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									  People Use Vendor Finance New Strategy

Buying a property is a big decision because it involves huge amount of
money and investment and thus it is to be done with all proper judgments
and in a proper state of mind. Person who is going to buy a property is
called a purchaser. Many a times it happens that you do not have sufficient
amount of money and you have to buy a property at that time you plan on
taking a loan or something. Vendor finance is a new strategy which is now
used by many people.

Vendors are the people who are selling their property and in vendor finance
the vendors pay the money on the behalf of the purchaser and the property
remains on the name on the vendors until the whole amount is paid by the
purchaser. The buyer can use the property in the mean time and when the
whole amount is paid by the purchaser the property is transferred to the
buyer’s name. There are certain terms and conditions which are pre
determined which are set by the vendor and the buyer have to agree to all
the terms and conditions and then only the whole vendor finance is
carried on.

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