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									                                                                                            Thanksgiving 2011

                                                      FARMS NEWS
 Happy Thanksgiving
Dear Associates,

As we reflect on the company’s 2011
fiscal year, we will always remember
2011 as the year we expanded into
North Carolina. Our Kinston, North
Carolina complex opened on time and
under budget. ose assets, along with
our other assets, are absolutely the best
in the industry, and I am pleased with
the successful start-up of all phases of
our Kinston complex. e Sanderson
                                               Lampkin Butts, President and Chief Operating Officer, with wife Susie and
Farms’ Board of Directors met in                             grandchildren Sadie Sutton and Case Butts.
Kinston in July, toured the complex, and
were very pleased with the Sanderson Farms’ employees and the company’s investment.

We will also remember this year as the most difficult market conditions in the history of Sanderson
Farms. e last eight years have produced four of our most profitable years, in terms of net income.
ey have also produced three of our worst years, by the same measure. When you measure net income
in total dollars or as a percentage of sales, 2011 is the worst year in the history of Sanderson Farms.
e conditions that caused such a difficult year are completely beyond anyone’s control. We began losing
money in November when we began feeding our chickens expensive corn.
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                                     THANKSGIVING 2011                             VOLUME 27             ISSUE 5

  C ON TEN TS                                                                                               Editor
                                                                                                            Robin Robinson
                                                                                                            Tessa Cain
  New Assignments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5              Corporate Translator
                                                                                                            Vania Nelson
  Promotions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6       Printing
                                                                                                            Southern Images Printing, Inc.
  Corporate Trainees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7-9               Reporters
                                                                                                            Laurel Processing
                                                                                                            Mattie Conner
  New Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10             Collins Production
                                                                                                            Gail Garrett      Brad Clark
                                                                                                            Laurel Production
  Performance Review / Salaried Orientation . . . . . . . . . . . .11-13                                    Carol Simmons
                                                                                                            Hazlehurst Production
                                                                                                            Ken Holmes
  Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14-15                         Hazlehurst Processing
                                                                                                            April Taylor      Angellica Benjamin
                                                                                                            Hammond Processing
  Leading with Vision: The Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-17                           Dayana Reanez
                                                                                                            McComb Processing
                                                                                                            Robin Fenn        Kizzy Williams
  I Am Thankful... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18-32             McComb Production
                                                                                                            Grady Cutrer
                                                                                                            Collins Processing
  Leading with Vision: The Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33-35                          Danny Martin
                                                                                                            Child Care
                                                                                                            Glenda Bonds
  Quarterly Trainee Meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-37                        Foods
                                                                                                            Alice Winston
                                                                                                            Brazos Production
  Intern Presentations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38-40                 Stacey Reynolds   Evelyn Oder
                                                                                                            Brazos Processing
  Employee Stock Ownership Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41                             Andy Skidmore
                                                                                                            Moultrie Processing
                                                                                                            Chris Eavenson
  Health Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42       Adel Production
                                                                                                            Martha Hainley
                                                                                                            Waco Production
  Kinston Production Driver Safety Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43                                   Lily Bolanos
                                                                                                            Waco Processing
                                                                                                            Kelly LaBarbera
  President’s Safety Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44                        Kinston Processing
                                                                                                            Mika Jeffries
                                                                                                            Kinston Production
  Memorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45      Randall Boehme

  Retirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46-47          Vision
                                                                                                                Sanderson Farms is special. We are a successful,
                                                                                                            growing organization, respected in the communities
  Our Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48-49              in which we live and the industries of which we are
                                                                                                            a part.
                                                                                                                Our dedicated team of caring individuals treats all
                                                                                                            persons with absolute respect and integrity.
  Our Children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50          People in our organization are devoted to the success
                                                                                                            of their associates in fulfilling their chosen potential in
                                                                                                            all aspects of life.
  Child Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51          Our hallmarks are quality products, responsive-
                                                                                                            ness to customer needs, superior achievement and
                                                                                                            successful people.
                                                                                                            Sanderson Farms Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Visit us at our website,
                           Happy Thanksgiving
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   Grain costs have continued to escalate with our grain costs increasing this year by $341 million
   over 2010. To put that cost increase in perspective, in 2010 our operating income was a record
   $200 million. If you compare the increase in grain of $341 million to our $200 million of record
   operating profits in 2010, grain costs alone would have wiped out our operating income even if
   chicken prices had remained flat. However, due to the slow economy and an oversupply of
   chicken, chicken prices have actually been lower. We continue to see poor demand from our food
   service customers, and since those customers use a lot of boneless breast products, low demand
   has created low breast meat prices. Our product mix of big bird deboning for foodservice and
   chill pack products for retail grocers, which is normally an advantage for us, is actually a
   disadvantage in the market conditions we face today. We are also absorbing the start-up costs
   of the Kinston complex, which is a normal part of doing business in an expansion year.
   In the midst of a difficult year, we have run the company the same way we did when we were
   profitable. ose of you who have been with the company during previous cycles know we strive
   to manage our business the same no matter where we are in the industry cycles, and we focus on
   those things we can control. It takes a healthy balance sheet to weather these cycles in our
   industry, and the company’s balance sheet is strong. Our net debt to total capitalization ratio at
   the end of our third quarter was 30.5%. We were able to construct and open Kinston with no
   debt on our revolving credit-line and could not have been in any better shape to begin this cycle
   or event. Current market conditions serve as a reminder that it is critical in our business that
   we operate efficiently and remain a low-cost poultry producer.
   While market conditions began to deteriorate in November of 2010, we did not want to cut
   production in early 2011 since we were concerned this cycle could be prolonged, and we know a
   long cut-back could affect our growers and employees. So, our strategy has been to be
   consistent. We approved a normal capital budget for 2011. Our emphasis has been on
   operational improvements throughout the company, getting Kinston up and running, and
   finding new customers for the North Carolina product and for our Foods Division.
   In its most recent estimates published August 11, the USDA lowered its corn yield and
   harvested acres numbers for this crop year because of July heat. While their estimates are that
   the country will harvest its third largest corn crop ever, it might not be large enough to satisfy
   the needs of corn users next year without price rationing. Supplies will remain tight, and
   relatively high priced grain is probably a reality through at least fiscal 2012.
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Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                            3
                 Happy Thanksgiving
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    Despite current market conditions, we remain confident in our industry, in our company and
    in our strategy. Based on recent egg set data, it appears there will be fewer chickens in the
    market this fall, but we will have to see how those cuts affect chicken prices before we know
    the impact on our bottom line. We will institute our normal fall cut-back for the holiday
    season and will run fewer chickens in November and December. Given what we now expect
    to be a higher cost environment and continuing sluggish demand into 2012, we now plan to
    extend that cutback into calendar 2012.
    As we begin a new year, we will stay true to our company vision and continue to plan for the
    future. Every employee and grower in our company plays an important role in the success of
    Sanderson Farms. We want you to be confident in the future of Sanderson Farms and
    continue to help us be efficient in our operations, and be better than our competition. In
    addition to a strong balance sheet, the other defense to these challenging industry cycles are
    solid, efficient operations. We are confident in the strength of our people – our board of
    directors, managers, employees, contract growers, and customers who honor their
    commitment to Sanderson Farms and support our continued success. I am thankful for the
    extraordinary people who are part of Sanderson Farms and I appreciate your hard work.
    I am thankful for every customer we have and we appreciate your business.
    For Susie and me, we are excited about the anksgiving season. Our second grandchild was
    born on December 28th, which was our 36th wedding anniversary. My son Casey and his
    wife, Lauren, named my grandson Casey Lampkin Butts, Jr. at blessed me in ways I
    cannot describe. We will all be together for anksgiving – Christie, Trey and Sadie Sutton;
    Stephanie and Tucker McNeese, and Casey, Lauren and Case Butts – and thank God for our
    many blessings.
    May God bless you and your family as we celebrate this holiday season, and as always, thank
    you for your hard work, your commitment to excellence, and your support.
    Happy anksgiving,

    Lampkin Butts
    President and Chief Operating Officer

4                                                                                       Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                 New Assignments

                                        Darren Bolton
                                        Darren Bolton has been named Division Manager at Laurel
                                        Production. During his tenure with Sanderson Farms, Darren has
                                        served as Production Manager both at Waco Production and Kinston
                                        Production. He was previously employed with Conagra Foods and
                                        Tyson Foods. Darren received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology
                                        and Master’s degree in History from Louisiana Tech University. He is
                                        married to Courtney and enjoys golf and history.

                                                  Ebonee Johnikin
     Ebonee Johnikin has joined Sanderson Farms as Training Manager.
         Ebonee is a 2009 graduate of Delta State University in Cleveland,
             Mississippi where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in
   Communication Studies with an English minor. Ebonee completed an
                    advanced degree in Interpersonal and Organizational
     Communication Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
     During Ebonee’s tenure at Liberty, she was employed as a Graduate
         Teaching Instructor, conducted extensive research in her field of
                  study, and presented numerous papers and research at
    communication conventions and conferences. Ebonee is also a 2005
      graduate of Laurel High School in Laurel, Mississippi. As a pastime,
    Ebonee enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, traveling,
   reading, meeting people, and relational development. Ebonee abides
      by 1 John 4:9, “If God so loved us, we must also love one another.”

                                        Doug McLoud
                                        Doug McLoud has been named Division Manager at Collins
                                        Production. Doug began his career at Sanderson Farms at
                                        McComb Production as Production Manager in August 2010.
                                        Before joining Sanderson Farms, he worked at Tyson Foods for 15
                                        years and Cargill for 12 years. Doug holds a degree in Poultry
                                        Science from the University of Arkansas. He is past president of the
                                        University of Arkansas’ Poultry Science Alumni Association. Doug is
                                        married to Lane and they have two children: Megan and Elizabeth. He
                                        enjoys hunting, fishing and golf in his spare time.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                               5

                                       Michael Poole
                                       Michael Poole has been promoted to Hatchery Supervisor at Collins Production. Michael
                                       began his career with Sanderson Farms as a night attendant in December 2010. He enjoys
                                       church, exercising and outdoor activities. Michael says, “I appreciate the opportunity to be
                                       part of Sanderson Farms and the new extended family I have.”

                                                                         Angellica Benjamin
     Angellica Benjamin has been promoted to Personnel Supervisor II at Hazlehurst Processing.
         She began her career at Sanderson Farms in September 2009 as Processing Secretary at
    Hazlehurst Processing. Angellica has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a
        Minor in Paralegal Studies from Mississippi University for Women. She has one daughter,
          Moriah, and a special nephew, Preston. Angellica enjoys spending time with her family.

                                     Jeffery Dixon
                                     Jeffery Dixon has been promoted to Shipping Supervisor II at Hazlehurst Processing. Jeffery
                                     has worked for Sanderson Farms for 10 years in the Shipping Department. He is married to
                                     Amanda and they have four children: Jephraniqua, Jeffery Jr., Quentrell and Akelon. Jeffery
                                     enjoys relaxing and listening to music in his spare time. Jeffery states that he wants to give
                                     special thanks for his family’s support and motivation during his transition to supervisor and
                                     wants to thank his shipping crew for their hard work at Hazlehurst Processing.

                                                                         Christopher Archie
    Christopher Archie was promoted to the position of Production Supervisor II, Foods Division.
    Christopher started out at Foods Division on July 12, 2010 in the Trainee Program. Christopher
    married Breann in June 2011 and is very thankful for the promotion and is grateful that he and
                                         his beautiful wife are starting a new chapter in their lives.

6                                                                                                                     Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                        Corporate Trainees

   Beginning Trainee, Adam             Clayton Swanson has             Beginning Trainee, Garrett       Carrington Willis,
   Skinner, received his               joined Sanderson Farms as a     Austin, attended North           Beginning Trainee, received
   Bachelor of Arts in                 Beginning Trainee. A graduate   Carolina State University        his Bachelor of Science
   Language and Literature at          of Texas A&M University,        where he received his            degree in Graphic
   North Carolina State                he earned his Bachelor of       Bachelor of Science degree       Communications from
   University. Adam is an              Science degree in Rangeland     in Agricultural Business         North Carolina A&T State
   accomplished musician               Ecology and Management.         Management. Garrett's            University. He enjoys video
   and enjoys traveling in his         He enjoys being outdoors,       organizational involvement       games and traveling when
   spare time. Adam says, “I           hunting and fishing.            has included Agriculture         he is not working.
   am happy to be employed                                             Institute and Future Farmers     Carrington's plans are to
   at Sanderson Farms!”                                                of America. He enjoys            eventually get involved with
                                                                       fishing, riding four-wheelers    area kids who like to play
                                                                       and being outdoors. A couple     basketball. He says,
                                                                       of Garrett's favorite quotes     “Working with Sanderson
                                                                       are: “Don't ever give up” and    Farms has been a great
                                                                       “You reap what you sow”.         learning experience for me.”

   Christina Magliochetti              Beginning Trainee,              Eric Kimbrell has joined         Chris Shaver, Beginning
   joined Sanderson Farms as a         Christopher Hang, is a          Sanderson Farms as an            Trainee, received his
   Beginning Trainee. She received     graduate of North Carolina      Accounting Trainee. He earned    Bachelor of Science degree
   her Bachelor of Science             State University, where he      a Bachelor of Science degree     in Agricultural Science and
   degree in Poultry Science from      received his Bachelor of        in Political Science from        Master of Education in
   North Carolina State University.    Science in Food Service         Valdosta State University in     Agricultural Education from
   Christina enjoys raising and        Technology. Christopher loves   Georgia, a Bachelor of Science   Texas A&M University. He
   showing goats, volunteering as      to play all kinds of sports,    degree in Accounting from        enjoys any Texas A&M
   a firefighter and being an active   likes outdoor activities and    Georgia Southwestern State       sports.
   member in her church. She           hanging out with friends.       University and a Master of
   has three dogs and one cat                                          Science degree in Business
   and works with an organization                                      Administration from Georgia
   that rescues Great Danes.                                           Southern University. Eric is a
   Christina says she is proud to                                      member of the Golden Key
   be a member of the Sanderson                                        International Honor Society,
   Farms team.                                                         Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society,
                                                                       and he enjoys playing
                                                                       basketball in his spare time.
Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                      7
    Corporate Trainees

    Beginning Trainee, Hunter          Joni Fullerton has joined        Ashley Everett, Beginning         Keith Herring, who
    Barnes, received his               Sanderson Farms as a             Trainee, is a graduate of         graduated from Auburn
    Bachelor of Science degree in      Personnel Trainee. Joni          Mississippi State University      University in Alabama with a
    Agricultural Management at         graduated from Southeastern      where she received a              Bachelor of Science degree
    North Carolina State               Louisiana University where       Bachelor of Science degree        in Animal Science, has
    University. Hunter enjoys          she earned her Bachelor of       in Animal and Dairy Sciences      joined Sanderson Farms as
    hunting, fishing, target           Science degree in Family and     with a concentration in           a Beginning Trainee. He is
    shooting and bow-fishing in        Consumer Sciences with a         Science. Ashley enjoys            married to Debbie and has
    his spare time.                    concentration in Nutrition.      participating in health and       two sons: Joshua and
                                       She enjoys playing with her      church activities as well as      Andrew. Keith enjoys
                                       nephew and three nieces,         spending time with her            competitive barbeque and
                                       playing soccer, cooking, and     family, friends, and her pet      Auburn football. His favorite
                                       LSU football.                    chocolate Labrador. Her           quote is, “War Eagle Hey!”
                                                                        favorite quote is “The
                                                                        ultimate measure of a man is
                                                                        not where he stands in
                                                                        moments of comfort and
                                                                        convenience, but where he
                                                                        stands at times of challenge
                                                                        and controversy.”
                                                                        – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Kelsey Raylin Jones,               Matthew Martin joins the         Megan Childers is a               Beginning Trainee, Satoya
    Beginning Trainee, received        Sanderson Farms family as a      Beginning Trainee who             Latta, received her
    her Bachelor of Arts degree in     Beginning Trainee. He            received her Bachelor of          Bachelor's degree in
    Public Relations from the          received his Bachelor of         Science degree in Food            Management at North
    University of Southern             Science degree in Agricultural   Safety from Mississippi State     Carolina Agricultural &
    Mississippi. She enjoys singing,   Business from the University     University. She enjoys animals,   Technical State University.
    playing guitar, playing tennis     of Tennessee. Matthew’s          horseback riding and fishing.     Satoya enjoys sports, music
    and golf, and boating. Kelsey      hobbies include hunting,         Megan believes that family is     and spending time with
    likes this quote by Henry David    fishing and playing golf.        everything. She says, “Spend      family and friends.
    Thoreau, “Go confidently in                                         as much time with family as
    the direction of your dreams.                                       possible!”
    Live the life you have
8                                                                                                                   Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                          Corporate Trainees

   Syvillas Harris, Beginning           Phillip Wright has joined         Beginning Trainee, Rodney           Seth Cannon, who
   Trainee, received a Bachelor of      Sanderson Farms as a              Herring, received his               received a Bachelor of
   Science degree in Business           Beginning Trainee. He             Bachelor of Science degree          Science degree in
   Administration from Delta State      received a Bachelor of            in Sociology from Texas A&M         Construction Management
   University in Mississippi. He        Science degree in Poultry         University. Rodney says that        from Georgia Southern
   enjoys attending church,             Science from Mississippi State    the most effective leaders use      University, has joined
   spending time with family,           University. Phillip enjoys        the word “we” instead of “I”        Sanderson Farms as a
   reading, and exercising. His         hunting and fishing. His          because they understand that        Beginning Trainee. Seth is
   favorite quote is from I             favorite quote is, “Go Dawgs!”    it takes a team to be successful.   married to Beth and enjoys
   Corinthians 15:58 (KJV),                                               They give credit to the team,       fishing, hunting and sports.
   “Therefore, my beloved                                                 thereby building trust.
   brethren, be ye stedfast,                                              Rodney enjoys fishing in his
   unmoveable, always abounding                                           spare time.
   in the work of the Lord,
   forasmuch as ye know that
   your labour is not in vain in the

   Michael Ensign, Beginning            Tim Weckworth has joined          Beginning Trainee, Valarie          Dustin Speyrer,
   Trainee, earned his Bachelor of      Sanderson Farms as a              Taylor, received her Bachelor       Beginning Trainee, received
   Business Administration degree       Beginning Trainee. Tim is a       of Science in Agriculture           his Bachelor of Arts in
   from the University of Mississippi   graduate of Louisiana State       Education at California State       History, with a minor in
   and Master of Divinity from New      University, where he earned       University. Valarie enjoys          Business, from Texas State
   Orleans Baptist Seminary. He is      his Bachelor of Science           horseback riding, bowling and       University. Dustin is a
   married to Robin and they have       degree in Agricultural            hanging out with family and         lifelong Houston Astros fan
   four children: Kayla, Silas, Holly   Business. He enjoys playing       friends.                            and is a first cousin to Josh
   and Bethany. Michael is very         and watching basketball with                                          Speyrer, Egg Supervisor at
   involved in his church and           his friends. His favorite quote                                       McComb Production.
   family activities.                   is, “Geaux Tigers!”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                             9
     New Employees

                Betty Coleman has                           Hammond Processing                          Cedric Kidd has joined
                joined Sanderson Farms as                   welcomes Dana Gillard                       Sanderson Farms as
                Processing Secretary at                     as Quality Control Supervisor.              Eviscerating Supervisor II
                Hazlehurst Processing.                      Before joining Sanderson                    at Hazlehurst Processing.
                Betty received her                          Farms she was employed                      Cedric has a Bachelor of
                Associate’s degree in                       with Claxton Poultry as                     Science degree in
                Human Resource                              MicroLab Supervisor and                     Industrial Technology and
                Management from Virginia                    as HAACP Assistant                          a Master’s degree in
                College in Jackson,                         Coordinator and Sanitation                  Hazardous Materials
                Mississippi and her                         Supervisor for Allen Family                 Management from Jackson
                Bachelor of Science degree                  Foods. She also attended                    State University. Cedric is
                in Computer Science from                    Delaware Technical College.                 married to Jenear and they
                Jackson State University.                   Dana is married to Webster                  have two children: a
                She enjoys writing, music                   and enjoys music, reading                   daughter, Jalea, and a
                and spending time with                      and art in her spare time.                  son, Cedric Jr.
                family and friends. Betty’s                 Dana says, “The first step
                rule to live by is, “Do unto                to getting the things you
                others as you would have                    want out of life is this:
                them do unto you.”                          Decide what you want.”

     Tracey Brewer is the              Dwayne Showers has                 Jacositi Banks has               Corban Burch joins
     new Processing Secretary          joined Sanderson Farms as          joined Sanderson Farms as        Hammond Processing as
     at Hammond Processing.            Eviscerating Supervisor II         the Employee Records             Specialty Supervisor I.
     Before joining Sanderson          at Hammond Processing.             Clerk at Hazlehurst              Corban attended
     Farms, she was employed           He is married to Renate            Processing. Jacositi has an      Southeastern Louisiana
     at Ohmstede Industrial            and they have one son,             Associate’s degree in            University and was
     Services. Tracey enjoys           Jeremy. Dwayne is a                Business Administration          previously employed at
     spending time with her            retired First Sergeant from        from Copiah Lincoln              ATT as an outside plant
     grandchildren, gardening,         the United States Army             Community College. Her           technician. In his spare
     flower arranging, fishing,        after 23½ years of service.        hobbies include singing,         time, Corban enjoys
     boating, attending church         He enjoys collecting               sleeping, and spending           hunting, fishing, spending
     and reading. We are so            baseball cards and coins,          time with family and             time with family, crawfish
     happy to have Tracey on           basketball, football and           friends.                         boils and barbeques, and
     our team!!                        picnics.                                                            LSU tailgating.

10                                                                                                                   Thanksgiving 2011
                    Performance Review / Salaried Orientation
                                                                                                            – David Grayson

                ur Performance Review / Salaried Orientation must be attended by all salaried employees
                within their first 90 days of employment.

     This workshop, held each quarter in Mississippi, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina, educates employees
     on the Performance Review System, Sanderson Farms Company Culture and History, the benefits of
     working with Sanderson Farms and the policies of our company.

     North Carolina
     First row, seated left to right: David Tiller, Specialty Supervisor I, Kinston Processing; Tamara Parrish, Beginning
     Trainee; Krystal Southard, Feed Delivery Supervisor, Kinston Production; and Diane Riley, Sales Secretary, Kinston
     Second row, seated left to right: Matthew Martin, Beginning Trainee; Toni Lee, Beginning Trainee; Garrett Austin,
     Beginning Trainee; Satoya Latta, Beginning Trainee; Lateshia Thomas, Beginning Trainee; Greg Cox, Live Haul
     Supervisor, Kinston Production; William David Lee Jr., Breeder Supervisor, Kinston Production; and Edna Koonce,
     Truck Shop Clerk, Kinston Production.
     Third row, standing left to right: Shelton Brumfield, Sanitation Supervisor III, Kinston Processing; DonPaul Ivers, Debone
     Supervisor I, Kinston Processing; Herman Best, Specialty Supervisor II, Kinston Processing; Richard Casselberry,
     Shipping Superintendent III, Kinston Processing; Adam Skinner, Beginning Trainee; Scott Herring, Accounting Trainee;
     Michelle Skinner, Processing Secretary, Kinston Processing; Lance Davis, Sanitation Supervisor, Kinston Processing; Tim
     Adams, Egg Supervisor, Kinston Production; and Ben Williamson, Staff Accountant, Kinston Production.

                                   Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                 11
      Performance Review / Salaried Orientation

      Front row, left to right: Ashley Everett, Beginning Trainee; Betty Coleman, Processing Secretary, Hazlehurst Processing;
      Jonathan Brownlee, Beginning Trainee; Jacositi Banks, Employee Records Clerk, Hazlehurst Processing; Michael Ensign,
      Beginning Trainee; Edwina Crowe, Cost Accountant, McComb Processing; Cedric Kidd, Evisceration Supervisor II, Hazlehurst
      Processing; and Kelsey Jones, Recruiting Coordinator, Corporate Office.
      Second row, left to right: Jeffery Dixon, Shipping Supervisor II, Hazlehurst Processing; David Britt, Live Haul Supervisor,
      Hazlehurst Production; Rafael Sanchez, Feed Mill Supervisor, McComb Production; Will Miller, Beginning Trainee; Heath
      Donald, Egg / Chick Supervisor, Laurel Production; Tim Weckworth, Beginning Trainee; Michael Poole, Hatchery Supervisor,
      Collins Production; Robbie Martin, Cut Up Supervisor II, Collins Processing; and Christopher Hatten, Beginning Trainee.

     Front row, left to right: Dwayne Showers, Evisceration Supervisor, Hammond Processing; Tabitha Singleton, Beginning Trainee;
     Danielle Ratliff, Beginning Trainee; Natalie Everett, Personnel Trainee; Angelia Downs, Beginning Trainee; Dana Gillard, Quality
     Control Supervisor, Hammond Processing; Krystal Wallace, Secretary – Sales, Corporate Office; and Tracy Brewer, Processing
     Secretary, Hammond Processing.
     Second row, left to right: Phillip Wright, Beginning Trainee; Cecil Jackson, Division Manager, McComb Processing; Chris Funches,
     Live Receiving Supervisor I, Collins Processing; Syvillas Harris, Beginning Trainee; Ben Cole, Beginning Trainee; Jasen Fairley,
     Beginning Trainee; Corban Burch, Specialty Supervisor I, Hammond Processing; Brandon Babin, Beginning Trainee; George Flynt,

                                Happy Thanksgiving!
     Pilot, Corporate Office; Brantley Oursler, Pilot, Corporate Office; Joshua Speyrer, Hatchery Supervisor, McComb Production; and
     Cedric Evans, P.C . Specialist, Corporate Office.

12                                                                                                                Thanksgiving 2011
                    Performance Review / Salaried Orientation

     First row, left to right: Lauren Locke, Customer Service Representative, Brazos Processing; Valarie Taylor, Beginning
     Trainee; Maria Vargas Ramos, Processing Secretary, Waco Processing; Mandy Wellborn, Broiler Supervisor, Brazos
     Production; Rita Silva, Debone Supervisor, Waco Processing; Maria Garcia, Eviscerating Supervisor, Waco Processing; and
     Denise Cabrera, Beginning Trainee.
     Second row, left to right: Jordan Scott, Beginning Trainee; Jose Rosales, Debone Supervisor, Brazos Processing; Miguel
     Rosales, Egg Supervisor, Waco Production; Jeremy Coker, Broiler Supervisor, Waco Production; Rodney Herring, Beginning
     Trainee; James Fraley, Shop Supervisor, Brazos Processing; and Emma Velasquez, Specialty Supervisor, Brazos Processing.
     Third row, left to right: Harold Reichel, MDM Supervisor, Waco Processing; Cody Caldwell, Broiler Supervisor, Brazos
     Production; Richard Payne, Production Manager, Waco Processing; Lawyer Foster, Ice Pack Supervisor, Brazos Processing;
     Allen Robinson Jr., Chick Supervisor, Waco Production; Matthew Coulter, Accounting Trainee; and Victor Llorens III,
     Debone Supervisor, Brazos Processing.
     Fourth row, left to right: Lance Byrd, Beginning Trainee; Brian Johns, Broiler Supervisor, Brazos Production; Clayton
     Swanson, Beginning Trainee; Dustin Speyrer, Beginning Trainee; Gustavo De La Rosa, Debone Supervisor, Waco Processing;
     Andrew McElhany, Beginning Trainee; and Chris Shaver, Beginning Trainee.

     Front row, left to right: Gerardo Trejo, Beginning Trainee; Kristi Welke, Beginning Trainee; Miranda Howell, Shop Clerk,
     Adel Production; Kakenisa Daniels, Preprice Supervisor II, Moultrie Processing; and Jeremy Pratt, Holding Room
     Supervisor II, Moultrie Processing.
     Second row, left to right: Robert Jacobs, Shipping Superintendent III, Moultrie Processing; Shane Truett, Specialty
     Supervisor II, Moultrie Processing; Germaine Parks, Specialty Supervisor II, Moultrie Processing; Tommy Segrest,
     Advanced Trainee; Eric Kimbrell, Accounting Trainee; and Keith Herring, Beginning Trainee.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                               13
                   Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias
                     – traducido por Vania Nelson

     Estimados Socios,
     Al reflexionar sobre el año fiscal 2011 de la empresa, siempre recordaremos el 2011 como el año en que se
     expandió a Carolina del Norte. Nuestro local de Kinston, Carolina del Norte abrió a tiempo y bajo presupuesto.
     Estos activos, junto con nuestros otros activos, son absolutamente los mejores en la industria, y estoy satisfecho
     con el exitoso comienzo de todas las fases de nuestro local de Kinston. La Junta Directiva de Sanderson Farms se
     reunió en Kinston, en julio, visitaron el complejo, y quedaron muy contentos con los empleados de Sanderson
     Farms y la inversión de la compañía.
     También recordaremos este año como las condiciones de mercado más difíciles en la historia de Sanderson
     Farms. Los últimos ocho años han producido cuatro de nuestros años más rentables, en términos de ingresos
     netos. También han producido tres de nuestros peores años, en la misma medida. Cuando se mide el ingreso neto
     en dólares totales o como porcentaje de ventas, 2011 es el peor año en la historia de Sanderson Farms. Las
     condiciones que causaron un año tan difícil están totalmente fuera del control de cualquiera. Empezamos a
     perder dinero en noviembre cuando empezamos a alimentar a nuestros pollos maíz caro. Los costos del grano
     han seguido subiendo con nuestros costos del grano aumentando este año por $341 millones durante 2010.
     Para poner ese aumento de costos en perspectiva, en 2010 nuestros ingresos por operaciones fue un récord de
     $200 millones. Si se compara el aumento en el grano de $341 millones a nuestros $200 millones de ganancias
     operacionales récord en 2010, los costos del grano por sí solos hubieran acabado con nuestros ingresos por
     operaciones aunque los precios del pollo se hubieran mantenido sin cambios. Sin embargo, debido a la
     desaceleración de la economía y un exceso de oferta de carne de pollo, los precios del pollo han sido realmente
     bajos. Seguimos viendo la escasa demanda de nuestros clientes de servicios de alimentos, y dado que esos clientes
     utilizan una gran cantidad de productos de pechuga, la baja demanda ha creado los bajos precios de la carne de
     pechuga. Nuestra mezcla de productos de deshuesado de aves grandes para servicios de alimentos y productos
     de paquete frío para supermercados al por menor, que normalmente es una ventaja para nosotros, es realmente
     una situación de desventaja en las condiciones del mercado que nos enfrentamos hoy. También estamos
     absorbiendo los costos del comienzo del complejo de Kinston, que es una parte normal de hacer negocios en un
     año de expansión.
     En medio de un año difícil, hemos dirigido la empresa de la misma manera que hicimos cuando éramos
     rentables. Aquellos de ustedes que han estado en la compañía durante los ciclos anteriores saben que tratamos de
     manejar nuestro negocio de la misma manera sin importar dónde nos encontramos en los ciclos de la industria, y
     nos enfocamos en las cosas que podemos controlar. Se necesita un estado financiero sano para capear estos ciclos
     en nuestra industria, y el estado financiero de la compañía es fuerte. Nuestra razón de deuda neta sobre
     capitalización total al final de nuestro tercer trimestre fue de 30.5%. Hemos podido construir y abrir Kinston
     sin deuda en nuestro crédito rotativo y no podríamos haber estado en mejor forma para empezar este ciclo o
     evento. Las condiciones actuales del mercado sirven como un recordatorio de que es fundamental en nuestro
     negocio que operemos de manera eficiente y nos mantengamos un productor avícola de bajo costo.
     Mientras que las condiciones del mercado comenzaron a deteriorarse en noviembre de 2010, nosotros no
     quisimos reducir la producción a principios de 2011 ya que estábamos preocupados que este ciclo podía
     prolongarse, y sabemos que una larga reducción podría afectar a nuestros criadores y empleados. Por lo tanto,

14                                                                                                      Thanksgiving 2011
                    Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias
   nuestra estrategia ha sido la de ser consecuentes. Aprobamos un presupuesto de capital normal para 2011.
   Nuestro énfasis ha sido en las mejoras operacionales en toda la empresa, poniendo Kinston en marcha y en
   funcionamiento, y encontrando nuevos clientes para el producto de Carolina del Norte y para nuestra División
   de Alimentos.
   En sus cálculos más recientes publicados 11 de agosto, el USDA redujo su producción de maíz y el número de
   acres cosechados para este año de cultivo a causa del calor en julio. Mientras que sus cálculos son que el país
   cosechará su tercera cosecha de maíz más grande que nunca, tal vez no sea lo suficientemente grande como para
   satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios de maíz el próximo año sin el racionamiento de precios. Los suministros
   seguirán siendo difíciles, y los precios relativamente altos del grano probablemente serán la realidad durante al
   menos el año fiscal 2012.
   A pesar de las condiciones actuales del mercado, tenemos confianza en nuestra industria, en nuestra empresa y
   en nuestra estrategia. Según los datos recientes de la colocación de huevos, parece que habrán menos pollos en el
   mercado este otoño, pero tendremos que ver cómo esas reducciones afectarán los precios del pollo antes de conocer
   el impacto en nuestros resultados. Vamos a instituir nuestra reducción normal de otoño para la temporada de
   Acción de Gracias y navideña y produciremos menos pollos en noviembre y diciembre. Teniendo en cuenta lo que
   ahora anticipamos que será un ambiente de mayor costo y una lentitud continua en la demanda en 2012, ahora
   planeamos extender esa reducción al año calendario 2012.
   Al comenzar un nuevo año, nos mantendremos fieles a la visión de nuestra empresa y seguiremos planificando
   para el futuro. Todos los empleados y los criadores en nuestra empresa desempeñan una función importante en el
   éxito de Sanderson Farms. Queremos que confíen en el futuro de Sanderson Farms y continúen ayudándonos a
   ser eficientes en nuestras operaciones, y a ser mejores que nuestra competencia. Además de tener un sólido estado
   financiero, la otra defensa en estos ciclos difíciles de la industria es tener operaciones sólidas y eficientes.
   Tenemos confianza en la fortaleza de nuestra gente - nuestra junta de directores, nuestros gerentes, empleados,
   productores por contrato, y clientes que honran su compromiso a Sanderson Farms y apoyan nuestro éxito
   continuo. Estoy agradecido por la gente extraordinaria que forman parte de Sanderson Farms y les agradezco
   su arduo trabajo. Estoy agradecido por cada cliente que tenemos y apreciamos su negocio.
   Susie y yo, estamos entusiasmados con la temporada de Acción de Gracias. Nuestro segundo nieto nació el 28 de
   diciembre, que fue nuestro trigésimo sexto aniversario de bodas. Mi hijo Casey y su esposa, Lauren, nombraron
   mi nieto Casey Lampkin Butts, Jr. Eso me bendijo de una manera que ni les puedo describir. Estaremos todos
   juntos en Acción de Gracias – Christie, Trey y Sadie Sutton, Stephanie y Tucker McNeese, y Casey, Lauren y
   Case Butts – y le agradeceremos a Dios por tantas bendiciones.
   Que Dios los bendiga a ustedes y su familia, al celebrar esta temporada de Acción de Gracias, y como siempre,
   gracias por su arduo trabajo, su dedicación a la excelencia, y su apoyo.
   Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias,

   Lampkin Butts
   Presidente y Principal Oficial de Operaciones
Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                       15
     Leading with Vision: The Coach
     – David Grayson

             eading with Vision: The Coach describes coaching as the process of helping employees

        L    become better. Coaching involves focus, alignment, empowerment and trust and is a
             necessary skill to build a stronger and more productive organization. This Leading with
        Vision session is designed to help employees develop their coaching skills in order to reach
        peak performance while building a stronger team.

16                                                                                              Thanksgiving 2011
                    Leading with Vision: The Coach

Thanksgiving 2011                                    17
                               I Am Thankful ...

     Brian Collins                     Bobby Cooper
     Master Skill Maintenance          Evisceration I                   James Hall
     Adel Production                   Collins Processing               Feed Mill Driver
     “… for food, family and           “… to eat turkey.”               Adel Production
     friends.”                                                          “… for my job.”

                                       Jazzmen Briscoe
      Wilbur Myers                     1st Shift Receiving Clerk          Angela Williams
      Cut-up Superintendent            Foods Division                     Debone I
      Collins Processing               “… for my health, strength and     Collins Processing
      “… to spend time with family.”   family, and to have a job          “… for having family and friends to
                                       because many are still             share Thanksgiving with.”

     Maurice Mixon
     Specialty II                                                        Greta Sutton
                                        Haydee Gonzalez                  Debone I
     Hazlehurst Processing
                                        Specialty II                     Hazlehurst Processing
     “… for my family.”
                                        Brazos Processing                “… for family, kids, and
                                        “… for my mom, dad and my        everything in my life.”

18                                                                                          Thanksgiving 2011
                          I Am Thankful ...

                                            Marthralisha Townsend
                                            2nd Shift Quality Control        Marco Gonzalez
         Jose Rosales                       Foods Division                   Debone Superintendent II
         Debone Supervisor II               “… for my family, job, my        Brazos Processing
         Brazos Processing                  health, and most of all God      “… for my wife, daughter and
         “… for my nephew.”                 because without Him none of      parents, I love them very
                                            this would be possible.”         much.”

                                            Kia Strong                          Arnold Randall
         Qurisha Scarlett                   Debone I                            Marination I
         Thigh Debone II                    Kinston Processing                  Collins Processing
         Brazos Processing                  “… for my three beautiful kids      “... to be able to relax and
         “… for my family and my job.”      and family. Family is the most      spend time with family, and I
                                            important thing to me.”             am thankful for life.”

                                              Ayrton Wolfe
                                              Debone I                        Christopher Bell
          James Merchant
                                              Collins Processing              Feed Truck Driver
          Feed Mill Driver
                                              “… to be able to spend time     Adel Production
          Hazlehurst Production
                                              with family.”                   “… for having a great job in the
          “… for God, to be alive, and to
          have a job.”                                                        rough times that our country is
                                                                              going through and for being
                                                                              able to provide for my family.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                19
                                   I Am Thankful ...

                                          David Bean
      Cyprian Andrews                     Feed Mill Driver                Dwayne McCoy
      Debone I                            Hazlehurst Production           2nd Shift Maintenance
      Collins Processing                   “… for God, my wife and my     Mechanic
      “… to eat turkey.”                  family.”                        Foods Division
                                                                          “... for my job, my family,
                                                                          friends, loved ones and all the
                                                                          many blessings that God has
                                                                          bestowed upon me.”

                                         Derek Norris
     Edward Pollard                      Accounting I                     Miranda Howell
     Evisceration I                      Waco Processing                  Parts Clerk
     Collins Processing                  “… for my family and friends.”   Adel Production
     “… to spend time with my                                             “… for everything the Lord has
     family.”                                                             blessed me with.”

     Sherry King                                                          Lashunne Williams
     Accounting Clerk                        Melinda Pope                 Debone
     Hazlehurst Production                   Debone I                     Kinston Processing
     “… for family, freedom and life.”       Collins Processing           “… for the work I put in.”
                                             “… for another day.”

20                                                                                            Thanksgiving 2011
                            I Am Thankful ...

       Melissa Castillo
       Thigh Debone I                       Richard Gilmore                            Wendall Crosby
       Waco Processing                      Debone II                                  Cut-up I
       “… for smiley faces, my kids,        Hazlehurst Processing                      Collins Processing
       family and my favorite nurses,       “… to be here.”                            “… to eat a lot of turkey.”
       Janie and Kelly!!”

          John Flythe                     Ira Funchess                        Johnnie E. McLeod III, Hatchery, Collins
          Feed Mill Supervisor            Hatchery                            Production, and son, Johnnie E. McLeod IV,
          Adel Production                 Collins Production                  Summer Intern
          “… for God being in my life.”   “… for my mother, my wife and       Father: “… for God’s blessings, my family, friends,
                                          my kids, but most of all I’m        and health.”
                                          thankful for my life here on        Son: “... to be surrounded by family and friends.”

         Betty Taylor
         1st Shift Quality Control                                                   Carolyn Knight
         Technician                                                                  Division Secretary/
         Foods Division                                                              Payroll Clerk
         “… for my son, Cleotha. He is       Mahogany Allen                          Hazlehurst Production
         a student at Russ College and       Debone I                                “… for my health and my
         has a 3.0 grade point average.      Brazos Processing                       one-year-old grandson, Ethan
         I thank God every day for           “… for God being by my side at          Parker Knight.”
         him. We have had our rough          all times.”
         days, but we always find a way
         to make it.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                   21
                                  I Am Thankful ...

     Floyd Taylor                                                                    Erica Washington
     2nd Shift Maintenance                         Estella Sadler                    Debone II
     Mechanic                                      Debone II                         Brazos Processing
     Foods Division                                Waco Processing                   “… for my family.”
     “… for my Lord and Savior                     “… for having a nice job,
     Jesus Christ for blessing me                  family and friends.”
     with this job. I am also
     thankful for my family, friends,
     and church family.”

                                                                                      Charles McCray
                                                                                      1st Shift Machine Operator
                                                                                      Cook Line Packout
                                                                                      Foods Division
         Shirley Crowley, left, and Roshelle Ball, right                              “… for my family, friends and my
         1st Shift Cook Line Packout, Foods Division                                  health. I am also thankful for the
         “We work together every day and as sisters, we always find a way             difficult times in my life that have
         to be thankful for the good times and bad times. They can                    made me grow stronger.”
         become your blessings.”

     Demetrice Canady
     Evisceration I                                   Jennifer Fields                  Douglas Cobb
     Kinston Processing                               1st Shift Shipping Clerk         Shipping II
     “… for the Lord blessing me to                   Foods Division                   Hazlehurst Processing
     be 57 years old and that my                      “ … for so much in my life,      “… for my kids and seeing
     mother is still living at 80 years               including my family, friends     another Thanksgiving!! Team
     old. I am also thankful for the                  and good health.”                Loud Pack!!”
     opportunity to work at
     Sanderson Farms.”
22                                                                                                          Thanksgiving 2011
                            I Am Thankful ...

        Delana Wash
        2nd Shift Fabrication
        Foods Division
        “… for my husband and for my son,        Kimieko Williams                   Louis Robinson
        Mark Jr., who has brought so much        Debone I                           Debone I
        joy to my life. I am also thankful for   Hazlehurst Processing              Hazlehurst Processing
        my job and for all of my wonderful       “… for the things God has          “… for waking up, living, and
        co-workers who help make                 blessed me with: my family, my     working at Sanderson Farms.”
        Sanderson Farm such a great              job, and my loving husband.”
        company to work for.”

                                                    Alvin Steen
          Fredrick Young                            Feed Mill Supervisor               Dwight Smith
          Debone I                                  Hazlehurst Production              Paw Room I
          Collins Processing                        “… to be alive and to have my      Collins Processing
          “… to be able to cook                     family in good health.”            “… to spend time with family.”
          Thanksgiving dinner.”

                                                  Hector Quintero
        Roderic “Peenut” McCreary,                Specialty II                      Rosa Polk
        Sanitation III                            Brazos Processing                 Quality Control
        Waco Processing                           “… for my family.”                Collins Processing
        “… for my family and my job for                                             “… to God to be able to spend
        helping us stay afloat.”                                                    time with family.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                       23
                             I Am Thankful ...

       Ronald Simpson                                                       Jeffrey Carter
                                       Hubbard Terry                        Live Haul Driver
       Debone II                       Feed Mill Unloader
       Waco Processing                                                      Laurel Production
                                       Hazlehurst Production                “… for abundance to family,
       “… for my family, my co-         “… for grandchildren that I
       workers and my bosses.                                               friends and food. Remembering
                                       love. I am grateful that I can       family and friends who have
       Happy Thanksgiving              come to work at 55.”
       everyone!”                                                           passed away and I am thankful
                                                                            that I have received so many

     Leonard Johnson                  Sherry Seay                          Leisa Maye
     Debone I                         Accounting I                         Chick Room Supervisor
     Moultrie Processing              Waco Processing                      Hazlehurst Production
     “… for my family and all who     “… for each day that God has         “… for my son and my
     support me.”                     given me. He has blessed me          husband.”
                                      with a loving family, good
                                      friends and awesome

     Scott McAlpin
     Feed Mill Control Room Tech    Kyle Crider                           Belinda Greene
     Hazlehurst Production          Maintenance Intern                    Debone
     “… to have a job with a good   Collins Processing                    Kinston Processing
     company.”                      “ … to be with family and friends.”   “… for my two beautiful

24                                                                                          Thanksgiving 2011
                           I Am Thankful ...

                                        Ronald Greene                          Emanuel Marquez
       Joyce Bridges
                                        Debone II                              Specialty Supervisor II
       1st Shift Shipping Clerk
                                        Waco Processing                        Laurel Processing
       Foods Division
                                        “… for being at Sanderson              “… for being able to spend
       “ … to Sanderson Farms for
                                        Farms and its equal                    time with family.” Emanuel
       allowing me to transfer so I
                                        opportunity for anyone.”               said he loves Sanderson
       can be with my daughter and

                                                                                 Marie Branch
        Latrivette Baker                Jeremy Jenkins                           Kinston Processing
        Debone                          1st Shift Machine                        “… for my life, health and
        Kinston Processing              Operator                                 strength. I am also thankful
         “… for all my blessings.       Cook Line Production                     that God has allowed
        Thanks, Sanderson Farms, for    Foods Division                           Sanderson Farms to give me
        giving the community and        “… for all the mistakes I have           another chance out in the
        me an opportunity to            made in my life. They have               workforce. Now I can
        experience processing           helped make me the man I am              provide for me and my
        chicken, and thanks for Mrs.    today.”                                  loved ones.”
        Nancy and Mrs. Dawn, two
        good nurses.”

                                        Damon Chamberlain                        Robert Gordon
        Brenda Odom                     Sanitation III                           Wastewater
        Hatchery Clean Up Crew          Waco Processing                          Kinston Processing
        Hazlehurst Production           “… for breathing and being healthy.”     “… for my beautiful new wife
        “… for Jesus saving my soul.”                                            and baby boy that soon will be
                                                                                 here in October and, of course,
                                                                                 this job.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                  25
                                 I Am Thankful ...

        Veronica Panameno
                                                        Jeremy Brown
        Debone I
                                                        Specialty Scale Operator II                     David McConnell
        Waco Processing
                                                        Laurel Processing                               Sanitation III
        “Gracias a mi senor Jesus por la
                                                        “… to be able to spend time with                Waco Processing
        fuerza que me da cada dia.”
                                                        my godson.”                                     “… for my family, my job and
        “… to my Jesus Christ for the
                                                                                                        waking me up every day.”
        strength that he gives me every

                                                                                                                Juan Howard
                                       Genoveva Sotelo                      Avis King
                                                                                                                Dripline I
     DeLas Bush                        Debone I                             Evisceration I
                                                                                                                Waco Processing
     Feed Delivery Driver              Waco Processing                      Collins Processing
                                                                                                                “… for the dripline, the H.R.
     Laurel Production                 “... una Buena compania para         “… to be with family and
                                                                                                                staff and the nurses.”
     “… for what God is.”              trabajo tenomos trabajo estable.”    friends.”
                                       “…that this is a good company to
                                       work for, we have a stable job.”

       Lakeyisha Jones
       Debone                                            Willie Hayes                                  Henry Mullins
       Kinston Processing                                Feed Delivery Driver                          Feed Mill Maintenance
       “… for my God blessing me to                      Laurel Production                             McComb Production
       make it every day. I am also                      “… for a time to give thanks and              “… for my family and friends
       thankful for my job at                            fellowship with family and                    and my job at Sanderson
       Sanderson Farms. I really                         friends!!!”                                   Farms.”
       appreciate my team players in

26                                                                                                                       Thanksgiving 2011
                             I Am Thankful ...

       Jonathan Hendry
       Thigh Debone Supervisor I            Angela Reynolds
       Waco Processing                      Housekeeping                             Victor Llorens
       “… for all of the hard work my       Moultrie Processing                      Debone Supervisor II
       employees put in everyday.”          “… for my life and friends and           Brazos Processing
                                            family.”                                 “… to have a job.”

                                                                                       Janneth Rodriguez
                                              Serbando Loredo                          Debone I
       Alex Salazar                           Hatchery Attendant
       Live Hang Supervisor I                                                          Moultrie Processing
                                              Waco Production                          “… for my life, for having
       Waco Processing                        “… that God gives me strength
       “… for my wife and family.”                                                     two beautiful children,
                                              to come to work.”                        and an understanding
                                                                                       husband. I also thank God
                                                                                       to have a job.”

         Jennifer Herrington
         Chief Accountant                                                              Maria Vazquez
         Hazlehurst Production                Yorman Arteaga                           Specialty I
         “… for the good health of my         Debone II                                Moultrie Processing
         family and friends. I am also        Waco Processing                          “... porque me ha dado trabajo.”
         grateful that I will be spending     “… that I like my job. I work hard       “... for having a job.”
         holidays with siblings.”             every day and all the people at this
                                              company are friendly.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                         27
                                       I Am Thankful ...

            Ricky Smith                                                                                  Tenisha Foster
            Debone I                                     Parker Morgan
                                                         Shipping I                                      Accounting I
            Waco Processing                                                                              Waco Processing
            “… for being a part of Sanderson             Moultrie Processing
                                                         “… for my family, my friends,                   “… to be able to see another
            Farms and the co-workers.”                                                                   day. I’m also thankful for all the
                                                         my health … and my good
                                                         looks.”                                         blessings and opportunities
                                                                                                         I’ve had while working at
                                                                                                         Sanderson Farms.”

          Shonn Johnson                    Pilo, Shipping, and                     T’erra Brown
                                                                                                                   Eddie Bohannon, Jr.
          Debone II                        Mary Pedroza, Debone I                  Specialty I
                                                                                                                   Live Receiving I
          Moultrie Processing              Waco Processing                         Moultrie Processing
                                                                                                                   Waco Processing
          “… for having the choice to      “… for our family.”                     “… for life.”
                                                                                                                   “… to have a job.”
          experience something new in
          the chicken industry.”

                                                                                                                  Melissa Bender
     Liceth Vargas                                                                                                Specialty Thigh Debone
                                        Johnny Young II                        Ismael Jimenez                     Kinston Processing
     Debone I
                                        Feed Mill Truck Driver                 Hatchery Chick Puller              “… for my family, my kids, my
     Waco Processing
                                        McComb Production                      Waco Production                    little boy and the one on the
     “... que es una buen lugar para
                                        “… for God, my family, good            “… for my family.”                 way, and I’m thankful for my
                                        health and for my career at                                               job.”
     “… that this is a good place to
                                        Sanderson Farms.”

28                                                                                                                         Thanksgiving 2011
                             I Am Thankful ...

          Aaron DeYoung
          Debone II                               Alesha Carter, Rose Robertson, Ashley Castillo
          Waco Processing                         Debone II, Waco Processing
          “ … to have a job.”                     “… for all of the family and friends that have been put in our lives. Thankful
                                                  for God giving us the chance to live and experience every lesson in life.
                                                  We are grateful to be a part of a #1 company that serves our country, family
                                                  and friends. It is great to meet new people who want to share their time in
                                                  helping this to be a #1 company.”

                                                                                                       Carter Watson
       Brandon Bolton                              Amy Tonthat                                         Specialty II
       Quality Control II                          Accounting I                                        Waco Processing
       Moultrie Processing                         Waco Processing                                     “… for my family who has
       “… for my family, friends, and              “… for my friends and family and                    stuck by me through thick
       that I have a job in these                  the love and happiness that I feel                  and thin. Sherlyn, Kristen,
       difficult economic times. I’m               every day because of them. I am                     Kourtney, Wendell,
       also thankful for my truck, and             also thankful for Paw reports                       Tremaine, Chad, Keke,
       the gift of gab which is helpful            when they are handed in on                          Kaminyah, Big Daddy and
       sometimes.”                                 time.”                                              Mama, Katy, Junior, Donnie,
                                                                                                       Mama Stokenberry, Mama
                                                                                                       English, and my Trinity.
                                                                                                       Love you guys!!”

      Miguel Santos Jr.                   Brian Harvey
      Hatchery Stacker                    Breeder Supervisor                            Susana Brena and Maria Lerma
      Waco Production                     Waco Production                               Debone II
      “… for this job and my family.”     “… for my wife, Allison, and my               Waco Processing
                                          son, James.”                                  “… to be working for Sanderson Farms.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                    29
                                       I Am Thankful ...

                                                                                                               David Gonzalez
                                                                            Susan Baker                        Debone II
       Joseph Hartzog                    Charles Cromwell                   Debone II                          Waco Processing
       Debone I                          Loader Operator                    Waco Processing                    “… for having a good job and
       Collins Processing                Laurel Production                  “… for my children and my          having some people help me
       “… for not being overseas.”       “... for food and time with        wonderful loving fiancé. I am      to get better at what I do. I am
                                         family.”                           thankful for having a job in       also thankful for the friends
                                                                            today’s economy and that I         that I have here at work that
                                                                            have such close friendships        help me stay on track and get
                                                                            with my co-workers. I am also      things done. I also would like
                                                                            thankful for having an             to thank the superintendent,
                                                                            understanding supervisor, and      Alfred Lozano, and my
                                                                            hope to still be here in five or   supervisor, Kevin Rose, for
                                                                            ten years.”                        pushing me and encouraging
                                                                                                               me to do things and to do a
                                                                                                               good job working here.”

       Edward Chamberlain
                                         Derrick Bramlett
       Picking I
                                         Marination I
       Waco Processing
                                         Collins Processing
       “… for the benefits Sanderson
                                         “... to spend time with family.”
       Farms offers.”

                                                                                    Galen, Shipping III, and Sarah Shea,
                                                                                    Sales I, Waco Processing
                                                                                    “… for our family and the co-workers who
                                                                                    make our jobs less stressful.”

     Vernon Clayton                    Herbert Dyer
     Pull Up Driver                    MDM I
     Laurel Production                 Waco Processing
     “… for good food and giving to    “… that I have a job at Sanderson
     others.”                          Farms and for the growth that I
                                       have made both personally and

30                                                                                                                     Thanksgiving 2011
                              I Am Thankful ...

    Irene Deleon                                                     Jose Almanzo                        Mark Holliday
    Debone I                         James Artmann                   Live Hang I                         Feed Mill Truck Driver
    Waco Processing                  Feed Mill Maintenance           Waco Processing                     McComb Production
    “… for having this job and I     McComb Production               “Gracias porla opurtunida que       “… to be able to work for a
    love my job. I am thankful for   “… for good health, good        nos don un saludo para              great company like Sanderson
    all of my children and           friends, family and for         todos.”                             Farms and thankful for health
    grandbabies.”                    Sanderson Farms.”               “…for the opportunity that was      and family.”
                                                                     given to us and greetings for

                                          Joshua Diaz
   Joseph Hamilton                        Debone II
   Specialty II                           Waco Processing                              Sandra Givens and Keisha Fields
   Waco Processing                        “… because I needed a job and                Debone II
   “… for being able to be a part         Sanderson Farms gave me one.”                Waco Processing
   of a great company like                                                             “… for family and job, also the money.”
   Sanderson Farms and the
   great people that work here.”

                                                                     Kelly Alejandro                     Luciana Damian
                                     Michael Walley
                                                                     Human Resources I                   Specialty I
   Juan Baez                         Feed Delivery Supervisor
                                                                     Waco Processing                     Moultrie Processing
   Live Hang I                       Laurel Production
                                                                     “… for my kids, my job and my       “... por todo el tiempo que me
   Waco Processing                   “… for the good times with my
                                                                     friends.”                           ha dado trabajo.”
   “… for my family and health.”     family and eating some good
                                     food.”                                                              “… for having a job for all of
                                                                                                         this time.”

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                         31
                                 I Am Thankful ...

                                                                            Larry Rivera
     Kimberly Greenwood                Evon Tanner                          Specialty II                       Thaddeus Gibbs
     Debone II                         Chick Truck Driver                   Waco Processing                    Debone Superintendent I
     Waco Processing                   Hazlehurst Production                “… for my family and my            Moultrie Processing
     “… for my family, my loving       “… for ALL of my grandchildren,      mom. I’m thankful to have my       “… for God who has given me
     boyfriend and for the good        every one of them.”                  job here and my friends, but       the ability to succeed and I’m
     friends that have been a                                               most of all I’m thankful for the   also thankful for my son,
     blessing in my life.”                                                  Lord up above. Amen! Also,         London, and my family.”
                                                                            for my fiancée.”

      Louis Harris                    Scott Strickland                                                         Synetha Brown
                                                                         Norris Ganey, Jr.
      Debone II                       Debone Supervisor I                                                      Specialty II
                                                                         Paw Room I
      Waco Processing                 Moultrie Processing                                                      Moultrie Processing
                                                                         Collins Processing
      “… for life and family.”        “… for my wife and family.”                                              “… for my kids and life; being
                                                                         “… to spend time with my wife
                                                                         and kids.”                            able to work at Sanderson
                                                                                                               Farms; and my health.”

                                                                           Terry Summers                       Rodrick Robertson
     Monica Cooper                                                         Wastewater                          Debone II
     Specialty II                     Larry Stewart
                                                                           Kinston Processing                  Waco Processing
     Moultrie Processing              Hatchery Maintenance
                                                                           “… for my wife, kids and            “… for being able to work at
     “… for living, kids, and being   Hazlehurst Production
                                                                           my four grandkids.”                 such a good company. Also,
     able to work for Sanderson       “… for my health, my family
                                                                                                               being able to work for great
     Farms.”                          and for God being God.”
                                                                                                               supervisors and other ranked
                                                                                                               staff members.”

32                                                                                                                           Thanksgiving 2011
                                            Leading with Vision: The Team
                                                                                              – David Grayson

         eading with Vision: The Team focuses on achieving results through effective teamwork. The

     L   elements of building an effective team are: Communication, Trust, and Cooperation. Within a
         team, to be an effective communicator requires good listening skills, providing precise feedback,
     and delivering clear instruction. As teammates develop trust and the ability to cooperate, the team will be
     successful in meeting the team’s goals.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                  33
     Leading with Vision: The Team

34                                   Thanksgiving 2011
                    Leading with Vision: The Team

Thanksgiving 2011                                   35
     Quarterly Trainee Meeting
     – Teri Myers

              rinciple, Character, Focus and Execution were the primary points covered during the Quarterly
              Trainee Meeting. Understanding that principles never change and that character comes from
              within increases effectiveness when focused on goals and consistently executing strategy.

        Texas Trainees

        North Carolina Trainees

36                                                                                                 Thanksgiving 2011
                            Quarterly Trainee Meeting

         Georgia Trainees

   Mississippi Trainees

Thanksgiving 2011                                       37
     Intern Presentations
     – Stephanie McNeese

          his summer in our Processing Plants, Hatcheries and Feedmills, Interns learned about our business and
          the poultry industry. The Summer Internship Program is completed with an Intern Presentation. College
          and university faculty and Sanderson Farms mentors and supervisors of the Interns are invited to the
     The Interns represented 26 colleges and universities located in six states. The states include: Georgia, Louisiana,
     Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia. The following colleges and universities represented were:
     Abraham-Baldwin Agriculture College, Alcorn State University, Blinn College, Copiah-Lincoln Community
     College, Delta State University, Fort Valley State University, Holmes Community College, Jackson State University,
     Jones County Junior College, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina A&T
     University, North Carolina State University, Northwestern State University, Pearl River Community College,
     Pitt Community College, Prairie View A&M University, Saint Augustine’s College, Sam Houston State University,
     Southeastern Louisiana University, Southwest Community College, Stephen F. Austin University, Texas A&M
     University, University of Mississippi, University of Southern Mississippi and Virginia Tech.

                       Georgia Interns with Mike Tamimi, Division Manager, Adel Production.

     Dr. Eugene Amoah, Fort Valley State University,             Dr. Ray Smith, Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College,
     Professor and Head of Department of Agriculture             Head of Department of Agriculture; Jamie Trammell,
     Sciences; Jarvis Lambright, Moultrie Processing Intern;     Moultrie Processing Intern; Meredith Webb, Adel
     Bridgett Perry, Adel Production Intern; Dr. Jacques         Production Intern; and Lori Felton, Abraham Baldwin
     Surrency, Fort Valley State University, Assistant           Agriculture College, Associate Professor / Internship
     Professor of Plant and Environmental Soil Science;          Coordinator.
     and Mr. Charles Murphy, Fort Valley State University,
     Career Specialist / Career and Alumni Services.

38                                                                                                     Thanksgiving 2011
                                                     Intern Presentations

    North Carolina Interns
                                                        Randy Green, Field Employee Relations Manager,
                                                        Kinston Production; Randy Pettus, Director of
                                                        Production, Sanderson Farms; and Randall
                                                        Boehme, Division Manager, Kinston Production.

     Nichole Lewis, Saint Augustine’s College,        Dr. Willie Willis, North Carolina A&T University,
     Director of Belk Professional Development        Professor of Poultry Science, and Ayanna Barnes,
     Center, and Kelvon Battle, Kinston Processing    Kinston Processing Intern.

     Mississippi / Louisiana Interns

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                         39
     Intern Presentations

                    Texas Interns

      Nolan Stewart, Waco Production                 Dr. Wash Jones, Associate Professor, Prairie View
      Intern, and Greg Monteith, Employment          A&M University; Conlee Fry, Brazos Production Intern;
      Specialist, Sam Houston State                  Phylicia Young, Brazos Processing Intern; Robert
      University.                                    McClennon, Brazos Production Intern; and Dr. Victor
                                                     Stanley, Associate Professor / Research Scientist,
                                                     Prairie View A&M University.

              Interns from Texas A&M University with Cathryn Clement, Coordinator for International
              Agriculture Programs, and Jennifer Allen, Academic Advisor.

40                                                                                                Thanksgiving 2011
                                    Employee Stock Ownership Plan
                                                                                         – Linda McMinn

        aving for your retirement is important! That is why you should do everything possible to

   S    allow the money in your retirement accounts to grow undisturbed. When you obtain loans
        from your 401(k) account, or hardship withdrawals from your ESOP account, you are using
   money now that would otherwise be working to help fund your retirement later.

   While you should do everything you can to avoid prematurely drawing on your retirement
   accounts, we understand that sometimes there is simply no other means by which to meet a
   pressing financial need. For those facing true financial hardships, a 401(k) loan or ESOP hardship
   withdrawal can be obtained if certain conditions are met. You can consult with your FERM, or
   review the applicable Summary Plan Description, for more details.

   Beginning with the new plan year, November 1, 2011, an employee requesting a hardship
   withdrawal from their ESOP account will be asked to certify and provide documentation as
   necessary to show that the financial need cannot be met by one of the following alternatives:

           • Through reimbursement or compensation by insurance or otherwise;

           • By selling or otherwise liquidating your assets in a reasonable manner, but only if doing
             so would not itself increase the amount of the need;

           • By borrowing money from a bank or other commercial lender on terms that would be
             considered commercially reasonable (including tuition loans, grants or other financial
             assistance), but only if doing so would not itself increase the amount of the need; or

           • By requesting a loan from the 401(k) plan if you are a participant, but only if doing so
             would not itself increase the amount of the need.

   Generally, no reimbursement will be made for medical expenses that have been “written off” by
   the provider or insurance company or that are not otherwise owed. With respect to a home
   purchase, copies of applications for loans to purchase a principal residence (including a mobile
   home) and at least one denial letter from a bank or other financial institution will be required.
   With respect to educational expenses, copies of applications for tuition assistance, grants, and/or
   loans will be required.

   Hardship withdrawals will only be made for the amount necessary to satisfy your immediate and
   heavy financial need or the total amount of your vested account balance. Again, please consult
   your FERM if you have any questions. Thank you.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                         41
     Health Fair
     – Linda McMinn

          he 2011 Wellness Screenings and Health Fair were held at the
          Corporate Office on June 24. After two years of screenings, we
          hope that participants feel more informed about their personal
     health, and are seeing improvements in both their screening results
     and overall wellness.
     The Wellness Program limits were modified this year for blood
     pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. The new limits move
     toward the Normal Range recommended for those tests. The
     Screening Test Results and Health Assessment Scoring Form also
     included last years’ results, for comparison purposes.
     Please plan to use your Plan A and B Healthy You! benefit each year as
     a method of early detection of potential health problems. The Healthy You! benefit provides payment at
     100%, and offers a range of benefits based on age and gender. For a list of the Healthy You! screenings
     appropriate for you or your dependents, please refer to your HealthyYou! Booklet or contact the Benefits
     Department at 1-800-844-4030.
     Thank you for participating in the 2011 Wellness Screenings and Health Fair at
     the Corporate Office. We want you healthy!!!

42                                                                                                   Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                                  KINSTON PRODUCTION

                                                                Driver Safety Awards
                                                                                                      – Randy Green

     Kinston Production Feed Mill and Hatchery drivers received their quarterly safety
     awards (1st and 2nd quarter) in July. Our Hatchery and Feed Mill drivers have
     driven an excess of 207,000 accident free miles during our start up.

                 Feed Mill Drivers, left to right standing: Sylvester Whitfield, Michael Dickson, Don Morgan,
                 Ronnie Foreman, J.T. Laws, Curtis Dove, Brian Brinson and Shelby Fagan. Front,
                 seated/kneeling: Danny Robinson, Terrance Matthews, Scott Mitchell and Otis Bass.


   Hatchery Drivers, left to right: Michael Olds, Egg Driver;
   Mack Sutton, Chick Driver; and Dennis Crockett, Egg
   Driver. Not pictured: Scott Satterfield, Chick Driver.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                     43
     President’s Safety Committee
     – Scott Rushing

             anderson Farms recognizes that its employees are its greatest asset. In an effort

      S      to implement new and innovative ways to eliminate workplace accidents, the
             “President’s Safety Committee” was formed in the spring of 2011. The purpose of
       this committee is to assist Senior Management with creating the safest workplace
       possible for all Sanderson Farms employees.

       While there are many different facets to the Presidents Safety Committee, what follows
       are a few of the highlights:

       1.    A group of the Company’s top executives, including Lampkin Butts (President
             and COO), Doug Lee (Director of Processing), Randy Pettus (Director of
             Production), and the Division Manager for each Processing and Production
             Division, meet each quarter to evaluate and discuss each facility’s safety record.

       2.    Sanderson Farms is in the process of implementing its Behavioral Based Safety
             Program (BBSP). BBSP centers on supervisors, superintendents, and managers
             identifying and implementing immediate corrective actions when unsafe acts
             and conditions are discovered in the work area.

       3.    At the end of each fiscal year, Sanderson Farms will recognize the top
             performing Processing and Production Divisions with the fewest injuries and
             lowest costs with the “President’s Safety Award”. Lunch will be provided to all
             employees at the top performing Processing and Production Divisions, in
             recognition of the superior achievements in Safety.

       One of the many ways you can help Sanderson Farms achieve excellent Safety
       Performance is by volunteering to participate on your facility’s Safety Committee.
       Facility Safety Committees assist Division Management with maintaining and
       publicizing the Sanderson Farms Safety Program. Another way you can help is by
       being aware of your surroundings and bringing issues to your supervisor to be
       corrected before an accident occurs. Each of us has the responsibility to maintain a
       safe and healthy work environment so that no accidents occur.

44                                                                                     Thanksgiving 2011

                                Kenny Brown
         To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose
            under the heaven; a time to be born and a time to die,
         a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
                               Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

        With sad hearts, the Sanderson Farms family bids farewell to
        long-term employee, Kenny Brown, Processing Shift Manager at
        Collins Processing. Kenny joined Sanderson Farms in June 1984 in
        the Pre-price Department. During his 27-year tenure at Collins Processing,
        he held the following positions: Forklift Driver, Quality Control Technician, Cut-up
        Supervisor, Overwrap Supervisor, Cut-up Superintendent, Packing Manager and
        Processing Shift Manager.

        Mr. Kenneth Earl Brown was born on September 19, 1955 to the late Delmon Ted Brown
        and Louise Mikell Brown. He was the fifth of nine siblings. On August 15, 1985, Kenneth
        was united in holy matrimony with Ms. Brenda McLeod and was blessed with two
        daughters. On September 9, 2011, he was called home to join his father, mother and sister.

        Kenneth united with Galilee MB Church at an early age, where he remained a member
        until his death. He was a 1974 Prentiss High School Graduate. He later was employed by
        Sanderson Farms for 27 years. He touched the lives of countless people. He was a
        devoted husband, loving father and faithful friend. He will be favorably missed by many.

        He leaves to cherish his memories: Loving and Devoted Wife Brenda, One Son:
        Kenneth Hubbard of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Two Daughters: Calicia and Kami Brown of
        Prentiss, Mississippi. Two granddaughters: Christianna and Kennidia Hubbard of Texas.
        Two Sisters: Sarah Gholar of Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Betty Joseph of Rochester, New
        York. Five Brothers: Sandy, Anthony and Teddy (Kelley) Brown all of Prentiss, Mississippi;
        Roy (Glenda) Brown of Collins, Mississippi and Donald (Shiloh) of Happy Valley,
        Pennsylvania. One Aunt: Mrs. Mary Jane Harry of Prentiss, Mississippi, a host of nieces,
        nephews, cousins and friends. Four special childhood friends: Willie James Myers, Melvin
        Buckley, Willie (Boot) Wilkes and Rev. Jessie James Holloway.

        Kenneth was preceded in death by his father, Delmon Ted Brown, his mother, Louis
        Mikell Brown and his sister, Annie Laura Brown Weathersby.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                    45

     Billie Bouie
     Hazlehurst Processing
     On July 8, 2011, Hazlehurst Processing was honored to
     celebrate the retirement of Billie Bouie after 31 years of
     service to Sanderson Farms. Billie began her career with the
     company on June 18, 1980. She has worked in the Debone
     Department at Hazlehurst Processing.
     She was joined by her family, co-workers and friends at her
     retirement celebration. Larry Lampkin, Division Manager,
     gave words of appreciation to Billie. Her dedication and hard
     work will be missed as we wish her a happy retirement.
                                                                     Larry Lampkin, Division Manager, and Billie

46                                                                                                 Thanksgiving 2011

                                                          Gwendolyn Guy
                                                          McComb Processing
                                                          Gwendolyn has worked for Sanderson Farms in
                                                          McComb since 1995 in the Evisceration
                                                          Gwendolyn has been a valued member of our team
                                                          and we wish her the very best. Gwendolyn enjoys
                                                          cooking and gardening. She plans to spend time
                                                          with family and friends.
                                                          Congratulations on your retirement!
   Randall King, Processing Manager I, and Gwendolyn
   Guy, McComb Processing.

   Shirley Ringgold
   Brazos Production
   Brazos Production would like to congratulate Shirley
   Ringgold on her retirement. Shirley served in the
   Accounting Department beginning in June of 2003.
   We are very appreciative for all that she has

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                           47
     Our Company

     Manager and Supervisor Hired
      on Same Day
     – Ken Holmes

            ugust 5, 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Steve Hefner and
            Alvin Steen’s employment with Sanderson Farms. Their
            co-workers at Hazlehurst Production held a surprise lunch to
     honor their dedication to Sanderson Farms.
     Steve Hefner started at Sanderson Farms as Feed Mill Supervisor in
     Hazlehurst but has also worked at the McComb Production facility as      Steve Hefner, Feed Mill Manager, and Alvin
     Feed Mill Supervisor. Steve has served as Feed Mill Manager at           Steen, Feed Mill Supervisor
     Hazlehurst Production since May 2002. During college and high school
     summers, Steve worked at Hazlehurst Processing.
     Alvin Steen is currently the Feed Mill Supervisor. Alvin has been the
     Feed Mill Supervisor since May 1997. Prior to this job he had been the
     Control Room Tech in the Feed Mill, Hatchery Attendant, and Feed Mill
     We look forward to many more years of dedicated service from Steve
     and Alvin. Thanks guys, for 20 great years.

                     Congratulations on your Wedding!

              Kevin, Debone Supervisor II, and Terri Rose, Quality
              Control Tech II, Waco Processing, were married on
              June 24, 2011. Congratulations!

48                                                                                                          Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                              Our Company

   A Lesson on Honesty
   – Mattie Conner

         lease give a STANDING “O” for Laurel Processing Debone employee,
         Beola McDonald, for her act of honesty and kindness. Beola states
         that being honest is not hard to do when you’ve been taught by your
   parents all of your life that “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”. She stated that
   she teaches her three children, Jasmine, Justice and Justin, this same lesson
   and hopes that they, too, will learn the value in its meaning.
   However, as Beola states, there are also times when the road gets a little
   rough in life where we come face to face with challenges and need to make
   quick decisions on how to handle a situation. Just like the one she was
   confronted with as she was walking to her work station on April 1, 2011,
   which we refer to as “April Fools’ Day”. Beola stated that she noticed a white
   envelope lying on the floor. To her surprise, when she picked up the envelope,             Beola McDonald
   inside was cash, $180.00 to be exact. Beola stated that she looked around to see
   if someone would say “April Fool”, and when that didn’t happen she was faced with making an honest
   decision. She knew the money was not hers or was it she thought to herself. This could be my lucky day or a
   blessing sent just for me, jokingly she says “especially since my light bill was due” and that was more than
   enough to pay it and have a little left over.
   Well, after waiting a short time for someone to claim the envelope, Beola decided to take the envelope to the
   personnel office to see if anyone had reported it missing. For a slight moment of joy, no one had reported the
   envelope missing and this brought a wave of hope that perhaps the envelope was meant for her after all.
   Then the lesson on honesty kicked in and Beola decided that she would not worry about the envelope any
   longer, that the lesson she was taught was to always be honest and since the money was not hers she would
   leave it for the rightful owner to claim and hopefully someone would eventually realize that they had lost it.
   Later that day, co-worker Elizabeth Brown realized that she had lost the envelope and came to the front office
   to see if anyone had turned it in. Elizabeth confirmed that the envelope had the $180.00 in it and was grateful
   that someone had been honest enough to bring it to the office. Elizabeth stated that the money had been
   given to her by other employees who participate in a birthday club. The money was ready to be given to
   Raccine Howard for a trip she had planned for the weekend.
   After being told who brought the money to the office, both Elizabeth and Raccine personally thanked Beola
   for turning the money in to the front office.
   Beola has worked for Sanderson Farms since April 12, 2006. She is a good friend, a good employee and as
   we can all attest to, an honest person. All Cheers and Hats off to you Beola for a lesson most of us may face
   some day and hopefully we too will make the same decision as you, for it is true, “HONESTY IS THE BEST

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                    49
       Our Children

        Avery Jayne Dolezal was born            Walt Riske, Staff Accountant,
        on April 2, 2011 to Larry,              Brazos Processing, and wife,
        Debone Superintendent I, Waco           Mandy are thankful for their two
        Processing, and Courtney                boys, Tyler and Tanner. They are
        Dolezal, Staff Accountant,              also thankful they aren’t fighting
        Waco Processing. She weighed            yet!
        7 lbs. and 6 ozs.                                                               Lindsey and Heath Parker,
                                                                                        Broiler Manager, Waco
                                                                                        Production, welcomed a new
                                                                                        son, Zane, to their family on
                                                                                        April 12, 2011.

     Michael White, Collins Production
     Hatchery Superintendent, is very
     thankful for his family. He and his wife
     are extremely proud of their son,
     Jon-Michael. Jon-Michael has had a
     busy summer of playing golf, following
     his dream of one day playing on the
     professional tour. Jon-Michael played
     in the MS/LA Junior Championship,
     finishing in 4th place, and in the MS
     Optimist Qualifier, finishing in 8th            Benita Bell Jenkins, daughter of
     place. The highlight of the summer was          James and Bettye Jenkins,
     when he was invited to play in the              McComb Production Broiler
                                                     Growers, recently graduated         Taylor Smith is the granddaughter
     Viking Classic Jr Pro Am at Annandale                                               of Mary Simmons, Accounting Sales
     Golf Club where the top 12 Junior               from Southern University Law
                                                                                         Clerk, Hammond Processing. MaMa
     MJGA players were invited to play.              Center in Baton Rouge,
                                                                                         would like to congratulate Taylor
     Jon-Michael is a senior at Laurel High          Louisiana. Benita’s goal is to
                                                                                         on her second dance recital and
     School with a 3.6 GPA and plans on              practice law in Alabama,
                                                                                         her fourth birthday.
     playing golf in college and getting his         Mississippi and Georgia.
     degree in Professional Golf

50                                                                                                       Thanksgiving 2011
                                                                                           Child Care
 The Child Care Center presented our first Summer Musical, “Celebrating America in
 Concert”. The children were delighted to have guest singers, dancers, musicians and
 speakers for both shifts. The children all participated by dressing in costumes and

“Diego”, Alberto Melgar, son of Maria                                                      “Bob the Builder”, Ricardo Galvan, son
                                          “Big Bird”, Zakirah Luvine, daughter of
Depaz, Debone, Collins Processing;                                                         of Marta Galvan, Head Start Assistant;
                                          Maurio Luvine, Debone, Collins Processing;
“Dora”, Anya Jones, daughter of Sandra                                                     “Kermit the Frog”, Jayden Ducksworth,
                                          “Little Bill”, Orion Applewhite, son of Sophia
Jones, Front Line, Collins Processing;                                                     son of Tiffany Ducksworth, Debone,
                                          Applewhite, Debone, Collins Processing; and
and “Pooh”, David Melgar, son of Maria                                                     Collins Processing; and “Tigger”,
                                          “SpongeBob”, Lazayveion Lowe, son of Kim
Depaz, Debone, Collins Processing.                                                         Jeramie Weathersby, son of Osha Keys,
                                          Lockhart, Debone, Collins Processing.
                                                                                           Debone, Collins Processing.

“Princess Tatiana”, Tamaya Chatman,
daughter of Releshia Chatman,                                                              Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Marivic’s Second
Marination, Collins Processing; and       Second Shift Pre-schoolers and Mrs. Tammy        Shift Toddlers were the “Three Amigos”.
“Elmo”, Thomas Hartwell, son of Lillie    Ford performed “Hand Jive and ABC Rock”.
Hartwell, Toddler II Teacher.

                                                                                           Mrs. Sheila Easter, Substitute, and
Mrs. Karen Owens, Mrs. Cheryl Sullivan,
                                                                                           those “Shake the Foundation” school-
Mrs. Kim Pope and Mrs. Tammie Gamble
and their pre-schoolers sang “We Are      Toddler II’s performed as “Cool and the
Family” and played their instruments.     Gang”.

Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                                                    51
Sanderson Farms, Inc.                                         PRESORTED
P.O. Box 988                                                   STANDARD
Laurel, MS 39441                                           U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                              MOBILE, AL
                                                            PERMIT NO. 1390

                        Prayer of Thanksgiving
                        O God, we thank you for this earth, our home;
                        For the wide sky and the blessed sun,
                        For the salt sea and the running water,
                        For the everlasting hills
                        And the never-resting winds,
                        For trees and the common grass underfoot.
                        We thank you for our senses
                        By which we hear the songs of birds,
                        And see the splendor of the summer fields,
                        And taste of the autumn fruits,
                        And rejoice in the feel of the snow,
                        And smell the breath of the spring.
                        Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty;
                        And save our souls from being so blind
                        That we pass unseeing
                        When even the common thornbush
                        Is aflame with your glory,
                        O God our creator,
                        Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
                        Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918)

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