something all of us
can do and you've probably even done it before, whether you know it or not.

We need to first look at the definition for Astral Projection. To state this in very simple terms,
Astral Projection how to's definition is a human being able to move out of their physical body. All
humans have this ability, in fact they actually do it when they are sleeping in the night. When
anyone is asleep the physical body and mind are resting and the subconscious part of the brain
assumes control. Most humans simply have no recollection of this.

Out of Body allows you to visit any place you like and do anything without limitations imposed by
time or space. As a child, you probably were able to do this easily every time you slept. When we
age though, it's common to forget how to use this ability.

For those that may not be aware of the various bodies other than the physical. out of body is done
with the astral body. It is often referred to as the ethereal body because of both its duplication of
the physical body and its lack of substance. It is in essence an invisible body. The in turn leads to
the question of how is the astral body attached to the physical body. The answer is it is attached
with what is often referred to as the silver cord.

The silver cord connects the two through your entire life; from the moment you first became aware
of being alive until the moment you die. The connection is unbreakable as long as you still draw
breath and your astral body will always return.

Another thing that people wonder is where they go when they do Out of Body? Your astral body
travels to what is called the astral plane, which happens to be an invisible copy of the Earth. This
actually has faster vibrations than the physical world does and these vibrations do penetrate the
core of the Earth. Some believe though that the astral plane is reality in a different dimension.
Many of the people will agree to the belief that there are several levels to an astral plane.

Naturally, you may question as to the dangers of Out of Body. Yes and no is the answer. Out of
Body is something we are all capable of doing. We also know that the astral body can exit the
physical body and will return. However, as with all things you should be sensible. What this means
is that you do need good solid thinking skills and know what you want in order to go where you
want to go.

The danger is when you astral project when your mind is clouded or incapacitated. For example, if
your mind is impaired by alcohol or drugs, you might end up in bad places. These places are the
lower levels of the astral plane.

Only practice Out of Body when you are in the right frame of mind and after having decided where
you want your astral body to visit in your travels. It's important to have full control over your astral
body to ensure a safe and enjoyable Out of Body experience.

When engaging in out of body it is important to prepare properly. Once you know how to prepare,
you will find that out of body is a quick and easy process. The method of preparation varies
depending on the professional consulted. However, there are a number of, at home, training
programs that provide individuals with the opportunity to learn how to control the experience and
ultimately obtain both more enjoyment and benefit from astral projecting.

You can find various other resources such as books online. For instance, you can create the right
state of mind by listening to quality Out of Body hypnosis recordings. It will help you relax and walk
you through the various stages. This is beneficial since you can continue playing the recording
repeatedly until your subconscious mind picks up the message that it is all right for you to leave
your body.

Recently there have been great advances in sound technology called binaural beats. This works
by playing slightly different degrees of sound frequencies in either ear. This offers a very quickly
relaxing and deep state of meditation to occur which is essential for astral projecting success.

Astral projecting takes some practice, so be patient with yourself. Much like walking, it's something
we can do naturally but you do need to practice and refine this ability before you can use it at will.
You may fail the first time, the second or even more, but you will soon be able to astral project.

If you're not convinced that you can astral project, think back to one of those dreams you've had
where you're flying, then falling. This was an Out of Body, not a dream. The flying you experienced
was your astral body traveling and the falling sensation was your astral body returning to your
physical body.

Out of Body is very real. Anyone can do it and find benefit in it. However, you do have to invest
time in fine-tuning your natural ability in order to reach the kind of success you desire with Out of
Body. It will become easier to do once you begin your journey while projecting.
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