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									SEO - measures ON and off SITE OPTIMIZATION

The SEO is a process that includes the necessary'' measures'' to be made on your website to climb in the
first unpaid search engine results when someone searches services or products similar or identical to yours.
If this climbing results achieved automatically get more visitors to your website, which in turn means
increased sales and (provided they have competitive prices and high quality for the products or services you
offer). In developed countries already seo has become an industry disektomyrrion dollars and is a must for
those who are watching the evolution of technology and want to establish themselves professionally
through internet.

From atigmi the spread of the internet in the world was everyone we have set up a website or blog we strive
daily to as many visitors this rests especially if we combine with our professional activity. This is because
one easily realizes that a shop for example It is located in the center of the Sahara, both good and luxurious
it is, is unlikely to be profitable even if it offers quality products and services in more delestikes prices
because they will find it will are minimal and obviously we come by chance was lost simply because the
desert. Also, even if one manages to find magically visitors poulagame if we'''' re unlikely radiator would
be to have a professional success and nobody will buy endiaferotane. So what is important for a website is
one hand to receive visitors other hand they possessed any form of interest in your products or services. Our
aim therefore is not different from the increased targeted traffic to our website.

One way to achieve this is one to put paid ads all over the internet and you will definitely succeed in this
case. The big drawback however in this case is that this does not ensure free targeted traffic and actually
the cost is very large (and growing) in this case especially if the competition is a great profession.

The other way is SEO or search engine optimization otherwise they ensure free visitors to our website who
are possessed by an interesting and leads to our site via keyword searches sygkerimenon - keys that have a
direct connection with our activities.

Most people who use the internet do so because they need information or advice about a topic. Although
billions of daily money changing hands online most who come to look something not originally intend to
spend their money. Just looking for answers or solutions to the problem they have or just want to make a
simple checking price. So typing what you're looking for with the word or phrase that best describes
pressing the enter key and get a results page. Among these are the top 2-3 results in beige framework, as
well as to the right thereof. These are paid advertisements from various companies seeking targeted traffic.
To those ads cost depends on the competition of keyword and not at all negligible and can be a ranged from
20-30 cents to a few dollars for each visitor who clicks on the ad.

The remaining results extend across the rest of the page is 10 overall and are called organic - natural
results. Guests trust them 10 times longer to obtain information in relation to paid and stop thinking all you
have is a site sygkatalegonati inside them for further instructions as keywords as possible.

This is precisely the aim of seo, but to bring a website in the first rank results for as many products or
services as possible.
The SEO technique like (Steps to follow ..)


 Suitable modification of the'' Code'' website so that it has correct title, tags, anchor text, keywords and
other points that make robots of search engines to find your website as important for those looking for the


Disclosure of your website by posting links to as many (and similar in content) websites as possible.


The difficulty with which the seo will bring a website in the first place depends on the competition that exists
for the word'' key''. Ie the number of relevant websites are available and how many of your competitors
have gone into effect seo.

The results appear from the first 20 days and requires patience can last 6 months or more if the domain
name for example is fledgling.

The seo is possible to apply and inappropriate way for fast results but you do not recommend it because the
quality is likely to completely exafnisteite Soon apotlesmata from search engines. So attention to the
person you choose to help you.


Doing a search for something specific you are interested in a search engine such as at Yahoo or Google,
pressing'' enter'' automatically get a list of results with various sites that contain the search word you
raised. I do not know if you ever intrigued why these sites appear as the most relevant to the question you
asked, but it is because of a technical, web promotion called SEO. So Seo is the technique by which search
engines recognize as valuable and friendly your site and rank it as the most relevant (relavant) on the first
results of a search word, ignoring millions of other relevant websites which follow in the rankings. In mere
idea that seo can make a website to be featured top searches for related keywords, has pushed millions of
people around the world to deal with this and really has erected an entire industry with the main objective to
promote the web regular search results (organic results). To mention here that there are paid advertising
(pay per click), showing the sites on the first page but it does not have anything to do with seo, it is much
more expensive and not a matter of development of this article. One of the first things you should
understand well that anyone wants to deal with seo is a search engine that is not human. The way in which
the engine tries to understand what a linked website are completely different from the human and could be
characterized as'' text-driven.
' So while a man watching a site can quickly understand what is related, attracted by good design, probably
impressed by the graphics, photos and video simultaneously and fully understand the contents of all these
instruments, unlike the search engine ignores all of the above and try looking at all the elements that make
up the website to find out basic text'''' which will help her understand what is the key issue. Now this
reference to the main text'' certainly is greatly simplified because the search engines in their work perform
a complex set of processes which we will try to analyze and then step by step and see how it can impact on
seo them.

Thus we distinguish the following steps:

Detection stage (crawling)

The machines here via a special software called spider (spider or the equivalent of googlebot google) sweep
the internet trying to detect the existence of new sites or possible modifications to existing ones. Given the
enormous volume of web pages that are the detection rate improved drastically though in recent years, not
so brief for someone who wants to quickly promote the website. He engaged in seo can accelerate this pace
crawling or notifying the existence of a new engine for domain with a simple request through webmaster
tools, or if new content has to do interpolation - signal (pinging) informing some places they love the
machines renewed url, or make a bookmark to a site capable traffic respectively. The engines see this
signal and automatically return to the original site to see what's new. Also important is to look after
someone or website to easily detected depositing probably a xml sitemap and quickly because the delay
due to several kb prevents detection and makes the machine go to the next or not let the best be seen in
depth all of the pages comprising the site.

B. Step Indexing (indexing)

The findings of detection (crawling) are collected and brought to gigantic database of the search engine to
index them (indexing). To do this however with order and coherence must findings - websites to be fully
understood in terms of content and definitely helps here too the seo. So for example, a website that bring
correct title and description (description) for a particular keyword will get the right position in the index and
will be ready to haul if requested, while a website even if it cost infinitely more money if it has the
respectively then treated as a child by an unknown father would be unlikely to correct indexing. Often there
websites even several years not to go in search results only with their domain, just because they were
terrible way to index. Also noteworthy is the'' intelligence'' of search engines which exceeds all limits
because really evolved so much in the process of indexing really annihilate the actions of those who try to
deceive. Thus it has become not only useless but harmful and that if someone makes a comment Sparti
(spam coment) on a blog in hopes of a link (backlink) to their site then simply while the machine detects but
does not guaranteed to turn back'' so it never becomes'' indexing''. Although this stage is not discussed
fully in a few lines to note that priority indexing is definitely unique and fresh content (content is king) with
good structure versus the old, regurgitated and dusty sites.
Implementation stage search (processing search request)

In this phase the machine typed word'' or'' expression for which we are interested to get information. The
question we transferred instantly to the database where the stored websites related to the process of

calculation step relativity (calculating relevancy)

Is the most important step in which the question is formulated'' leads'' lightning all relevant registrations
(indexed) pages in an algorithm for comparing relevancy calculation (calculating relevancy). These may be
millions, that we will become the ranking? Katalytiko role here plays the leading seo advantage to
significantly optimized pages. Nevertheless it is again difficult to classify because some keywords are too
competitive, probably because good ranking means a profit for the owner of the website. Thus, in a
competitive search eg for the keyword'''' mykonos hotel located at index (giant database mentioned
above) all related websites that promote basic text as the expression'''' mykonos hotel and begin their
evaluation with reference to numerous factors such as: content (content is King), titles, headings,
description (description), anchoring the keyword, separate the key word in the text to another format as
bold or italic and control density, valid html of the site, being external links comparable in quality and
quantity - oldness domain name - the site acceptance factor in social media like twitter, facebook etc. All
the above factors to get good prices need the help of seo, which in turn requires tedious work and patience.
If these figures predate the good ranking is undoubtedly guaranteed event. Let me stress here that a good
ranking does not mean complacency for those who wants to maintain. Unfortunately requires continuous
monitoring of the site and continual updating of all the factors that favor because simultaneously and the
algorithm of the search engine receives update which means that continually seek out the best information
for visitors on the internet.

Phase Retrieval results (retrieving results)

It is the last and most simple step of a job search engine which is nothing more than simply displaying our
most relevant results extracted in the previous phase of the search set. These results we have already said
that organic and called on every page included 10 total. The results of the first page are the ones that
receive the most visitors and the existence of this page is the ardent desire of all those who have a site and
deal with the promotion.

First Page SEO Google or your money back!

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