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How To Transform A Spare Room Into An Entertainment Room


Having a home theater system will allow you to enjoy your movies at home on a whole new level. Listed here are the steps to build your own home theater.

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									    Home Theater Systems:
  Cinema-Experience In Your
      Own Living Room

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Setting up a home theater system will let you experience the cinemas right in your own home. In the

following paragraphs are the steps to set-up your own home theater.

Determine the dimensions of your room

This is extremely vital if you wish to utilize a projection system. Projectors are dissimilar in terms of

throw ranges so you need to compare more than one model. For projectors that do not have a zoom lens,

the dimensions of the projected image are based on the throw distance. For projectors with a zoom lens,

the image size can be adjusted without changing the throw distance, or the image can be kept at the same

size even if the throw distance is changed.

                                                    Think of a convenient layout

                                                    Don't place a projector near your doorway so that your

                                                    viewing will not be interrupted when somebody goes in

                                                    or goes out of leaves the room. In most cases, having

                                                    the projector and screen installed perpendicular to

                                                    windows and doors will provide a more convenient


                                                    Wire your home theater

                                                    Be sure not to place speaker, audio/video cables

                                                    parallel to any electrical wiring. Also add lights and

                                                    dimmer switches to have a more theater-like feel. Seek

                                                    the services of an electrician if you are not skilled at

                                                    wiring. Doing it on your own can be very hazardous,

                                                    and in some jurisdictions it can be illegal.

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Paint your room and add a fitted carpet

You can paint your room in whatever color you want, but use flat colors to lessen reflection. Be sure to

add a fitted carpet as this helps ensure that people in adjacent rooms or houses are not disturbed.

Carpeting will also enhance the sound quality of your room as it decreases unnecessary echoing.

Add the speakers

So that you can have a really amazing audio experience, place speakers in these positions: left front,

center, right front, right rear, left rear, and subwoofer. If you are using a 7.1 system, then install right and

left speakers. For more information about home theater installation please follow this website.

                                                    Add equipment and furniture

                                                    Position the screen or TV where you can watch it

                                                    straight on, and remember to align its center with your

                                                    eye line when you're seated. Add comfy seats and other

                                                    furniture pieces that you believe are fantastic to have in

                                                    that area. If you have minimal or no experience in

                                                    carpentry, interior designing, or wiring electrical

                                                    systems, enlist the help of contractors to do this project

                                                    for you. Most of the time, this will be more cost-

effective in the end.

There are numerous companies that offer home theater installation Los Angeles, and they vary in relation

to pricing structure and quality of service, so make sure to assess 3 to 5 of them prior to choosing a

provider. Follow the link to obtain information on companies offering home theater installation Los


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