BARS Newsletter 201111 by zhouwenjuan


									   Publisher WO1N                             Volume No. 6 Issue No. 9                            Nov. 2011
                              Meetings: 7:30 PM, First Wednesday, Billerica, Ma.

                                          Captain’s Cabin
                                            Jerry, K0TV
I just looked at my last November column
from 2007. I wrote that one just after the
CQWW SSB weekend but this one is
getting out just a little earlier than the one
four years ago. I expect this will be Ken’s
last newsletter and I think we all owe him
a debt of gratitude for the wonderful job
he has done getting the newsletter out at
the last minute with sometimes no input
from me (my bad) and last minute stuff
from other officers. Thank you very much
for the efforts over the years Ken. You’ve
done a wonderful job despite many

Right now I’m in the middle of getting the
station all ready for the contest this
weekend and It’s been a grind. Because
any station is constantly getting upgrades
and changes the wiring behind the radios         The absolute scariest Halloween I think we’ve all been
tends to get a bit unruly. It is a good idea to  through!                                  N1IW Photo
take everything apart every few years and neaten everything up. I’ve just completed that task and I’m now
putting the equipment back on the operating positions and adding some new automation. I’m looking
forward to the upcoming contest season with the newly configured station.

NEAR-Fest X is now in the books and it was another wonderful              What’s Inside
weekend. Everyone had a great time despite the rain and wind.             Antenna Modeling with NEC2
One of my crock pots took a pretty hard spill and now has some            The Austin Report        2
new battle scars. Mike finally sold that amp he’s been bringing up        Secretary’s Report       3
there for several years. All it took was for him to put some tubes        VE Session               4
and chimneys (seriously used) into the holes and he had a buyer.          Treasurer’s Report       5
                                                                          BOD                      5
My FT-1000MP is still on the block. It’s a great rig with several         October Section News     5
options and mods that has been a great rig we’ve been using here          November Section News    7
for a number of years on 40 meters. Once that is gone, I’m adding         Q Codes for Old-Timers
                                                                                       Old-       10
another K3. So far the K3 has been a fantastic rig. Best RX I’ve
ever seen. To top it off, made in the USA by Elecraft and also by me (it’s a no solder kit). I put mine
together with all the options in about 9 hours. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Unless I can find a good
used radio, I’ll do it again for the second rig.

    Next Meeting: Nov. 2nd – Library Meeting Room -
                    7:00 PM Start!
                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
Coming up later in the month is the CQWW CW weekend with many BARS members manning the K1TTT
super station in Peru, MA. There have been some recent changes out at K1TTT so this year could be
significantly different for those who go out there. We’re going to have fun at K0TV also. Come get your
feet wet with CW contesting at either station. Contact me if you’re interested in operating here at K0TV.
You don’t have to copy 40 WPM to get your feet wet. Beginners are welcome. I’m not sure who’s running
the effort out at K1TTT this year. Probably the best club contact is K1TWF.

Coming up we will have elections in November. A Yankee Swap and dinner at Rick’s is on tap for the
Christmas/Hanukah party/meeting in December. No re-gifting please!

See you at the meeting,

Jerry, K0TV

                          Antenna Modeling with NEC
                                Peter, K1SUB
Rik, AB1KW, will be giving a presentation on antenna modeling with NEC, using the program xnec2c.
This presentation covers the NEC basics and should be applicable to anyone who wants to start modeling
antennas with any NEC program.

                                    The Austin Report
                                       Lisa, N1ICE
Greetings from Austin, TX. We
celebrated 90 days of temperatures
over 100 this summer, something I
hope I never do again. We stayed in
for summer as folks up north do in
the winter...but I had just come off
winter so been indoors too much.
Temperatures are wonderful
now...and should hold for a long
time. My bones are good and
thawed out by now.

Wally and I are now members of the
Austin Amateur Radio Club. It is a
very healthy and active club. We
have meetings the first Monday of the
month and breakfast at 7 am every            Clandestine Photo of a Recent Austin Area Ham Club Meeting.
Saturday. These are held at the              N1ICE
Waterloo Icehouse Cafe here in
Austin. We are still struggling to make folks down here are not quite as friendly as the BARS
group was to us 14 years ago when we arrived, but they are real nice. Anyone who says Northerners are
not so friendly is mistaken. Originally, Wally found you guys on the repeater and well, the rest is history.
BARS became our family and honestly we miss you all very much.

Club WebSite URL:
Club Mail Reflector:
Club Badges: Scroll down and look for BARS!
                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
The repeaters here are quiet a lot. I lost my D700 (as I think the heat killed it), but Wally was kind enough
to hook up an Alinco. I do miss the friendly chats to and from work. There are a lot of smart guys here.
Some are the founders of Flex Radio, if you know what that is. The club has a lot of older folks in it so we
see a lot of white hair, but also has some younger people. One new ham is part of a band that travels the
world. He plays guitar and his wife is an amazing singer. I have heard her on Youtube, and hope we see
them live soon. At the meeting last night, a woman showed up that wanted to get a license. She was
retired Army and was now doing civilian work for the military in Iraq. She is interested in doing ARES
work. I am sending Ken some photos of the group that came to the meeting so you can see what a
healthy crowd it is. The meetings are run well and talk about all the area activities. One guy does a space
weather piece and talks about how that affects using the radio. Most of the usual stuff, new business, old
business, reports etc. Austin seems to be a melting pot of folks from all over.

Life in Texas is good. Housing is so cheap. Prices are about the same for food and everything else. I
believe Power is cheaper. We have no state income tax. We stopped watering our grass to water our
house. YES! Our house! You see, when it gets as dry as it is here, the ground shrinks and cracks open.
Fences fall over when the wind blows. If you fail to water your foundation (most are slabs with no
basements), your foundation could become compromised. I thought I was getting a place to garden, but
Austin has two short growing seasons with summer in the middle. Even the birds mostly went away. A
typical Austin summer sees only five or so days over 100 degrees, so you know the area is suffering. One
thing I do not understand is that Austin is much smaller population wise than Boston and yet there is ten
times the shopping here. We have grocery stores on nearly every corner and a Home Depot and Lowes
too. We have tons of restaurants to choose from. It is a bit overwhelming. I am still learning my way
around all these roads. Thank God for the GPS.

Wally got the HF radio up and working. I need to get on and use it. I have not hooked up yet with a
contest club...that could take some more time. We have been very busy with my son and daughter's
family and that includes four kids under 7. We have enjoyed having all them in our lives. Wally and I were
lucky to find two very good jobs before we got here. We plan to try to come back each fall to go to Near-
Fest and see all of you and to enjoy the leaves...I can honestly say not a day goes by that I do not think of
the great friends we have had from BARS these last 14 years. It really did make a difference to us
nomads. Home for us has to be wherever we are, since we have moved so much. I have not really seen
any rain since I left New England, but as I write this in early October, there are whispers of rain this
weekend. I never thought I would want rain this much but I do, so when you get tired of it there, do send
some our way. Please keep in touch! 73 from Austin!!

                                    Secretary’s Report
                                        Erik, KE1V
BARS Regular Meeting Notes: 10/5/11
Humbly Submitted by: KE1V
Attendee Count: ~18
Meeting Topic: “Tesla Coils”

7:05 Convene
Question of the day: “Are you planning on going to Near-Fest?” Vast majority of people are going!

~7:20 Presentation “Tesla Coils” by Gary

Club WebSite URL:
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                     November Operating Opportunities
                      ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                         WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                     ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                  CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
 Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
     •    A rather cool presentation on the principles behind Tesla coils (not Tefla Coils nor Telsa Coils as
          Peter was saying). The presenter gave a neat demo of his small coil.
     •    Background: Gary was a hobbyist for very long time and slid into playing around with Tesla coils
          some time ago.
     •    Using oil burner coils is a oft used method for getting the key component☺
     •    Gary has moderated a discussion forum on the web
     •    Before getting into this he was an avid SWLer.
     •    Notable quote “Not only will this kill you but it will hurt the whole time you’re dying”

   • Proposal 1: To reduce dues to $10. Motion carried 9 for, 2 opposed.
   • Proposal 2: Suspend dues for those who attended a BARS meeting in person during any of the
      October, November or December meetings. Motion failed (2 for, 7 opposed)
   • Proposal 3: Suspend dues for all for the year 2012: Motion carried (8 for, 3 opposed)
   • It was noted that with the passing of Proposal 3, candidate members must still fill out the
      membership form and agree to operate by the bylaws for the club.
   • FCC Database still has High Street. Jerry and Mike will get off their duffs and get the update
   • W1HH QSL Cards: Ken and Jerry have a stack of needed responses. Mike will look into getting
      the cards made up. A vote was held to allocate up to $100 to get 1k cards printed up. Motion
      carried (unanimous)

New Business:
   • The screen is still at the Masonic Hall. Jerry will get it out of there with N1HTS’ support.
   • The slate was announced:
          o W01N President
          o K1SUB Newsletter and VP
          o K0TV Ex Officio
          o KE1V Secretary
          o N1IW Board
          o N1ALO Board
   • Secretaries and Treasurers reports were approved by voice vote.
   • BARS is coordinating with Scott at the Pelham FD to have a exam class done before the
      summer. 6 people will take the class. It will be done on five Thursday night sessions. Downloaded
      curriculum will be used.
KE1V attests that the above actually happened within a reasonable but subjective degree of accuracy. Some artistic license
(especially reordering of events) may have happened while transcribing to contribute to overall communication and humor.

                                                 VE Session
                                                Bruce, W1LUS
Not available.

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                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar

                                    Treasurer’s Report
                                      Bruce, W1LUS
Not available.

                                          Ken, WO1N
The October session of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society Board of Directors was held at the Glenview
restaurant on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011. Members Jerry, K0TV, Mike N1IW, Peter K1SUB and Ken,
WO1N were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 19:40 local.

New business:

    •   The November speaker was discussed. The subject will be antenna modeling.
    •   The December meeting will be a Yankee Swap and buffet. Ken to reserve Rick’s Chung King
    •   The membership application needs some mild updates. Ken to draft.

Old Business:

    •   Jerry and Mike will another valiant effort to update the clubs ULS listing.
    •   Mike will pull the trigger on the W1HH QSL cards

Having no further discussion items, the meeting was adjourned at 20:03. At which point an excellent,
reasonably priced dinner was enjoyed by all.

                                October Section News
                                     Phil, K9HI
(Ed. Note: Past events announcements deleted)
The season – along with the weather – is a'changin'. And with those changes, many amateurs shift the
focus of their activities to on-air operating. There are a lot of fun-filled contests coming up on the fall
schedule. Consider spending a few hours operating in the School Club Roundup (Oct. 17-21), or the
ARRL November CW and Phone Sweepstakes (Nov. 5-7 and Nov. 19-21, respectively). You don't have
to try and win. Just getting on will get the juices flowing, and possibly net you some new states or
countries for that WAS or DXCC award. And although they are not ARRL-sponsored contests, the
CQWW SSB (Oct. 29-30) and CW (Nov. 26-27) weekend events are hugely popular.

Ten meters has been opening up almost daily. How about the 10-10 International Sprint on Oct. 10? Or,
the 10-10 Int'l. Fall Contest on Oct. 15-16. There are also many state QSO Parties to choose from. A
complete schedule of on-air activities is available at <>.

Never operated in a contest before? With the increased sunspot activity, there's never been a better time
to get started. Need help? There are plenty of contesters and other operators who will lend a hand

Club WebSite URL:
Club Mail Reflector:
Club Badges: Scroll down and look for BARS!
                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
to first-timers. Your local ARRL-affiliated club is a good place to start. Also, the Yankee Clipper Contest
Club at <> is always willing to mentor the newly minted ham as well as the rusty

EMA Technical Coordinator Eric Falkof, K1NUN presented on Sept. 15 to the Quannapowitt RA in
Reading on stealth antennas. Eric will give a repeat performance on 10/5 to members of the Cape Ann
ARA in Gloucester.

N1CPE recently stepped down as MA State RACES Communications Officer. Former EMA SM Mike
Neilsen, W1MPN has agreed to take over the job on an interim basis. Amateurs across the state extend
their sincere appreciation to Mike for volunteering, and to Tom for his years of dedication in this important

SEMARA members mourn the loss of Silent Key Joe Hampson, W1JFI of Fairhaven.

Rainfall amounts of between 2-6 inches resulted in unexpected, significant flash floods to the North Shore
on Oct. 4. States of emergency were declared in Peabody, Swampscott, Salem, Lynn, Marblehead, and
Beverley. SKYWARN self-activated on the 145.47 Danvers repeater and the NEW-ENG Echolink/IRLP
system. ARES/SKYWARN volunteers provided valuable reports of flooding, rainfall totals, and hail and
wind damage to the NWS in Taunton.

MA amateurs were involved with the highly successful 2011 QCWA National Convention Sept. 9-11 in
Warwick, RI. The husband/wife team of WA1ENO & WB1ARU of Hanover ably assisted Convention Chair
WB6VVA of Bolton. Saturday presentations included: a stellar presentation on high-altitude balloon
experimentation by Rochester Institute of Technology students KB1LQC & KB1LQD of Chelmsford; the
Courage Center Handiham Program by this Section Manager; and others.

Dignitaries in attendance at the Convention included: New England Division Director Tom Frenaye, K1KI;
ARRL President Kaye Craigie, N3KN; New England Wireless & Steam Museum Founder and Director
Robert Merriam, W1NTE; and former Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division
of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH.

EMA PIC Bob Salow, WA1IDA spoke at the Clay Center ARC in Brookline on Oct. 4 about public service

Best wishes to Boston ARC former prez KB1P. Tom and his XYL are retiring and moving to NC. NA1I has
been appointed BARC's new club president.

KE1V's "A Non DXpedition to Iceland" was warmly received by the Billerica ARS membership at its
September meeting.

Harvard Wireless Club recently sought and obtained as its new campus sponsor the Harvard School of
Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Have you ever wondered what the various digital modes sound like? KB1MGI posts this link containing
various audio samples: <>.

The Bristol Co. RA crew operated during the MA week portion of the QRPARCI 50-year celebration on-air
event as K6JSS/1. Thanks, WB1HGA.

Club WebSite URL:
Club Mail Reflector:
Club Badges: Scroll down and look for BARS!
                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
The recent Minuteman Repeater Association meeting in Westborough featured EMA SEC Rob Macedo,
KD1CY talking about SKYWARN and severe weather.

Nashoba Valley ARC heard a presentation in September by N1HXA, inventor of the Hex-Beam antenna.
At the October meeting, NVARC members will sort QSLs on behalf of the W1 QSL bureau.

W1MAW posted this very funny "Family Guy" YouTube video where Stewie gives Brian a walkie-talkie
then gives him a hard time when he doesn't follow protocol: <>.

WF1V presented recently to the Wellesley ARS at its Sept. meeting on modern HF transceivers.

Wellesley ARS members N1ZCE and NT1L were prominently featured on the cover of September 2011
QST while operating at the Boston Marathon Net Control at the Dexter School in Brookline.

Barnstable ARC members held a foxhunt on Sept. 16 in Dennis.

Nominations are now open for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award to honor an ARRL member
whose service to the ARRL's Field Organization is of the most exemplary nature. Selection criteria
include: Operating record with the National Traffic System; or participation within the Amateur Radio
Emergency Service; or Station appointments and/or leadership positions held within the Field
Organization. For more information, see <>.

                             November Section News
                                  Phil, K9HI
First it was tornadoes. Then a hurricane called Irene. Then there was flooding. And now… this.

Massachusetts, along with much of the northeastern U.S. is still reeling from the historic Oct. 30th
Nor'easter that stuck the region, bringing with it widespread tree and wind damage. Portions of Central
and Western Massachusetts received measurable amounts of snow of up to two feet or more. Over a
half-million people were left without power.

ARES®/RACES/MARS and EmComm personal were on standby in case Amateur Radio communications
were called upon. SKYWARN gathered reports from observers for the National Weather Service. At this
writing, only a single shelter in Eastern MA has requested assistance, but ARES leadership continue to
monitor the situation closely in case more support is needed.

Murphy was working overtime, as the Halloween storm severely impacted contestants in the CQWW SSB
contest Oct. 29-30. Many stations could only operate for a portion of the contest period due to power
outages. And those lucky enough to have generators were forced to go barefoot. Antennas came down
left and right, and those that didn't loaded erratically due to snow load.

The storm delayed Halloween Trick or Treat in Westford, but couldn't cancel it completely. PART of
Westford will once again be providing the Pumpkin Patrol service to the Town on the rescheduled date on
Nov. 6 from 5-7 PM. Hams wishing to help are encouraged to contact <KA8SCP@WB1GOF.ORG>.

K1NR is polling Algonquin ARC members to see if there's interest in a group purchase of Honda
generators. He has several takers so far.

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                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar
Members of the Taunton SKYWARN ARC (WX1BOX) attended the recent Southern New England
Weather Conference on Oct. 22 at Meditech in Canton. Co-sponsored by the National Weather Service
and the Blue Hills Observatory, the Conference "has provided a place for weather enthusiasts and
professionals to gather and share their knowledge and expertise regarding topics such as winter weather
forecasting, severe weather, hurricanes, advances in the science of meteorology, and emergency
preparedness, as well as numerous other topics." Thanks, TACG News

The ARRL Foundation awarded a $200 grant to the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association towards the
purchase of equipment to support CAARA's ongoing weekly Morse code classes. Details at

EMA SEC Rob Macedo, KD1CY spoke at the Framingham ARA October meeting about SKYWARN and
EmComm during the Springfield tornados and Hurricane Irene.

Framingham ARA mourns the loss of Silent Key Bill Smith, KE1GF of Hopkinton.

Carol, K1CSF presented a show-and-tell on vintage computers along with an intro to networking at the
October Pilgrim ARC meeting in Provincetown.

This SM, along with SEC KD1CY completed an ARES® survey in October to provide input for the ARRL's
Emergency Communications Advisory Committee.

Shortwave broadcast station WBCQ in Monticello, Maine vacated 7.415 MHz on Oct. 24 per FCC order. It
has QSYed to 7.490 MHz. WBCQ also broadcasts on 5.11, 9.33 and 15.42 MHz. Thanks, KC1MA.

Boston news outlets reported that a tower worker fell 1,000 feet to his death on Oct. 16 from the
American Radio Systems Tower (formerly known as FM-128) next to Rt. 128 in Newton. Let this be a
wake up call to all amateur tower climbers: safety first! Don't EVER take chances with your equipment. Be
mindful of where those power lines are located relative to your tower/antennas. Never work alone. And
always, ALWAYS be sure that you have at least one strap around your tower at all times.

KA1EWN and KB1KA worked extra hard to help with antenna assembly work for the Sturdy Memorial
Hospital ARC's repeater. Other club members contributed to the effort too, according to SMHARC's

Dennis Foley (SWL) and Paul Foley, N1KQR gave one of their "Tube Talks" at the Whitman ARC's
October meeting.

EMA ACC Bo Budinger, WA1QYM presented on "Growing Your Club" to members of the Boston ARC in
Brookline in October. Bo will give a repeat performance to the folks at the Whitman ARC on Nov. 2.

Members of the Framingham Amateur Radio Association demonstrated Amateur Radio to a Wellesley
Cub Scout troop. Cub Master Jeff Piazza paid the FARA crew a nice complement: "Thank you for a great
evening for the boys. As you can appreciate, keeping a group of boys this age engaged and not bouncing
off the walls can be a significant challenge, but this was not an issue with last night's event. Clearly you
were doing something right!"

Yankee Clipper Contest Club conducted a recent "Contest University" in Andover. "Professors" K1DG,
K5ZD, and K1RX were on hand to present tips, tricks, and techniques for maximizing contest

Club WebSite URL:
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                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar

WB1HGA saw this humorous video of a functional Lego Morse code paddle on YouTube:

North Shore amateurs provided communications support on Oct. 23 for the Yukan Run Marathon in
Rockport and Gloucester.

Amateurs assisted with communications at the Bay State Marathon on Oct. 16th in Lowell, according to

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will take place at 2 PM ET Nov. 9, 2011. The
purpose of the test is to assess the reliability and effectiveness of the system in alerting the public.

A hearty "welcome back" to Tom Walsh, K1TW. After a five-year hiatus,
Tom has returned home to Eastern MA from the Santa Clara Valley section.

Colonial Wireless Assoc. members heard a presentation on ionospheric sounding and propagation by
David Kitrosser at CWA's October meeting.

Whitman ARC members will once again operate a special event station from the Plimoth Plantation Nov.
25-27. Look for them on Echolink, IRLP and 14.260, 18.160, 28.460 and 7.260 MHz.

Members of the Eastern MA ARRL staff will meet on Nov. 14 in Hopkinton for their final quarterly meeting
of 2011.

The Genesis ARS will conduct a General license class and VE session in November, 2011. See
<> for more info.

WB1HGA reports that "HF has been hopping like the old days." Ron worked T32C (Christmas I.) with only
3 watts on CW!

Nashoba Valley ARC Nov. 28 meeting will feature talks by K1DG on the World Radiosport Team
Championship, followed by EMA OOC K1EP on the Amateur Auxiliary/OO Program.

KB1LXI reports that Taunton Emergency Management Agency received a grant for an amphibious
vehicle. The craft has eight wheels, carries six people and/or equipment. They're possibly getting and
outboard motor, too.

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                    November Operating Opportunities
                     ARRL Sweepstakes CW, 5 - 7 Nov.
                        WAE DX RTTY 12 - 13 Nov.
                    ARRL Sweepstakes SSB, 19 - 21 Nov.
                 CQWW International DX, CW 26 – 27 Nov.
Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar

                               Q Codes for Old-Timers
                                    Jim, N1HTS
QAR - Is your arthritis acting up today? My arthritis is acting up today.

QBP - How many bypasses (or stints) do you have? I have ___ bypasses (or stints).

QDF - Does (or did) your ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) zap you when you key down? My
ICD zaps (zapped) me when I key down.

QDN - Are you wearing dentures? I am wearing dentures.

QGC - How many grandchildren do you have (or do you have a new grandchild)? I have ___
grandchildren (or I have a new grandchild).

QGM - Are you operating golf cart mobile? I am operating golf cart mobile.

QID - What kind of incontinent diapers do you use? I use ___ diapers for incontinence.

QJR - How many joint replacements have you had? I have had ___ joint replacements.

QLO - Do you know what LOL (or IMHO, ROFL, etc.) stands for? ___ stands for ___.

QLW - Do you watch Lawrence Welk reruns? I watch Lawrence Welk reruns.

QMD - Who is your geriatric physician? My geriatric physician is ___ .

QOT - Are you an Old Timer and were you licensed before no-code licensing? I am an Old Timer and I
was licensed before no-code licensing.

QPA - What is your PSA level (or have you had your PSA level checked)? My PSA level is ___ .

QPG - Was that QRM or did you just pass gas? No, that was QRM.

QPJ - Do you drink prune juice? I drink prune juice.

QPM - Did you just pull a muscle? I think I just pulled a muscle.

QPP - Do you need to take a bio-break? I need to take a bio-break.

QRX - What medications are you taking? I am taking the following medications ____ .

QSS - Have you gotten your social security check? I have received my social security check.

QVC - Do you know how to program your VCR? I can program my VCR.

QWH - Do you think Betty White is hot? I think Betty White is hot. And of course, my favorite

QSH - Do you have a sense of humor? I have a sense of humor.
Courtesy of OK1RR via W4WR

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                                   BARS Club QRN
 Meeting Place Directions                      Saturday Morning Breakfast                           ARRL Renewals
                                                                                             Join the ARRL and/or renew your
 From the South                                The BARS group gets together
 Rte 3 North to Concord Road (exit 27);                                                      membership through the club
                                               every Saturday morning, 8 AM                  treasurer. You save the cost of the
 take a right at the end of the exit ramp,
 you are now on Concord Road; straight         Please join us. Locations vary                postage and the club gets a couple
 across at the next set of lights              so check the web                     of dollars.
 (Middlesex Turnpike on the right); the        page.
 road twists and turns, and just after the
 funeral home on the right, Concord
 Road will take a sharp turn to the left.
                                                           BARS Officers Contact Information
 Follow Concord Rd to the lights at the
 rotary at Billerica Center. The meeting       President      K0TV                               Jerry Muller
 is usually at some hall somewhere in or            
 near the center as we have been trying
 new venues lately.                            Vice-President K1SUB                              Peter Speen
                                               Secretary      KE1V                               Erik Kramer
 From the North:                                    
 Rt 3 South to Concord Road (exit 27);
 take a right at the end of the ramp and       Treasurer      W1LUS                              Bruce Anderson
 follow the instructions as above.                  
                                               Newsletter     WO1N                               Ken Caruso
                                               Webmaster      N1IW                               Mike Bernock

                            BARS Membership Application
 Name_________________________________________                            Call _______________________
 License Class_______________________________                      ARRL Member?___________________
 Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
         Delivery method is E-Mail only, please keep your E-Mail address current with the club.
      Membership renewal is on a yearly basis, January thru December. Yearly memberships are due in January for the year.
      Membership applications submitted between July and October should include an additional $0 to cover the current year
      and the following year (up to 18 months for $0 for single memberships). The Billerica Amateur Radio Society reserves the
      right to accept or reject new memberships or renewals. Members agree to abide by the club constitution and bylaws.

      Check One:
      Single membership: $0 ___
      Family membership: $0 ___        Family Member Name(s)_____________________ Callsign:___________________
      Junior Membership: Free ___                            _____________________          ___________________
      (under 18 years with 1 paid household member)          _____________________          ___________________

      Payment methods:
      1. By a check/mail payable to the Billerica Amateur Radio Society.
         Send to:    Billerica Amateur Radio Society                 Office Use:
                     PO BOX 832                                      Treasurer Received: __________________
                     Nutting Lake, Ma. 01865                                Membership: __________________
      2. Via PayPal at
      3. At a meeting. See Bruce W1LUS.

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                                    BARS Calendar
Nov. 2         Regular Club Meeting, Library                                              Antenna Modeling
Nov. 9         VE Session
Nov. 16        BOD Mtg, TBA
Nov. 25        Newsletter input due

Dec. 7         Regular Club Meeting
Dec. 14        VE Session
Dec. 20        BOD Mtg, TBA
Dec. 30        Newsletter input due

   This newsletter is a publication of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society. The newsletter is produced by a staff
   of overworked volunteers, monthly (except July and August). Articles may be reproduced as long as credit is
   given to the author.

   Articles may be submitted to the Editor at any time for publication as space permits. The Billerica Amateur Radio
   Society meets on the first Wednesday of every month except July and August. Members are active in all aspects of
   Amateur Radio and SW Listening. Scanner enthusiasts are welcome. Meetings are held at locations in and around
   Billerica town center.

   The Billerica Amateur Radio Society is an ARRL affiliated club.

                                                Our Address:
                                     Billerica Amateur Radio Society
                                                PO Box 832
                                          Nutting Lake, MA 01865

                                                                            Near-Fest Fall 2011 Memories

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Club Badges: Scroll down and look for BARS!

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