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									How to convert flip video to MPEG-4/H.264 MP4 videos?
The flip video camcoder family has four major products: Flip Utra, Flip Utra HD, Flip Mino video, Flip Mion video HD, the price of which are affordable by most people. The designable outward appearance will be very fashionable for you. What's more, the simple plug-and-in video camera that features a hideaway USB connector and built-in that makes viewing and sharing your videos incredibly easy. Most flip video camcorder will record video in mp4 formats, but some in avi formats. Sometimes, you may want to enjoy flip videos with some portable devices such as iPhone which mostly supports mp4 formats. In this case, you most likely need to convert flip video to iPhone mpeg-4 files. Flip Video to MP4 Converter is a great software enables to extend the function of your camcorder to a large degree. It can convert the flip video to most regular formats with swift speed and best output quality, the formats can be in avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, dv, vob, mkv, mov, mp4, flv, rm, rmvb. And the converted flip videos can be play on many portable devices. The program can also extract video data to audio formats and saved as mp3, wav, wma, aac, ac3, mp2, amr, aiff, flac, m4a and ra files. Flip video Converter has powerful editing functions. You can trim the the flip video to have certain clips converted, crop out the unwanted black sides in the frame, apply effects like brightness, contrast, saturation. You can also merge the converted segments into one file to enjoy them in a complete video.

Steps: How to convert flip video to MPEG-4/H.264 mp4 from Flip Video Camcorder?
Step 1: Connect your Flip Video Camcorder with the PC. Flip out the USB connector of the flip video camcorder and plug it into the USB port on your Windows, a link to the camera's integrated software quickly pops up. Step 2: Download and install Flip Video Converter and install it on your Windows Step 3: Run Flip Video Converter and select the input files

Click"Add" on the middle left of the panel, it will open a window, browse the window and select the flip videos you would like to encode, you can load many files at once time.

Step 4: Select the output formats and output path. Select the output format from the drop down menu next to Profile according to the portable device you would like to playback the output formats, if you want to put the output file formats on your iPhone, you can choose"iPhone 3G Video MPEG-4(*.mp4) as the output format. Press"Output" button, and specify the output destination on your computer to store your converted flip videos.

Step 5: "Trim" effect Click"Edit" on the middle left panel besides "Add", it will open "Video Edit" window, you. Press"Trim" on the left top panel. You can trim the original lengthy video to a short one by scrolling the slider to one place to set as the starting point and to another place to set as the final point.

Step 6: Convert the flip video to mp4 formats. After all the setting is done, you can carry out the conversion by clicking "Convert".

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