Car Valeting and the Secrets to Detailing Products by aprildavidkurniawan


									Car Valeting and the Secrets to Detailing Products

Being in the auto valeting and detailing products may be a tough job.
Owners of such business should know how to maximize the use of their
valeting and detailing products to reduce cost and at the same time, aim
for higher profits. Detailing products are not that expensive but if you
know how to use them properly it can help save thousands of dollars.

Try to check on your valeting and detailing crews. How do they use the
wax or wash soap? Most of the time, this product is wasted depending on
how it is used. Tell your detail crews that for every 5-gallon bucket use
one cap of the wax or wash soap. If the car is very dirty, you can use 2
or 3 caps of the wax or wash soap. If your detailing crew follows such
proportions, you can save a lot on the wax or wash soap.

When using cleaners and degreasers, a pint of the solution is already
enough to clean ten cars; whitewall figures should be cleaned using
stronger solutions. Heavy-duty degreasers should be used for rims to
achieve desired results.

For the glass cleaners, mix 50% distilled water and 50% glass cleaner. If
you have window cleaners instead of the glass cleaner, mix 75% distilled
water with 25% window cleaner.

Leather cleaners should be used according to the right proportions. There
are lots of leather cleaners to choose from so make sure that you choose
a cleaner that is of good quality and it should also be affordable. Avoid
wasting leather cleaners by using too much of it.

Clay bars can last for many months but always keep the bars moist. You
can store the clay bars in a container where there’s moisture.

Car scents should never be sprayed on the car’s dashboard. You can squirt
the product two times under the car seats so that you can conserve the
product. You don’t need to spray too much of the car scent.

These are only some of the detailing products used if you are involved in
a car detailing service. Educate your valeting and detailing crews on how
to conserve the products. Teach them the right product proportions to use
so that the detailing products are not wasted. If you can save little by
little, then the cost for obtaining such detailing products will be
reduced and that is a positive point for your business.

Since you’re already in the car detailing service, why not consider
offering car valeting? This is a very good service that you can offer to
people who want to have a valet visit their homes for a more personal car
service. Many people want a more personalized car valet so that they can
have someone attend to their car’s needs while they’re out working or
doing something else.

Putting up and maintaining a car valeting and detailing business may be
hard but if you know what you’re doing, you will succeed in this business
endeavor. By incorporating a car valet service, more and more people will
be attracted to your business. Your usual clients will surely spread your
new service by word of mouth.

Soon, your car valet service will also become popular especially if they
provide the best car services. With the secrets to efficient use of
valeting and detailing products, your business will keep on earning
profits because of the reduced costs on the raw materials (products).

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