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Bunn Coffee Makers Available in Wide Array of Styles


									Bunn Coffee Makers Available in Wide Array of Styles

Bunn coffee makers are popular with many devoted coffee drinkers. This
leading coffee maker company offers a variety of styles to fit the needs
of users. In 1957, Bunn introduced the first paper coffee filter. In
1963, they introduced the 'pourover' coffee brewer.

Automatic (coffee makers that connect to a water source) and manual
(coffee makers that require reservoir filling before use) styles are
available. Manual coffee makers are also called pourover coffee makers.

Bunn Airpot Coffee Maker: Coffee is brewed directly into an airpot. These
machines do not contain warmers.

Bunn Drip Coffee Maker: Drip coffee makers deliver brewed coffee into
glass carafes. A warmer beneath the carafe keeps coffee hot.

Bunn Liquid Coffee Maker: Liquid concentrate is used to brew coffee in
these machines. They are especially used for brewing large quantities of

Bunn Pod Coffee Maker: This style brews a single cup of coffee each time.
Pre-measured, prefilled pods are easy to use and make cleanup a breeze.
These coffee makers are fast, brewing a fresh cup of coffee in under a

Bunn Satellite Coffee Maker: These coffee makers are preferred for
commercial use in offices, restaurants and locations needing larger
quantities of coffee. Once brewed, the coffee is placed in carafes that
sit on warmers to preserve heat.

Bunn Softheat Coffee Maker: These are used for brewing large amounts of
coffee. The machine's heat control sensor shuts off automatically when
the machine reaches the desired temperature. An included coffee grinder
interface automatically dispenses amount of coffee needed.

Bunn Thermal Coffee Maker: This style of machine brews coffee into a
thermal carafe. Coffee remains hot longer and tastes fresher.

Bunn Thermofresh Coffee Maker: Can be used for brewing large amounts of
coffee. The machine is capable of storing coffee recipes, making it easy
for coffee aficionados to brew their favorite coffees.

Bunn Urn Coffee Maker: Businesses and organizations use this coffee maker
to brew enormous amounts of coffee (more than 11 gallons per hour).

Bunn Coffee Maker Special Features

Bunn coffee makers offer distinctive benefits, including patented
reservoirs, a 3 minute brewing cycle and sprayhead to distribute water
evenly over coffee grounds.

Patented reservoirs used in Bunn coffee makers feature that maintain a
brewing temperature of 200 degrees, unlike conventional home coffee
makers that heat water only until it boils high enough to reach the
coffee basket.
The Bunn coffee maker 3 minute brewing cycle is not only fast, it reduces
bitterness. Typical coffee makers continue brewing until all water is
boiled away.

Unlike conventional coffee makers where water drips from the reservoir
through the coffee, Bunn coffee makers contain a special sprayhead that
exposes all of the coffee to water instead of just the area beneath the

Bunn coffee makers can be found in homes, restaurants and businesses all
over the United States. Many coffee lovers swear by Bunn machines and
refuse to use any other coffee maker. The company offers a wide array of
coffee maker styles to fit individual needs and budgets.

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