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Joint Several Liability The American Express Corporate Card


									The American Express® Corporate Card

                                                                                                                                                                                           Joint & Several Liability
Employee Application Form – Joint & Several Liability
Company Name: ________________________________________________________
                                                                                        Declaration by Applicant
Please quote your Company’s Corporate Account Number: (existing accounts only)
                                                                                        I, the Corporate Card applicant, hereby apply to Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. for an
                                                                                        American Express® Corporate Card. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions that will
                                                                                        accompany the Corporate Card when issued. I certify that the information given in support of
Applicant Details                                                                       my application is true and correct. I understand and agree that I will be jointly and severally
                                                                                        liable for all charges incurred on the Corporate Card, issued to me.
Please Tick:                                                                            I hereby agree to provide Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. with any information that is requires
Title   Mr.          Mrs.         Miss      Dr.       Other ___________________         for establishing and/or administering my accounts and facilities with Amex (Saudi Arabia)
                                                                                        Ltd. and I authorise Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. to obtain and collect information as deemed
Full Name as it appears in your Passport:                                               necessary or in regard of me, my accounts and facilities with Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. from
                                                                                        the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) and to disclose that information to SIMAH or to any other
________________________________________________________________________                agency approved by Saudi Arabia Monetary agency (SAMA). I have read and understood the
Please insert your name as you would like it to appear on the Card                      initial disclosure statement given in this application.
(Max. of 20 letters and spaces)                                                         To help in the prompt processing of the Corporate Card application, please
                                                                                        ensure you have enclosed a copy of your ID / iqama and a copy of your
Date of Birth:           Day             Month             Year
                                                                                        Employee's Signature: _________________________________ Date:_____________
Nationality: __________________________ Passport No: _______________________

                                                                                                                                                                                            EMPLOYEE APPLICATION FORM
ID number / Iqama:
Home Address: P.O. Box: ________________ Postal Code: _________________                 Manager's Approval: ___________________________________ Date:_____________
Home Tel: ________________________ Mobile: ______________________________               Declaration by Company Signatory
Email: __________________________________________________________________               On behalf of the company, named in this application (the Company), we hereby request
Position held in Company: ___________________ Employee Number __________                issuance of an American Express Corporate Card to the individual named above and certify
                                                                                        that the named individual is an employee of the Company. We confirm that the information
Company Address: P.O. Box: ________________ Postal Code: _________________              given in this application form is to the best of the company’s knowledge true and correct.
                                                                                        We understand and agree that the Company will be jointly and severally liable for all charges
City: ______________________________ Country: _____________________________             incurred on the Card issued to the Applicant. We also understand that American Express
Company Tel: _______________________________ Fax: _______________________               reserves the right to decline any application without giving a reason and that no correspondence
                                                                                        will be entered into these circumstances. The Company hereby agrees to be bound by the
Have you ever held an American Express Card?                                            American Express Corporate Cardmember agreement which will accompany the Card when
                                                                                        issued upon its approval by Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. The company also declares that the ID
Present Member                 Former Member          No
                                                                                        documents provided are genuine and represent a true copy of the original.
Card Number 3        7
                                                                                        It is essential that the form is counter-signed by an authorised signatory.
*Please tick to enroll in the Membership Rewards® Programme
                                                                                        Signature of Authorised Signatory: ______________________ Date: _____________
*Please tick to enroll in the Express Cash Service
*These options only valid if the company has approved them.                             Name of Authorised Signatory: ____________________________________________

                                                                                        Position held in Company: ________________________________________________

                                                                                        Monthly Card Limit: ______________________________________________________

                                                                                        Company Stamp: ________________________________________________________

                 Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd, P.O. Box 6624, Riyadh 11452, Saudi Arabia, Toll Free: 800 440 0004, Fax: (+966) 1 201 9449,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Joint & Several Liability
Initial Disclosure Statement
Please read the following important information carefully. If you have any questions, please        f)     Applicable fees
call our customer service toll-free number on 800 440 0004 or (+966 1) 474 9034.
                                                                                                         Types of Fees
a) This account will be billed in the currency that you have chosen, either in US Dollars
                                                                                                         Late payment fee                                 2.5% or SAR 150 / US$ 40 which ever is higher
   or Saudi Riyals. As applicable, the annual subscription fee will be included on your first
   statement of account.                                                                                 Cash withdrawal fee                              5% or SAR 55 / US$ 15 which ever is higher

                                                                                                         Currency conversion fee                          2.5%
b) All charges are due for payment in full immediately on receipt of your monthly statement
                                                                                                         Cheque returned fee                              SAR 150 or US$ 40
   and before the payment due date shown on your statement. If the outstanding balance
   is not settled the Late Payment Charges on overdue balances monthly in arrears is at the              Statement request fee (more than three months)   SAR 40 or US$ 10
   rate of 2.5% or US$ 40 (SAR 150), whichever is higher, of all outstanding sums.
                                                                                                         Refund of credit balance                         SAR 100 or US$ 27

c) Your monthly statements can be viewed upon activating your Corporate Interactive                      Direct debit rejection fee                       SAR 150 or US$ 40
   application on the website.
                                                                                                    g) Detailed conditions governing the use of the Corporate Card are included in the Terms

                                                                                                                                                                                                           EMPLOYEE APPLICATION FORM
d) A grace period of 25 days will be granted to settle the amount, and the payment due date            & Conditions, which will accompany the Card(s) when issued. The signature of, or the
   will be indicated on your statement.                                                                use of the Card(s) shall be deemed as formal approval of the said Terms & Conditions
                                                                                                       with any subsequent amendments. The Terms & Conditions shall be unilaterally and
e) All transactions including Cash Withdrawals, incurred in currencies other than the billing          periodically reviewed, updated and amended by Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd, at any time. The
   currency of the Card account («Non-Billing Currency»), will be converted into the Card              up-to-date version displayed over this web page shall contain any such amendment(s),
   account’s billing currency («Billing Currency»). Unless a specific conversion rate is required      and shall therefore be deemed valid, entering into full effect, automatically replacing and
   by the applicable laws, the American Express Global Network will use conversion rates               superseding the previous provision(s) whether contained in the Terms & Conditions in
   based on interbank rates which they select from customary industry sources on the                   written form accompanying the card(s) when delivered to you or previously displayed
   business day prior to the date of processing the transaction. A nominal conversion fee of           over this web page, merely and immediately upon the occurrence of such update. You are
   2.5% on the converted amount will be added by Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. («Amex»), the                invited to logon to this website regularly to be informed of such amendments, therefore
   issuer of your Card. An illustrative example is given below.                                        we hereby draw to your kind attention that your use or possession of the Card(s) after the
                                                                                                       occurrence of such amendment(s) reflected by our update as provided for hereunder, shall
     Transaction value (Non-billing currency)                          Euro 100                        be deemed as your formal and absolute approval to such Terms & Conditions and their
                                                                                                       subsequent amendment(s).
     American Express Global Network exchange rate                     1 Euro = 1.3572 US$

     US$ equivalent                                                    US$ 135.72                   h) We provide credit information relating to our Card members to The Saudi Credit Bureau
                                                                                                       (SIMAH) on a monthly basis. The information provided reflects the status as at the
     Currency conversion fee (@ 2.5%)                                  US$ 3.39
                                                                                                       previous month-end and includes information regarding whether the card account is
     Total transaction value in US$ (If US$ is the Billing Currency)   US$ 139.11                      regular or delinquent. To avoid any adverse credit history with SIMAH, cardholders
                                                                                                       should ensure that they make timely payment of the amount due on the card account.
     US$ to SAR conversion rate                                        3.75

     Total transaction value in US$ (If SAR is the Billing Currency)   SAR 521.67                   i)     Upon its approval by Amex (Saudi Arabia) Ltd, this application and all supporting
                                                                                                           documents shall constitute integral parts of the Terms & Conditions. I agree that American
                                                                                                           Express have the right to keep all the documents supplied with this application.

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