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					                 SIMULATION IN MOTION—
                  SOUTH DAKOTA (SIM-SD)
                  AVAILABLE STATEWIDE . 1
                                                                     ISSUE 9          MARCH                  2012

                 ADDITIONAL SCRUBS
                  CAMPS OPPORTUNITIES IN

                 GOVERNOR DAUGAARD’S
                  SD WINS.................... 6

INSIDE            THIS
                                       ADDRESSING THE HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE NEEDS IN SOUTH
                                       OF EDUCATION, LABOR & REGULATION, HEALTH AND THE BOARD
                                       OF REGENTS
Healthcare Workforce       1

Simulation in Motion—      1          HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE
South Dakota (SIM-                    COLLABORATIVE
                                      Greetings from the South Dakota Healthcare Workforce Cen-
SDSU To Offer BS in        2
                                      ter. Staffs of the Center and the Healthcare Workforce Collab-
Nursing in Aberdeen
                                      orative continue to work at addressing South Dakota’s
USD Nursing Mobile         2          healthcare workforce needs. Read on to see what’s notewor-
Simulation Unit                       thy over the past few months as well as what’s coming up in
AHEC Update                3
                                      the near future! As always, we welcome any feedback you
                                      have regarding these and other workforce development is-
RISE-UP Program            3          sues.

USD Health Career          4

SDSU Health Career         4
                                      SIMULATION IN                   MOTION-SOUTH

Scrubs Camps               4          The South Dakota Office of Rural      smaller outreach vehicles. All
                                      Health continues to provide lead-     five units include a variety of
REHPS Program              5
                                      ership for Simulation in Motion -     human patient simulators along          across South Dakota.
                                      South Dakota (SIM-SD). SIM-SD         with the curriculum and neces-
Disaster Preparedness      5
                                      is an educational program de-         sary medical equipment to pro-          Partners in this effort include
Training                                                                                                            Avera Health, Mobridge Regional
                                      signed to implement statewide         vide realistic training. Each unit
Future of Nursing          5          outreach training for pre-hospital                                            Hospital, Regional Health, St.
                                      and hospital emergency care                                                   Mary’s Healthcare Center and
SD WINS                    6                                                                                        Sanford Health.
                                      providers. Funding from The
                                      Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley                                                For more information, contact
                                      Charitable Trust has provided                                                 Halley Lee or call
                                      three mobile learning labs that                                               605.773.6320.
                                      are fully equipped for training as
                                      emergency rooms, intensive care                                               To schedule training, visit the
                                      departments and ambulances.           will take training directly to pre-     website at
                                      Funds have also provided two          hospital and hospital staffs
                                      HEALTHCARE                 WORKFORCE      UPDATE                                         Page 2

                                      SDSU          TO       OFFER      BS     IN     NURSING            IN    ABERDEEN
                                      (contributor: Board of Regents)   coursework in January            ary at Northern State Uni-
                                      Recently the Board of Re-         2013.                            versity in Aberdeen. Stu-
                                      gents authorized South                                             dents take coursework and
                                                                        The Accelerated Option is
                                      Dakota State University to                                         participate in lecture, on-
                                                                        for students who have com-
                                      offer the B.S. in Nursing in                                       campus labs, and clinical
                                                                        pleted a bachelor's degree
                                      Aberdeen. The accelerated                                          rotations in Aberdeen and
                                                                        in any field and wish to ob-
                                      12-month B.S.N. curriculum                                         surrounding communities
                                                                        tain a Bachelor of Science
                                      is designed for students                                           with compressed experienc-
                                                                        degree with a major in Nurs-
Additional nursing options through    who have already complet-                                          es in Sioux Falls.
                                                                        ing. The program takes 12
SDSU now available.                   ed a bachelor’s degree in         months to complete and           Visit the website for more
                                      another discipline. The first     starts once a year in Janu-      information.
                                      cohort of students will begin

                                      USD DISTANCE NURSING PROGRAM                                        LAUNCHES
                                      MOBILE SIMULATION UNIT
                                      (contributor: Board of Regents)   smart classroom and state-       competency validation and
                                      Through funding from the          of-the-art equipment found       individuals involved in ca-
          Looking for a                                                 in any modern simulation         reer advancement in high-
                                      American Recovery and
         concise way to                                                 unit, including mannequins       risk nursing areas.
                                      Reinvestment Act of 2009,
         present health               the University of South Da-       that talk, cough, produce
                                                                                                         Built by LaBoit Inc. from
           careers to                 kota’s A.S.N. Distance Nurs-      heartbeats and breathe, the
                                                                                                         Columbus, Ohio, which spe-
      students? Contact               ing Program has unveiled a        MSU also features video
                                                                                                         cializes in customized mo-
        SDAHO online to               mobile simulation unit            recording devices and a flat-
                                                                                                         bile vehicles that serve the
        order your new,               (MSU) featuring cutting-          screen viewing monitor in a
                                                                                                         medical, law enforcement,
        updated health                edge technology. The MSU,         multi-purpose debriefing
                                                                                                         veterinary and emergency
       career brochures.              weighs approximately              area resembling a waiting
                                                                                                         command fields, the MSU is
                                      25,000 lbs. and is 38-feet        room. The recording and
                                                                                                         entirely funded by a portion
                                      long.                             viewing equipment allows
                                                                                                         of a $5 million grant from
                                                                        students an opportunity to
                                      “Simulation provides nurs-                                         the Employment and Train-
                                                                        view a live feed of the simu-
                                      ing students a way to prac-                                        ing Administrative/U.S. De-
                                                                        lation or review recordings
                                      tice dealing with critical                                         partment of Labor that was
                                                                        to examine their perfor-
                                      situations before dealing                                          awarded to USD Nursing on
                                                                        mance and enhance learn-
                                      with real patients,” stated                                        March 1, 2010. Most of
                                      faculty member Barbara                                             these grant funds will go
                                      Stolle, R.N., M.S. The MSU        Besides serving students in      toward recruitment efforts
                                      resembles mobile medical          primarily rural communities      of unemployed veterans
                                      clinics or mobile diagnostic      throughout the nine states       and military personnel with
                                      units, and will be used to        where nursing students           an interest in obtaining en-
                                      provide students in the dis-      participate in clinical train-   try-level health care posi-
                                      tance-learning program the        ing through the USD A.S.N.       tions and completing the
                                      opportunity to learn and          Distance Nursing Program,        online USD A.S.N. Distance
New mobile learning opportunity for
USD nursing students.                 practice nursing care skills      usage of the MSU will be         Nursing Program. Funds will
                                      and participate in patient        extended to partners of the      also assist future nurse
                                      care simulations.                 distance nursing program:        educators completing grad-
                                                                        new graduate hires, incum-       uate degrees.
                                      In addition to containing all     bent staff RNs in cross-
                                      of the technology used in a       training, nurses pursuing
 Page 3                                                                  MARCH,        2011

MANY          HANDS       MAKE      LIGHT          WORK
(contributor: AHEC)             Students gained a better         On October 13, 2011 Sioux
On September 29, 2011           understanding of how to          Falls Christian High School,
Sioux Falls Christian High      serve their community in         SD AHEC, Avera McKennan
School students spent an        the wake of a natural disas-     Hospital, and The Salvation
afternoon exploring the field   ter.                             Army partnered to help in
of Public Health. Staff from                                     the clean-up effort at Dako-
                                The presentation also in-
the University of Iowa’s Up-                                     ta Dunes, SD. Nearly 275
                                cluded two student speak-
per Midwest Public Health                                        students and teachers
                                ers from the Dakota Dunes.
Training Center (UMPHTC)                                         spent the entire day remov-
                                They described their experi-
collaborated with the South                                      ing sand-bags, cleaning
                                ences of being evacuated                                          AHEC partners to increase awareness
Dakota AHEC to develop a                                         park equipment, and aiding
                                from their homes during the                                       of public health issues.
program that introduces                                          in reconstruction efforts of
                                flooding this past summer.
students to public health                                        homes along the river.
                                One student and her family
emergency preparedness,         had to live in a nursing         Many residents in the area
the 10 Greatest Public          home. Another family spent       showed their appreciation
Health Achievements, and        a number of nights in a          to the effort as they visited
careers in Public Health.       bank. Although the environ-      with the students through-
Students worked through         ment was certainly out of        out the day about the life
case studies and were as-       the ordinary, he said he was     changing experience and
signed roles as they worked     pleased with the arrange-        the gratitude of a positive            Encourage students
through possible disasters      ment compared to what            community response.                     to participate in
common to the Midwest.          others had to endure.                                                     the Healthcare
                                                                                                          Video Contest.
                                                                                                           Cash prizes!
(contributor: USD)
                                                                                                          Click here to see
                                related training to under-       versity partners from across
The Maternal and Child          graduate students from           the nation will offer learning
Health Careers/Research         underrepresented popula-         opportunities for these stu-
Initiatives for Student En-     tions defined by the federal     dents, both at a local and
hancement (MCHC/RISE-           government to encourage          national level. This pro-
UP) Program , a national        and support the pursuit of       gram's ultimate goal is to
consortium of universities,     graduate degrees. MCHC/          promote a more diversified
committed to diversifying       RISE-UP grant funding was        and equal health system by
the public health workforce,    awarded to Kennedy Krieger       introducing highly qualified
is pleased to announce          Institute (KKI) by the Cen-      undergraduate students
summer internship opportu-      ters for Disease Control and     from underrepresented
nities for undergraduate        Prevention (CDC). The pro-       groups to the field of public
students from underrepre-       gram is built on a model         health.
sented backgrounds.             developed at Kennedy
                                                                 Additional information and
                                Krieger using a previous
RISE-UP is funded by the                                         online applications may
                                CDC RISE grant.
Centers for Disease Control                                      found at the following ad-         New opportunity to promote di-
and is a collaboration of       The program is designed for      dress:                             versified healthcare workforce
                                undergraduates in their                                             now available.
Kennedy Krieger Institute,                             
Baltimore, MD, the Sanford      junior and senior year, and
School of Medicine at the       recent baccalaureate de-
University of South Dako-       gree students in psychology,
ta, University of South Cali-   social work, biology, nurs-
fornia, and California State    ing, public health, sociology,
University Los Angeles.         and other related disciplines    Interested students may
                                who are interested in learn-     email Jenese McFadden,
MCHC/RISE-UP Program            ing more about the preven-       Program Coordinator or call
provides opportunities for      tion of health disparities.      at 443.923.5879.
enhanced public health and      Through this program, uni-
                                       HEALTHCARE             WORKFORCE        UPDATE                                         Page 4

                                       USD SIXTH ANNUAL                       HEALTHCARE               CAREERS
                                       SUMMER CAMP
                                      (contributor: USD)               students will also have an      official school transcript and
                                      High school students enter-      opportunity to observe med-     a personal statement. Pref-
                                      ing the 10th through 12th        ical demonstrations, partici-   erence will be given to stu-
                                      grades this fall are eligible    pate in a tour of the gross     dents entering 11th and
                                      to attend the week-long          anatomy lab and attend          12th grades. Application
                                      camp June 17-22, 2012            presentations by area           deadline is Monday, April
                                      and participate in a variety     health professionals. Tui-      30. For more camp infor-
                                      of hands-on learning and         tion is $100 per student.       mation or to download an
                                      information-gathering activi-    Meals, lodging, and all edu-    application, please visit
USD to host healthcare careers sum-
                                      ties. Additionally, camp         cational and recreational
mer camp in June.
                                      participants will be able to     activities are provided. All    careers-camp.cfm or con-
                                      interact with healthcare         applications require a coun-    tact Kathy VanKley at 677-
                                      professionals and faculty        selor nomination, a parent      7288 or
                                      members. During the week,        or guardian’s signature, an

                                      SDSU           TO      HOST      HEALTH        PROFESSIONS                 CAREER
                                      CAMP           IN      JULY
                                      (contributor: SDSU)              quirements associated with      registered. Please encour-
                                      SDSU will host a health          different majors and career     age students to complete
      Looking for tools to
                                      professions career camp          paths related to health pro-    and return the application
         use to discuss                                                fessions.                       on-line, along with a nonre-
      health careers with             July 18-20, 2012 on the
                                      SDSU campus in Brookings.                                        fundable registration fee of
      students? Visit the                                              The camp will begin at
                                      The aim of the camp is to                                        $75 (payable to SDSU) no
        HOTT website at                                                10:00 a.m. July 18 and
                                      inform, educate and inspire                                      later than June 15.
      www.healthcareers.                                               conclude with a faculty/
                                      young people about the           advisor panel, meal, and a      Registration materials can
                     many careers available in        chance to meet with Admis-      be found at: http://
                                      health related professions.      sions Office representatives
                                      Students will have the           on the afternoon of July 20.    outreach/health-camp.
                                      chance to participate in field   Parents are invited to at-
                                                                                                       If you have questions about
                                      trips to healthcare facilities   tend the Friday afternoon
                                                                                                       the Health Professions Ca-
                                      and to interact with a variety   activities.
                                                                                                       reer Camp, please don’t
                                      of health care professionals.    Cost for participants is $75    hesitate to contact Greg
                                      The camp is designed to          each, which includes food,      Heiberger at 605-688-4294
                                      give motivated high school       lodging, and all other ex-      or via email.
                                      students a better under-         penses associated with the
                                      standing of the employment       program. The camp is lim-
                                      options and academic re-         ited to the first 25 students

                                      SCRUBS                CAMPS

                                      More Scrubs Camps still on       Several of these camps          If you know of students who
                                      the calendar! The Depart-        have been held, however,        may be interested in attend-
                                      ments of Health and Educa-       there are still some camp       ing, refer them to the link
                                      tion are once again partner-     opportunities coming this       below for registration mate-
                                      ing to host Scrubs Camps         Spring.                         rials.
                                      across South Dakota. These
                                                                       Locations and dates for the
                                      camps are free, one day,
                                                                       remaining camps are:
                                      hands-on health career                                           For more information, con-
                                      awareness opportunities for          Madison: 3/23/12           tact Chrystal Wright or call
                                      high school students. Thir-          Rapid City: 3/30/12        605.773.2706.
                                      teen camps are scheduled             Sioux Falls: 3/20/12
                                      for school year 2011/2012.
 Page 5                                                                   MARCH,       2011

REHPS            SUMMER           EXPERIENCE             PROGRAM           2012

(contributor: YRAHEC)              physician assistant, ad-       immersed in the community
The REHPS Summer Experi-           vanced practice nursing,       and gain an understanding
ence Program has received          and pharmacy programs will     of the important leadership
30 applicants competing for        have the opportunity to        role healthcare providers
12 positions in Parkston,          learn from some of the best    have in rural communities.
Wessington Springs, Red-           healthcare providers in the    Look for more updates on
                                   state over the four week       the REHPS Summer Experi-         Rural opportunities for health pro-
field, Wagner, Winner, and                                                                         fessional students available through
Philip. Starting in June, 12       course. Additionally during    ence Program at:                 the Yankton Rural AHEC.
students from the medical,         the program, students are

 HEALTH CARE                      STUDENTS         RECEIVE CRITICAL
 TRAINING AT                      DISASTER         PREPAREDNESS DAY
(contributor: Board of Regents)    students received one-of-a-    ment of Health, the Sanford
Hundreds of students in            kind training in disaster      School of Medicine of the
healthcare programs from           preparation. Curriculum        University of South Dakota,
South Dakota’s largest uni-        taught included the Core       the University of South Da-
versities were recently at         Disaster Life Support® Ver-    kota School of Health Sci-
the University of South Da-        sion 3.0 course – one of the   ences, South Dakota State
kota for Disaster Prepared-        National Disaster Life Sup-    University, the Regional
ness Day at the Andrew E.          port (NDLS) program cours-     Training Center for Upper
Lee Memorial Medicine and          es provided by the American    Midwest and the Yankton
Science Building.                  Medical Association and the    Rural Area Health Education
                                   National Disaster Life Sup-    Center (AHEC).
Students from USD’s School         port Foundation, Inc. Addi-                                      Partnership prepares future
of Health Sciences and San-                                       For more information about        healthcare providers for disas-
                                   tional instruction included                                      ters.
ford School of Medicine                                           South Dakota Disaster Pre-
                                   breakout sessions in Triage,
majoring in medicine, nurs-                                       paredness Training, please
                                   Immunizations, Anaphylaxis
ing, physician assistant,                                         contact Kassy Youmans,
                                   and SIM-SD, Psychology
social work, clinical lab sci-                                    REHPS Program Manager,
                                   First Aid, and SERV-SD and
ence, occupational therapy,                                       Yankton, S.D., at (605) 655-
                                   Point of Dispensing (POD)
physical therapy and dental                                       1400. To learn more about
hygiene programs as well as                                       the NDLS program, please
South Dakota State Univer-         Disaster Preparedness Day      visit
sity pharmacy students and         is a collaborative effort of   ndls or
nursing practice doctorate         the South Dakota Depart-

FUTURE              OF       NURSING:         CAMPAIGN            FOR      ACTION

(contributor: Board of Nursing)    mont. South Dakota is join-    proud to contribute to the
South Dakota’s Action Coali-       ing a nationwide network of    vision of the Campaign for
tion is proud to join 11 other     states – now 48 across the     Action: a health care system
states named this week to          country – hard at work im-     where all Americans have
the Future of Nursing: Cam-        plementing the recommen-       access to high-quality care,
paign for Action – Alabama,        dations of the Institute of    with nurses contributing to       South Dakota to join coalition to
Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa,        Medicine report, The Future    the full extent of their capa-    impact the future of nursing.
Maine, Nevada, New Hamp-           of Nursing: Leading Change,    bilities. Learn more:
shire, North Dakota, Oklaho-       Advancing Health. South
ma, Tennessee, and Ver-            Dakota’s Action Coalition is
                                    Page 6                                                                    MARCH,       2011

                                    STRENGTHENING RURAL HEALTH IN SOUTH
                                    (reprinted with permission: February 24, 2012)
          600 E. Capitol
        Pierre, SD 57501            This week, the Legislature passed several bills that will strengthen rural health care in
        605.773.6320 (p)            South Dakota. I thank legislators for moving forward with these portions of my South Dako-
        605.773.5683 (f)            ta WINS (Workforce Initiatives) program.        South Dakota will need thousands more health-care providers in the near future as our
                                    population ages and significant numbers of current medical professionals near retirement.   The Department of Labor and Regulation estimates that more than 8,000 additional
                                    healthcare workers will be needed by 2018.
                                    This need is especially acute in rural areas. All or portions of 59 out of the 66 counties in
                                    South Dakota have been federally designated as health professional shortage areas by
                                    federal health officials.
                                    That’s why promoting rural health occupations is one of the four main components of my
                                    South Dakota WINS plan to get more South Dakotans trained and ready to work in a rapidly
                                    changing economy. South Dakota WINS and its rural health component are designed to
                                    help assure that all citizens of the state – no matter where they live – have access to quali-
                                    ty health care.
                                    South Dakota WINS will increase the University of South Dakota Medical School class size
                                    by four students a year and create a rural track to give third-year medical students an ex-
                                    tended experience living and training in rural communities.
                                    South Dakota WINS will increase USD’s Physician Assistant Program by five students and
                                    convert five of the current non-resident slots in each class to positions for South Dakotans.
                                    Most USD physician assistant graduates stay in South Dakota.
                                    South Dakota WINS will expand our existing recruitment assistance program for physicians,
                                    dentists and mid-level practitioners. We’ll increase to 15 the number of physicians who can
                                    participate at one time and make more physicians eligible, adding internal medicine, pedi-
                                    atrics and OB/GYN physicians. Pediatric dentistry will now be eligible for participation along
                                    with the current general dentistry. We’ll also increase to 15 the number of mid-levels, in-
                                    cluding physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, and certified nurse practitioners.
                                    South Dakota WINS will help rural hospitals and nursing homes recruit health professionals
                                    –from dietitians and nurses to physical therapists and lab techs – by increasing to
                                    $10,000 the incentive paid to participants in facility recruitment assistance programs.
                                    At the state level, we recognize that recruiting and retaining health-care professionals is an
                                    ongoing challenge for rural communities and facilities, and we’re committed to working
                                    with them. The tools offered by South Dakota WINS can help meet those challenges and
                                    assure quality health care for all South Dakotans, wherever you may live.

 Building South Dakota’s
 Healthcare Workforce for the
 future.                            MORE            INFORMATION?

                                    Halley Lee:            Department of Health
                                    Brian Groote:          Department of Education
                                    Deb Halling:           Department of Labor & Regulation
                                    Paul Gough:            Board of Regents

                                    If you would like to be removed from this distribution list, please contact Halley Lee.

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