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									Review of the Kangaroo Keeper Handbag Organizer
                                                    If you're like most women, you have to dig through your purse every

                                                    time you want to find your keys, lipstick or cell phone. The Kangaroo

                                                    Keeper can solve that problem simply, easily and inexpensively. The

                                                    Kangaroo Keeper is a very handy purse organizer. It has multiple

                                                    little pouches (thus the name) that lets you neatly store well over fifty

                                                    different items. The Kangaroo Keeper fits right into purses of various

                                                    sizes and irregular shapes. You won't miss the mess and it will save

                                                    you a lot of time every day that you would otherwise spend hunting

                                                    in the bottom of your handbag. It not only holds many items, but it

can organize accessories of various sizes as well. From the tiny - such as lipstick, nail files and breath spray - to

larger things like water bottles or paperback books.

Kangaroo Keeper - Solving the "Too Many Handbags" Dilemma

It's no secret that women like to shop for designer handbags. We collect them like others collect postage stamps.

This typically leads to a closet filled with handbags of various sizes, shapes and internal geometry. Owning a good

assortment of purses, of course is not only a guilty pleasure, but it's really a necessity as well nowadays. Since a

given outfit will simply look good with a certain style and color of handbag, and not so good with others. The
downside is that when you change outfits - and thus purses - you have to move all the stuff from the last one to the

new one. It can take forever and be very frustrating, especially when you're running late.

Easy Transfer When You Change Purses

With the Kangaroo Keeper, transferring items from one handbag to another is quick and easy. You simply lift the
Kangaroo Keeper out of the old handbag and insert it - contents and all - right into the new one, and off you go! In

addition to the frustration of trying to find a certain item in a cluttered handbag, there's also the issue of unsightly

bulging within the bag itself. With so much crammed into such a tight space, it's no wonder that you see so many

women carrying handbags that look over-stuffed. The hairbrush handles and sharp car keys and all the other things

in there competing for the limited space conspire to not only make the handbag look over-full and bulky, but can

damage the lining as well.

The Kangaroo Keeper solves this problem by allowing you to fit as many items as you like neatly and snugly - without

them being able to gouge the purse's insides. The Kangaroo Keeper also includes fold-out flaps. These allow one to
place even more items inside by simply extending the flaps thereby making it larger in volume. As for the problem of

quickly locating car keys, cell phones, money and the like, the Keeper has dedicated compartments where you can
put the most critical things for fast retrieval. You can purchase the Kangaroo Keeper in various sizes so you have one

for each family of handbag in your collection.

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