Best_Coffee_Makers by davidkurniawan


									Best Coffee Makers

One will always get and ear-full of how great a coffee maker is when
walking into a friend's home. You put up with all the details of the
machine and eventually try out the greatest coffee it can produce. At
another friend you get the same story, but concerning a different coffee
maker. You can make the best cup of coffee with a very simple coffee
maker, and one specific machine is the manual drip machine.

The French Press is a glass jar. It has vertical sides and a plunger, and
attached to the plunger is a mesh filter. The coffee is inserted in the
jar, hot water is poured in, the lid is attached, and after 4 minutes all
you have to do is slowly press the plunger down. That is all it takes,
and with that you will be able to enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee.

Next are coffee percolators. You do not want to make your coffee with one
of these. Percolators are pots that have to stand on the stove for
endless hours. This is not the best way to use up the coffee beans that
you carefully selected. When coffee is brewed, the temperature of the
water has to be just below the boiling stage. Percolators are culprits
for boiling the flavor out of the beans. If you think otherwise, keep
your old percolator. However, if you want the quality out of your coffee
beans, try using a different maker.

Yum, Coffee Drip Brewers are probably the most common and the best when
it comes to coffee machines. You probably own one or have one at work.
All this requires is for you to add your coffee in the filter, fill with
water, flick the switch and watch the container fill with coffee. If you
have a good coffee maker model, the water will hit the coffee at the
exact temperature. These brewers can supply you with a cup of coffee you
will never forget.

There is however a downfall with these machines and you've probably
tasted the downfall two hours after it was made in the machine. What
happens is after the coffee has brewed and is now standing on the
hotplate, after some time the hotplate starts cooking your coffee. The
solution is to make just the right amount you think you will consume in
the next thirty minutes. It is advisable to make a fresh pot if you want
more coffee an hour later.

Single mug coffee brewers have their advantages and their disadvantages.
The advantages are that you will have a fresh cup of coffee every single
time and there will be no mess and coffee ground will not be spilled. The
disadvantages are that you can only brew the coffee that is sold in these
pods or cups. You will not be able to go down to the store to try a new
blend of coffee beans. Manufacturers have their own coffee suppliers, and
what they have on the shelf is what you get.

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