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									Ahwatukee Life Center Massage Signs with Media Made for You

Ahwatukee Life Center has signed on to advertise on the Media Made for
You advertising network. Media Made for You offers small business
marketing solutions through digital signage, custom TV channels.

Tempe, AZ, October 08, 2012 -- Ahwatukee Life Center has signed on to
advertise on the Media Made for You advertising network.

Ahwatukee Life Center offers chiropractic services, massage therapy and
cold laser treatments. The center emphasizes improving the health of its
clients to thereby reduce the future risk of pain and illness.

Chris Anderson of Ahwatukee Life Center said adding the Media Made for
You platform will help the center expand its growing business by gaining
additional visibility.

“People respond to visual advertising and the Media Made for You system
is a dynamic system that helps engage potential clients,” Anderson said.
“We’ll be able to engage customers with our message in places that we
haven’t been able to traditionally reach, thereby growing our market
awareness. We want to be able to bring the message of Ahwatukee Life
Center to as many Valley residents as possible.”

More and more Valley businesses are uncovering the marketing potential of
the Media Made for You small business marketing platform, using it to
engage customers, educate employees and market additional products and
services of value to clients.

"Value is the key benefit businesses are looking for," said Jay Lopez,
owner of Media Made for You. "Our system creates that value. Our
advertising platform puts you in front of potential customers around
Arizona and allows you the time to present information and entertainment
of value to them, building a trust level that many businesses struggle to
create in today's fast-paced world."

Advertisers are quickly learning the benefits of the Media Made for You
system, which entertains, educates and engages customers through a custom
TV channel that is fully programmable.

The custom TV channel offered by Media Made for You allows small
businesses an opportunity to tailor their message to their customers'
needs. The service is made possible through a dedicated computer hard
drive that powers as many televisions as a customer elects to use. The
customized TV channel streams company news, information, business
specials and advertisements such as important information about the
benefits of massage.

For more information about Media Made for You or to schedule a
demonstration of the company's product, please visit
www.mediamadeforyou.com or call (855) 633-4248.

About Media Made for You:
Media Made for You is an Arizona-based small business marketing solution
provider, specializing in creating custom television channels that
educate, entertain and engage a company's customers. The company's media-
rich, customer-friendly products help cultivate new sales prospects and
improve customer relationship management. For more information, please
visit www.mediamadeforyou.com.

Al Stevens
Media Made for You
6115 S. Kyrene - Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85282

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